tagBDSMBoat Ho Ch. 16

Boat Ho Ch. 16


"Is that tattooed bitch awake," the female voice asked.

"I'm not sure," Tyler replied.

"Well find out," the female voice snapped back.

Alex couldn't see in the dark. She knew the tape had fallen off her eyes, but not her mouth. She heard the woman's heels click as they approached her. Suddenly a beam of light appeared and shone upon her face. She could barely see Tyler or the woman. But a full-length mirror was placed in front of her. She could see her naked body in it. She looked at her face and noticed she looked terrible. He face was still red and a bit swollen from the mace. Her breasts still looked good.

"We have a proposition for you," the female voice said.

"mmmmm," Alex muffled.

"Take the fucking tape off," the female demanded.

Tyler walked up to her and quickly pulled the tape off her face.

"Let me go damn it," she yelled.

"I'm sure of that," the woman sneered.

"Who are you people," Alex asked.

"People with something for you," she said quickly.

"Look I'm a Seaman in the United States Navy," Alex said as she looked up towards the handcuffs.

"What a position of power," she laughed, "I'm sure they'll send in the Navy Seals for you."

"Fuck you," Alex snapped.

"Escape is quiet impossible," the woman muttered.

"Fuck you both," Alex yelled.

Alex looked up at the cuffs again. She noticed her cast was still on. And the cuff on her cast looked a bit loose. She began to struggle and tried to get the cuff loose. The woman let out a laugh, but soon let out a gasp as Alex was able to get the cuff off. Tyler quickly lunged for her but she swung and hit him with the cast it knocked him down. The woman finally stepped into the light and held up the mace.

"Don't even think about it," she smiled.

Alex looked her over. She was extremely attractive. Her hair was cut rather short and her suit looked expensive. Her breasts seemed to be barely contained by her blouse. It seemed as if they wanted to escape.

"Please don't," Alex pleaded as she tried to reposition her arm.

"Look on the ground," the woman demanded.

Alex followed her orders and saw a stack of money on the floor.

"That's yours," she said.

"How much is that," Alex asked.

"Eleven thousand."

"Holy shit," Alex said in amazement.

"All of it can be yours," she started, "if..."

"If what," Alex asked.

Tyler slowly picked himself off the ground.

"One week," she said as she slowly walked towards her, "we need you for seven days, for whatever we need."

"Like sex," Alex asked.

"Oh yes," she smiled, "now I'm going to let you go."

"Thank you," she replied.

"My husband might be easily dispatched, but not me,"

"What's your name," Alex asked.

"Crystal," she replied as she unlocked her left hand. She quickly unlocked her legs and she stepped down. She looked over Crystal and decided to give it a shot.

"Fuck you," Alex yelled out.

She swung towards her with her cast but, Crystal caught her arm and was quickly able to throw her to the floor.

"What did I say," Crystal laughed as she grasped her broken arm, "I'll break it again."

"Okay," she replied as Crystal let go of her hand.

Alex slowly made it to her feet as she saw Tyler make his way back to them. Crystal smiled as she looked over her body.

"You take nice care of your body," she smiled.

"Thank you," Alex said in a strange tone.

"You're welcome," Crystal laughed.

Tyler reached down and picked up the stack of money, which somehow in the fracas had not been disturbed. He handed it to Crystal.

"Here's the deal," Crystal started, "You can leave now, and I give one thousand or you stay for the next ten days, and you collect the full eleven thousand. If you decide to leave before that, you won't collect anything, with the exception of the one thousand. Are we in agreement?"

"Yes," Alex said quickly as she looked over the money.

Crystal took Alex's arm and led her out of the room and into the living room. Alex looked at one of the clocks and noticed it was nearly midnight. It hadn't been that long. She felt at ease not being in the restraints, but was nervous about the next couple of days. They took her to a bedroom. She noticed it was very large and well decorated.

"This is your room tonight," Crystal said, "you deserve a good night's rest. But tomorrow...."

"Okay," Alex replied as they led her into the room.

Crystal pulled back the sheet and helped Alex into bed.

"As I said tomorrow is another day," Crystal laughed as she and Tyler walked out of the room.

Alex quickly tucked herself into bed and fell asleep.

"Wake up," Crystal demanded as Alex opened her eyes.

As Alex adjusted to the light she saw Crystal's topless frame standing over her. She looked down at her crotch and noticed the strapon dildo around her waste.

"Well," Crystal started, "it's not going to suck itself."

Alex jumped out of bed and got on her knees and began to furiously suck the dildo. This was one of the last degrading things that she had to do. After the sucking was finished Crystal left the room and locked her in there. She was alone for nearly an hour before she came back. She led her into the living room where she was forced to remove her cast. She noticed her arm was bit smaller, but nothing noticeable. She'd have to get back into the gym. She was led back into the basement and stripped naked. She was tied against a post and spanked by Crystal for nearly an hour.

But something happened during that spanking and Alex let go. She began to shut everything out. She had a difficult time remembering what had happened. The menial tasks and the degrading sex acts she was forced to do soon eluded her and slipped away. The days began to slip away and she didn't know what was going on. She had dillusions and began to see and speak to Lois. She thought about Cindy and their brief moments.

She had no idea how many days had passed by she only knew that she was being led into the basement again. Crystal was wearing a corset and her strapon dildo. She stripped Alex naked and helped her put on a pair of thigh high boots. She then placed the red rubber ball in her mouth and led her to the basement. When she turned the corner she saw three other naked women in there with her. All of them were wearing strapons. Alex muffled something and Crystal smiled. She took Alex and violently threw her on the leather bench.

"Shut up," she yelled as she placed a leather blindfold over eyes.

Alex felt herself being locked into place. She was stuck she couldn't move. She felt the cold dildos enter her over and over again. She couldn't take it and wanted it to stop they were all rough and violent to her. She wanted it to end. She slipped out of conscience for a while as the women took their turns with her. She finally passed out as they violated her.

It was the last day of her "captivity" she was happy that it would be over soon. But Crystal had one last task for her to complete. She was awaken by Crystal and taken into the living room. She noticed a table was set up and few other things.

"What's going on," she asked as Crystal led her to the couch.

"Pick up the card," she demanded.

"Yes ma'am," she replied as she bent over and picked it up.

Alex looked at the card it read: δούλος, servus. and раб . Alex didn't know what they meant. She looked over at the table to see the tattooing gun. She smiled and looked over to Crystal.

"Three languages," Crystal started, "Greek, Latin and Russian. You will be forever marked as a...."

"Slave," Alex replied as she read the translation on the back of the card.

"Exactly," Crystal smiled as she helped Alex lie down on the table.

Alex laid down on the table as the tattoo artist emerged from the other room. Crystal whispered something into his ear as he walked up to her. He stood next to her for a second and smiled at her. He reached for her pants and unbuckled them. He pushed them down her body to reveal her neatly trimmed pubic hair. He slid a finger in her before he laid on the template for the tattoos. He fingered her a few more times before finally washing his hands and putting his gloves on. He set the ink out and turned the needle on and began his work.

The tattooing only took about an hour. After he finished Crystal blindfolded Alex and led her to the trunk of their car. They dumped her in Point Loma. They handed her the money and she counted it. It was all there. She found an ATM and deposited it. She limped to Chili's and ate. She didn't go back to the ship that night. She figured she'd get into just as much trouble if she stayed UA for a few more days. She went to Target and bought some new clothes and checked into a cheap motel. When she finally got settled she stripped down in front of the mirror and ran a finger over her new tattoos. She smiled at herself in the mirror.

"I am a slave," she laughed.

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