Bobbi's Birthday Bash


Once again, Bobbi was sucking with the short, quick strokes she uses when she has felt the man's cock jerking in her mouth, with her tongue ready to catch the gift he would give her momentarily. Even as I listened and watched, I saw Aaron's buttocks clench, and heard him give out a great sigh of joy, and I knew he had ejaculated. Bobbi treated his cock as she had Sam's, continuing to suck until he was through cumming, followed by licking off all the semen, and squeezing out what remained inside after his ejaculations. When she was through and had relished everything, Bobbi turned her happy, cum-smeared face expectantly to me.

Eagerly, I started doing what we both wanted me to do. My tongue had been caressing the small area between her love hole and her clit, so I moved my mouth slightly and engulfed her love button. My lips formed a seal, and I started sucking, while my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top of Bobbi's clit.

"Yes! Yes! Like that!" she urged me, quite unnecessarily.

Even as she encouraged me vocally, Bobbi encouraged me in a more physical and erotic way. Her body thrashed on the bed, while she rammed her face against my face. "Oh, my God!" she cried joyously, as she began cumming.

Once again, her thighs and hands made a willing prisoner of my head, while Bobbi yanked me all over the bed. The other birthday well-wishers moved out of the way while she pitched and tossed, all of them anticipating bringing her to the same state with their cocks or mouths. Even as she churned up the sheets, she told everybody in the room how much she loved what was happening to her.

She loved it even more when she climaxed, ramming her pussy against my face as her muscles spasmed. After her orgasm, she completely relaxed, seeming to melt into a pink and white puddle on the bed. I devoured all the nectar that had spattered on her thighs, belly, crotch and pussy lips. This time, I left enough juices inside the hole that produced them, because I knew they would be needed to perform their natural function of lubrication for the huge cock that would be seeking entrance as soon as I got out of the way.

I enjoyed as much of the feast as I would allow myself, and raised my face to look at Bobbi before leaving. Her face was a mask of bliss, with eyes closed and a big smile almost bisecting it. As I moved aside, Steve replaced me between her legs, his cock big and erect and encased in a king-sized condom. Getting into position, he placed his hands on Bobbi's knees, and prepared to rock her world. She felt the bed moving as we changed places, and felt Steve's hands on her knees, so Bobbi opened her eyes to look down and see what was about to be shoved inside her pussy.

When she saw, they opened much wider. "Oh, my God!" she cried happily. "Gimme that big dude!" Her hands reached down and spread her lips as she raised and spread her legs to offer her pussy to the wielder of the big schlong.

It was an offer that no man in his right man would refuse. Guiding his cock with one hand, while the other hand was splayed out beside Bobbi, Steve leaned forward to press the tip of his cock against the pussy that had suddenly gotten wetter. He rubbed the head against that wetness to spread the lubrication, and gave a firm thrust forward. Bobbi let out a cry of lustful joy as it wedged inside her. Her cry was even happier as Steve thrust forward again, plunging almost an inch of his shaft into the wet hole that was already making it so welcome.

"My God, that feels good!" Bobbi enthused. "I want that horse cock all the way in my pussy."

Steve wanted it there too, but they both knew enough to take it easy and not try to get the whole thing into her in one push. After his second thrust, he no longer needed to guide his shaft, so he placed that hand beside Bobbi and pushed forward, driving in another inch of his cock. Once again, she let him know how good it felt, and how she didn't want him to stop until the entire thing was inside her where it would do the most good.

Over and over, he rammed his cock forward, until most of it had found a warm, wet haven. At that point, he drew back so just the head was still inside, and slowly plunged it into her again. Bobbi felt the hard, thick cylinder surging into her and spread her legs wider, with her knees bent. Her hands gripped his upper arms, and she hooked her ankles around Steve's legs, using them to pull herself forward to meet him. Their combined effort succeeded in plunging most of his shaft into her and, with one more thrust, their bodies came snugly together, producing a wet noise and spattering Bobbi's juice on both of them. Steve leaned forward all the way, curling his arms under hers, and she reached up to hold onto his broad shoulders.

They lay like that for almost a minute. Steve told me later how good it was, feeling the talented muscles inside Bobbi's pussy massage the entire length of his cock. I know something of how it would have been; those muscles have done the same thing to me but, since he's hung almost twice as big as I am, it must have felt twice as good. I also had a good idea of how Bobbi was feeling, with pleasure throbbing through her body from the presence of the huge cock in her pussy. She was already close to cumming, and the fucking hadn't even really started yet.

When it did, it began with Steve slowly drawing back, pausing, and thrusting forward again. I'm not that much of a voyeur, but I did watch the thick shaft slowly gliding into Bobbi's pussy, which abruptly rushed forward to meet it, until it was buried all the way inside her again. Both the happy people moaned from bliss when their bodies came together, and Steve slowly drew back again. The second stroke was like the first one, as was the next one, and the one after that. In less than a minute, Bobbi, besides fucking back to meet the cock plowing into her pussy, was rocking from side to side from the intense pleasure, while her head tossed back and forth on the pillow. She was vocalizing her extreme delight too.

It was almost as much fun for Steve. Ever since losing his cherry the first time I took him to a sex party, he has loved everything about such affairs. Although Bobbi isn't really very tight, everybody is tight to somebody with as big a cock as his. He was taking it easy, not wanting to cum too quickly, and wanting to prolong the pleasure for her too. Since that first sex party, I have considered him to be a protégé, and I have always told him the best orgasms are after a long buildup. He tries to provide that for his partners and himself, but it doesn't always work that way. This time, it didn't, although Bobbi certainly had no complaints.

"OH! Oh, my God" she cried out. "I'm cumming!" Her arms tightened their grip on Steve's shoulders and her legs squeezed his thighs.

He continued plunging his cock in and out, but Bobbi held so tightly to him that, every time he tried to draw back for another thrust, she rode with him. That worked out even better because, when he rammed forward, she still stayed with him, and was squashed into the bed. As Steve's cock repeatedly drove even deeper into her, Bobby cried out in ecstasy. One of the reasons I favor this particular hotel is that it is old, and the thick walls make the rooms nearly soundproof, so nobody except the men with her were able to hear the cries of joy.

The last one was the loudest, as Bobbi climaxed, her back arching and all her muscles clenching. After her orgasm, she totally relaxed on the mattress. Steve didn't stop, but he did slow down, fucking her pussy with long, slow strokes, and he would continue that same pace until Bobbi started to respond as she had done earlier. It didn't take very long. She really loves fucking, especially with a good-looking guy like Steve, who is hung the way he is and, after less than a minute, her pussy had started fucking back to meet his cock.

Ten minutes later, Bobbi was blissfully moaning again and, this time, it was in a duet with Steve. "Make me cum again, Stevie! Give me that big cock!" she begged him, and he was extremely happy to comply.

Although his cock was cramming her pussy so full that it was already massaging all of Bobbi's sweet spots, Steve moved up higher on her body. The new position meant he would fuck down into her pussy, and his cock would rub even more solidly against her clit. Starting with the first thrust using the changed position, Bobbi moaned even more loudly, and pulled her body up to meet him. After a few more strokes like the first one, she started rocking from side to side on her ass, and thrusting her legs out beside Steve's hips. He knew she was close to cumming, and he was too, so Steve started fucking faster, still driving his cock all the way into Bobbi's wet and eager pussy.

"Oh! OH!" she cried out after a few minutes of the faster, harder fucking. "Oh, God, I'm cumming. Don't stop! Keep fucking me!"

Steve had no intention of doing anything remotely like stopping. While Bobbi wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him, he continued plunging his cock in and out of her, pressing her ass into the bed as he rammed it into her pussy. It took no more than a minute of that heavy duty fucking before she howled incoherently, arched her back to jam her pussy against him, and dug her fingers into his shoulder as she climaxed. After her orgasm, Bobbi relaxed completely and happily, almost melting into the bed.

Steve was happy too. He didn't relax but kept pounding his cock into Bobbi's pussy as hard and as fast as he had been doing, until he sighed in bliss. His buttocks clenched as he started cumming, and I knew he had just spurted semen into his condom. This was just the first one; he ejaculated two more times before he stopped fucking Bobbi and sprawled on top of her, with his weight still supported by his knees and elbows.

After their great mutual orgasms, Steve lay for a couple of minutes on top of her. Finally, he carefully pulled his cock free and moved away from Bobbi. She sat up, smiling and leaning on her elbows. "Oh, god, that was good," she enthused. "But, now I'm so sore there from that horse cock, I may not be able to do anything else." Bobbi looked at our crestfallen faces after that pronouncement, smiled, and rolled over onto her belly, sliding a pillow under her hips. "I'm not at all sore here," she announced, slapping her voluptuous ass and separating her succulent cheeks with her hands, showing the pink rosebud where she wanted somebody's cock.

It was Frank's turn, and mine, and he was already wearing a condom, so he went to the bureau and fetched the Aqualube and damp towel that I had left there. Bobbi continued holding her ass cheeks apart for him and, after removing the cap and handing it to me, Frank placed the neck of the bottle against her cute rosebud and twisted it to make a slight penetration. He squeezed the plastic sides to squirt the lubricant into the place where it belonged, and handed me the bottle. Knowing he would be using it again in a minute, I held onto it while he poked a long middle finger into Bobbi's ass and spread the lubricant that would be needed. He used plenty of it, remembering the admonition: "Better to use more than you need than not enough."

When he was through preparing the lady's ass, I handed him the bottle and he poured more onto that same hand and used it to cover his cock. I took the bottle back and replaced the cap while he reached between Bobbi's ass cheeks and used the thumb and fingers of one hand to pry open her oily hole. His other hand guided his cock, and he pressed it against the opening he and Bobby were creating. Frank shifted his knees slightly, gave a firm push, and the head wedged into the ass that was waiting so patiently. Bobbi drew her breath in sharply between her teeth, and continued holding her cheeks apart.

After shifting his weight again, Frank gave another push, and more of his cock slid into Bobbi's ass. This time, she expressed her pleasure by murmuring happily, matching his happy sigh. His cock was buried deeply enough inside her that he no longer needed to hold her open or to guide it. After running his fingers over the point of penetration, making sure no loose skin was trapped, Frank looked at me. I handed him the towel, and got into position in front of Bobbi, because it was my turn also. He wiped the excess lubrication from his hands and handed the towel to Sam, who put it and the Aqualube back where they had been. Ready to get down to some good, heavy duty fucking of Bobbi's sexy ass, Frank placed his hands, for leverage, on her soft hips, and thrust forward again. They both moaned blissfully when more of his cock plunged into where they both wanted it.

When Bobbi saw me getting into position, she greeted me with a smile. "You did such a great job eating my pussy, I'll be glad to return the favor."

I was glad of it too and, after stacking pillows up behind myself, I slid further down the bed so her face would be directly above my erection when it was time for her to start sucking. Before taking it into her mouth, Bobbi wanted to wait until Frank's cock was all the way inside her ass, and that was fine with me also. I would have really hated to have some unusually pleasurable thrust cause her to suddenly clamp her teeth down with my cock between them.

It only took a few more strokes before the rest of Frank's shaft was buried all the way in Bobbi's ass. He placed his hands on her shoulders, drew back again, and thrust forward. She fucked back to meet him, and they both murmured happily as his groin pressed against the insides of her ass cheeks again.

I was happy too, because it meant my cock would be inside Bobbi's warm, wet mouth within a minute. I moved in closer, and she reached out with her tongue to lick the head, moving it in concentric circles as she lowered her face. When the tip of my cock was held by her lips, her tongue continued down the shaft, curling around it and caressing all sides. Besides knowing how to suck cocks to give maximum pleasure, Bobbi knows other ways to make the man feel good. As her mouth enveloped the rest of my shaft, she looked up at me adoringly with her warm, brown eyes, and I decided they weren't really all that far apart. Slowly, my cock entered her mouth, and I felt her pause very briefly, before I felt the tip continue to slide down her throat. She kept taking it in deeper until her lips were at my pubic hair, and she could reach out with her tongue and lick the front of my scrotum.

The withdrawal of her mouth was just as slow, and felt just as good, until only the head remained between her lips. She took it out of her mouth and licked all around it and smiled at me around it. "I really love sucking your cock, George. I hope you take a long time, and give me a really good mouthful of your cum." I told her I hoped so too.

I wasn't the only one giving Bobbi pleasure, nor was I the only one receiving it from her. Frank was lying full-length on her back, supporting his weight on his hands and knees, and slowly driving his shaft in and out of her ass. Within a few strokes, it was in rhythm with her mouth moving on my cock, I noticed, and she fucked back to meet him at the same pace. Much as I had done earlier, Frank wanted to wait until she was through sucking me off, and had gotten the fresh mouthful of cum she hungered for, before bringing Bobbi to her orgasm. I was glad of that, because I have had my cock bitten by a woman when she climaxed. It was no fun, and is something I would not want to do again.

Her sucking me off was certainly fun though and, after a long time, I could feel my climax building, like a geyser bubbling up under the surface. I moaned blissfully and Bobbi, still looking up at me, winked. When it was time, she would know what to do and how to do it, so I leaned back and to enjoy everything that was happening on the big bed. I wasn't the only one enjoying it. Bobbi was silent, her mouth being too busy to speak, but I could tell how much fun she was having by the way her body thrashed from side to side under Frank. His face was no more than three feet from mine and, as he slowly moved back and forth, it was a mask of pure pleasure, and I could hear him softly moaning and sighing in bliss.

My climax was rapidly approaching, and Bobbi knew it when she felt my cock throbbing in her mouth. She clamped her lips down more tightly, and no longer took the head down her throat. She sucked faster too, and it felt better and better with every stroke of her lips. I resisted the urge to grab her head and start to ram my cock in and out of her mouth, because I know Bobbi hates it when men do that. She continued sucking, and I felt a tremendous climax welling up inside me, and I felt my cock jerking inside her wet, warm pleasure chamber. She felt ir too, and started sucking with short strokes, and I knew her tongue was in position to catch my semen when it spurted, which it would be doing in about a second.

"Ooooo," I groaned, as I started cumming, and a big gob gushed into Bobbi's mouth.

Still holding my cock tightly between her lips, she relished the flavor of the viscous fluid before I added to it with another, but smaller burst. Bobbi enjoyed this one just as much, and I could see her swirling both gobs of my cum in her mouth, before swallowing them. She sucked for another minute, but got no more semen, and probably felt my cock starting to get softer. She took it out of her mouth and held it in her fingers, before squeezing everything out of it as she had with the other cocks that had fed their cum to her. I backed away from her, through for the time being, although I hoped to eat Bobbi's pussy again within the next few hours. We expected the party to continue all day and, after I had taken more Viagra, I would be ready for more fucking, or for being sucked off again.

With her mouth no longer busy, Bobbi twisted around to smile at Frank. "I love your cock back there," she told him. "Really give it to me now, and make me cum. She smiled at me also. "I hope you'll play with my clit, George. You do that better than anybody."

Flattery got her everywhere. Besides that, I liked playing with Bobbi's pussy, so I moved over to lie beside her and reached beside the pillow that was under her body. Frank would have done it, because he also likes fondling swollen clits, such as he knew Bobbi's to be, but he had no objection to my doing it. Both his hands were on her shoulders for leverage, and he pulled his cock most of the way out and drove it back inside her. Bobbi moaned with the extreme pleasure, and fucked her ass back to meet him.

Her pussy was extremely wet after sucking me off and from getting her ass slowly fucked by Frank. Not wanting them to be wasted, I covered my fingers several times with Bobbi's delicious juices and licked them off before gently holding her clit between two folds of her inner lips. Matching the pace of Frank's cock slowly driving in and out of her ass, I stroked Bobbi's precious love button while her body thrashed beside me. As she fucked back to meet Frank's cock, her legs flailed the mattress, and her blissful moans grew louder and ended in whimpers. Once again, Bobbi twisted her head back to look at the man on top of her back.

"Faster! Fuck me faster! Make me cum!" she begged him.

From his own sighs and grunts, I knew Frank was getting closer to his climax also, so he had no reluctance to do what she asked. Shifting his knees slightly for better leverage, he started plowing his cock harder and faster and just as deep into her eager ass. I matched the increased pace, stroking her clit between my fingers, although it was hard to maintain a gentle hold, with the way her body pitched and rolled from side to side.

"Yes! Yes! I'm cumming!" Bobbi trilled joyously.

Her movements became even wilder, as Frank held more tightly to her shoulders and rammed his cock into her even faster, and as hard as he could. He was panting and grunting and sighing in pleasure, and I knew he was holding back, but would climax immediately after Bobbi achieved her orgasm.

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