tagMind ControlBlue X Ch. 1

Blue X Ch. 1


Christina awoke naked in a dark room. She looked around and saw that she appeared to be strapped into what look like a dentist chair. She felt groggy and wondered how she had got there, vaguely her memory started to come back to her. She remembered the church youth group meeting. She had just given a speech about how important it was to remain a virgin. She had got down from the stage and the guest speaker had started talking to her. He was a young man that no one knew. She recalled drinking some of the non-alcoholic punch he offered her, but after that all was a blur.

The door to the room opened and in stepped the young man from her youth group. "Who are you? What's going on?" Christina yelled in fright. "I'm Damon." Came the reply. "You're about to have the best sex you ever had." With this he produced a tub of clear blue gel. Christina was about to argue against this, but suddenly Damon began to apply the gel to her pussy lips. Christina was from a very religious family and had never had any sort of sexual relationship, not even a boyfriend. She was shocked beyond talking. Damon was about finished when she gathered her wits and yelled "I'll never do it with you. Intercourse out of marriage is a sin!" Damon just kept working on her. "I'm sure you'll change your tune…", He said. Then after applying some electrodes to her nipples and vagina, and pulling down a movie screen in front of her, he left.

About ten minutes went by and nothing much happened. Christina was still trying to make sense of it all. Suddenly her pussy started to twitch. Christina looked at her pussy and saw that it was positively drooling. She was surprised to see it shaved. "They must've done that while I was asleep". She thought, as she thought touching herself there was dirty. She started to realise that she was getting very horny. Usually she would've had a cold shower, jogged, or just prayed for awhile, but that wasn't an option here. Also she had never ever been this horny before, she felt like she was on fire. She noticed the nipples on her large firm breasts were getting hard almost as if they had a will of their own. "I must stay pure," she thought. "If I don't enjoy it, it's not a sin." She suddenly felt the electrode in her pussy send out a pulse and she moaned involuntarily. The movie screen abruptly came to life, showing all sorts of sexually graphic material. She tried not to look, but the screen was positioned so that she couldn't look away.

The electrodes made her feel as if someone was sucking on her most private places, and the images on the screen burned into her mind. With each wave of pleasure she though to herself "I mustn't enjoy. I mustn't enjoy." The electrodes were having a steady and constant effect on her. Each pulse sent her to higher realms of pleasure. The intensity of her pleasure grew stronger, but she kept saying to herself: " I mustn't enjoy. I mustn't enjoy." Suddenly she was hit by a massive orgasm, never in her young life had Christina felt anything like this. "I must enjoy!!!!!!" She screamed as she felt like lightning shooting down her spine. Machines don't get tired however, the electrodes kept going, bringing her to climax four more times. Each time she yelled, "I must enjoy."

Damon walked into the room, and studied Christina's buxom body that was now dripping with sweat. "I want you to join my organisation," said Damon. "We can give you sex like this and much more." He said in a matter-of-fact tone. Christina was riddled with guilt. She had enjoyed that, but she thought it was wrong. She consoled herself by thinking it wasn't her fault. "You. Disgust. Me." She panted. Damon merely shook his head. From the next room he wheeled out a huge stainless steel vibrator. Christina gasped in horror; it must've been a least 14 inches long. "No!" Christina screamed. Part of her was very afraid… she was about to lose her virginity, and to a machine. However, another part of her felt like it wanted this… Damon lined it the end up with her pussy and pushed it in slowly. Christina squealed as the huge metal cock pushed deep inside her, to her shame she found it quite pleasurable. Damon fiddled around with it, and then left the room.

Once again the movie screen filled with pictures of all sorts of sexual situations, although this time there were a few scenes containing words like: "obey" and "submit". The vibrator started to hum and slide in and out. Though Christina tried to resist, she soon found it impossible. She still thought it wrong, but she now knew how good it felt. Pounding her relentlessly the machine kept on and on. Christina bounced up and down her tits bouncing about wildly. "Yes. YES! GOD YES!" She screamed as she came. The massive dildo brought her to orgasm after blinding orgasm. She rode these waves of pleasure for what seemed like hours…

Then she came slowly back to earth. She opened her eyes to see Damon standing over her. The vibrator between her legs, it was still warm with her love juices. She squirmed with delight. "I see you like our toy." Said Damon. "I'll ask you again. Would you like to join our organisation?" Christina felt an incredibly powerful need to agree to this. "Are those movies a form of subliminal reprogramming?" She wondered. It was all she could do to shake her head. "Well, then," Damon said. "You leave me no choice." He wheeled out another huge vibrator. Then he took some of that strange blue gel and began to apply it to Christina's anus. There was a special hole in the back of the chair for just such a purpose. Damon waited awhile, and Christina began to feel a tingling in her butt. She felt an animal urge to have something, anything, up there. Luckily Damon then started to inset the other huge dildo into her anus, and left the room.

Christina couldn't believe how good she now felt. With a huge vibrator in her pussy, the electrodes on her breasts, and now another dildo up her butt, just thinking about it made her almost orgasmic. "Almost now, I will be orgasmic soon." She thought, then wondered how such a wicked thought got into her mind. Sure enough, in a few seconds the machines started to do their jobs. The vibrator in her pussy made her feel more full than she ever thought possible, and her love juices cascaded down the thick metal pole. The electrodes on her breasts tweaked and sucked on her tits, making her pant like a bitch in heat. Finally the huge rod up her butt made her jerk about wildly, driving her to the edge of ecstasy. Suddenly she started to cum, like never before. All three machines worked in complete alignment to keep her on the orgasmic plateau. She just couldn't stop cumming. Again, and again, and again. Suddenly, mid-orgasm, she had a revelation. "Life's so, OH YES, short. Ohhhhh, I should enjoy, ahhhh, every p-p-p-pleasure as it CUMS!" She thought. Then her thoughts were lost in a tsunami of pleasure.

"Congratulations," said Damon, when she came to her senses. "You just had an orgasm that lasted for twenty minutes. That's quite an achievement. Now that you know what we can do are you ready to join our organisation?" Christina couldn't help but say: "Oh, yes master. I only want to please you, and do your bidding." Damon gave a slight smile, "I see our mind reprogramming movies have worked well. Welcome to our organisation."

Damon undid her restraints, and Christina stood before him. "Our organisation is called the Ministry. Our aim is to extinguish repressive sexual attitudes, and help bring about a new sexual revolution. We recruit young prudes, such as yourself, and help them to become sexually liberated." Damon explained. He then held up that strange blue gel. "This is our greatest weapon, it's called Blue X. It's a new drug. Part viagra, as it improves sex a hundred fold. Part cocaine, as it's highly addictive. Part steroid, as it increases the size and sensitivity of your clitoris, and amplifies pheromone intensity. It can also be used to brainwash its' users." "What have you got planned for me, master?" Christina asked. "You have been programmed so that when you leave here you will forget all this, you will only remember when we contact you and tell you to do so. From those movies you have learnt all the positions of the Karma Sutra, every Tantric sex manoeuvre, and countless other sexual enjoyment enhancing techniques. We cannot take this machine everywhere, so we shall contact you and use you as a special agent to indoctrinate others. After administering Blue X to them, and having sex with them, you will remember nothing."

Damon frowned. "That however is our plans for the long term, for now…" Damon pulled down his trousers, "I want you to suck me off." Christina didn't need to be asked twice. She had never had a cock in her mouth but knew from her programming exactly what to do. Her tongue licked and cajoled the head of his penis, and then she kissed up and down the shaft, and sucked his balls. Then she took him in her mouth and began to deep throat him.

Her programming had also taught her how to maximise enjoyment, and she used this to great effect. Pressing on various pressure points to increase his pleasure, pulling on this scrotum in a special way to stop him from ejaculating… she made it last for a long time. Finally Damon reached the peak and she could hold him back no longer. Damon began to spurt cum all over her face, "I command you to cum!" Yelled Damon. She had to obey his every word, and she found she was having an orgasm just from him saying that. "Harder!" moaned Damon and Christina's orgasm's intensity tripled. Finally it was over, and Christina greedily licked up every last drop of cum. Working for the ministry would be very interesting…

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