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Bobbing for Dildos


Author's Note: Thank you to "sirhugs" for the idea for this story.


Tricia had always wanted to have a Halloween party, but her parents were rather strict, and they did not believe in celebrating a pagan holiday. But that never did deter her in whatever efforts that she could muster to help someone else celebrate, usually by staying over at a friends house for that evening. Trish and her friend would always find a local party to crash, with lots of fun to be had by all.

Now Trish was in college, and she decided that this year things would be different. She was going to have a party no matter what. But she didn't want just any kind of party. She had been sexually active for quite some time, and most of the girls in her dorm were also. The guys at the university usually just wanted a lay for the night. But a lot of the girls wanted more, especially since they were left to their own devices once the guys were done with their business. So a lot of times the girls resorted to masturbation, especially dildos when their fingers just didn't seem to do the job.

One of the problems with her plan was having a party at the dorm. Parties were not uncommon, and generally were not stopped as long as they didn't get out of control. But if you made too much commotion, often times the fun would be stopped, and this was one night of fun that she didn't want anything or anyone around that could bring it to a halt.

There was a name brand hotel down the street from the campus that was within easy walking distance, so Trish called and made a reservation for one of the suites for the following Saturday night, which was also Halloween night. She knew there would be other parties going on, but most of them would just be drinking, loud music, and a lot of guys wanting to get a quick screw.

This time the guys would definitely get screwed. Just not in a way that they expected.

Trish was never one to be a part of the "in" crowd, but she always had a lot of friends around. Her roommate was fairly popular, so there seemed to always be someone popping their head in the door, and usually Trish was included in whatever was going on. She had come to know which of the girls were sexually active, and especially the ones who masturbated frequently using dildos and other devices. Watching the girls in the showers after their date provided a lot of information about their likes.

So she set about making a list of the possible ones to invite, and when the list was complete, she sent invitations to each of the girls. It read:

Saturday Night, October 31st at 8pm. A Halloween "bobbing for apples" party that you will not want to miss. Costumes are optional. _ _ Hotel, Suite A.

Late Saturday morning Trish headed out towards the park. She needed to think things through so that the party could be a success. While she was on her way, she passed an older residence where there was a yard sale in full swing. She noticed an old metal tub sitting to the side of the yard, and inquired if it was for sale. The elderly lady replied that it indeed was for sale, and when Tricia offered her five bucks, the lady took the money and handed the tub to her.

Trish grabbed up the tub while thanking the lady and headed back for the dorm to put it away until that evening. On the way back, she had an idea as she approached the entrance to the hotel. She quickly darted inside and without hesitation headed towards the counter where the clerk was standing.

The clerk did a double take when he saw such a pretty young girl with an old metal tub come into the lobby, but since he had been trained to be nice to everyone who entered, he caught himself and quickly changed his expression to a smile.

"Good morning and welcome!" he said as Trish approached the front desk.

"Good morning to you too," Trish replied.

"How may I help you today?" the clerk asked.

"I have a suite for the night, and I was wondering if I could put this somewhere around here so that I don't have to drag it back with me later on," Trish answered.

"Well, there really isn't a place to put such a large item in the lobby area, but let me see what I can do otherwise."

The clerk punched some keys on the keyboard.

"What name is the reservation listed under?" he asked.

Trish gave him the fictitious name that she had given when she made the reservation.

"Ah, found it. That room was cleaned and checked this morning. If you'd like, I can go ahead and give you the room key now and you can take it upstairs."

"That would be great, thank you," Trish acknowledged.

The clerk completed the reservation and Trish paid cash for the room. The clerk gave her a smile as he handed her the key.

"If you need anything once you are upstairs, please feel free to ring the desk and I'll be glad to try to accommodate your needs."

Trish smiled inwardly as she recognized the innuendo and thought to herself, "Yes, I need something, but not right now. But I'm sure you could accommodate my needs when the time comes."

Trish smiled and thanked the clerk and headed for the elevators with the tub in tow.

The clerk watched as she walked away from the desk, wishing and hoping that he would have a chance to service her needs sometime.

When Trish reached her suite, she took the tub to the middle of the living room and set it down.

"I will deal with this later. For now I have got to finish the rest of the preparations," she told herself as she headed back out to the hallway and down the elevators, mentally making a list of all that had to be accomplished.

Trish had an idea as she entered the lobby area once more, and so she approached the desk, trying to walk a little more sexily.

Evidently it was working, as she could feel the clerk's eyes upon her as she crossed the open expanse and made her way toward the counter.

"Is there anything else that I can help you with Ms.?" the clerk asked.

"Yes, as a matter of a fact you can. I do not have a date for the night. Would you like to be mine for the evening? No strings attached, and I may not even want to see you again after tonight."

The clerk thought for a moment. "Well, my name is Jason, and I didn't want to be at the party tonight that I had considered going to. My ex-girlfriend will probably be there and I don't think I can have a good time with her face being nearby."

"Well, I can assure you that a good time will be had by all at my party. It starts at 8, so don't be late!"

With that she turned and headed for the door, making sure to swing her hips good to ensure that he knew she meant business.

When she got to the street, she turned to the left and headed towards the pizza parlor down the block. Her roommate Sandra was sitting at one of the sidewalk tables.

"Hey Sandy, mind if I join you?"

"Certainly not, I wanted to talk to you anyway."

"Oh yeah, what about?" Tricia asked.

"I got your invite and I'm curious. Why do I need to bring my dildo and b/f to a Halloween party? I never have them both at any other time. That is why I have the dildo in the first place, as a substitute for when his cock or your fingers are not around."

"I'm not going to tell you everything. Just do as told, and I promise that you will not be disappointed," Trish grinned as she replied.

The girls made some more small talk as they ordered and ate their lunches, then Trish excused herself and left the restaurant.

She stopped by the market on the way home and bought a bag of apples, and some items that they could use to munch on until the party got in full swing. Then she headed back to the dorm to finish getting ready for the party.

At seven o'clock she got to the hotel room and started to set everything up. There would be 12 guests in all, including her and her date. Since she knew the girls fairly well that would be attending, she also knew who the guys were that would be attending. She took out a knife from the drawer in the kitchenette and carved the numbers one through six on the apples that she pulled from the bag. She then assigned each of the boys a number, but she put the list away where it could not be seen until she was ready to bring it out.

Then she pulled the tub over to the floor in front of the sink and grabbed the spray nozzle and extending it to its full length, she filled the tub up about one third of the way with water. She knew that she couldn't move it back to its original location in the living room area, but with plenty of testosterone about to arrive, she was confident that it would be placed where she needed it.

Just the thought of that phrase made her pussy twitch with anticipation. She was definitely getting wet just from the image of so many guys and so much action.

Soon her guests started to arrive, and Jason was the last one to make it to the party, although he was still 5 minutes early.

In no time, the tub was brought to the middle of the living room area, and the room began to buzz with excitement as several people wondered aloud what the tub was for.

Trish excused herself and came back into the room with the apples that she had put in a container that she found in the kitchenette earlier that evening. She then poured the apples into the tub so that they were floating freely around in the water.

Next she ordered each couple to sit side by side on the floor beside the tub, with the pattern being girl, boy, girl, boy all the way around. All of the items that anyone had brought had to stay behind, as she didn't want anyone to have access to anything just yet.

11 sets of anxious eyes were focused on her intently, awaiting their orders for the next phase.

Trish then began her explanation for the night's events.

"I know that each of you are wondering what to expect this evening. Guys, you are about to find out how to make your date happy tonight. Far too many times you have your fun, and then we have to retreat to our toys when we get back to our rooms. Tonight we are going to show you how we want to be treated."

The electricity in the room could be felt as every person in attendance suddenly became very interested to hear more.

Trish continued, "Sandy is going to go first, Ruby second, then each of the girls will continue in the circle as your turn comes, until I have my turn at the end. You are to undress completely, leaving your clothes somewhere in the room, either on a chair or in a pile if you so desire. As you see in the tub, there are 6 apples there. Each apple has a number on it from one to six. Girls, once you have disrobed, you are to get on your knees and "bob" for an apple. You cannot give up, and I didn't put a lot of water in the tub so that it will be easy for you to grab an apple. The number that you get will correspond to the name of a guy who is in this room with you tonight. That guy will be the one that you will start out with. As the apples are taken, I'll reveal whose name belongs with that apple."

A few of the girls started to protest at first, as they weren't sure about the idea of possibly winding up with someone other than their b/f or date, but Trish quickly quieted them down, and assured everyone that for tonight, each one of them were to declare themselves single and enjoy whatever happens with whomever they wind up with.

"There are some ground rules for you guys. The girl that you wind up with will not leave this evening frustrated. They are going to be the first ones to have an orgasm tonight."

A couple of guys muttered something under their breath, but the look that Trish shot them shut them up rather quickly.

"Girls, before you begin your time with the guy that you wind up with, you are to retrieve the dildos that I told you to bring. Guys, when the girl comes to you with her dildo, the action may begin, anywhere in this suite that you would like, except for the master bedroom. That is reserved for me and whomever I wind up with."

A few people piped up with objections, but Trish reminded them that she was the one who paid for the suite, and she was the one who would get the room when it was her time.

"But there are a few ground rules that I want to go over. Boys, you are to take your time with the girl that you get. That means plenty of kissing and petting. But no intercourse involving your penis! Instead, that is what the dildo is for. Girls, leave the guys cocks alone. There will be time for that once you've had your fun. Instead, just like the girls "bobbed" for the apples, you will "bob" with the dildos. That means that you cannot use your hands in anyway. You must place the flat end in your mouth, and use your head to guide it so that you can penetrate the girl with the dildo. You may place your hands anywhere else on the girls' body, but it is not to grab any part of the dildo. Do you understand?"

The guys all nodded in agreement, some anxiously, others with excited expressions on their faces. Trish could tell that the girls were ecstatic with the idea.

Trish continued on, "No one is to quit until they have had an orgasm. You may continue on if you'd like, that part is optional."

Everyone voiced their agreement with the terms, and Sandy stood to begin undressing. Trish always loved to see Sandy in her glory, especially the 40 D's, so her eyes were glued to every movement that Sandy made while she removed her clothing. Sandy had reddish brown hair that hung over her shoulders and down to almost the top of her breasts when she pulled her hair forward. She had a light tan from all of the visits to the tanning salon, but with the fair complexion of her skin, it was hard for Sandy to get a nice golden brown. Still, the color accentuated her smaller frame and the voluptuous curves that were produced. As she pulled down her jeans and removed her panties, her pubic hair could be seen as it progressed down to the top of her vagina, but then stopped so that it would not be in the way during oral sex.

Finally, Sandy was undressed completely and she knelt down by the tub. In doing so, her ass cheeks were lifted and exposed for everyone near her to see. Her date, Paul, stared intently at the view in front of him. He could see the firmness of her cheeks as they rose up in the air. They separated nicely from each other, allowing a view of her small, freshly washed (and surely) tight hole that still produced beauty, even though to some it may have been gross. A clit ring dangled downward from her pussy as she bent forward and downward to begin her attempt to retrieve an apple.

Sandra knew that she was on display, and she could feel the eyes upon her as she leaned her head forward into the tub. An apple was floating near her, so she brought her right hand up to keep her hair out of the water as best possible, while she used the left hand to steady herself and keep her balance. Paul's cock rose with each rising of her ass cheeks while her head maneuvered up and down in the water as her mouth attempted to close around the apple. Finally her lips dug into the skin enough to secure it and she lifted it from the tub and held it out for Trish to grab and see whose number she had been paired up with.

Trish read the number to herself and retrieved the list from the drawer in the kitchen where she had hidden it.

"Number 3 is Edward," she said, pointing to Ed as he arose from where he was sitting.

"Whoops," Trish quickly spoke. "I almost forgot, no one can start until every girl has an apple."

Ed sat back down, and Sandra came back to her seat. Paul gave Edward a look of disapproval, but as the rules had been given, he didn't dare speak up now when he chose not to earlier.

"Okay Ruby, you're next," Tricia announced and returned to where she had been seated.

Ruby was a sweet girl, but a little bit homey in the way that she presented herself. Trish had seen her in the shower though, and she knew that underneath those clothes, she was actually a little hottie. She had tried to make a move on her several times, but each time she was rebuffed until she finally decided Ruby was a "man-only" girl and decided to move on. It wasn't that she didn't like guys, she enjoyed them. It was just that the girls always knew how to please her, and she had never met a guy who could make her have an orgasm. She was determined tonight would be different though.

Ruby stood up from where she was sitting and lifted her dress high above her head and tossed it onto the couch behind her. She had a plain white pair of panties and bra on, but from Sandy's position directly across the tub, she didn't see any hair peeking out from under the edges of her underwear.

"That's odd, I don't remember her being shaved. I would have noticed that I'm sure," Sandy thought to herself as she watched the free show unfolding in front of her.

When Ruby had completely disrobed and knelt down beside the tub, her date, which was Edward, could be heard making a guttural noise as he absorbed what he had beside him. It was obvious that while he may not have been a virgin, he didn't have a lot of sexual experience.

Ruby made a quick dive after an apple, and just like a country girl that has probably bobbed for apples at a party before, she made quick work of the task. She sat back up with the apple in her mouth and Trish grabbed it from her.

"Ruby, you picked number 6, who is .... James!" Trish exclaimed.

She had to catch herself as she had secretly wished that she would have pulled his number. He had been a football player in high school up to his senior year, when he had been hurt in a tackle that had required a knee replacement. It had ended his career, but because of the therapy that he received, and his continued workouts at the gym, he was still a prize to behold. His dark tan and sandy blonde hair made all the girls swoon around him the minute that he showed up anywhere.

"Damn, of all the girls to get him, it has to be Ruby," she muttered to herself.

Trish quickly recovered and put a smile back on her face and sat back down in her place.

The next two girls had their turns, each pairing up with someone other than their dates. Alicia had Theo, and Nancy wound up with Donald. Both of the couples seemed pleased with the outcome. That left Trish, Jason, Summer and Paul. She realized that it meant that she could possibly wind up with Jason, whom she wouldn't mind having his face buried between her legs, and she was sure that he wouldn't mind being there either. So when Summer drew Paul's apple, it left no other choice than for her to wind up with Jason.

"Well Jason, that leaves me and you, but since everyone else has gotten the chance to do their thing. I'm gonna do mine too."

With that she rose to her feet and started to undress. She had a blue sports tube top and a matching color pair of shorts on. Slowly she pulled on the top to reveal her 34 B's. She always kept in shape by working out, so although her breasts were probably the smallest of the bunch, they were still perky and very attractive, or so she thought.

Jason's' eyes were glued to her body as he watched her pull her shorts down, revealing the crotch-less thong that she had chosen for the occasion. She always kept herself completely shaven below the waist, as she didn't want anything to come between her and her lover giving her pleasure. She had been aroused most of the day just thinking about the events to come, so it was no surprise to her that her vaginal lips were glistening in the light from the overhead lamp with the moisture that she had felt building up inside of her through the day.

Trish made sure that she gave Jason a complete view of her privates, leaning more than needed into the water so that her pussy and her ass would be revealed to his eager eyes. She took her time retrieving the apple, not because she was having a hard time grasping it. Actually she was quite a pro at "bobbing" from the previous year's experiences. But she wanted to enjoy the tease session just a little bit longer. Finally she sat up with the apple in her mouth. Then she spun around on her knees and leaned forward towards Jason's mouth so that he could grab the apple.

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