tagSci-Fi & FantasyBoat Ho Ch. 21

Boat Ho Ch. 21


It had nearly been a month since Alex had her encounter with Watson. Her look had changed drastically. She reverted back to her more normal accepted look. Her bob of auburn hair had returned and her breasts felt better now that she was wearing her bra again. She liked that Huff and Skyler weren't together anymore and that Huff went back to George. It allowed her to spend more time with her brother. She enjoyed being with him. And so did he.

The only thing that hadn't changed was work. She dreaded going to the ship now. She found herself at the mercy of the new Chief again. He did not like her and made certain she was humiliated day after day. She hated that they were in the same duty section. He put her on all the late watches he possibly could. Even going as far as putting her on two four hour watches four hours apart. She was for sure it was cruel & unusual but there was little she could do. She had duty on a Thursday and he made sure she stood the last watch of the day and made her take part in another working party. She had a hard time carrying the boxes of food and other supplies. One of the Supply Department Senior Chiefs targeted her as well telling her to work harder. She tried to explain she had duty the night before, but he showed no sympathy. She got off the ship that evening around six. She was surprised someone from the duty section took her place. She grabbed her bag from the office and rushed home.

"Jesus," Skyler said a she burst through the door.

"What," she asked as he sat up from the couch.

"Thought you'd never come home," he said.

"Sorry," she said as she put her bag on the floor, "the new Chief really has it in for me."

"That sucks," he said trying to sound sympathetic.

"Its fine," she said as she picked her bag up and walked to her room.

"I'll be out here," he said as she went to her room.

She walked in and quickly peeled off her Utilities. She dropped them in her dirty clothes bag. She untied her boots and pulled her socks off. She took her underwear off and put a towel around her and went to the bathroom and took a shower. She was in her pajamas when she found her brother on the couch again.

"What do you do all day," she asked him.

"Good question," he replied.

"Have you found a job yet?"

"Sort of," he smiled.

"Sort of," she said as she sat down next to him.

"Been seeing this guy in Hillcrest," he said quickly.

"Doing what," she asked.

"This and that," he smiled.

"I bet," she said in a sly tone.

"What are you up to," he asked.

"Nothing," she replied, "I may just go to bed."

"Work again," he asked.

"Stupid new Chief has it out for me," she said.

"I think Huff was complaining about him too."

"Wouldn't surprise me," she said as she stood up.

"Bed," he asked as she walked away.

"Yeah," she smiled.

"My door will be open," he said with a smile.

Alex let out a quick laugh and made her way to her room. She looked at the clock and noticed it was eight at night. She found her iPod and put on a really bad Ke$ha song. She turned the lights off and looked out the window and looked up to the stars. She noticed one seemed brighter than the other. She paid no mind to it and walked back to her bed. She pulled back the covers and slid in, a new Ke$ha song was playing as she began to drift asleep.

Alex had trouble opening her eyes. She struggled as she tried to force them open. It seemed like forever before she finally opened them. She noticed the room was completely dark. She looked around with her eyes and couldn't find the window. Nothing looked familiar in the room as her eyes finally adjusted. The room was empty. She finally tried moving her head around. She could barely do it. It seemed like head was a brick. She finally lifted it up to try and look around but could still see nothing. She heard a strange noise and suddenly a blinding light engulfed the room. She could barely see but she soon realized she was naked on some kind of table. Suddenly a figure began to appear. She couldn't tell anything about what it was but it was getting closer. She soon realized it was a person! This person slid slowly across the floor to her. She finally came into focus and Alex did not recognize her. She was a very plain woman with no distinguishing characteristics and a silver body suit.

"Who are you," Alex asked as she tried to keep her head above the table.

Suddenly Alex was jolted up off the bed. She moved her head around and realized she was floating in mid air. She felt her body move float farther above the table. Suddenly she was quickly rotated so she could focus on the woman.

"Typical question," the woman said.

"Who are you," Alex said as she tried to move her arms.

"Once again the same question."

"Please," Alex pleaded, "please..."

"You'll know soon enough," the woman said as Alex was slowly lowered to the floor.

Alex felt her feet touch the cold floor. She realized she could move again. She positioned her arms over her breast and bent her legs to try and cover her vagina.

"You're an interesting one," the woman said.

"What," Alex said in a quick breath.

"You have no morals," the woman started, "you seem not to care about what you do and how it affects people. But you're not the most intelligent specimen."

"Specimen," Alex asked, "who are you?"

"Anyone we think you need us to be," the woman said as she walked towards Alex.

Alex stood in complete terror as the woman transformed into BM2 Watson.

"OH MY GOD," Alex screamed

"Our scans indicates that this is the person you most associate with fear," the effigy of Watson said.

Alex began to crouch down and kept her breasts and vagina covered as the woman changed into another person from Alex's memory.

"Hate," the effigy of her father said, "now the human emotion of love is very complicated."

"What," Alex said as she looked up at the image of her father.

"There are two people that are dueling in your mind," it said.

"What do you mean," Alex asked.

"You love the one who got away," the woman said as she turned into Cindy.

"Cindy," Alex said as she stood up and began to walk towards her.

She nearly made it to the image as it turned into Skyler.

"Or him," it said as Alex backed off.

"Please," Alex started, "what is going on, this doesn't make any sense."

"You are an interesting one," the thing said as it turned into the woman again.

"What do you want with me," Alex asked.

"You have a defect. You are unable to bear children. Something you desire more than anything. And you lust after your brother. We can fix you, your biological problem. But we won't be able to fix your mind, your intelligence."

"Please," Alex said as a flash of light over took her.

Alex awoke at a little after five in the morning. She was covered in sweat, lying on top of the comforter. She rolled out of bed and turned the light on. She noticed the rest of the bed wasn't wet. This troubled her, she thought for sure the bed would be covered in sweat. She looked around the room and noticed the window wasn't open. She suddenly felt sick. She ran to the bathroom and threw up. She was in the bathroom for nearly 20 minutes. She felt like she was going to die as she expelled the contents of her stomach. The vomit was very strange and discolored. She finally stood up looked at herself in the mirror. She looked pale and sickly. She quickly brushed her teeth. As she spit out the water and paste in her mouth she heard a ding hit the sink.

"The hell," Alex said to herself as she reached into the sink.

She found a small cylindrical piece of glass in it. She washed it off and looked at it. She was puzzled on how it could've gotten into her. She carried it back to her room and put it in her dresser. She exhaled and stripped off her pajamas and walked to Skyler's room.

"Huh," he said as she slunk into bed with him.

"Sorry," she replied as she wrapped her arms around him.

"It's cool," he said quietly.

"Bad dream," she replied.

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