tagInterracial LoveBlueberry Pancakes Ch. 02

Blueberry Pancakes Ch. 02


Musical Credit: Adele & Fun.

Part Two. Enjoy.

"Can you feel that?" whispered Sean.

"Hmm, Sean your poking me babe," said Rae sleepily.

Grinding harder Sean wrapped his arm around Rae as he rubbed his dick against her ass.

"Come on love, I know you feel that," whispered Sean as he licked her earlobe and kissed her hair.

Rea sleepily grinned; she loved when Sean woke up in the middle of the night horny. She thought it was cute that he always wanted her, because secretly she always wanted him too.

Sean made a trail of rough kisses on Rae's neck as his fingers tiptoed on her hips making their way into her panties.

"Mmm fuck babe," moaned Rae as she turned over on her back and opened her legs.

Kissing her deeply Sean slowly and deliberately stroked two fingers in and out of her wetness making Rae arch her back and beg for more.

"Sean baby please," begged Rae.

"Let daddy hear what you want baby."

"Mmm don't make me beg," pouted Rae.

"Then say what you want," said Sean as he stroked deeper and nudge her g-spot.

"OH FUCK," moaned Rae, "fuck me Sean please fuck me."

"That's my girl," grinned Sean.

Getting between her legs, Sean placed them on his shoulders, pushing forward he entered her in one fell swoop, knocking the wind out of her. Forming a rhythm, Sean pounded away in her tightness, he knew she needed a moment to adjust to his size but he couldn't help himself, she just felt so good, inside her body he was home.

Rae could feel herself coming, her scalp began to tingle as the rest of her limps began to spasm.

"Ughh, damn you feel so amazing, ughh shit Sean, I love you," grunted Rae as her first orgasm hit her.

"I love you too Taryn."

"Taryn?" thought Rae as her brain un-fogged and vision cleared.


It was as if she could see the scene play out in front of her. Sean's head was thrown back in ecstasy as he pounded Taryn from the back, her mouth shaped in a pleasurable O. They both looked at her and grinned, giving her thumbs up, as if she was receiving pleasure from this horrible scene.

"Tonight, we are young, so let's the world on fire we can brighter than sun."

Rae awoke with tears streaking her cheeks as her phone repeatedly sang. Picking it up and looking at the screen she saw that it was her best friend Elyse calling her, she would just let it go to voicemail. It was only 12:30 so that meant that she was pre-gaming at her place and wanted Rae to join her.

She couldn't though; it felt like she couldn't do anything anymore, but work, school, and breathing. That's all she could handle right now. It happened again, another nightmare, it always started off the same; her and Sean in a compromising position and ending with her watching him and Taryn make a fool of her, while they fucked like rabbits.

Sitting up in bed, she leaned over and grabbed her wooden cigar box; a present Elyse had gotten her last year when she went to Vegas. Taking a perfectly rolled joint and lighting it, she took two hard tokes of the high grade.

These nightmares had to stop, she couldn't stomach them anymore, and they were literally making her nauseous. Giving her joint another two hard hits she laid it in the ashtray and relaxed her head in her pillow, hoping the marijuana would start to take its course, she just didn't want to feel.

"Tonight, we are young, so let's set the world on fire we can burn brighter than sun."

Rea looked at her screen again, and sighed, she knew that Elyse meant well but, she really couldn't go out. What if she ran into Sean?


"Open this door Delaney!" yelled Elyse.

"Go away Lyse!" groaned Rae.

"I can't, I love you too much," said Elyse as she strolled into the room in red mini dress and black peep toe pumps.

"This can't possibly be good," thought Rae.

"You know, that key is for emergencies only Lyse.

"Oh don't Lyse me woman! This is an emergency, my best friend has been hiding out for the past month and it's really not appreciated."

Plopping down on the bed and sniffing, a smile spread across Elyse's face.

"Is that Kush I smell?"She smiled.

"You already knew that Lyse."

"Share the wealth sister!"

Handing her the joint, Rae sat back and prepared herself for the lashing that Elyse was about to give.


A joint, three bowls later, an argument, and a bit of persuasion the girls giggled as they strolled into the club. Elyse was able to convince Rae out of bed and into a fitted magenta mini dress with a skinny black belt and black pumps to match. Dancing their way through the crowded room to the bar, they were way too stoned to care about anything else.

"Oh shit that's my song!" yelled Elyse.

As she threw her hand up in the air, closed her eyes and swayed to the beat. Rae laughed and joined in with her. She loved her best friend.

Elyse was the best friend she ever had. She was more than a bestie; she was her sister. They had been best friends since freshman year of high school; when Rae still had baby fat and dimples, and Elyse was awkwardly beautiful. Elyse was always there; no matter the situation, Rae knew Elyse would always pick her up when she would fall.

Looking at her gorgeous friend she couldn't help but admire her looks, although Elyse was self-conscious about her slim figure, she used it to her advantage and became a model for Vogue.

At 5'9, she had glorious sun kissed skin and freckles for days, that danced on her face and shoulders, while bouncy dark red curls topped her head, making people want to pull one and say, "BOING!"

The poor California boys didn't stand a chance, although some of the girls did.

What most people didn't know though was that Elyse was actually really humble and an awesome friend, not some crazy bitchy model, and Rae loved her for that.

"Alright lady parts, let's keep it moving!" shouted Elyse as she slinked her arm through Rae's and pushed forward till they stood at the bar.

"Gigi!" yelled Elyse as she signaled for the bartender to come her way.

Batting her eyelashes and checking her breath, Elyse pouted her mouth and waited for Gigi to make her way to them. Rae gave a sad smile; she remembered when she would do Operation: Pin up Girl; when Sean would walk into the room.

He thought it was the cutest thing ever, and would give a sweet chuckle when he would see her, although he always assured her that she didn't need to, she always looked desirable to him.

"Cut it out Lyse, you know Gigi thinks you're hot no matter what," said Rae.

Elyse relaxed her face and looked at Rae, "Its not my fault Rae, I'm just crazy for her, ya know."

"If you'd open your eyes, you'd see that she wants you just as much tard."

Although Rae couldn't really blame her, no, she wasn't into girls, but that didn't make Gigi any less attractive. She had that rock and roll look to her; with her long dark hair, a piercing gracing her full bottom lip, tattooed sleeves going up and down her arms, and grey eyes that you could get lost in, yeah Elyse had it almost as bad as Rae.

Elyse looked down the bar she could Gigi trying to make her way to them, "Nah, she just wants to be friends, I can tell dude."

"Oh, Elyse," sighed Rae. She looked at her best friend and gave her a wink.

"What's up ladies?" asked Gigi, putting on a smile, Rae rolled her eyes and leaned across the bar to grab some cherries.

"Lyse, bathroom break! Be right back!"

Elyse mumbled something unintelligible as she made goo-goo eyes for Gigi.

"Yep a long night indeed," thought Rae as she made her way towards the restrooms, popping the cherries in her mouth.


Tatum really didn't want to be here, clubs just weren't his thing. Now don't get him wrong he enjoyed a good night out with the guys, but tonight he just wasn't in the mood. Leaning up against the wall he checked out the scenery, it was the same shit.

Drunken girls fawning over horny guys, he needed a break; that was until he saw her. She was popping cherries in her mouth headed towards the direction of the restrooms. She didn't look like this was her scene either, but here she was.

Getting off the wall to get a closer look he studied her walk as he followed her. She strutted, without even knowing it, as her thick body weaved through other bodies. Her magenta dress was doing wonders for Tatum's libido, and he didn't even know this girl.

He could hear his friend's snide remarks, "Tatum always trying to steal the sisters!"

He'd shake his head and hide his grin because he knew it was true. He did have a thing for skin tones. Not the ethnicity of the girl per se but simply put her skin color. He loved the contrast of a darker skinned toned girl compared to his pale white skin, dark eyes to his light green ones. He just couldn't get enough.

Leaning against the opposite wall he checked the girl out uninhibited. His mouth slightly opened than closed. She was beautiful, and the way she stood there you could tell that she had no clue.

Her light caramel skin was the color of warm honey; while her large expressive, warm brown eyes were graced with thick and long black lashes.

The dim light in the small walkway did wonders on her full luscious pink lips. Her body was another story and the only words Tatum could use to express it were; simply beautiful. He had to know who she was.


Rae had no idea why the guy across from her in the restroom line was staring so hard. Don't get her wrong, she didn't mind one bit. He was beautiful. She just didn't get why he was staring so hard.

He was tall; at least 6'3. His hair was dark and cut close in a fade, his eyes were mesmerizing; the lightest green she'd ever seen. His thick pale pink lips and pale skin made Rae stand up straight. The way his dark gray v-neck fit, Rae could tell that he obviously worked out. A lot. At first she had the mind to catch an attitude, but realized that the Kush was still working its magic, so her anger turned into curiosity, which led to the next words that fell from her lips.

"You know, you could always say hello, rather than staring," she smiled.

Tatum laughed, "Sorry, I didn't mean to be a creeper."

"Its cool dude, no harm no foul, I'm Rae," she smiled as she put her hand out for a shake.

"Tatum," he said as he shook her hand, gosh she had soft skin.

A current traveled through his arm making him look up. Evidently Rae felt the same spark because she had the same glassy look in her eyes. Something just happened, but neither of them knew what, but they would realize it soon enough.


Looking in the club restroom mirror, Sean couldn't help but groan in disgust. He let Aaron and the guys drag him out of the house for another eventful night of Operation: Forget Rae.

It didn't matter though, no matter how drunk he got, he still saw her. It was bull, he couldn't stop thinking about her, and it had gotten so bad the he was starting to see her everywhere. In his dreams, in the park, the grocery store.

Anywhere he saw a dark haired, light skinned black girl he thought it was her. He even thought he had seen her in the club tonight, but when he turned around to make sure, the girl was gone. It wouldn't be so bad if she would just agree to see him, talk to him at least.

His mind wouldn't wander then. He had been going mad not knowing what she was doing, or thinking or where she was even at. It drove him crazy to think; maybe she was seeing someone.

That's what hurts the worst; when he thought about it, the fact that she could be letting someone have all of her and it not be him. He knew it was his fault, but damn, it still hurt to know, that he could never get her back.

Splashing some water on his face, and drying it with a paper towel, he tried to get himself under control. He had to get out of this club and go see Rae; he just needed her to hear him out.

Walking out of the bathroom Sean stopped dead in his tracks, there was Rae; his Rae. Holding the hand of some random ass dude; shit had just gotten real.


Rae smiled; Tatum was looking better and better by the moment. No, she didn't want to jump his bones but she didn't really care to jump anyone's bones lately, he was different.

Not different as in we are the world, let's light candles and sing Kum Ba Yah, but just different. He seemed real, and that's all she wanted lately, something that didn't make her focus on the pain.

"Rae?" asked Sean.

Realizing Tatum's lips weren't moving, she turned to see who was calling her name. Boy did she regret it; there stood Sean in all of his beautiful angry glory, staring at her as if she betrayed him. Snatching her hand away quickly she jetted for the door, only to find Sean hot on her heels.

Rae could hear Sean calling her name as she began to run out of the club. She knew this would happen, she finally decided to get out of the house and low and behold who does she run into of all people? Sean.

"Fuck," she grumbled as she bypassed the club goers and finally making it out of the door.


Looking back she couldn't see where Sean was so she figured she had lost him.

"FUCK FUCK FUCKKK!!" chanted Rae as she walked down the strip.

Why? Why did this have to happen now, for just an instant she remembered what it was really like to smile again. Gosh, she felt like a bitch for running out on Tatum, not that she owed him anything, but it was still rude nonetheless.

Why did Sean have to ruin that? Texting Elyse that she got sick and went home she walked down the alleyway on the side of some bar to take a breather before she called a cab to go home.

Sitting down on a crate and opening her clutch she pulled out her one hitter and sighed. She really needed to stop smoking; she was starting to feel like a pot head. Before it was every once and while, but now it was starting to become a habit, but it was the only thing that made her feel something other than pain, and right now she couldn't get a hold on herself. It felt like her heart was beating against her rib cage, trying to get out and find Sean.

Taking a hard hit from the one hitter she leaned her head against the wall, praying that this ache would go away.

"So, you've moved on I see," stated Sean with an edge in his voice as he relaxed his body against the wall.

Rae slightly jumped, then relaxed.

"So what if I did?" stated Rae with an equal edge.

"What the fuck do you mean so what if you did?" growled Sean.

Taking another two hard hits and putting her one hitter in her clutch. Rae stood up and leaned against the wall. Calmly she looked at him and saw the twisted pain in Sean's face as she blew out the smoke in his direction.

"Just like I said Sean, so what if I did, the moment you cheated you no longer had a say so in anything I do, so move the fuck around," said Rae heatedly.

Moving closer until there wasn't any space between them, Sean breathed in Rae's scent making her breath hitch and heart rate quicken.

"If you think for one second I was going to let you leave with that motherfucker, then you must have forgotten who I am."

He menacingly whispered in her ear as he kissed her cheek. Rae knew that although Sean would never harm her, he was always jealous.

"Get off of me!" shoved Rae.

Grabbing her wrists, he pinned them to her sides.

"Not until you hear me out, now I'm going to take you home and we're going to talk okay?"

"Go fuck yourself," whispered Rae.

"Wrong answer love," said Sean as he quickly lifted the side of her dress.

He needed to feel her, he had missed her so much, and she looked absolutely delectable tonight, but he was pissed once he realized that she didn't have any panties on.

"Where the fuck are your panties!?" he growled as he tightly gripped her curvy hip.

"Hmm I don't know," Rae said nonchalantly.

She hated what Sean was doing to her, what she hated even more was the fact that she was getting wet from all of his aggression and possesiveness.

"Oh so you don't know huh?" pondered Sean, as he looked up towards the night sky.

"Well, tell me if you know this," he said as he plunged two fingers into her tightness, as she moaned and bit his shoulder.

"Ohh fuck!" moaned Rae as Sean made her eyes roll back.

"Mmm I see my little girl is all wet for me," grinned Sean.

"Ughh fuck stop it Sean," moaned Rae as her senses started to heighten.

"Damn him for be so skilled," she cursed in her head.

Walking her further back into the alley, Sean quickly unbuckled and dropped his pants.

"Wrap your legs around me."

"Go to hell," stated Rae as she tried to pull her dress down.

"Wrong answer again love," said Sean as he pushed her against the wall and picked her up.

Entering her in one hard push and knocking the wind out of her, Sean fucked her like a madman on a mission.

"Fuck fuck fuck, ughh I hate you so much," moaned Rae in his ear, as she bounced on his dick, she could tell she was about to come. It had been too long.

"I love you too baby," said Sean as he gripped her legs and fucked the shit out of her.

Slightly she moved her head back; Sean took this as an opportunity and kissed her. Licking and biting at her lips until she allowed him entry, Sean swooned. Tasting like her signature peppermint with a hint of Kush, he could tell she was about to come as he moved down and began to suck her neck. Rae could feel her orgasm start to trigger as Seam sucked her neck. She loved it so much, but hated herself for it.

Why couldn't she forget him? Why did she always allow him to get the best of her and fuck her in any and which way? These questions raced through Rae's head as she whimpered in bliss and let Sean empty himself inside of her.

"Ughh Ughh fuck baby," grunted Sean as he finished.

"Fuck, that was quick," I want more thought Sean.

Laying his forehead against hers' he kissed her softly and gently placed her down. Bending down and grabbing his silk handkerchief out of his back pocket he slightly pushed her legs apart and cleaned her gently of their juices, he could hear her wince, he felt bad but secretly he was glad he did it; she needed to know who she belonged too. If she couldn't realize it, he would just have to show her.


Rae felt like a toddler that had an accident at school as he cleaned her. He pulled her dress down over her hips, stood up, quickly wiped his shaft and buckled his pants. Rae turned her head to the side as a tear rolled down her cheek.

"Don't cry baby," said Sean as he surrounded her, placing an arm on either side of her head.

"Just leave me alone please, I just I want to forget you."

That broke Sean's heart, he loved her so much, and all she wanted to do was get over him.

"Please, just stop okay, don't call or text me, can't you see how much it hurts? I just can't be around you anymore," said Rae.

She ducked underneath his arm walked to the front of the alley and grabbed her clutch. Feeling Sean's presence behind her she turned around looked at him.

"Rae, listen I love you and I refuse to give up on us. Baby just give us a chance again, please," begged Sean.

"Just leave me be please, I'll find my own ride home, have a good life Sean."

She walked out of the alley and let the tears fall, she couldn't stop them, because all she really wanted was him.


Tatum searched all over the club. He had to find her, she ran away so quickly when that guy came out of the bathroom he was a bit stunned. She was different though. He knew it, he didn't know what it was, but he felt something. Yeah it sounded pretty cheesy, don't get him wrong, but he felt it, he felt the current, and he just knew she felt it too. So that was it, he needed to find Rae.

"Never mind, I'll find someone like you I wish nothing but the best for you, too don't forget me, I begged, I remember you said sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead."

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