tagLesbian SexBlueprints Ch. 03

Blueprints Ch. 03

byCamera Obscura©

Authors Note:

• Thanks to LesbianChickLit for editing (I added c.1,000 words post edit)

• Please let me know what you think of Chapter 03. I'm eager to learn and the feedback helps me know where I'm going right and, more importantly, wrong.

• We pick up things a mere hour or two from where Chapter 02 ended.

• Enjoy!

A quiet, throaty murmur escaped her lips as the unconscious young woman's hips rocked with the seemingly faux pleasure. She'd fantasised about this often enough, but dreaming about it was another thing. However, given how they'd spent the early hours of the morning, surely a dream of this nature was inevitable.

Zara could feel herself stirring in that twilight phase of sleep, yet was determined not to rise from the delicious slumber. She didn't want to wake, didn't want to disturb the apparent sensation of soft hands holding her hips, hot breath on her moist folds. "Please." She murmured, a crease forming across her usually smooth brow. She couldn't wait, needed to envisage Joanna's mouth on her before she awoke.

A slender hand snaked down her body and into the short hair of her assailant. It was Zara's dream; seemingly she felt she could take control. Her grip tightened and in a quick, sure motion that face was on her, almost in her, "Joa-". Smack!

Dark eyes flew open with a sharp intake of breath. Her mind took stock of the situation; the side of her thigh was stinging, she was in a dimly lit, unfamiliar room and... it hadn't been a dream. Long legs flailed her up the bed into a sitting position. "Would you calm down! You almost kicked me, never mind broke my nose." Joanna snapped, her glistening face appearing from under the sheets.

"I'm sorry." Zara stammered, her heart thudding as Joanna muttered that she had just been trying to do something nice. "I thought." She swallowed, "I thought it was a dream." She admitted, embarrassed by the stupidity of the revelation.

Joanna's face softened slightly as she looked at the girl's confused expression; her deep green eyes flickering in the soft light. "I suppose I should be flattered that you might dream about me." She sighed, making her way back up the bed, stripping the rest of the covers from Zara's naked body as she prowled.

Evidently, the older woman had taken a shower; her short blonde hair was damp and her fresh fragrant body was naked were it not for a plush white towel. "However, dreaming or not," She said in a lower tone as she guided the young woman to lie back, Zara's head resting amongst the pillows once more. "You never, ever," Joanna moved down with her, slick lips millimetres from the brunette's, "attempt to force me to do anything. Got it?"

Zara nodded, a renewed electric current coursing through her body. "Yes, Joanna." She replied hoarsely, barely finishing the agreement before Joanna kissed her fiercely.

She was pushed into the mattress as Joanna moved, knees on either side of Zara's waist as she was gracefully straddled by the dominant woman. The brunette shuddered, not only could she taste herself as their mouths clashed, but she could feel Joanna's bare sex pressing into her abdomen; the warm, damp sensation causing her stomach to convulse, pushing her skin into Joanna's. The older woman clearly enjoyed it, moaning quietly in response as she bore down on her accomplice.

The Professor wasted no time roaming her hands over the young woman, slender fingers grazing down the outside of Zara's thigh. Now Joanna had drawn attention to the area, she could feel the heat rising from where she'd been disciplined. "It's a bit warm, isn't it?" Joanna purred, pulling her mouth from Zara, who instantly trailed her lips along the older woman's strong jawline, moving towards her ear.

"Mhmm. Will you kiss it better?" She breathed, before flicking her tongue over the lobe.

"You sure you wouldn't like my mouth somewhere else?" Joanna asked and without waiting for an answer trailed her tongue lazily across Zara's full lips. The premonition caused the young woman to moan loudly as she felt a shockwave bang between her legs. "Is that a yes?" She smirked.

"Yes, please." Zara gasped as Joanna began to trail down her body.

The young woman was once again squirming under her assailant, who's mouth and hands paid a lot of attention to her breasts, leaving them crinkled and glistening before continuing the descent.

"You could wash clothes on this." Joanna mused, running smooth hands over the young woman's stomach. Her mouth followed suit, leaving a damp trail before dipping her tongue into Zara's navel.

"Jesus, Joanna." She gulped, fingers running through the woman's short damp hair as she repeated the wet swirling motion with more intensity.

She felt near enough worshiped by the way Joanna was distilling pleasure on her body. No one had ever given her attention like that. Pushed buttons that Zara didn't even know she had. Taken so much time to make her feel that good, that on fire.

Lightly tanned thighs shifted apart in response to the burning touch moving up the inside of her leg. "Wider." Joanna instructed as she knelt between Zara's trembling legs.

"Zara, I want you to look at me." Joanna demanded.

Their eyes locked as she propped herself on her elbows, watching in anticipation whilst Joanna shifted between her legs before breaking eye contact to admire her. "You're beautiful." She purred, glancing back to the girl and giving her a reassuring look before moving to stroke the velvety folds.

Zara was by no means a prude, however she couldn't imagine allowing anyone to unapologetically explore her the way Joanna was. Then again, she couldn't remember anything more sensual than completely baring herself to the woman. This was clear by her arousal that quickly coated Joanna's fingertips.

Eventually, she felt it, that slight pressure and let out a short, "Ahh." as the Professor entered her. Zara's eye's fluttered shut and her hips rocked automatically with her assailant's slow, twisting fingers.

"What are you doing?" Zara's dark eyes snapped back to Joanna who was looking at her pert breast, obscured by her own palm. Zara muttered an apology and retracted the unruly hand. "I didn't say stop." Joanna scolded, however the frown was quickly replaced by a sly smile as Zara comprehended, slender fingers returning to toy with the herself. "Pinch your nipples for me." Joanna breathed. Zara did so, wincing and bucking in pleasurable pain as Joanna's two fingers continued to work her pussy. "And the other one." Joanna guided, nodding to the left breast. Zara complied, fingers tweaking as she flinched under her own assault. "Good girl." Joanna husked.

Then, for no good reason, she retracted her soaking fingers, causing the architect to groan in frustrated annoyance. Joanna smiled at her, eyes glinting, clearly enjoying the tease. "One more time." She ordered, nails grazing lightly over Zara's smooth thighs.

Zara's fingertips went pink under the pressure and she let out a throaty cry as Joanna thrust her fingers back into the unsuspecting young woman. She choked on a curse, feeling like the air had been, literally, fucked out of her. The sensation was intense, however, for every ounce of discomfort, the pleasure she felt was a heady sensation Zara had most definitely been craving.

"You did well." The blonde purred as she kissed her way up Zara's stomach to her heaving chest. "Do you like a bit of pain Zara?" Joanna asked before her mouth descended to bathe the sensitive areas with gentle laps of her tongue.

"Uh huh." The young woman panted in a low tone, hips grinding into Joanna's fingers. "With... with you I... Oh God." She hissed through gritted teeth as Joanna expertly teased the sensitive flesh. "Yes, I do." She finally managed. Lust fuelled intrigue lit Joanna's face, however Zara could not appreciate the alluring expression for long as Joanna moved quickly back down her body.

Zara's imagination hadn't lived up to anything near the exquisite sensation of Joanna's mouth between her legs. The way her tongue slowly, expertly, navigated around and in the young woman's folds, as if trying to taste ever inch of her, was like nothing she could have imagined. It was, intimate, exciting, maddening; drove her to a whole new level of pleasure and she couldn't help but react to every lap of her companion's tongue.

Her body quaked as Joanna's mouth ran up and down her outer and then inner lips, spreading the arousal and saliva everywhere she traced. Once satisfied she'd tasted every inch of the girl, Joanna took Zara's lips into her mouth in a fashion akin the fierce kiss she'd imparted earlier.

"Oh Jesus." Zara gasped, arching her back as she felt Joanna trail her mouth down and then probe her dripping entrance. She cried out something inaudible as the woman's tongue moved inside her, lapping at her walls as Zara, surely, gushed onto the her face.

Not that Joanna seemed to mind, she wrapped one hand around Zara's tensing thigh, the other sought blindly for the brunette's hand. Feeling the digits, Zara released the bedding and interlinked her finger with Joanna's instead.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Zara squealed as Joanna, groaning whilst she did so, used the new purchase to fuck the girl with her tongue. With each thrusting motion, Joanna's nose brushed against Zara's clit, edging the young woman towards the proverbial cliff.

"Please, Joanna. I need to... I'm going to... Please?" She gasped, eyes screwed shut, knuckles white.

"Just a little longer." Joanna gasped, glancing at her victim, lust ablaze on her soaked face.

Had Zara been a crier, both the break in the pleasure and denial may actually have caused her to do so. "Come on, Joanna. Please." She begged.

Choking back a scream, Zara felt Joanna oblige, pushing two and then three fingers into her wetness, filling the young woman's narrow canal. She couldn't take anymore, surely; no more teasing, no more pleasure, no more fingers. "Joanna!" Zara's back arched again, pushing her delicate ribcage to the surface of her now pale skin as she felt three fingers move in and out of her in a slow, yet deliberate pace.

"Fuck. Fuck me. Please." Each syllable bawled an octave higher than the last as Joanna's pace quickened.

Just as Zara thought she might explode, Joanna pressed her tongue down onto her clit. The bundle of nerves twitched uncontrollably, long toned legs momentarily rigid before she descended into a leg trembling, stomach jarring climax. Zara's whole body shook as she repeated Joanna's name over and over again; begging her not to stop whilst spasming muscles pulled the woman's fingers deep inside her.

Far from stopping, Joanna continued to move her mouth and fingers so that just when Zara thought she was coming down from the impossible high, she was thrown back over once more.

The young woman had no idea how long she convulsed as Joanna steered her through the most powerful climax she'd ever experienced. How was that even possible, given what the woman had instilled on her mere hours earlier?

Eventually, when the stimulation proved too much, she gently encouraged the blonde head from between her shaken legs as she lay, wracked and glistening.

"Just relax a second, Darling." Joanna assured as she moved back up the bed. Zara winced, a pained crease forming on her forehead as she felt Joanna ease her digits from deep within her. "That's it." She encouraged.

Once her breathing had calmed and some steadiness returned to her, Zara turned on her side to look at Joanna whose hand tenderly brushed the young woman's cheek before creeping into her hair.

"You alright?" She asked, that stoic face slipping into an expression Zara had yet to see.

A lazy, satisfied smile spread across Zara's beautiful face and she nodded.

They exchanged looks, searching gazes, that were far too intimate to be imparted on a first night. However, the young woman didn't care, she was getting to take in details of that flawless, shining visage. Zara had never seen anyone quite so captivating.

"Are we just going to stare at each other like idiots?" Joanna asked, that warm smile growing to split her face.

"Fine by me." Zara smiled, moving her body into Joanna's and draping a leg over her towel clad hip as she diligently kissed the arousal from her companion's face.

"Stop it." Joanna groaned, hands intertwining with Zara's tousled hair. "I definitely won't be able to let you sleep if you carry on like this."

"I don't want to sleep." Zara replied, a playful expression flitting across her face.

Their mouths met, tongues clashing once more as the young woman pushed against Joanna. She pushed back, but in Zara's enthusiasm she overpowered her.

"What are you doing?" Joanna breathed, bemused.

"What do you mean?" Zara frowned, gazing down at her, those stark green eyes clearly weighing something up.

"You're on top of me."

"That's the idea?" Zara replied, her turn for, albeit uncertain, impatience.

"I don't think-" Joanna started to say in disbelief before Zara silenced her with a press of her lips.

"I know you're the boss. Just let me find my feet. Please?" She murmured, dark hair cascaded over her shoulder as she attempted to kiss away any trepidation.

"Fine. But you do as you're told." Joanna conceded, nails trailing warningly down Zara's back before the young woman felt the sting as her palm connected with her backside.

"Yes, Joanna." She winced, butterflies flitting through her stomach. She wanted to make Joanna feel good, feel the way she had felt. The bar had been set at an unreachable level, but God loves a trier.

The young woman took her time on the descent, near enough covering every inch of the Joanna's angular jaw, slender neck, and collarbone that jutted so perfectly. Reaching Jonna's contracting chest, still encased in the towel, Zara sat up, her ass grinding down onto Joanna's pelvis and she smiled coyly as she felt the motion being returned.

Biting her lip, dark eyes flitted from the deep green of Joanna's and down to the slight swell of her breasts at the towel's boundary. Dexterous fingers moved towards where the ends of the fabric were tucked together and just before she tugged at the knot, Zara looked back to the Professor who gave a subtle nod. Slowly, she peeled the material from Joanna's torso.

The young woman marvelled at the porcelain smooth skin, a touch softer than her own, but not by much. Fingers trailed lightly down the hollow between Joanna's chest, to her pale stomach and back up to that soft spot under her breasts. As she caressed her there, Joanna let out a soft sigh before taking the girl's hand and guiding Zara's fingers to her own mouth. She directed the now slick digits back to her chest, encouraging Zara to caress her nipples.

Having helplessly watched the display, Zara could feel her arousal trickle down her thighs once more, but gave herself a shake. This was about Joanna. She gently toyed with the woman's pebbled chest, moving her thumb around and across the nub, enjoying Joanna's reaction.

Zara had learnt an inordinate amount in the past few hours, the most important lesson being that the two women would touch each other in completely different ways. So, she continued to gently play with Joanna's breasts only venturing to intensify the contact as Joanna's moans became louder. Zara leant forward again and kissed her companion; a slow sensual embrace as her fingers trailed onto Joanna's other breast and, to her delight, the handful was pushed up into the young woman's wanton hand.

"I want your mouth on them." Joanna growled into Zara's ear before catching the lobe in her teeth.

Instantly obliging, Zara shimmied down the slender figure so her mouth was in line with the Professor's nipples. However, before she could bring her mouth to them, Joanna had balled Zara's silky hair in her fist, guiding the girl to the desired spot.

Instinctively, Zara's tongue swirled over and around the pebbled skin, pleased when she heard the older woman emit a moan of pleasure. She repeated the process on the opposite nipple as her fingers continued to stimulate the vacant area.

"Suck them." Joanna breathed hoarsely and Zara felt her writhe deliciously beneath her as she obliged.

Once she'd contented herself with Joanna's breasts, a combination of inexperience and enthusiasm saw Zara's mouth and hands roam over every available inch of the older woman's body: the indent of the elbow, bump on the wrist, the base of her ribs. Not that she seemed to be doing a bad job, Joanna had lessened her firm grip of Zara and was slowly starting to lose herself.

The young woman crept further down Joanna's almost naked body, marvelling at its contours and the soft smooth texture. Either by chance or design the towel still covered her pelvis and tops of her thighs. Zara went to remove the material but pulled up; she'd waited this long, what was another few minutes? Someone had recently enlightened her to the concept of anticipation.

Her eager mouth trailed down Joanna's slender legs, long legs, legs that just kept going. Zara kissed the inside of her thighs, teeth grazing the inside of her knee before trailing her tongue all the way down Joanna's toned calf, to the jut of her ankle. This earned her another throaty moan and she was about to work her way back up, lost in the trance of pleasuring Joanna when her reverie was disturbed. "I need your-" The woman began hoarsely before clearing her throat. "I want your mouth, Zara."

Zara complied, a proud, troublesome grin spreading across her full lips as her hands ran up those smooth soft thighs before coming to the sliver of towel. Taking a steadying breath, the girl stripped the white material away. "My God." She breathed, gazing down at the naked woman before her, drinking her in as Zara's hands slowly caressed the top of her thighs. She was perfect.

As her fingers took their time in reaching between Joanna's now open legs, Zara's brain whizzed at a million miles an hour as a stomach jolting thought hit her. The brunette's months of fantasising and intrigue had all centred around Joanna pleasuring her, getting her off. Selfishly, Zara didn't have a grand plan for returning the favour.

The troubling thought must have shown on the girl's pretty face, for Joanna pushed herself up onto her elbows. Zara winced at the movement, she didn't want to be scolded, not right then. "What's wrong Zara?" She asked softly.

"Oh, eh, nothing." Zara frowned, eyes firmly on the prize which she hastily moved her hand towards. However, in an impressively quick motion, Joanna's stomach muscles contracted and she sat up, catching the girl's hand before it reached her.

"Come here." Joanna instructed in a surprisingly gentle tone, her free hand wrapping around Zara's shoulders, pulling the two women close before reassuringly kissing the young woman's lips. "Tell me what's wrong."

She must be made of stone, Zara thought to herself. Her hand was mere inches from Joanna's folds and the way their bare torsos pressed together was causing her ripples of pleasure. Zara swallowed. "I, eh, I." She stammered. "I mean I've done it before." She said quickly, "But I, I was drunk. Didn't really care if... Care if, you know," She took a steadying breath and her eyes reluctantly met Joanna's. "I just want to be good at it."

"You already are." She encouraged before guiding Zara's hand into her wetness. Their mouths locked again and Joanna pulled the young woman with her as she fell back into the bed.

It was a true oversight on Zara's part having not fantasised about pleasuring Joanna. The way the woman's naked body moved under her explorations and the noises she emitted intensified the young woman's own arousal. But no, this was about Joanna and now that her fingers had taken in the contours and folds, Zara moved towards her opening.

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