tagGroup SexBoar Hunt Ch. 01

Boar Hunt Ch. 01


December 1993 (Date I had the idea, and started writing this story. O.K., I'm a little slow.)

Warning! Danger! Sexual Content! You know the warning signs ... contrived situations, unusually horny wives. Then, ... before you can look away, ... SEX, everywhere!

The trip started out innocently enough. I had always wanted to hunt wild boar, and my wife wanted to travel. So we made an arrangement, I could hunt for a week, then we would travel for the next week. Luckily, it turned out that I got to hunt for two weeks, with Cindy's full approval!

I had made reservations to stay in a cabin, right at the reserve where I would be hunting. Even though Cindy wouldn't be hunting she was charged as if she was, minus the license. The cabin consisted of a central community area with a kitchen and lounge area with three bedrooms and one bathroom adjoining. Prior to arriving we had learned that one other couple and two men would be sharing our cabin. Since the other woman wouldn't be hunting either, Cindy was sure that they could find someway to occupy themselves.

Day 1 (Sunday)

When we arrived at the main lodge, we met the other couple, Dale and Julie, who had also just arrived. They were friendly and easy to like. Dale and I started discussing guns and ammunition, while Cindy and Julie chatted. It was surprising that we had similar jobs and interests. This was also Dale's first boar hunt.

I casually checked out Julie, as I noticed Dale glancing at Cindy. Both women are in their mid-thirties, and still very good looking! I didn't notice either woman objecting to the other husband's roaming eyes. Julie was an impressive looking blonde, in comparison to my wife being a sharp looking red head. Oh, and compared to Cindy, Julie had some huge tits!

Bill, the owner, came up, also looking the women over, then escorted us to our cabin. We then met both Al and George, our other room mates, who were already waiting. Al was about our age, while George, a retired dentist, appeared to be in his sixties. And, one other thing, Al was a handsome black man, taking a vacation from his own computer software company. I noticed that they both checked out our wives, approvingly! We all selected our rooms and then unpacked, before joining together in the main lounge area.

We quickly got to know one another, and set about a pattern for our housekeeping. Since all meals were provided at the main mess hall, we didn't have to do any cooking or dishes. The women agreed to tidy up the cabin, but didn't want to be maids. Al and George, offered to give the girls one hundred dollars apiece, if they would tidy up their rooms and do their laundry. Cindy and Julie agreed, with Julie making the casual comment. "That's the most money I ever made with my clothes on!" Which got everyone laughing ... and thinking.

Since the bathroom had multiple stools and a communal style shower, we needed a way to designate it boys or girls. Julie said to avoid any confusion, we should hang an article of clothing on the door handle. She then stated that girls would hang a bra, while us guys could use a pair of underwear. She teased Dale, telling him to make sure to use a clean pair, with no skid marks.

Cindy got in the spirit, by saying that they could use one of Julie's bras, since it was larger and would be easier to see. Everybody laughed, but it was hard not to notice everyone comparing the tit sizes of the two women! I noticed, Cindy seemed a little embarrassed by the open stares from all the guys. Usually she would have remained quiet, since she is quite sensitive about her lovely, but not overly large tits.

We were enjoying some drinks and each others company when Bill and his son Scott, showed up. They were both real friendly, as they explained how our hunt would be handled. We had five and a half days in which to kill a boar. The larger, and most sought after animals would be harder to find, deeper in the ravines, cutting into the mountains. Bill assured us that anyone could get a boar, as long as they weren't too fussy about size. I told him that I didn't think that I'd get another chance to hunt wild boar. And, that's why I planned to try for a big one, at least until the last day. The rest of the hunters agreed with my logic, and we started plotting our strategy.

Nothing out of the ordinary occurred that night. But, Cindy was excited enough, to allow me to have sex with her. I noticed she came easily that night, the conversation earlier must have gotten to her more than I thought!

Day 2 (Monday)

Our basic routine for the week, consisted of a hearty breakfast, then being taken on horse back, by Scott, to a line camp about ten miles from the main camp. We would release the horses into a corral, near an old cabin, then travel on foot anywhere in our designated hunting areas. We were given a big lunch and drinks, remaining out hunting until almost dark, before regrouping at the line camp. The first day, all four of us had seen wild pigs, and except for Al, some small boars. On the ride back into the main camp we talked and plotted the next day's hunt.

Just as we rode up to camp, that first night, Al made the comment that he was a lady's man, and that was the reason no male pigs had come his way. We all broke out laughing, and kidded him as we tied up the mounts.

Cindy and Julie had been sitting with Bill on the porch to the main lodge and asked about our laughter. We explained it to them and they giggled, giving Al sly glances. Our evening meal was ready, so we men washed quickly and sat down to a big meal. After our meal Bill brought out some real good whiskey, which we all enjoyed. Julie asked Al why he hadn't brought his wife along. He replied that he had never had time to get married, with all the trouble of starting his own business. Julie asked him if he was seeing anyone special. Al said that all women are special, but he wasn't dating anyone steady. ‘Have you ever dated a white women?' She asked, innocently.

The room got very quiet, as Al said that he had dated a couple of white women, but none lately. Cindy started giggling uncontrollably, and said it sounded like Julie was making a offer, to show Al what he was missing. We all laughed a little, as Julie's face reddened and she exchanged glances with Cindy.

The conversation then switched to George and his marital status. He explained how his wife of 47 years had passed away a few years ago, and no he hadn't started dating yet. Cindy caused us all to roar with laughter when she asked him if he had ever considered Julie! Although she laughed with the rest of us, Julie seemed very embarrassed by Cindy's jokes.

The owner and his son left a short time later, leaving the bottle. Cindy snuggled with me and shared my drink, as we continued to talk. I was afraid she would fall asleep from the drinking, and I might have to carry her back to the cabin. She surprised me, by still being awake when it was time to leave.

When we got back to our cabin Cindy and I went into our room so I could change out of my heavy hunting clothes. She was acting real hot, like she wanted to fuck! I told her to stop until we went to bed later. She calmed down a little when I promised to make love to her that night, no matter what! We got our clothing adjusted and went into the main area. Dale and Julie joined us a short time later, still adjusting their clothing.

Cindy mentioned that Scott had been kind enough to give them a lift into town, to do some shopping. They then mentioned the things they had bought while in town. They had picked up three cases of beer for us guys, and five bottles of wine for them. They explained that they had six bottles of wine, but had sampled one that afternoon. Now, I knew why Cindy was so hot, she doesn't drink often, and can't hold her booze!

Julie then got everybody's attention, when she said. "We also stopped at Walmarts, for some unmentionables!" When I asked what they had bought, they both blushed. Al joked about them modeling them for us, but they shook their heads and laughed.

I looked right at Cindy, and asked, jokingly. "Another pair of crotch-less panties?" She shook her red face, unable to reply. Julie started laughing.

"No." Julie said. "Just some plain old, everyday, boring, bras and panties. Nothing you guys would be interested in seeing."

Every guy in the place was vocal about their interest in the new purchases, especially Al and George! Finally, they got the bags and held the items up, for everyone to see. We were quite negative in our response to that style of modeling! Al even started chanting. "Put it on! Put it on!" That got everyone laughing and chanting along with him.

When Cindy held a pair of panties up, I made the comment. "I hope they don't make your butt look too big." She looked right at me, grinning. Then, she held them tightly across her backside, wriggling her hips around, in front of everyone. They were all whooping and hollering!

Julie laughed, as she pulled two bras from another bag. "Damn! We got our bras mixed up in the same bag! Do you know which one is yours?" Julie and Cindy both grinned at each other, then looked at us four guys staring lustily at them!

I walked up to my wife, and took her in my arms. She shivered, as I held her. "Do you really want to see what I bought?" She asked, quietly.

"Sure!" I said. "Go put them on, we'll wait here." She looked up at me, with a strange, blank look on her face, then grinned. As she turned away from me, I swatted her butt playfully. Cindy and I had discussed the possibilities of her exposing herself to another man, and maybe inviting him into our sex play. I didn't know how far she would go, but I wasn't about to stop her!

Cindy first walked over to Julie, and they whispered back and forth a while, looking back at us frequently. Julie then approached her husband, and whispered something to him. He smiled and kissed her, then smiled at me, as the two women went to the bathroom. Apparently, Julie and Dale also had some fantasies involving exhibition, and maybe more!

The room was very quiet, as we listened to the girls giggling as they changed clothes. We had switched to drinking coffee, since we had to get up early. Everybody got a fresh cup and sat down, facing the bathroom door!

Shortly, it got very quiet in the bathroom. We all watched anxiously, as the door opened slightly. "We can't decide who walks out first!" Yelled Julie. We all laughed, urging them to come out.

"It doesn't matter." I said. "You both have to walk all the way out here, and give your husband a kiss."

"And ... " Chimed in Dale. "The last one to do that, has to kiss Al and George too!" The door burst open, and Julie and Cindy quick walked out into view! Both women looked embarrassed, to be so scantily dressed. Their faces and upper chest areas were flushed with their excitement!

Their outfits were quite similar, silky, yet serviceable undergarments! Cindy's were black, while Julie had on light green ones, both were semi-sheer! Even with the colored panties, Cindy's bush was noticeable though the material. What wasn't peeking out the pant legs that is!

Julie's pussy hair wasn't as dark, but just as visible, in the lighter colored panties! They both gave us our quick kiss, then just as quick, headed back to the bathroom. "Stop!" Both Dale and I shouted, as one. "Come back here, let me see your outfit!" I scolded Cindy. She walked back slowly, followed by Julie. "Turn around, ... slowly." I said, as everyone watched, closely.

When she was once again facing me, I motioned her close. Pulling her face to mine, I kissed her and held the kiss for quite a while. My hands roamed over her full ass! I knew that the rest of the men could see her ass clearly, and from their comments, they liked what they saw!

After Dale showed off his wife to three admiring spectators, the girls once again retreated toward the bathroom. "Wait a minute." I said. "We didn't decide who owes extra kisses, yet." The girls froze, they looked at me with a combination of fear and anticipation. "To be fair, I think it was a tie." They both smiled. "So, I think you both owe everyone a big kiss!" They just blinked a few times, then walked back to where we were seated.

Starting with their husbands, each woman kissed each man there. Al and George didn't try to touch either woman. But, from the looks, I'm sure that is what they were thinking about! As they once again headed to the bathroom, I detected a slight aroma of excited pussy in the air!

We sat around talking, slowly getting back to discussing hunting, instead of pussy. We heard the shower start up, imagining the two women naked! When the shower stopped, we waited quietly, not knowing how they would be dressed when they came out.

With big grins, they walked out wearing their shorts and just the bras from before! Each one carried the rest of their clothing, with panties prominently displayed on top! I was so proud of Cindy, as she boldly walked into our bedroom.

We talked for a few more minutes, with Dale and I making a lame excuse about being tired. I washed up quickly, and walked into my bedroom, as Al and George looked on, hungrily!

Cindy threw back the covers as I closed the door, my wife was completely naked! "I must have the wrong room." I joked, as I started removing my clothes.

"Well, if this isn't your room, send in the next guy in line then." She cooed, as she rubbed her hard nipples and arched her back. I knew she was kidding, but I also knew she was horny and wanted to fuck, maybe anyone with a stiff dick!

Cindy was really hot, unable to remain quiet, as I pounded away at her slippery slit. I kept telling her to be quieter, or the other guys would hear. She laughed. "They know what we're going, for gods sakes! I did everything except masturbate in front of them!" Then, she came, and with another little laugh, she added. "I wonder if they would like to watch me?" I assured her they would love to watch her diddle her clit for them, then spewed my load in her tight pussy!

I got up and pulled my pants back on, to go to the bathroom, leaving the door open. I noticed Al and George were sitting quietly in the livingroom, smiling. When I returned, they were both standing at the door to my room, talking to Cindy. I stepped up behind them, half expecting to see her spread eagled, masturbating!

Instead, she was covered from her nipples down, just talking. I excused myself, and stepped through the crowd at the door. Al and George said they were going to turn in also, when Cindy asked if they wanted another good night kiss!

Sitting straight up in bed, she allowed the blankets to fall away from her breasts! She made no effort to cover herself, as they both stared at them, walking toward the bed. Each received a lingering kiss, and I noticed each managed some glancing contact with her tits! Taking one last look at Cindy's exposed breasts, they slowly closed the door.

"You're a cock tease! You know that?" I berated her. She was excited again, and insisted on sucking my dick hard, for another fuck session. I was eager to comply, and had a very nice orgasm, as Cindy had several! We drifted off to sleep, very contented and exhausted!

(Day 3) Tuesday

The next morning, neither wife got up with us, as we got ready to leave. Al and George made no comment about Cindy exposing herself either. Our day went about the same as the day before, this day though, we all saw small boars.

The ride back to camp was quieter, as I think we were all wondering about what the girls had planned for this evening. Dale and I were riding in the back, together.

"Hey Jeff, did Cindy say anything about last night?" Dale asked, in a casual sort of way. I turned to look at him, seeing a smile.

"Well." I said. "She did ask me if I thought Al and George might like to watch her masturbate." He jerked up so suddenly, his horse stopped quickly. I thought he might fall off his horse, as he jerked around then hurried to catch up to us again. The rest of the group turned around to look. I don't know if they had just heard the commotion, or me mention their names.

He Leaned over, when he got close to me and asked. "Really, she said that?" I nodded, as he grinned real wide. "Do you think she was serious?"

I leaned toward him a bit, and said. "I'm not really sure, it sounded more like she might have been joking. Of course, that was before she showed them her tits." He was almost speechless!

"Uh! Uh ... w-what? When? Where was I?" He said, not really keeping his voice down. I filled him in on what happened. He hung on my every word, lust written across his face. As we pulled up in front of the lodge, all four of us looked at Cindy. Each man, I was sure, was staring at her breasts!

The girls seemed somewhat subdued, tonight. I wondered if they might be regretting their behavior of last night. Dinner conversation was slightly strained, and we quickly headed for our cabin. Once inside, the girls cheered up, and told us to get comfortable. They had gone shopping again!

Every dick in the place twitched and faces lit up. They ran to their rooms and retrieved more shopping bags. I noticed that these bags were from a more risque shop, not the department store of yesterday! We quickly brewed some coffee, and awaited their return.

Boldly, they strutted into the room, each wearing a loose robe, which covered them from neck to mid thigh. They stood facing each other, and pulled one side of their robes open! They had on matching nighties! I looked rapidly, from one to the other! It was easy to see the exact outline of their breasts! Cindy's were firm and perfectly shaped, while Julie's larger ones, hung down somewhat. It was very erotic seeing them in profile, as their robes dropped to the floor!

We all encouraged them to walk around and display their outfits. I even pulled Cindy down to me, for a kiss, showing her taut bottom to the rest of the guys. She seemed to enjoy the attention she received from everybody.

Before anything really had a chance to happen, the girls grabbed up their robes, and quickly exited the room. They went back into the bathroom, as we sat there smiling, rubbing our erections. I was anticipating another rousing sexual romp with my wife, later.

I noticed Dale glancing at his watch also, debating if it was too early to take his wife to bed for the night. Looking up at me, he grinned and offered to get me some more coffee. I settled back, waiting to see what the girls had planned.

We were all sitting back down, when the two women walked back into the room. They both had on a pair of loose shorts and a man's flannel shirt, it looked very sexy! Stopping by their respective rooms, they tossed the silky nightwear inside. "Later." Cindy whispered to me, with a sexy wink.

"You won't have a chance to put it on, ... not tonight." I told her, meaning every word. Both of the girls giggled, then walked over to sit with us men. Al and George just stared, with their mouths hanging open. As they walked closer, I could tell they were both braless! Everyone seemed to approve of their attire, since that was all anybody looked at!

We chatted for quite awhile, then the girls stated it was time for bed. Every dick in the place perked up, at the mention of these women in bed! I was eager to get Cindy in to bed, and impaled on my dick!

Julie then made an unusual statement. "We thought it would be nice, if Cindy and I tucked you guys in tonight." I looked from her to Cindy, trying to understand what she meant. "You guys go get ready for bed, we will take care of everything." I was still confused, but went along with the other guys, to the bathroom.

We all showered, while discussing what we thought the girls had in mind. It was hard not to stare, at all the half hard dicks bobbing around, mine included!

The girls were nowhere to be seen, when we walked out. I went directly to my room, expecting Cindy to be laying there, naked!

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