tagErotic CouplingsBoat Ho Ch. 04

Boat Ho Ch. 04


Alex couldn't take it much longer. She'd only been there for two weeks, but the scullery is no place to be. She seemed to be assigned there during all the peak hours. She knew she was being punished; her poor work ethic in Deck and her incident with Watson all amounted to this. She couldn't take it much longer; she realized how savage and ill mannered her fellow sailors could be. It seemed like the piles of trays, glasses and silver-wear would never end. And she was expected to spray them down and clean them. Complicating matters was her new tattoo and how it chafed against her shirt. She now knew the Navy was a bad idea.

When the lunch rush ended she sat down at one of the tables with a glass of water. She barely pressed it to her lips when she was interrupted.

"What are you doing," the black female Senior Chief said in a stern tone.

"Having some water," Alex replied.

"Take your break later," she started, "go in the kitchen and help them back there. We're behind on schedule."

"Yes Senior Chief," she replied standing up and walking away with her glass.

Alex mouthed the word "nigger" to herself. She was getting tired of being bossed around by minorities. She felt like a stranger in a foreign land. Most of the people who were in supply were black, Hispanic, or Filipino. She couldn't take the constant Spanish and the other language the Filipinos spoke. She made her way to the back and began to clean mop the floor. Everyone was working. She saw that Senior Chief from earlier as she looked in on the work being done. She seemed satisfied.

They were able to finish before dinner. Alex sat down at a table alone and ate her food, which for some reason was actually pretty good. She then discovered that the Commanding Officer was going to dine in the general mess that night. No wonder that Senior Chief was pissed and in a hurry. Then things went from bad to worse. AT3 (AW) Smith showed up. Alex hoped he wouldn't see her.

He was a Mess Decks Master at Arms, or a cookie cop, i.e. a shitbag sent to the mess decks to bully people. They had gotten off on the wrong foot. He had caught her sleeping during work and had it in for her. He sent her to the scullery for punishment. And she saw no way out of it. He often forced her to do even more menial tasks. Anytime there was a working party he sent her, anytime any kind of hard work came up he sent her. And she knew that tonight was going to be no exception. He had it in for her. Through casual conversation she discovered he'd been in the navy for nearly eight years and couldn't advance beyond third class. Occasionally she'd use this a weapon against him to irritate him. But it only would go so far. She saw him grab a plate of food. And unfortunately he sat down at her table.

"Hello Lundz," he smiled.

"Hey Smith," she said lightly.

"Big night tonight," he replied.

"The CO."

"Exactly," he smiled as he picked up a piece of meat with his bare hands, "and I don't want you anywhere on my mess decks."

"You mean the mess decks," she shot back.

"Such a smart ass," he replied as he dangled the meat above his mouth.

"That's disgusting," she said as he fed himself, "maybe you can't make second class because you don't have any manners."

"Fuck you," he replied as he flung part of it towards her.

"Gross," she said as some juice got on her shirt.

"Go dump your tray and clean out Senior Chief's office," he demanded.

She complied and walked away from him. She made it to Senior Chief's office and began by sweeping the floor. She started sweeping and wondered why she even joined the Navy. Her life couldn't be that much worse back at home. At least she had a room and a TV. All she had now was a coffin rack and a dildo. She couldn't take it.

"Hey," a male voice called out.

Alex turned around to see the other Mess Deck Master at Arms walk in the office. She couldn't remember his name but he was much more courteous and receptive.

"I hate to do due this to you but Clayton got his wisdom teeth pulled and I need you in the scullery," he said in one quick breath.

"Okay," she replied putting the broom away.

The scullery was worse than ever. The trays never stopped coming. But somehow she kept up with the pace and was able to keep everything under control. She seemed to have finally gotten up to speed on this thing. Suddenly she saw the Commanding Officer drop his tray off at her window.

"You're doing a good job," he said to her.

"Yes sir," she replied.

"What's your name," he asked while looking her over.

"Seaman Recruit Lundz," she replied.

"Keep up the good work," he smiled back.

"Yes sir," she replied as he walked off.

She felt proud of herself for a moment. Proud that someone finally saw her hard work. Maybe the Navy wasn't that bad after all. Then she saw Smith and realized that the Navy is bad and all the horrible things associated with it.

She didn't know how it happed but Smith lured her to one of the storage rooms after dinner. She knew she had a pointless task in front of her.

"Stand at attention," he demanded as he shut the door.

She complied while trying to keep a straight face.

"Well," he started, "looks like a spot in the Captain's Galley has opened up. And yes I recommended you. I want the Captain to see first hand what a dumbass you really are. And when you get sent back here, I'll laugh my ass off."

He walked up closer to her and looked her over. He leaned in close to her and smiled. She leaned forward and gave him a kiss.

"The fuck," he exclaimed pulling back.

"Admit it," she started, "you like me."

"No," he replied reaching out for her utility shirt.

He slowly worked his hand down her shirt. He was able to unbutton her shirt with minimum problems.

"Take off your clothes," he said in a quiet tone.

She complied and took them off quickly. She went to take her boots off but he stopped her.

"Leave those one," he smiled.

She complied and stood there only with her bra and panties on. Smith walked forward the kissed her. He slowly worked his tongue into her mouth. But suddenly she pulled back.

"Is the door the locked," she asked.

"Yeah," he replied looking at the door.

He looked her body over and was impressed. He leaned in again and unhooked her bra. He breasts flopped out and jiggled for a second.

"Fuck," he said in amazement, "nice tits."


He slid forward and grabbed her breasts. He fondled them very awkwardly. He tweaked her nipples quickly before leaning forward and finally engulfing her left breast with his mouth. He worked his way down her body kissing it roughly. Alex was a bit disturbed by how rough he was being. She wasn't that turned on. She thought about her dildo and how much more intimate it was than him. He knelt down and pulled her panties off. He looked them over and smelled them. This really made Alex sick.

"Nice tattoo," he said as he looked over the fresh ink on her left arm.

"Thanks," she smiled as he slightly ran a finger over it.

"Now get on your fucking knees," he said in a stern voice.

She got on her knees and he unzipped his pants. He pulled out his semi erect penis. She looked it over and grabbed it with her right hand. She leaned in and began to suck on it. It took her nearly a minute to get him to a full erection. He grabbed the back of her head and forced his penis deeper into her mouth. He was pretty small and she could handle him. He slowly began to face fuck her. She barely gagged as his penis hit the back of her mouth. He faced fucked her for a few minutes and soon got bored.

"Fuck," he started, "you have a mouth like a hoover."

"I do," she said confused looking up at him.

"Stand up," he said.

Alex complied and stood up.

"What now," she asked.

"Turn around," he demanded.

She followed his order and she did. He inched closer to her and forced her over a large pallet of supplies. She placed her hands underneath her head. He entered her from behind and grabbed her hips. Alex liked the feeling of being entered, but it was up to the other party to keep that feeling up.

"Oh fuck yeah," he said as he slapped her ass.

He thrust a few times and ran his hand down her back. He wasn't very good at sex and he couldn't keep up a solid rhythm. His thrusts were uneven and quick. She knew he wouldn't last long.

"Your pussy feels so good," he whispers.

"Uh," she sighed.

"I'm gonna cum in you," he strained.

"Fuck no," she said quickly, "I'm not on the pill!"

"Shit," he replied, "where should I..."

He pulled out and she turned around. She got on her knees and opened her mouth.

"Oh my god," he said stroking he penis.

His seed shot out in three quick and very weak bursts. Most of it got on her chin and a little on her neck. He did not taste very good.

"Wait," he said as he reached into his pocket producing his cell phone.

He took a quick picture of her.

"Now get up," he said.

She stood up.

"Now what," she asked.

"Get dressed and get back to work," he said in a snide tone.

He quickly left the room. Alex looked around and couldn't find anything to wipe his cum with. She didn't want to wipe it on her shirt. She quickly wiped it off with her hand and ate it. It was nasty. At least her brother took good care of himself she thought. His cum tasted ten times better. She quickly got dressed and stood in the room for a few seconds. She totally forgot what she was supposed to be doing. She looked at the clock on the wall and decided to wait there until muster.

Muster was a bit different than usual. The Supply Officer and LCPO were there with the S-2 Officer and LCPO. All of them seemed to have rambled on forever. And finally one of the Chiefs said "And Lundz you're going to the Captain's Mess."

Alex smiled and looked towards Smith. He looked back at her and gave a quick smirk.

"Report to S-5 at 0700 tomorrow."

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