tagBDSMBlush Ch. 02

Blush Ch. 02

byviolent intimacy©

An hour later, I walk into my bedroom to find them both kneeling obediently beside the bed, the dark swirling design of the carpet a sharp contrast to their skin tones. My boy is perfectly still as always, but she is shaking and obviously trying so hard not to. I ruffle his hair affectionately, see him smile in response, and reach past him to tip her face up towards me. Her pink cheeks are tear-stained, but her eyes brighten when I trace my finger along her jaw, stroking the soft skin. Knowing full well the answer, I ask, "Did you enjoy yourself downstairs?" The blush blooms gorgeously up the rest of her face and she tries to duck her head, nodding quickly. I slap her cheek lightly, reminding her to always look at me when I am talking to her. The dark blue eyes that snap back to mine are brimming with tears again and she opens her mouth as if to speak, to apologize, but I shush her gently.

Taking her arm, I draw her up onto the bed with me, stretching us out next to each other. Her skin is baby smooth and smells like the soap he used to wash her with. I bend my head and kiss one of those hard little nipples, making her gasp as I suck it into my mouth, teeth grazing over the tip. She is moaning and pressing herself into me by the time I stop, her pussy moist and throbbing against my thigh. I lie back and order her up onto her hands and knees, grabbing handfuls of her hair to pull her head between my legs. No instruction is needed, she pushes her face into my wet pussy eagerly, soft tongue already lapping away. Beyond excited from watching them romp earlier, I tell her to slow down, not wanting to come too quickly. She lightens her strokes, tracing along the edge of my pussy lips with that delightful little tongue. When she dips lower to lick my asshole I cannot help but moan out loud, hips squirming on the bed. Still shivering from the sensations, I signal to my boy that he is to take while she kneels between my legs with her ass raised.

I hear her whimper, "Oh please, not there, not again," as she tries to pull away. Tightening my hold on her hair, I tug her back down, watching the boy squat over her ass, his cock slick with clear lubrication. He slides its slippery length up and down the cleft between her buttocks and after a moment, I feel her tongue start on me again. She whimpers once more when he starts to prod at the sore opening to her ass, but does not try to escape or stop licking. Pleased, I loosen my grip on her hair, stroking the back of her neck gently with one hand. He slips in easily despite her muffled cries, her back arching naturally as his cock once again fills her narrow back passage. Watching the muscles bunching in his legs when he starts to thrust, the long cock glistening on its way in and out of the tight anal corridor, I can no longer hold back my own orgasm. My hips buck into her face and I come repeatedly, moaning and shuddering uncontrollably.

She stays in position even when I push her face away, pressing her cheek into the inside of my thigh, hands clutching my leg. Having come once earlier, I know he will be able to last longer this time even though he is fucking her hard. He drives her into the bed, making her bent over body bounce a little with each thrust. He groans with frustration when I make him stop, yanking his cock out roughly and making her yelp at the suddenness of his movements. I only laugh and send him off to wash his cock, intending for her to suck it when he comes back.

A light touch to her stretched anus brings forth a soft cry. I dab carefully at the tiny specks of blood on the ring of muscle with a damp cloth, making sure there is no real damage before selecting a small buttplug from my bedside drawer. She grimaces when I hand it to her but, to my pleasure, does not protest even when I tell her to insert it herself. She moves stiffly to the floor and squats, opening her knees out wide when I tell her to and slowly pushes the blue gel plug into her rectum. I praise her softly, "Good girl," adding, "You'll wear that to sleep tonight." She nods quietly, falling back onto her heels when she sees my boy crawling back into the room.

Still softly, "Suck him." He kneels on the bed so that she can reach him without bending over. The look on his face is almost beatific as her lips close over his hard cock; it has been a very very long time since he has gotten this kind of attention. She suckles on him eagerly enough, though a little timidly, as if afraid that she will do something wrong. I watch closely, one hand massaging my boy's buttocks, probing roughly at his tight asshole very now and then, making his hips jerk forward. His cock fucks into her mouth each time he does this and she gags when it hits the back of her throat; soon the tears are streaming down her cheeks from choking on his long shaft.

I take my hand away briefly and allow him to find his own rhythm, her lips wrapped tightly around his cock as he slides it in and out. His startled yelp is cloaked by the loud smack my hand makes when it connects with his right asscheek, the skin turning white for a split second before the telltale pink handprint blossoms into shape. I spank him hard, continuing until he is groaning loudly from the mixture of pleasure and pain of being hit while his cock is sucked. Months of being with him has taught me to tell when he is close to coming and when I see the signs heralding his fast-approaching release, I force a finger deep into his ass. He erupts into her mouth, almost shouting with relief, anus spasming around my finger.

Surprised, she mewls and splutters, come trickling from the corners of her mouth and down her chin when he pulls out. She still manages to swallow most of it, her little tongue darting out to lick around her lips, almost kittenish in its quickness. I take my finger from his ass and push him down onto the bed. He immediately curls up on his side, still dazed from his orgasm. I know she is desperate to come again by now but she will not be allowed the desired relief tonight.

She spends the night chained to a fold-out cot on the far side of the room, jealously watching when he is allowed to sleep at my feet. As I fall asleep, I hear her squirming with frustration, fighting with herself not to disobey the strict orders I gave to not touch herself. My boy is warm against my leg and, contented, I smile.

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