tagBDSMBlush Ch. 01

Blush Ch. 01

byviolent intimacy©

I do not know what it is about those dusky pink cheeks that I find so alluring. As I sit staring at the young girl before me, her hands clasped nervously in her lap, it is all I can do to stop myself from pulling her into my lap. She blushes at almost every other question I ask, her face turning various shades of rosy pink in accordance with her level of embarrassment. Though never actually refusing to answer, she spends a lot of time stumbling over the more personal questions, in a voice so soft I have to strain to catch the slight tremor it holds. I do not let up, pushing her to answer with more depth, never allowing her to beat around the bush for too long before pulling her ruthlessly back on track with me.

She had come to me from a close friend, a petite nymph with the darkest blue eyes I had ever seen. How could she have known that I already knew who she was, why she had come to me, and my plans for her? She stammered so prettily, the words tripping over themselves as she stood on my front step, floundering helplessly while trying to explain herself. In the end I had taken pity on her, drawing her into the entranceway and ordering her to kneel. She had dropped to her knees with obvious relief, the act of doing so seeming to give her courage. "I want to be a submissive," she said. "A sexual slave." She wanted to be MY slave.

I made her think it over for two months, exchanging emails with me from her home fifty miles away. I wrote to her of my expectations, her limits, training, submission, slavery, pleasure, pain. Her responses to me were well thought out, expressive, and revealing. It was hard not to let my desire to have her show in my written words.

Now she is back. So is the stammering. I wait patiently for each answer, my hopes for her growing as I listen. She is so fresh! So young! So desperately eager to please. I have to keep reminding myself to take things slow with her. She gasps when I touch her, the pink tinge on her cheeks growing darker when I casually slide my hand up her thigh, nodding at her to continue. Her skin is velvety smooth and I can feel the goosebumps rising under my fingers. Push her skirt up as I go, until I see a flash of pale pink panties. She stops talking completely when I make her part her legs, my fingers gently pinching the soft flesh on the inside of her thigh. Intent on my exploration, I do not tell her to continue, thumb pressing into the cotton crotch and finding it delightfully damp.

Soft moan. Legs falling further apart. Pretty skirt framing the cotton covered juncture between her legs. The moist material is almost see-through, allowing me a glimpse of the shaved lips underneath. Clearly outlined is the curving mound, the tantalizing slit. I push a little harder, smiling when she gasps, color rising in her cheeks. There is a soft sigh when I take my hand away. Her eyes are locked on me, torn between watching where my hand goes and trying to read my facial expressions. I unbutton her blouse quickly and push it off her shoulders, suddenly impatient to see the breasts I had ordered to be left bare under her clothes. They are small with dark nipples, already hard like tiny pebbles. I pinch each one in turn, hard enough to see her wince, her legs shifting involuntarily as a jolt of pleasure no doubt went shooting down to her groin. Knowing her sensitivity in this area, I take my time playing with her breasts, cupping and squeezing each one slowly.

Then she is made to stand, her back arching as I have her bend over, forearms resting on the back of the sofa. She trembles when I tug her panties down around her knees, pert little ass displayed prettily amidst the ruffles of the short skirt. Her juices slick the insides of her thighs, now that the panties are no longer there to hold them in. I stroke the slippery lips, loving the way her hips sway to the movement of my hand. Two of my fingers inside her pussy - she gasps out loud at this - I push them in deep, my thumb rotating in firm circles on her anal ring. I penetrate her there too, feeling the muscles in both places react, clenching and unclenching in a series of spasms.

Still holding her in this manner, I lean over her quivering form and whisper, "I'm going to have the boy come in and fuck you." Obviously surprised by my words, her head snaps up, mouth dropping open with a quiet little 'o' sound. I pull my fingers from her before she has time to react further, calling my pet's name as I do so. Ever obedient, he crawls in quickly, the metal discs on his collar jingling much like a dog's would. He tries not to show interest in the girl but I can see he has noticed her, and is hopeful. Stopping right next to her, he settles himself back into a perfect kneel, brown eyes staring up at me. I laugh softly at him and tease him about his cock already being hard, making him blush furiously.

She is whimpering softly, nervously, her body shaking as she stares resolutely ahead, even though I know she desperately wants to turn and look at him, and at me. A quick gesture from me and he turns towards her, leaning forward and reaching his head up to lap at her pussy from behind. Startled, she pulls away, only to be drawn back into position by his gentle hands. I sit quietly, watching him push his face into her wet folds, tongue searching for her clit. She cries out when he finds it, hands gripping the upholstery, hips pushing back. Moments later, she comes with a muffled shriek, face buried into the back of the sofa and legs all but buckling under her. My boy turns back to me and grins, his face wet with her juices. I laugh with delight, pulling him to me for a quick kiss, and to whisper further instructions into his ear.

He wastes no time, rising eagerly to grasp her hips and support them on her shaky legs. His cock pushes into the slick pussy folds, finding the entrance quickly and plunging in. I see him bite his lip to keep from shouting out his pleasure; it has been a long time since I allowed him to fuck anyone. She is not as quiet, letting out a long moan when he slides all the way in. He jerks his cock out almost immediately, slippery with her lubrication, and slips the glistening tip between her buttocks. This time he cannot help but groan at the entry, the tightness of her anus constricting his cock. She wails, body taut as her ass gives way to his long but narrow shaft. Catching his eye, I mouth, "Wait for her." With difficulty, he nods and starts to fuck her slowly.

I shiver, feeling my own pussy soaking through the crotch of my pants. I know he cannot last much longer, he is already groaning softly from the effort of holding himself back. He pulls out almost all the way each time and I can see her shudder when the length of his cock travels back into her bowels. He notices my nod, bucking into her so hard her feet are lifted momentarily off the ground. With a low keening sound, she comes again, writhing on the end of his cock, the spasming anal ring pushing him over the edge into his own orgasm. He is always quiet when he comes, swallowing the loud moan that seems to get trapped in his throat. His leg muscles are taut as he rams himself as deep as he can, pumping his come into her ass.

I let out my breath, not realizing that I had been holding it while I watched. They are still attached, both of them trembling from their exertions. I say softly, "Good boy." Pause. "Good girl." Motion for him to take her away and clean her up. "And when you're done, bring her to my room."

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