tagErotic CouplingsBob & Meg Make a Deal

Bob & Meg Make a Deal


Bob’s ran his tongue round his dry mouth; his heart pounding as he anxiously unbuttoned the gusset of Charity’s one-piece swimming costume. Would she object, he wondered? A quick glance round assured him that the grassy dune they occupied was hidden from prying eyes, and the distant laughter confirmed that his wife and Jonnie were plashing in the sea.

Bob and his wife, Meg, were spending a day by the sea with their friends. Meg had run down to the sea, hand in hand with Johnnie, running with her. Bob had always fancied Charity. She was a good-looking, well-built brunette lady in her mid-twenties. With a Grecian nose and full moist lips, mischievous brown eyes, Bob always believed she was inviting him to kiss her. She had that curious appeal in her eyes when she smiled at him. Her full breasts and rolling hips continued the Grecian theme. He liked plump ladies.

Perhaps he found her attractive because his own wife had the figure of boy, with narrow hips and hardly any flesh at all on her breasts. Just polished nipples. Although attractive, with hazel gleaming eyes, her nose was straight and slender, her complexion fresh, her lips rather thin over even white teeth. She was the daughter of a vicar - and a good pianist!

It was whilst they were lying in bed quietly after making love that they planned this day out with their friends. Meg had been unusually subdued in her lovemaking. She was the one that normally made the running with energy, bounce and zest. But tonight she was quiet. When Bob questioned her about it she was perfectly frank.

‘I think I’ve fallen in love with Johnnie,’ she admitted.

Bob considered the surprising news. After a few years of marriage, he realised that sex could get a bit repetitive. Perhaps a change might bring the zest back into their relationship. He considered the confession for a few moments.

‘You mean you have a crush on him. It’s not love, really. I mean, I really fancy Charity as a matter of fact, but only as a change of scenery. That’s all.’


‘Well, why not? She’s attractive, after all, and it doesn’t affect my love for you one bit. It would make a change.’

‘Do you think she returns the interest?’

‘Could be. She has that come-and-get-me look sometimes.’

‘So, if you can persuade Charity, then you won’t mind if I go for Johnnie?’

‘Seems a fair deal.’

‘Shall we? Shall we see how the land lies?’ she suggested.

‘I think a day by the sea with them, on a quiet day. We’ll arrange matters to give each other a chance to explore the possibilities.’

And so the deal was reached. And they spent a day by the sea, choosing a quiet stretch of coastline, with plenty of sand dunes. They spread out rugs, got into their swimwear with lots of laughter, and had their picnic. Bob and Charity exchanged several discreet looks, full of promise for each other, whilst they ate.

Reclining on her back, eyes closed, arms outstretched, Charity was now enjoying the hot sun warming her body. It made her feel sexy and bubbling inside. She loved the attention of men. To feel hunted. Bob, fumbling awkwardly with the gusset of her swimming costume, made her giggle to herself, but it turned her on. So, Charity made no move to stop him. It would add a little excitement to the afternoon. Her juices flowed!

Once free, the gusset flap lifted to expose the plump inflated vulva. Bob was amazed at the sight that confronted him. Absolutely breathtaking! Charity’s inner labia were fleshy. They had long, thick, wrinkled flaps drooping low from the vulva, surrounded by a forest of dark hair, now smeared with her starchy juices.

Her thatch of hair was at its most dense over the clitoral hood, and spread into the inner thighs, across her groin and peaked up to her navel. ‘So, that was why Charity wore one-piece costumes with short legs,’ he thought, ‘to hide that marvellous mass of hair.’ He wondered why she didn’t trim it? But was glad she didn’t.

Hairy women were much admired by Bob. They turned him on like crazy. The sight of a full crest of hair would immediately raise his erection. And here, all the time, was the wife of his friend with a superb pubic fur coat. He would never be able to look at her again without the memory of that fleshy vulva and the surrounding forest flashing in front of his eyes. His longing to sink his cock into this fantastic forest of sex was irresistible.

With the fingers of both hands, Bob carefully parted the slippery hanging flaps to uncover the puckered gateway to her vagina, oozing with thick cream. Her shining pink clitoris was the size of the first joint of his little finger, its hood acting as a foreskin. He had never known a clitoris could be so prominent before! But then, he hadn’t seen all that many. Meg’s was the size of a small pea.

As he contemplated this hot mystery, promising untold joy, unable to keep control of his lust, he pushed down the waistband of his shorts with one hand. Yanking out his throbbing penis with the other, Bob swung his leg across Charity’s thighs.

Looking down on that magnificent sight of Charity’s bushy vulva, Bob presented the head of his manhood to the pink entrance. The moment of sweet anticipation had arrived! The head was slowly inserted into the creamy starch. Bob watched his hard shaft penetrate the thick forest into the syrupy channel. The feeling of the profuse hair rubbing against his shaft was sheer heaven!

When his penis had submerged to the full, he felt Charity’s inner muscles flexing on the guest, to stimulate even further the nerve endings in the glans. He suddenly went wild! Unable to prevent himself, Bob drove the cock in and out fiercely, bringing the impatient tensed loins to a quick boil. With a stifled grunt, an almighty lunge released the eager pent up sperm spurting deep into Charity. Withdrawing quickly after the second thrust, he emptied the remaining splashes in the dark curls on her groin, like pearls in a nest.

Charity had kept her eyes closed throughout the event. Now, she half-opened them to look into those of Bob. They gazed at each other for a few seconds. Charity smiled ruefully.

‘Sorry!’ Bob said. ‘Couldn’t stop myself. You’re very attractive.’

‘A quick screw on a sudden impulse is a good thing. I enjoyed it. All the more for it being unexpected. And all the more for it being you.’

Bob blushed a little. ‘Flatterer.’

‘No, no! Men flatter. Women speak their mind.’ She smiled. ‘I wondered how long it would be before you made a pass at me.’

‘I wish!’

‘Next time, we’ll be more leisurely.’

Bob’s eyes widened in surprise. ‘Will there be a next time?’

‘That’s up to you.’

‘Then there sure will. I want to spend some time exploring that fascinating body of yours. Particularly the furry part.’ He started playing with her genitals again, discovering the fleshy folds, the hairy crevices and the plump clitoris. Charity winced with pleasure.

‘My Fledermaus?’

‘Why do you call it that?’

‘Because a lot of girls refer to it as their “mouse”. Mine has big wings, though, so a bat – or, as Strauss called it, Die Fledermaus. I hate it!’

‘Why? It’s captivating – fantastic! Turns me on!’

‘Too mushy – too big!’

‘Rubbish! It’s what being a proper woman is all about. I love it.’

‘It turns me on as well – often! But in a different way! It can be very demanding. Is there time to do it again?’

But the sound of approaching voices reached him. ‘I think Meg and Johnnie will be back in a minute. Better button up.’

She smiled at him. ‘You do it for me.’

So, after a final, quick exploration of her sticky, hairy vulva, Bob re-buttoned the gusset flap. He could hear the laughter of his wife approaching. He flopped on his back and closed his eyes as they appeared over the ridge.

Meg and Johnnie appeared, climbing over the ridge, panting for breath through their laughter, each carrying a slopping small bucket of seawater. Meg looked down on the reclining couple and noticed straight away the white stains on the front of Bob’s costume. She recognised it immediately as the evidence of Charity’s love juices smeared over his trunks.

Bob opened his eyes to exchange a look with Meg. He gave a gloating smile. Her eyebrows rose with some surprise.

‘You bugger!’ she cried, throwing the bucket of water over him.

‘Oi!’ he shouted scrambling to his feet. ‘Come on Charity, let’s go for a swim.’

He pulled Charity to her feet and they ran off down the beach leaving Johnnie and Meg together.

‘Was it something I said,’ he laughed. ‘Time for a rest in the sun.’

After smoothing out the rug, Johnnie lay on his back, hands behind his head and closed his eyes, allowing the heat of the sun to swamp his body. He pondered on the frolic with Meg in the water, which had seemed to him more like a game between lovers. By chance, tufts of pubic hairs had strayed out of the legs of Meg’s costume. Glistening in the sunlight, they attracted his eyes. He found it very sexy.

Yes, thought Johnnie – she is rather attractive, even though she’s missing the vital female curves. No breasts. No hips. But her earnest face and ready laugh, and her general tomfoolery, appealed to him. So, they acted the fool in the water, splashing and pushing – and even embracing once or twice in a brotherly way! But it was just friendly fun. It was Meg who finally suggested they return to sunbathe.

As Johnnie pondered on her behaviour, Meg gazed down on him for a moment before settling beside him, propped up on one elbow, facing him. She was going to risk it, she decided. After all, Bob had clearly had his way with Charity. And she thought Johnnie found her attractive enough.

She trailed her fingers lightly over Johnnie’s belly. ‘Are you ticklish?’

‘No! Not really.’ He didn’t even open his eyes as she continued to explore his body with the tips of her fingers.

‘You’ve got lovely clear skin, haven’t you? Mmmm!’

Her questing fingers skipped over the waistband of his trunks and played a brief tattoo on the shape she found lurking under there. It stirred at the sudden attention. Johnnie kept his eyes closed.

‘Oops!’ she laughed. ‘Surprise, surprise!’ and began gently to stroke the shape with the pads of her fingers. Johnnie made no move to stop her. ‘Hello! There’s something stirring down there. Have you got a snake hidden in your trunks? It’s getting bigger!’ Meg pretended mock innocence. ‘Let me take a look.’

And she lifted the waistband to peek down at his growing cock. ‘Oh, that’s nice,’ she purred, turning back the waistband to uncover the top half of the stiffening cock.

Johnnie couldn’t really believe what was happening! Here was Meg trying to get to his cock for some reason. It had never occurred to him that she fancied him in that way. Although they had a mutual attraction, he hadn’t picked up any sexual signals from her. But then Johnnie was not very good at picking up vibes from women – that was something he would learn later in life. But after only four years of marriage, it never entered his head that anyone other than his wife would fancy him sexually. Perhaps Meg was just teasing.

Having no rebuffs to her advances, Meg became rather bolder. She drew his swimming trunks over his thighs to expose the whole set of genitals. The cock was now hardening rapidly, throb after throb, rising from its nest of mousy-coloured pubic hair.

‘Wow! That – is – so - beautiful!’ she muttered. She adored watching a cock expand. The pulsating, swaying shaft getting stiffer and longer and thicker. Gazing dotingly on the pale, stiff cock, her fingers lightly traced a pattern up and down, along its length, feeling the texture of the skin. Absorbing the shape. Exploring the contours.

This cock was as creamy smooth as ivory, with light blue veins showing beneath the surface. Of average length, but thick and straight. This contrasted with her husband’s swarthy, heavily veined banana-shaped penis. She fell in love at sight with this perfect ornament. To Meg, it resembled a Greek God in its colour and texture.

She spoke to it softly. ‘You are my exquisite Adonis – the one who stole the heart of Venus, the goddess of love.’ And she pressed her lips against the shaft in a kiss of adoration. For some reason, she knew that Johnnie’s cock would be special. An exceptional piece of man. ‘I love you,’ she whispered.

‘I shall worship you. I shall bring you to the altar in the shrine of my Venus. My mysterious treasure. I shall guide you there. You shall stand upright before her and make her your offering of the most precious gift you have. Your inner self.’

All this talk of Greek Gods and Goddesses, shrines and treasures, in some obscure way, had heightened Johnnie ‘s anticipation. His cock was throbbing at full stretch – he could feel it trying to burst. No one had ever spoken to his penis before, let alone worship it with such eulogy and kisses. Meg was lost in her admiration.

For her part, Meg was utterly bowled over by this specimen of manhood. It looked so fragile – so delicate. She handled it with special care, stroking, caressing, licking and kissing it as though it was an idol – a beautiful young Prince!

There was no time to lose, however. Meg was determined to feel this superb Adonis penetrate her. She was already sopping wet with passion. As she hoisted her right thigh across Johnnie’s legs, she pulled the crotch of her costume to one side, and taking hold of the precious shaft, positioned the tip between the dripping lips of her vulva, easing it into the portals of her vagina – her Venus – her mysterious shrine, anxious to be pierced.

With a stifled groan, eyes closed, Meg impaled herself very slowly onto the solid Adonis until their groins met. Johnnie was now fully embedded inside the hot centre of Meg’s mystery. Her love juices trickled into his pubic hair. Through half-opened eyes, Johnnie studied the look of sheer incredulity, of pure ecstasy on Meg’s face. Her right hand was held over her vulva, squeezing the hard clitoris, holding the intruder fully in place, wallowing in the sensation.

It was a natural act for Meg to begin easing her waist up and down on the trespasser, as she whimpered and moaned. Her middle two fingers were drawn to the small button of delight, stimulating it with a fast circular rubbing motion, interspersed by squeezing the shaft that was, by this time, driving hard into her bouncing loins.

Johnnie was now thudding deep into her, meeting her thrusts to her rhythm, feeling the spring tightening deep in his loins. He knew he would not be able to prevent his cock from exploding. It was too late to control. The tension was mounting stroke by stroke.

Meantime, Meg was reaching her own point of no return. There was no time for delaying tactics. She just had to come. It was urgent – imperative! It was bubbling up inside her. A few more hard pushes to meet Johnnie’s thrusts and she’d be there. The wave was swelling, building, foaming – it would engulf her any time.

It came with a sudden crash as Meg burst her banks, flooding Johnnie’s cock with her waters of Venus, as it discharged its treasure on the altar of the shrine.

Johnnie never knew that women could ejaculate.

‘Quick! They’re coming back!’ Meg rolled off Johnnie, adjusting her costume as Johnnie pulled his trunks back. They both relaxed on their backs, sunbathing.

When Charity and Bob appeared over the dune, breathless and laughing, Meg looked up at Bob with a smirk. His glance down at Johnnie’s loins told him all – it had still not fully softened. He raised his eyebrows in surprise at her.

****** Saturday came, and Johnnie turned up with his violin case as arranged. But they didn’t get much duet playing together. Meg had been eagerly anticipating Johnnie’s arrival all morning, changing from one frock into another, selecting the most attractive silk knickers. When he eventually arrived, clutching his violin case, she kissed him hard on the mouth.

‘I thought you were never coming,’ she garbled.

‘I’m earlier than we said.’

‘Never mind. Take you jacket off.’ And she helped him off with his coat. She stood looking at him, smiling with joy.

Although he took the violin carefully from the case, Johnnie could feel the vibes in the atmosphere. Meg was almost panting! Her eyes never left him.

‘Come one, then. Let’s play,’ he said

But no sooner had Meg sat on her stool and opened the piano lid, than her infatuation overwhelmed her. Just looking at Johnnie turned her on.

‘Oh, the hell with it,’ she said going to him. ‘Let’s make love instead.’

Johnnie took her in his arms and they embraced passionately, as each tore at the other’s clothes to get them off. With arms encircling their naked bodies, they held each other tight, feeling the warmth of their skin melting together. Meg’s nipples rubbing against his chest, Johnnie’s stiffness pressed against the silky down on her public mound

Their lips met in a passionate kiss whilst they enjoyed their closeness. Meg grasped at the already stiff cock as Johnnie cupped her leaking vulva in the palm of his hand. Her loins squirmed against the exploring hand covering her vulva.

With clothes strewn over the floor, Johnnie lowered the naked Meg onto the settee where she opened her thighs, offering herself to him.

In a relaxed state, Meg’s vulva allowed nothing of the inner labia to be seen. In fact, it was just a cleft in the soft peach between her thighs, downy, lightly covered with fine blonde hair, spread over her groin, and down her thighs. These were he stray hairs that had first inflamed Johnnie as they peeked out of her bikini bottom.

Reclining on the sofa, naked, in the summer heat, a mild breeze floating through the open French windows, Meg displayed her slender, boyish figure. She looked up at Johnnie, her eyes begging him to take what she was offering. To make love to her. She slowly hinged open her knees for him, before drawing them up as far as her shoulders to expose fully all her feminine charms.

Johnnie was enthralled by Meg’s vulva. Such a contrast to that of his wife. As Meg parted her thighs, the crevice opened to reveal the pale inner lips. Thin ridges of wrinkled flesh running down the inside slope of her vulva, ending in five small, irregular folds of flesh, like rose petals, at the entrance to her vagina.

When fired with passion, as they were now, they opened up, like a tiny rose, revealing the pulsating opening, dilating and contracting, leaking her vaginal secretion, eager to be penetrated.

His eyes never leaving the sight of that delicious vulva, Meg reached out to gently fondle Johnnie’s stiff cock as he moved in to her, to get close to that succulent piece of woman between Meg’s thighs.

There was no doubt that Johnnie was eager to explore the mystery of Meg’s hidden mystery. Parting the petals of flesh with his fingers, he looked into the dilating dribbling vagina, inserting his two middle fingers to feel around the soft inner walls.

Meg was equally interested in Johnnie’s cock, hard and straight. Much paler in colour and smoother in texture than that of her husband. She caressed it, kissed along its length, placed her pursed lips against the leaking glans, fingering his low hanging testicles. Her eyes devoured every vein, every hair round the base, worshiping the Lord of her love sanctuary – the Prince who would soon assault that shrine of delightful passion.

As Johnnie put his mouth to the soft petals, Meg’s loins lurched, the thrill rippling through her. She gripped his head in her hands, let out a groan of desire as he ran his tongue up the length of the gash, tasting her delicious syrup. But Meg was in no hurry. It was time to have some serious oral sex. She pushed Johnnie to the floor, sitting over his face, presenting her warm, wet vulva to his mouth. Feeling his tongue darting in and out of her crack, nibbling at her meagre labia, she bent over his loins to play with her new toy. Her tongue lapped at the wonderful shaft, the tip tracing a path along the underside, her lips pressing against the tip. She took his testicles in her mouth and gently sucked on them, rolling her tongue over each in turn.

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