tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersBlushing Bride Ch. 02

Blushing Bride Ch. 02


`I stood there, with my hand on the doorknob, waiting to go into the living room where all my friends sat drinking to celebrate my upcoming marriage. I hesitated there for a moment, not quite sure what their reaction would be upon seeing me dolled up like this, my fiancee's beautiful strapless wedding dress worn over sensual white lingerie, my face covered by Gina's veil and painted with her sexy make-up. What would these people who had known me for so many years think to discover there was a completely different side to me than anything they had seen before? Well, I was about to find out as I opened the door and stepped over the threshold (properly a bride should be carried but as I was without a groom this had to do).

As I stepped into the room, Mark, my best man who I'd confessed my secret desires to and who had obviously been well prepared and anticipating this moment, pushed play on the stereo and I walked slowly and gracefully into the room to the sounds of "here comes the bride", much as if it really was my big day and I was walking down the aisle to my dream man, except that here there were ten men awaiting me, cheering, laughing and making mocking catcalls, although on the faces of some I could clearly detect a note of surprise at what a good looking bride I made.

"Gentleman, allow me to present to you the lovely Gina," said Mark, to a round of applause from the guys, "Doesn't she look stunning, give us a twirl Gina."

Feeling a flush of pleasure, I did just as he asked and the guys applauded again.

"It really is an impressive transformation," said David, my former flatmate, "If I didn't know better I'd swear it was really Gina under that veil."

"Lift it up, show us your face," encouraged Joe, another old friend from university, "Let's see how good a transformation it really is."

Slowly, I lifted my veil and put it back over my blonde hair to reveal my pretty, made up face. If I thought there were looks of surprise on my friend's faces at my entrance, it was even more the case now as an audible gasp went up around the room at my appearance transformed to the face of a sexy girl. To further enhance the image I leaned forward in a provocative pose, fluttered my newly long eyelashes, pouted my pink lips and blew Joe a kiss. He grinned as I've seen him do when he catches the eye of a real pretty girl, but a second later I saw him blush and look away, seeming confused by the emotions I was stirring up in him. I couldn't blame him, I was feeling pretty confused myself. Sure, dressing like a woman was everything I had hoped it would be, it made me feel sexy and confident and flirty and sure I always wanted to see what it would be like to use such feminine talents to seduce a man but these were my closest friends and I was starting to have thoughts about them that I had never had before, lascivious thoughts that don't normally pass between ordinary friends, the same thoughts that I could sense some of them were trying to suppress about me.

"So," said Mark, excitedly sensing this atmosphere, "Who wants to kiss the bride?" All the guys tried not to catch his or my eye as he said this, not wanting to be humiliated before their friends. In the absence of any volunteers, Mark continued, "Maybe the beautiful Gina should be the one to pick herself, who's it going to be, Gina?" he asked, still referring to me by my fiancee's name, so much so that I began to feel I was Gina here with a room of studly men to pick from.

Understandably enough, now that I was assuming the persona of a lust filled young woman, the choice of which guy to kiss was an enticing and exciting one and one that I wasn't going to take lightly. A part of me thought that once I did this there could be no turning back, by the way that I kissed one of the men, that would indicate pretty clearly where my real desires lay and would make it ever harder to pass this whole thing off as a joke. A second later, I decided that that didn't matter, even if there was no going back from here and my secret desires were about to be discovered, it didn't matter, I was in too deep by now to turn back. I was too much in love with the sensual way the dress made me feel, with acting out as the slutty Gina and with the thought of fulfilling all my deepest fantasies.

That decision taken, I still had to decide which of the guys I was going to go for now, which would I kiss. I looked all around the group of watching guys, or rather trying not to watch but all peeking at me anyway, to see which was the best choice, already thinking like a slutty girl choosing her guy, thinking about the hot bodies of these guys who had previously just been my friends. Which of my friends was the best looking? Which would be the best fuck? Which the biggest cock? I tried to imagine them parading before me without their clothes. One stood out amongst them and that was Pete. I had been to school with Pete six years earlier and hadn't really seen him since. I remembered Pete from school as a quiet, nondescript decent guy who most of the girls didn't really look twice at. Well they certainly would now, these days Pete was something to behold. Bald, black and over 6'5", Pete certainly cut an imposing figure. He'd also obviously been working out, his shoulders were broad, his body toned and he had a hell of a six pack which his tight shirt showed off to the best advantage. I couldn't even come to imagine what might be in his pants for fear of actually swooning. I noted that when the suggestion of me dressing in the wedding dress had come up he had been one of the first to come to my defence in supporting the idea. I hadn't seen him in so long, this sort of thing could be what he was into for all I knew.

Despite all that, my eyes and my thoughts were drawn somewhere else, to someone who hadn't really spoken up at all during this strange business. Zach was someone that I worked with and had got to know really through Gina who he had known before me. I could always sense when we out together that he had a bit of a crush on her and that she was totally oblivious to it. I knew that he seemed troubled by not being able to act on it. When I had first appeared as Gina, he had been sitting directly opposite me and I was able to see his reaction as his mouth dropped open on seeing me enter and again on my lifting my veil. Now I could see he was still staring directly at me, unlike the others who were trying to make it look like they weren't watching, running his eyes up and down my hot feminine body as if to match it up against Gina's. I decided that Zach was the best option to go for.

"Zach," I purred in my best approximation of Gina's voice, "You've always wanted me haven't you? I've seen how you look at me. Well this is your last chance before I marry that jerk Rich. Come and give me a kiss."

He just sat there and stared, completely unsure of what to do.

"Go on then, Zach," Mark encouraged, "Do as the lady asks. You should be thrilled to be Gina's choice."

"Yeah, go on," said Tony, another old school friend who was sitting next to Zach.

"If you don't, I will. She's hot," said Mark's brother Carl, who was sitting on the other side of Zach and was known to be a bisexual (still I found this quite a compliment that he fancied me as a girl and I blushed a little and even gave a sort of curtsy), with the help of Tony, he dragged Zach to his feet and pushed him over towards me.

Carl and Tony stood back as I stepped forward to face Zach. Normally slightly below average height, I would have had to look up at him as Zach was a good 6 foot, however in my heels I came up to be able to look him directly in the eye. His eyes were grey, I noticed now for the first time, beneath his floppy brown fringe. He was quite skinny but his muscles were clearly well defined and he obviously took a care with his appearance. I began to think I knew what girls like me would see in a guy like Zach and for the first time felt a moment's worry that he could steal the real Gina away from me, especially if she were to find out what a sissy I could be. Still, such worries were only fleeting thoughts as I was increasingly letting myself be ruled by my desires. Zach still held back a little, appearing both unsure of himself and a little repulsed and excited and aroused. I decided that if anything was going to happen here then it would have to be me taking the initiative. I put my hands on his shoulders and pulled him towards me until our faces were just an inch or so apart. This was it. I licked my shiny pink lips and inhaled his musky masculine scent before leaning in and brushing my lips lightly against Zach's. It was only the briefest, lightest kiss but even so I could feel Zach leaning in to kiss me back. This gave me the courage to really go for it as I brought my hands up to his head and pulled him back in, this time planting my lips firmly on him and giving him a long, wet, lingering kiss. As I pushed my tongue between my lips, I could feel his mouth open up at this encouragement. I slid my tongue into his mouth and for a moment our tongues were pressed together, caressing like the rest of our bodies. At first we had just been pressing our faces together but now, with my hands straying down his back to his tight arse, I pulled Zach into a passionate embrace. The guys laughed and cheered and this spurred me on further, holding the kiss for as long as I could. He tasted different from any of the girls I'd kissed before, stronger, mostly in fact he tasted of the beers we'd been drinking. As our bodies pressed together, my dick began to get even harder, feeling not just the soft lace of my panties pressing against it but also Zach's hard body. With our groins pushed together, I could feel how aroused he was too, even through my dress and his jeans I could feel his cock firm and erect.

Zach looked notably flustered as he pulled away from the kiss, his floppy hair a mess from where I had run my hands through it, my pink lipstick smeared across his lips. I was staring greedily and lustily into his eyes but he didn't know which way to look. I diverted my attention down his hot body to his crotch where his arousal was now evident for all to see with a huge bulge in his pants. Fortunately, my dress was just about able to hide my similar situation, although I think from watching the lust and passion in my kiss, some of the guys may have guessed that this was more than just a joke to me.

"Hey Zach," laughed Carl, obviously noticing what Zach's embarrassment and my lascivious gaze were directed towards, "It looks like even this Gina has what it takes to turn you on!"

Zach looked even more embarrassed and tried to cover his arousal as all the other guys turned to look. He was shaking his head and blushing and stammering.

"No...no...that's...that's not what's happening here. I...I've just..." he stuttered, desperately searching for an excuse while to amuse the others and to further distract Zach, I struck some provocative poses, pouting my lips and sticking my chest out one way and my arse the other. "Whatever, you guys know that I'm not at all attracted to Rich in drag, right?" He finished and the others just laughed again, "Right?" Nobody seemed to be about to agree with him, but then they didn't say anything to disagree either. Looking around the room, I noticed a few smaller bulges in the other guy's trousers and thought that maybe they didn't want to jump in with an opinion of their own in case they drew attention to their own condition.

"So, if I don't turn you on, then you won't mind if I do this," I said, deciding once more to take control myself.

I dropped to my knees in front of Zach's bulging crotch. Before he realised what I was doing, I had unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock. Now, however, I hesitated, this was the first cock other than my own that I had touched or even seen this close up. It felt warm and hard in my hand. Just the feel of the throbbing, excitable warmth of the cock in my hand was thrilling and I knew that I wanted to take it in my mouth like a pretty little cock-sucking slut. I licked my lips once more and extended my tongue further to flick across the trembling head of Zach's cock. Despite his protests, I could feel his cock getting even harder with my hand around it and the thought that I was turning him on was even more exciting to me. I swirled my tongue around inside the opening of his cock before running it up and down the shaft, caressing it. I could feel him becoming weak at the knees at the touch of my tongue and as I opened my lips and just let the head of his cock slip between them, still brushing my tongue all over it, I heard him moan with pleasure.

"Mmmm, Gina, that's good," he moaned. I looked up and he had his eyes half closed, really getting into it now, he was starting to imagine that I truly was Gina letting his cock into my mouth.

I could taste his pre-cum on my lips, warm and salty it made me dying for more. As I pushed forward, I managed to slip the first four inches of his six inch cock into my throat before gagging a little. My hands were still around the base, massaging it just as my tongue had earlier. I let the whole of his cock slip back out of my mouth and stared at it for a second. It was slick and slippery with a mixture of my saliva and his pre-cum, my pink lipstick was smeared along the length of it. I looked up at Zach and smiled at him. All the time, my hands never left his cock, stroking the length of it, keeping him hard and excited, so he couldn't have second thoughts about what I was doing to him.

"Would you like me to suck you off, Zach?" I grinned, "Isn't that what you've always wanted from me?"

"Yes Gina," he said, "Suck my cock. Suck it now." The guys laughed at this but I could tell from the eager straining in Zach's voice that he was completely serious.

"It's sooo hard," I purred, "So much better than my fiancee Rich, he's such a sissy man." I couldn't help teasing Zach by reminding him who it really was that was about to take his cock in his mouth.

"Come on Rich, just do it," Zach said, desperately.

That was all the encouragement I needed and I let his cock back between my lips, this time pumping my head back and forth, bobbing up and down on it faster and faster, taking more and more of it further into my throat. I relaxed my throat and before I knew it, my nose was brushing against his bushy pubic hair, all his cock was stuck inside me. I couldn't believe it, I was deepthroating my friend and loving it! My own cock meanwhile was straining against the elastic waistband of the pretty little french knickers I was wearing beneath my bridal skirt. The feel of all this sexy, soft, girlish lingerie and the dress against my skin and the manly, hard, throbbing cock in my mouth was sending me wild as I devoured the pre-cum that still leaked from Zach's beast. Just picturing what the other guys could see as their friend was sucked off by a hot slut bride just made me want to blow my load inside my future wife's sexy panties right there and then, but I was desperate to get Zach off first. I went at it with even more eagerness, running my lips and tongue over every inch of his cock as he moaned and groaned and barely kept himself together.

"Oh fuck that's good Gina, don't stop now, you're gonna make me cum," Zach moaned as he thrust his hips to meet the movement of my mouth until I had taken all his six inches in.

"Christ, she's pretty good at this," my friend David said with surprise, "I mean she doesn't just look like a hot slut, she acts like one too."

"I know," said Carl, "this is better than a porn show."

"Are you sure you've never done this before," Mark laughed from the other side of the room, "Because you're a natural cocksucker, honey."

"Mmmm," was all Zach could grunt in response to this, but it was pretty obvious that he agreed.

Hearing this, I decided to make more of a show of it, sucking him dramatically and moaning to myself like a hot porn star. With an added eagerness and purpose, I slurped around his cock, desperate to bring him off to a climax pretty fast. It was obviously working as his moans became louder and more urgent, his thrusting between my lips more wild and frantic.

Finally, his knees buckled and he cried out, "Fuck Gina, I'm gonna cum."

I'd never really tasted cum before but the taste on Zach's dick made me eager for more and the slutty girl persona I had adopted seemed desperate to drink it all down, so I didn't stop. A second later, I felt the hot, thick spurt of Zach's juices hit the back of my throat. I gulped it down as he shot even more into my mouth. After what seemed like one hell of an orgasm, Zach's now soft cock slipped from my lips and he collapsed back on the sofa, spent. My mouth was still filled with his cum and my lips were shiny and sticky. Looking around at the gaping faces of my friends, I opened my mouth to show the sticky white cum still on my tongue and then swallowed it down like I had seen a girl do in a porn film on the internet.

I looked around a little closer at the other guys, who were still intently watching me as I knelt on the floor in my pretty white wedding dress. While watching the little show that I had been putting on, I could now see that a lot of them had taken their cocks out and were stroking them along to the oral attentions I was giving to Zach. This made me feel even better about how hot I must be as a woman.

"So," I said, eyeing them all up lasciviously, "Who wants to be next?"

Believe me, there was no shortage of takers for this offer. Most eagerly, Carl and Tony sprung to their feet, their cocks already semi hard in their hands. Carl was a tall and very thin well dressed guy with slightly affected manners. Similarly, his veiny cock that he was stroking was long, almost eight inches but thin. Conversely, Tony's was shorter in length than Zach's but thick. My head was spinning, I couldn't believe how quickly things were progressing here. Just a half hour earlier I was aroused and nervous in my lingerie and bridal wear, wondering what it would be like to kiss a guy. Now, my lips sticky with cum, I was thinking about taking on two cocks at once.

"Come on boys," I grinned, "I think I can manage both of you at once."

I reached out my hands and wrapped one each around their cocks and pulled them over to me. I turned my head towards Carl's long, thin dick and opened my lips, letting it slip easily in. After the practice I had got on Zach, this was becoming a lot easier and I was quickly becoming pretty skilled. I jerked off both cocks as I bobbed my head back and forth over the first few inches of Carl's for a minute, and then switched my attention to Tony, alternating my sucking and licking back and forth between the two of them while able to moan out between them.

"Fuck your cocks are hard, I just love sucking on them. There's nothing a young bride like me wants more than good, hard cocks in her mouth."

It wasn't long before I decided to see just how much I could now fit in my pretty pink mouth. I pulled both cocks together so their quivering heads were brushing against one another and opened my mouth as wide as it would go. Doing this, I could just fit both the heads of their cocks between my lips and still have room to run my tongue all over and around them. That was enough for Tony who cried out and shot his cum into my mouth and all over Carl's cock.

With Tony spent, I turned the full force of my cock-sucking attentions to Carl, licking his cock clean of Tony's juices. Only a few seconds later, however, and Carl started to blow his load too. My throat was already full with trying to swallow Tony's salty cum so Carl's began to overflow between my lips. I took his cock out of my mouth but he continued to wank himself off. I felt a warm stream of cum hit my cheek and another fly into my blonde hair. Carl continued to cum for what seemed like ages, spurting all over my hair and the bridal veil that was still over the back of my head, my chest and the lacy bodice of my wedding dress turning it more of an off-white colour than it had been. After a while, I managed to get my lips back around his cock and sucked him dry, savouring the taste so much that I was pleased to be able to lick even more off from around my lips.

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