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BlueEyed Dream


As I waited for him, I sat at the computer and played on the Internet, already dressed for the night. Picture this: a leather skirt with nothing under it, boots with the silkiest fishnet stockings ever found and a soft, tight, dark blue corset, with my auburn hair falling down in long dark waves. I eagerly await the moment that I will hear the sound of the door clicking closed as he comes in; waiting for the moment, I would feel his hand on my thigh and see him kneeling beside me. I love the contrast of the black collar with his skin, the way he looks at me as if pleading me to do the worst I can.

I laid my head back in the chair to just sit and dream, and suddenly I realize his hand is on my thigh; I never heard him come in. I smiled softly and opened my eyes to look at him. He looked me in the eyes and smiled back. Sometimes it is hard not to be friends even when we start. I lean over and pull the chain attached to his collar, softly bringing him closer to me; there are leather cuffs around his wrists that can be attached to the chain.

"Did you miss me?" I asked him softly.

"I always miss you, Mistress," he whispered, as if he had lost his voice.

I got up slowly and wrapped the chain around my hand, leaving him to follow me. He had already been in here, and instead of any number of whips or straps it was his belt lying folded on the table. I sat on the bed and pulled him after me until he sat against me with the top of his head even with my breasts, to where he had to look up to look me in the eyes. He laid his head against my inner thigh, rubbing his silky smooth cheek there, knowing how it torments me; at least I believe that he knows it torments me.

"Do you want to be tied?" I asked.

"Please" he begs, crawling onto the bed.

He laid out with his erection pressed tightly to his stomach. I then crawled on top of him and sat straddling his lower back, wet against his skin; I began to chain his hands into place. I then rubbed myself against him until he moaned. Tortured, I slid off him, and then stood next to the bed. I picked up his belt before he turned his head; he looked at me and let out a soft moan, then buried his head in the pillows.

I started slowly, dropping the belt gently, licking his thighs and ass teasingly. I can never keep that teasing pace, so I hit him harder and harder until I heard his sharp intakes of breath and the moans beginning. I can feel myself get wetter and wetter the louder he moans, I continue to beat him until his skin is a dark blush; I know that even later tomorrow it will feel hot, and he'll think of me all day.

I then untied him and told him to turn over; he did so and looked at me with wet eyes. I can't help but kiss him softly as I run the leather across his cheek and down his stomach. As I begin whipping his cock, he moans into my mouth and gets harder. I bit down on his lower lip as I tried to control myself and not sit down, sliding his oh so hard cock into my wet aching pussy. Then I taste blood and hear him whimpering in pleasure; I realize that I've broken the skin and lick his bottom lip softly and suck on it until it stopped bleeding. I stop and lay the belt on the table, standing at the edge of the bed. I tell him to undress me.

He slides off the bed to kneel next to me and begins to undo the laces of my corset with his teeth, hands behind his back until he has to slide the straps down my arms. As he does this, he sets it on the floor, moves slightly to my side to undo the zipper of my skirt; he grasps the top of it lightly with his teeth, and pulls it down my legs his lips brushing my skin on the way down. His head brushes against me as he moves to reach the zipper of my boot at my inner thigh while his hand wraps around my ankle. I know the hardest thing for him is my stockings.

He looks at me, then the stockings, and moans slightly before closing his eyes. He presses his lips against my thigh through the fishnet, still moaning softly. He slips his teeth between the elastic and my skin and pulls it off slowly, then repeats.

"Get on your knees," I command softly. I watch the nerves in his body jump after I say this.

With his head between my thighs, he stares up at me with those beautiful blue eyes, waiting for permission. I run my hands up his head pressing his lips to me, he moans against me and begins licking at my clit and wet pussy until I begin to moan and have to sit down. He slips his finger inside me making me throb against him, sliding in and out in time with his tongue. He begins to do it harder and harder until I cum in his mouth and all over his hand, moaning loudly. I lay back on the bed while he licks me clean and makes me moan softly. He kneels at my feet with his hands wrapped around my ankles and waits for me to tell him what to do.

"Lay on the bed," I say in an unsteady voice.

He crawls on the bed and lies on his back; I straddle his face to tie his wrists holding myself just out of reach. I slide down his chest leaving a streak of wetness until I come to his dick, and I run myself over his cock, making it wet with me. I sit with it in front of me, sucking softly on the head while he moans wildly almost loud enough to be shouting. Precum oozes in my mouth.

When he starts thrusting against my mouth, I stop and lift my head.

"Please Mistress, please," he begs between moans.

I lean up and bite into his stomach.

"Please what?"

He bites his lips and clenches his eyes shut; he takes a deep breath.

"Please fuck me, please. It is all I think about anymore. When you're beating me, I think about how it would feel if you where fucking me while I was being beaten. When I see you anytime at all, all I can think about is the pain and how wet you are, how good you taste, how good it all feels. Please Mistress," he pleads.

I think about this as his cock pulses against me with a mind of its own. His eyes are still clenched shut as I raise up and press my wet pussy against the head of his cock. His eyes snap open and he thrusts against me but I don't give him any room to go further into me.

"Be still!" I say sharply, through clenched teeth.

Sliding slowly onto him I feel myself stretching to fit him inch by inch, watching him through half shuttered eyes. I see him bite into his already cut lip, making it bleed again. I slam myself the rest of the way onto him, lean down, and lick up the blood, his eyes roll back into his head as I suck on his bottom lip while riding him hard. Clenching myself against him, I bite into his neck sharply while he begins to moan with reckless abandon. I lose track of time fucking him until he starts thrusting in me hard, making me cum repeatedly. I know he's about to cum, his moans coming in short, sharp breaths. He thrusts into me hard as I sit down onto him, making me cum all over as I feel him cum in hot floods inside of me, which only makes me cum harder.

I lay my head on his chest, nail marks all over his body that I do not remember making. I lay there until he is completely soft inside of me. I kiss his neck while untying him, then rolled over and laid on my back with my eyes closed. Minutes later I hear the shower being run and his hand running through my hair taking out the tangles. I open my eyes to stare up at him, to stare at this person that I love in the way I have never loved someone before, but who is also my best friend when the collar comes off. He is not my boyfriend -- my boyfriend is my Master, but that is a story for another day.

I stare up into his blue eyes and wonder how I got so lucky as to have my life. He takes my hand and helps me off the bed; he leads me to stand under the shower, which is just the right temperature. He does all this in a loving way as if I were the toy to be loved; he uses my favorite washcloth which I noticed has been soaped already along with many candles lit. He kneels at my feet and looks up at me for a long moment, and begins casually washing me from bottom to top, slowly, sensually, and thoroughly. He rinses me off and washes my hair, when he is through he dries me off and dries my hair; then he makes me sit on the edge of the bed while he brushes my hair. This is one of my favorite things of the day; I rest my head on my knees as he runs the brush through my hair repeatedly. Until finally I come to and realize he's just sitting next to me watching me now, I smile at him and stroke his cheek softly, he smiles back then sits at the edge of the bed with his arms stretched out waiting, facing me. As I tied his hands well enough that he could sleep and not hurt anything I thought about the fantasy that had started this ritual, went from standing on the bed to sitting though. I finish and have him check them; I kiss him softly, "Goodnight Blue Eyes, you where wonderfully behaved, have sweet dreams."

I turn all the lights off but the one above me and lay down to sleep, drifting off to sleep I hear him say softly "Goodnight my Mistress, I love you, have the sweetest dreams." I smile softly to myself, drifting off to sleep wondering which whip he will choose in the morning, after I take him down in the morning so we can lay down.

To Be Continued?

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