tagLesbian SexBoat Ho Ch. 12

Boat Ho Ch. 12


It was finally here. The day they went on deployment. Alex didn't want to go. She had debated going UA, but decided against it. Alex was forced to do line duty that day. Luckily it went fast and they were soon underway. The first day dragged on and on. But once it was finally over she was happy. She didn't sleep well that night. She found herself working harder and harder as the days wore on. Even the stop in Hawaii wasn't any fun. There were too many rules and restrictions on her there. Huff had become somewhat distant and the Marines she fucked a while ago didn't talk to her at all. She did find time to work out and the stupid khaki rules were gone at the gym. Cleaning stations was the worst; all it was used for was khakis to bully blue shirts. She noticed the lesbian clique was forming again. She didn't know if she wanted to try and be accepted as one of them. The port calls were few and far between.

It was about two months into the deployment when deck department got a few new additions. One was Ensign Ferid Jones. And he wasn't just any Ensign, but one from the Naval Academy, an African American and a big football star. A lot of people were in awe of him and wanted to know him. Alex herself was also drawn to him. She hadn't been with a black guy in a while and wanted to do it again. She tried to find out more about him but found that he didn't care about the blue shirt population and only liked to mingle with fellow "khakis". But Alex still wanted to know more about him. She probably wouldn't like the fact that he scored lower on the ASVAB than she did and that someone took his SAT for him so he could get into the Naval Academy.

The other was another Seaman who Alex helped get acclimated to the ship. Seaman Lois Rivers was very similar to Alex. Both were from the Midwest and both joined the Navy to get away from their homes. But unlike Alex, Lois was a full-blown lesbian and hit it well from people. Alex did like her but wasn't for sure about going all the way with her. Lois on the other hand liked Alex and wanted her.

After a particularly brutal day of work Alex was glad to be off work. She found Lois in their berthing section.

"Hey," Alex smiled as she slid past her.

"Rough day," Lois replied as she unlocked her rack.

"Definitely," she replied.

Alex pulled off her boots and peeled off her coveralls. She looked over to Lois to see her small body and short boyish blonde hair. Lois removed her clothes quickly as well. She looked over her body again to see her body was devoid of tattoos as opposed to her full left sleeve and "tramp stamp". Lois snuck a peep at Alex as she dumped her coveralls in the laundry collection. Alex noticed Lois was wearing very unattractive underwear. Alex made it a point to try and get some decent clothes. But she really didn't care at this point. Suddenly the lights went out.

"Taps all ready," Lois said quickly.

"Yeah," Alex laughed as she turned on her rack light.

Alex lifted her coffin rack up and looked for a clean shirt. Lois noticed the picture of Alex and Cindy.

"Who's that," Lois whispered.

"What," Alex asked lightly.

"The picture," Lois said as she pointed to it.

"My friend from boot camp," Alex whispered, "Cindy..."


"Sort of," Alex whispered as she picked up a shirt.

Lois walked over to Alex and gave her a quick kiss.

"Not here," Alex whispered.

"When," Lois asked.

"Singapore," Alex replied, "everyone has overnight liberty."

"Okay," Lois replied as Alex put her shirt on.

Alex shut her rack and slinked into it. She passed out quickly. Lois follow suit but had a hard time falling to sleep. She kept thinking about Alex and wanting to be with her. She ran several strange scenarios through her mind. One of them getting married and having a family. Both of them getting promoted to Chief together and so forth. She knew none of them seemed reasonable and tried not to dwell on them.

The next week dragged on Alex found herself working on more and more menial things. The ship was not in the best of shape. She felt like they were being used to try and fix something that was beyond repair. She was relieved when they finally pulled into Singapore. Alex and Lois exited the ship together. She saw Huff with a male sailor as they were leaving at the same time. They got on the shuttle bus and found themselves in town. Lois hailed a cab.

Alex barely put her bag on the bed when the Lois walked up to her and kissed her. She quickly worked Alex's clothes off of her and threw her on the bed. Alex fell hard on the bed as Lois stood over her fully clothed.

"Keep lying there," Lois said as she pulled out her digital camera.

Lois took a few pictures of Alex lying on the bed. She quickly put the camera on the dresser and stripped off her clothes. She jumped on the bed with Alex and began to kiss her again.

"You have a great body," Lois smiled

"Thanks," Alex replied.

Lois worked her way down Alex's body. She sucked on her nipples for a few minutes before kissing her tight abs and finally to her pussy. Lois looked over the pubic hair and smiled. Alex had let her hair grow a little more and didn't care that much for her hair, but she did keep up her vaginal hygiene. Lois began to lick and finger her pussy.

"Oh god," Alex moaned as Lois forced a few fingers in her.

Lois continued to lick and finger her pussy for nearly 10 minutes before she started working her pussy closer to Alex's face. Alex had been in this situation before. She was suddenly reminded of Watson. Before she knew it Lois' pussy was directly above her face. But instead of being scared Alex reached forward with her tongue and began to lick and gingerly finger her friend's pussy.

"You haven't done this much," Lois remarked as she pulled her face away from Alex's pussy.

"You're right," Alex replied.

"Don't worry," she laughed, "you'll be fine."

"Thanks," Alex replied as she reached up and licked Lois' pussy.

Lois let out a quick grunt as Alex put two fingers into her friend's pussy. Lois continued lick and finger Alex's pussy. Alex's legs began to twitch and thrash about the bed. Lois moved her pussy away from Alex's face and worked her way back down the bed. Alex began to lose control as Lois continued to work over her friend's pussy. Alex sat up as Lois finally forced her to cum. She squirted onto Lois' face as she let go. Alex lightly gripped Lois' hair as she squirted into her friend's mouth. She slumped back down and lied back on the bed. Lois climbed up the bed and kissed Alex.

"How was it," Lois smiled.

"Just what I needed," Alex laughed.

They didn't go out that night, they ordered room service and stayed in. But Alex did get drunk. Around one in the morning Alex wandered out of the room and into the lobby. She saw Ensign Jones staggering drunk around the front desk. Lois finally found her friend there.

"Alex," Lois started.

"Why don't we go back to my room," he said to them.

"Sure," Alex said in a drunken tone.

"I have my camera," Lois laughed.

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