Bobby couldn't argue with that so they went in. He literally inhaled the first screwdriver the guy made for him. Booze wasn't something he was used to, just a beer or two when he could get it. But this drink tasted great and he really needed it. Anything that would help him calm down was OK. Bobby felt very small and lost caught in the raging river of his hormonal emotions. A little booze wouldn't hurt now.

The guy made him a second quick drink and waited a few minutes hoping the effects of the double vodkas would relax the boy. He was so fucking hot for this little cherry he seriously thought about raping him if he copped out now. He sat down next to Bobby without touching him and opened a porno magazine of hot gay scenes. Naturally they showed black and white men and it didn't take long for Bobby's cock to start reacting again. While Bobby flipped through the pages the stranger loaded the VCR with a tape of "OREO BOYS".

The sight of a huge coal black cock being fed into another white boy's mouth was the spark Bobby needed to rekindle the fire in his body. He didn't make a sound when the man got him up from the sofa and slowly undressed him. When he was totally naked the erection he sported proved he wanted to continue this game. The man circled him like a hungry shark eyeing bait. Finally he stopped admiring Bobby and stood still in the middle of the room, motioning Bobby to walk to him.

"Come hug me baby, just like in the movie," he said, and Bobby eagerly went to him.

The sensations of his naked flesh against the man's clothes were like a narcotic to Bobby, making him pant and moan like mad. The man lifted Bobby's chin and pressed his lips to the boy's mouth. Bobby couldn't understand the jolts of sexual excitement coursing through his body. He sucked on the thick tongue and felt saliva pouring down his young throat. He felt warm hands massaging his tight nipples and separating his ass-cheeks to touch and probe his puckered virgin ass. Finally the man pushed him down to his knees.

"Do it just like in the movie, Baby. Open my pants and suck my cock just like the boy did in the movie. Just like the boy on TV. I need you to suck my cock. You need to suck my cock. You WANT to suck my cock," he rapped hypnotically.

Don't worry. Nobody will ever know you did it."

"There you go, take it," he said as Bobby finally lowered his head and opened his lips to capture the big purple cock head. He started working his mouth up and down; keeping his lips tight against the rock hard dick. Just like the boy in the movie.

"Oh yea, you're such a good little cocksucker. You were made to nurse at the end of a black mans dick; to provide pleasure, to get your pleasure from it. You'll taste my seed and you'll grow to love it. You'll need the seed. You'll want the seed; it's like mother's milk." He chanted as Bobby tried to capture as much of the hard black meat as he could take.

The man gently grasped Bobby's head and guided him, teaching him how to pleasure a big cock. He kept nodding reassuringly as he forced Bobby to take him deeper, ever deeper.

"Relax and breathe through your nose, you want to take it all," the man said. "You want to go black balls deep don't you?"

"Relax," he said again when Bobby's gag reflex kicked in. Bobby blinked away a tear and tried to breathe through his nose. He kept his lips tight now. He just needed to concentrate now. The man was using his head as a handle to fuck his face.

"Go easy boy," he said. "This is your first time. I'll teach you to suck cock. Make love to it with your mouth. I might not be able to hold back very long little man. I planned to take your cherry right away but I think I'll have to cum in your mouth first. Oh yes, that's what you need. Take my hot cum boy! Swallow it all down. You'll always remember your first load; your first load of hot black cum for your hot white mouth. You'll love it sweet thing."

"That great, you're a quick learner. Some boys never learn how to take a dick like this. You're a born cocksucker."

"That's it baby," he kept up the rap. "Isn't it just the hottest thing you ever dreamed of? Oh baby, if only you knew how sexy you look down there with my cock in your sweet mouth. You've got a sweet mouth baby. Just like the boy in the movie! Swallow my hot juices boy; let my cockjuice run down into your belly. I promised you'd love it didn't I. I knew you'd love sucking my cock, just like the boy in the movie".

Bobby was going crazy listening to the erotic talk and feeling his young mouth packed full of black cock. His mind was a mass of conflicts and confusion but the constant demands of his sexual desires created such a powerful need he wouldn't have stopped sucking that man's cock if a gun was pressed to his head. He was so eager to taste new flesh he would continually choke himself when he tried to get more than he could handle.

Bobby was also shocked at the way he responded to having a cock in his mouth. He felt re-born the instant he wrapped his lips around the man's warm leaking dick and nursed on it like a hungry calf. He wished he could have it completely in his throat but kept gagging himself when he tried to do just that. When the man tipped his head back and looked down at him he felt like cheering because he had found himself; found himself on his knees with a throbbing Negro cock pouring precum down his throat. He wanted the man to look at him giving his first blow-job; look I'm sucking a black man's cock!

Then the huge dick seemed to come alive. It felt larger, hotter and pulsed like it had a heartbeat. The man drove it deep into Bobby's mouth as it started to explode. The sperm that he felt pumping into the back of his throat was better than any drink in the world and he swallowed it like a starving man. There was a lot of it, more than he had expected. So much it started to leak out of the corners of his mouth. The taste was strong and very 'male'; he liked it. The texture was pure slime; he liked that too.

The man was just standing there with his dick soaking in Bobby's mouth now. Then he slowly pulled it out; even though Bobby's lips struggled to keep the hard black prize.

"You're not done little man. There's still a little more milk for you," the man reassured him.

"Just open your mouth and hold out your tongue. This milk is good to the last drop," he said running his fingers down the shaft as though he were forcing toothpaste from a tube.

As each drop of the thick white milk dripped from the end of the spent dick Bobby reached up to grab it with his tongue. The man was amazed. This boy was concentrating on the end of his cock like this would be his last meal. If only he knew. He just wanted to be sure Bobby experienced the complete feeling of being a cocksucker; his cocksucker! Draining every last drop of sperm was to be Bobby's duty so he might as well learn right away.

The man eventually moved to the sofa and relaxed with his legs in front of him. Bobby sat on the floor and put his head on the man's thigh so he could look at the dark skinned cock he had just worshipped. He couldn't stop staring or working his tongue inside his cheeks because the taste of cum remained strong and he loved the lingering sensation.

The man saw it was very late now and Bobby's relatives would be wondering about him. Rather than take him home he lit a joint and shared it. The man knew that the dope would make the boy forget about the time and stay contented. He didn't want the boy to get in trouble, but he wasn't ready to let him go. He knew Bobby had no idea where he was so he'd keep him stoned, drunk and naked all night and worry about his family tomorrow. He was sure that Bobby wouldn't have any trouble making up a story his Aunt and Uncle would believe. Especially if a hard black dick was the prize for success. The man casually removed his clothes and took Bobby into his bedroom where he had him suck his dick some more. When he got his erection he placed Bobby face down with his hips over some cushions and opened the jar of Vaseline he had purchased. When he pressed his slick finger against Bobby's asshole he heard a sexy sigh and the ass rose up to him.

"I'm going to breed you now Bobby. Are you ready for my black cock in your tight cherry ass? Are you ready to be my little bitch boy?" he whispered to Bobby.

"Just like the white boy in the movie?" Bobby asked.

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