tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBlushing Bride Ch. 01

Blushing Bride Ch. 01


I was getting married, a cause for celebration undoubtedly, but also a cause for regret. Regret for all the potential I was leaving behind with my single life. All the things that I could have done and all the people I could have done it with. I loved my fiancée, Gina, very much; she was gorgeous, kind-hearted and generous, but also very traditional in her ways and morally straight-laced. It had taken all my powers of persuasion and a shiny diamond engagement ring simply to persuade Gina to sleep with me before we were married and that was the limit of our sex life, nothing more exciting or unusual than that. On more than one occasion I had tried to get her to go down on me or offered to eat her out but with no success. Given that, I hesitated to mention some of the other things that I wanted to do, that I fantasised about, she'd probably call off the wedding if she knew the kinds of thoughts that ran through my mind. I convinced myself that after we were married, things would be better, Gina would become more adventurous in the bedroom and gradually, with my help, would throw off her straight laced ways and become the sexual animal I had desired her to be ever since I set eyes on her in a sexy evening dress with a plunging neckline that seemed to speak of her hidden passions. It turned out that such a first impression was an inaccurate one, but I couldn't help but dream, hoping one day that side of Gina would come out. Deep down inside, however, I knew there was little chance of that, I knew the kind of thing I would be giving up marrying Gina and, although I was still willing to go through with it, I was feeling a bit heavy hearted with regret at what I was missing out on.

One of the fantasies that I indulged myself with, but would never tell Gina, was of dressing myself like a beautiful woman and seeing what it would be like to seduce a man or to be fucked and used by one. It wasn't that I wanted to become a woman, or felt like a man trapped in a woman's body, I just wanted to try it out, to feel like they feel. She might not have enjoyed sex, but Gina compensated for that by being and dressing especially sexy. I looked on her wardrobe with a mixture of lust and envy as she dressed in short skirts and low cut tops, high heels and silk stockings, with alluring lacy lingerie underneath it all. I just knew that her wedding dress would be gorgeous and that she in it would be one of the sexiest things I had ever seen. Still, I knew that alongside my desire to tear it off her and fuck her, would be envy at her getting to be the beautiful blushing bride and not me. I had confessed all of this to Mark, my best friend since childhood and my best man at the wedding, one evening a couple of weeks before I was due to get married when I had got very drunk and began to spill my guts about my nerves over the upcoming wedding. The next morning, full of guilt, I had got Mark to promise not to tell anyone about my confession and I had thought that was the end of it. That was until my stag party.

I had invited a group of friends around to our house and made sure that Gina would be away all evening, staying over with a friend. Once again, the drink was flowing freely and I was beginning to feel quite light-headed. This wasn't exactly helped by Mark who, equally overcome by alcohol, began to drop hints about my confession, seeming to be trying to make me bring it up.

"So, Rich," he said, laughing and swigging a beer, "What is it that you're going to miss about single life? There's got to be something that you're not going to be able to do when you're married to Gina." I answered vaguely to the effect that I couldn't think of anything he could mean. "You know, like, sex stuff," he continued, fishing, not accepting my first answer, "We all know that Gina isn't exactly the most adventurous lover." This got a laugh from the rest of the guys; I was starting to regret telling them all about Gina's bedroom style. "So, come on, Rich, what is that you'd really like to do before you get married?"

"What we need is some girls," said Jake, a particularly ladish, masculine friend of mine for whom women and sex were never far from his mind, or his lips, "What are you getting at here, Mark, have you got us a stripper?"

"Something like that," he said, glancing significantly at me, "Some entertainment anyway. Could be pretty sexy, we'll have to see."

"What are you talking about?" asked Zach, one of my work colleagues who I knew had always had a bit of a thing for Gina even before I met her.

"Rich knows," Mark replied, all eyes turning to me, as I looked confusedly back at Mark, "Or maybe he doesn't know the whole of it, but he knows what it's about, don't you Rich?" Again, I mumbled something about not having a clue, but I was by now blushing and my protests were unconvincing as I began to worry he was about to reveal my confession. "Stay here," he said to the whole room, "I've got something to get for Rich. It's sort of an early wedding present, but you can only keep it for tonight, I'm afraid."

"You have got him a stripper, excellent," said Pete, a guy I had been to school with but hadn't seen for six years until I invited him to the wedding.

"A stripper? Are you sure that's a good idea," Sam butted in, he was a cautious, nervous kind of guy and that was reflected here by his being the only person other than me a little worried about where the conversation was headed, "I mean, what's Gina gonna think when she finds out?"

"We're not going to tell her, you bloody idiot," Jake replied, irritated with Sam's usual manner as he often was, "She never has to know what goes on between us, right, Rich?"

"It's only normal at this kind of thing," said Pete, trying to reassure Sam.

In the time that it had taken to have this conversation, Mark had been able to slip out of the room, upstairs and back again with his gift. Draped over his arms was a beautiful white dress, it could only be Gina's wedding dress that she had kept hidden from me somewhere I didn't even know where. I was beginning to see where this was headed and I didn't like it, or rather part of me was repulsed by it, but another part curious and excited.

"Now, Gina isn't the only one who'd love to play the blushing bride in this dress this weekend. Is she, Rich?" Mark said, turning to me and causing all eyes in the room to follow, looking at me in various states of drunken confusion as I did indeed blush heavily. "I think we'd all like to give him this opportunity to live out his fantasies before marriage to Gina ends those possibilities." He held out the dress to me, it was a classy strapless silk and lace affair with a very narrow waist and a wide full-length skirt. It was as gorgeous and sexy as I would expect my equally gorgeous fiancée to pick out and my pulse was racing excitedly just at the thought of wearing it. I took it and just stared at it, feeling increasingly as though there was nothing I wanted more in the world than to feel and see myself in it, to feel myself to be the beautiful bride on her wedding night. "How about it, Rich? Are you going to give us the privilege of seeing you as the bride?"

"You mean you want to dress as a woman?" said Jake, shocked and not a little disgusted, "Isn't that kind of gay?"

Instantly my shame and repulsion at what I wanted to do began to rise within me and it was only the feel of the beautiful dress in my hands that kept me from handing it back to Mark and laughing the whole thing off.

"Come on, Jake, it's just a bit of stag night fun," Pete unexpectedly came to my defence, drunkenly slurring his speech, "Don't you think it would be hilarious to see Rich as a girl?"

"Yeah," Sam piped up, "Come on, Rich, do it."

"I agree," laughed my old university flatmate David, "It'd be classic."

"This is something I'd love to see," Ben, a work colleague, said, shaking himself from a drunken stupor to add his voice.

"It looks like everybody does," Mark smiled, "You don't want to disappoint them do you, Rich?"

And he was right, I didn't. I know that they were mostly speaking out of drunken amusement, but it thrilled me to hear my friends clamouring to see me appear as a woman and it made up my mind to do it, to see how it would look and feel just for tonight. After all, in the morning, I could just put it up to drunken stupidity and forget the whole incident like any other dumb thing done under the influence of alcohol. Right now, however, my head was feeling totally clear; I was running on adrenaline, buzzing with excitement at trying on the dress.

Holding the dress close to my chest, I headed for the door to drunken cheers from my friends. As I walked passed him, Mark grabbed my arm for a second and whispered in my ear, "I've laid out everything you'll need to look fabulous on your bed."

This filled me with a tingle of excitement that only increased when I got up to the bedroom I shared with Gina. There, on the bed, was some exquisite, sexy, expensive white lingerie, just like the kind I had always stared longingly at in the pages of catalogues and porn sites on the internet. How did he know?

Eagerly, and with some effort, I managed to lace myself tightly into the bone and lace corset that cinched my waist to a narrow feminine shape, pushing my chest up so it filled the cups to look like breasts. It was mostly white but with pink laces to tie it tightly around me and a little pink lace around the cups of the bra. Next were a tiny little pair of white french knickers that matched in colour to the corset, mostly plain white and lacy but with a little pink bow above where the girl's pussy would be. These, I slid slowly up my legs, becoming ever more excited as they came closer to my crotch until my cock was encased in their lacy feel. It certainly felt a lot different to the ordinary underwear that I wear, I can tell you. It felt better, more alive, more sexy, more girlish and impetuous, I felt like in lacy knickers like that I could really become the alluring sex kitten I had wanted Gina to be for me, I could become like my ideal of her. My cock was already twitching eagerly and anxiously at these thoughts and the feel of the underwear. I tried to calm myself; I didn't want the guys to think that I was enjoying this quite as much as I was. I had to concentrate on continuing to dress and not think about how sexy I was increasingly feeling.

I've always been quite fair and boyish so fortunately my body wasn't really covered by any unsightly hairs that would make me look masculine. Even so, I briefly considered shaving my legs but worried both that that would take up valuable time and also betray my true excitement and desire even more than the slight bulge in my panties. Besides, I couldn't wait to put on the best part of the lingerie that Mark had laid out for me. The stockings were white silk stay ups with a lace pattern around the top and tiny pink bows that matched the ones on the fronts of my panties. They looked great and I knew that they would look even better wrapped around my long legs. I wasn't at all tall for a guy (about 5'8, pretty much the same as Gina, which would be fortunate when it came to putting on her dress), but I would be for a girl, and my legs, disproportionately long, would look stunning in the stockings. As I sat on the bed and rolled the stockings up, slipping one over my foot, I licked my lips and imagined what those long legs would look like if I were a hot girl and they were wrapped around my boyfriend's arse. Slowly, I rolled the first stocking up my right leg, savouring every second of the soft, sensuous feel of silk on flesh; I thought I was going to blow my load in my panties right there and then. Fortunately, I was able to control myself and with some effort while still sitting on the bed, I was able to reduce the size of my hard-on so it was barely visible and get on with the job of putting on the wedding dress itself.

In the dress, I began to feel every inch the beautiful bride on her big day and felt a slight twinge of jealousy at Gina being able to do it for real. Finally, beside the bed I found Mark had left a pair of white heels which, when I slipped them onto my feet, fit absolutely perfectly and made my calves look even sexier in their white stockings. Now, unlike my height and build, my feet were definitely not the same size as Gina's, these couldn't have been her shoes and I began to think once more about how much thought and planning Mark must have put into this.

However, I wasn't allowed too much leisure to think on this as just at that second, as I stood up after buckling the shoes around my feet, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. As I looked closer I was stunned, thrilled and proud to see how good I looked. I was certainly a passable woman, hell, I was hot. In that beautiful white dress with a narrow waist, little breasts and long legs I looked like the kind of bride anyone would be delighted to marry. At that point, I decided to go all out for this and sat myself at Gina's make-up table and set about making my face even more beautifully feminine.

I had seen Gina do this thousands of times and was pretty confident I knew what I was doing as I applied foundation and blush to my cheeks making my skin soft and rosy just like a bride's should be on her exciting wedding day. Then, I turned my attention to my eyes, adding a pale blue eye shadow to bring out the blue colour in them and extending my lashes to a fluttery girlish look with mascara. Finally my I painted my lips with Gina's favourite pink lipstick.

Fortunately I had always worn my blond hair long, perhaps a part of me always wanted to feel that little bit womanly, so it was easy now to use Gina's hairspray to tease it into her kind of style. Since Gina had had her hair dyed blonde a couple of weeks earlier for the wedding, people had said we'd had matching his and hers hair. Styled like this, I could see what they meant. In fact, like this I looked so good I could easily pass for Gina's sister. As I added the final touch, Gina's bridal veil thinly covering my face, I could probably even pass for Gina herself.

I was ready to face my public. I adjusted myself a little and admired myself a little longer in the mirror, striking a couple of model poses. It wasn't that I was nervous about going downstairs; I just loved how great I looked. Well, alright, I was nervous about how those guys would react. Had I taken it too far? Was I too convincing a woman for this to work as a joke? Would it just make them uncomfortable?

Oh, well, I thought, it's now or never. This is the last chance I'll ever get do this; better make the most of it. And with that, tottering a little on my heels at first, I headed down the stairs to make my entrance, every part of me buzzing with electric thrills, anticipation, nerves. My head was swimming and I had to keep a tight hold on the banister as I descended and not just because I was unused to walking in heels. I was feeling totally hot and sexy and feminine in the lingerie and wedding dress and yet I was trying not to think sexily for fear the outline of my hard cock could betray me. My heart was all aflutter as I stepped through the door.

What did they think of me? And what will happen next? You can find all that out in chapter two.

To be continued...

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simply scrumptious !!!

Oh how I have loved this first chapter you have written for us to enjoy . thank you so much it really is a subject close to my heart . xxx


Kathryn.... xxx

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