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Bobby Sees Everything


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I suppose my ambition ever since school days was to see my teacher, Miss Peters, Miss Julia Peters, nude. As young schoolboys, we all had a crush on Miss Peters; she habitually wore short dresses and temptingly sat on the front edge of her desk, long tanned legs crossed. She thought we were hanging on her every word, in truth, we were just trying get a glimpse of her knickers as she crossed and uncrossed her legs rewarded with the occasional flash of white and the very rare glimpse of black. Tommy swore he saw blue ones one time, he was prone to bragging, none of us believed him.

I blame Miss Peters for my onset of voyeurism, I spent many years trying to catch girls flashing their knickers or undressing. All good things come to an end and mine came when I was caught peeping through a hole into the girls changing room, I was getting an eyeful of Vicky stripping off when the school caretaker caught me, viciously twisting my ear as he marched me off to the Headmistresses Office. She suspended me. Personally, I wouldn't have minded bending over and receiving my punishment, Mrs Saunders was quite sexy, for an older woman, no way in Miss Peter's league but I'm sure a few whacks would have given me a stiffy.

For a few long weeks, our small town was famous for two things, me - the peeping tom -and the annual Pageant. Word spread like wild fire about me and the peeping hole, none of the girls would talk to me, I became ostracised by virtually everyone in the town and moved away just as soon as I could.

Our town on the Welsh borders had a great community spirit bonded by a tradition passed down from before the Middle Ages; the bi-annual pageant, resurrected in an upsweep of all things Celtic by my Mother and ably assisted by the sensual Miss Peters, commemorated the slaughter of twelve hundred monks from the monastery at nearby Bangor-in-Coed, in the opinion of Æthelfrith, King of Northumbria, they were supporting the wrong side. Over the last two decades, the Pageant had become an almost national event covered by media and bringing numerous tourists to view the procession and visit the ruins of the monastery. Mum, by the time I left school, had effectively handed the organisation over to Miss Peters and was complaining to me during our weekly telephone conversation about how the cost of staging the Pageant had spiralled out of control; I was only half listening, my eyes caught by a small item in the newspaper, National Nude Day had taken place yesterday. Mum was saying how she didn't know how Miss Peters would raise the money to stage the next Pageant.

It is funny how ideas creep up on you. I didn't link the two events immediately, but something lodged in my brain and fermented slowly until one night I woke in the dark suddenly completely aware of how I would get to see Miss Peters in the nude; and not just her, but every snotty girl who called me a pervert and shunned me after the peeping episode.

I work as a photographer's assistant; well what did you expect, this way I get to see more nudes and believe me, I have seen a few. Life is grand, though I hanker to see Miss Peters in the flesh and Vicky, and Katie, and that little blonde honey Susan Miles who married that prick Tommy – God alone knows what she saw in him; I had a strategy, I just had to play it out and hope I could pull it off.

- - # - -

Some months later.

"Molly? It's Julia, Julia Peters."

"Hello Julia, how are you?"

"I'm fine. Look, I've received a strange letter, can I call round later, and I'd like to see what you make of it."

"Of course you can dear, I'll expect you after school."

Julia spent the day teaching with her mind dwelling on the letter she had received, she knew of Spencer Turnik, admired his work in a perverse sort of way. She saw nothing pornographic in the naked human body, in all its multitude of forms. In fact, the idea of staging the Pageant naked appealed to the sensual side of her nature and she felt a small tingle between her thighs she would have liked to attend to, had she not been facing a class. The promise of money would solve a multitude of problems and ensure the continuity of the Pageant proper for the next decade. The problem would be how to 'sell' the idea to the town.

She arrived at Molly's and walked around to the back where she knew she would find Molly in the garden.

"Hello Molly. The garden looks wonderful."

"Hello Julia dear. Yes, it's looking lovely at this time of the year." Molly straightened from where she was weeding a bed of border plants and stood to face Julia. She was wearing a bikini and, at what must be close to fifty years old, she looked very trim.

"Well, you look quite lovely yourself! Getting a top up on the sun tan?"

Julia's mind flashed an image of pulling Molly's bikini pants down and burying herself in her muff. She had kept her sexual inclinations well hidden and dated just enough men for the town not to suspect her true desires. Now past her mid-thirties she knew just what she would like to do with Molly, given the opportunity. She heard herself thinking 'If I can pull this off, I'll see just what Molly's hiding in there.'

Molly blushed, "Well, make the most of the sunshine, we get little enough. What do you want to talk about dear?"

"I received this letter this morning, the long and short of it is a famous photographer wants to pay us a large sum of money for the rights to photograph the Pageant."

"Oh Julia. I am so happy for you dear. That is just what you need. How much is he prepared to pay?"

"Twenty thousand pounds."

"My gosh. It is an awful lot of money; the Pageant will be solvent for years. Well done Julia, I'm so proud of you."

"I didn't do anything Molly, the letter arrived out of the blue; but there is a catch to it."

"Yes, well there was bound to be for that amount of money. What does he want you to do, dance naked for him?"

Julia laughed, "You don't know how close that is. He is Spencer Tunick, he specialises in photographing groups of nude people. He wants us to stage the Pageant with everyone naked."

"Oh my."

"Molly, he is a perfectly respectable photographer. Internationally famous, it wouldn't be sordid or rude. And the money, I don't need to tell you how important the money would be."

"I'm not sure my Robert will want his little dinkle on public view; though personally, I feel as if I have been training for this for years. It's like the calendar thing the Women's Institute did. How exciting."

You don't know just how exciting, Julia thought, there is many a woman in this town I would enjoy feasting my eyes upon, if I can only persuade them, it will keep me on a high for months.

"Mr Tunick is proposing we do this as a purely private event on National Nude Day, he say's that will make it easier for people to participate. What do you think Molly, should we arrange for the committee to meet?"

"Yes, we should certainly discuss the proposal, the money alone will get people thinking. What does he plan to do with the photographs?"

"He says the photographs will form part of an exhibition of his work to be shown in a gallery in the autumn. I have a whole list here of other projects, including one at the Saatchi Gallery opening in 2003. Here, he sent some photographs of other events, very tasteful, nothing improper."

Julia handed a sheath of photographs to Molly and watched her eyes crinkle with interest as she leafed through the glossy black and white pictures.

"Oh these are very nice Julia, he captures the shapes of bodies beautifully, very artistic."

Julia shrieked inwardly at Molly's ineptitude. These were not 'nice' or 'artistic', but sensual exotic images expressing the sinuous curves of buttocks and breasts, just a tuft of pubic hair or a smooth cleft curving inward, here and there a flaccid prick looking for all the world like a worm the Robin had pulled up, penises were lost on Julia who feasted on plumb breasts, puckered nipples and round arses. She actually wanted to get home and relieve some of the tension that had been building all day; pity Molly couldn't help her, though I can always hope, she thought.

"I don't think anyone could object really, it is an art project and as you say Molly, very tasteful." Just as I am sure you would be if you gave me half the chance, she told herself.

"It's a good job my Bobby isn't around, after the dreadful Peeping Tom business, we must make sure not a word of this leaks outside of the town. If Booby were to turn up, I would be mortified. I'll phone around the committee members dear, and arrange a meeting, we can hold it here."

"Thank you Molly, I knew you would see this idea for what it is."

"Oh believe me Julia, I'm really excited about this, it is a pity it is not National Nude Day today, we could practice, I'm at least halfway naked already."

Julia noted the twinkle in Molly's eyes and wondered if she was being teased or led-on suspecting Molly, with whom she had spent a very great deal of time, was aware of her proclivities. As much as she felt an urge to explore this possible invitation Julia wanted the nude Pageant more and chose discretion over desire knowing middle aged housewife Molly would be crucial in winning round the opinions of the townsfolk. If she wants to explore, there will be plenty of time, and excitement, later.

- - # - -

Mum thinks I work in a restaurant, I didn't want her worrying about me working in a photographic studio, she would have imagined the worst, and been absolutely right. I always arrived at work before Chris, the photographer, and anyone else. Everyone assumed I was hard working, really, it gave me a chance to toss off to some of my favourite pics; it had become a morning ritual.

Being at work early, I dealt with the mail and anxiously scanned each day's delivery for 'the letter'. About two weeks after I wrote to Miss Peters, I received the reply I had been praying for. In principle the committee had agreed to Tunick's request, little did they know Tunick was completely unaware, our office had represented itself as his London Agent, now all I had to do was bring the others into the scheme.

Chris who owned the business was easy to persuade, a few years older than me and gifted with a camera in his hands, he caught on to the idea. Thought it would be a great gig with some possible fringe benefits, fanny fringe I think he had in mind; I have lost count of the number of women he has bedded. His only concern was the legal implications, he had a mate, a lawyer, and said he would speak to him, get some ideas.

I spent a couple of anxious weeks waiting for Chris to sort out how to proceed; his lawyer mate drafted a waiver letter every participant in the nude Pageant had to sign. It was a masterful piece of writing making Chris's business the legal entity, once the participants signed up the photos could be used for exhibition and promotion purposes. Now Chris had to visit the town, meet with the committee and push the project forward.

I wrote another letter to Miss Peters on Chris's behalf requesting a meeting and bit my nails to the bone waiting for a reply. Eventually her reply came suggesting a meeting on a Sunday twelve days away. Time was getting tight now, less than two months to National Nude Day and I briefed Chris on who he was likely to meet. He started to get fully involved in the project taking a professional interest, studying Tunick's work to develop ideas and plans so he could convince the meeting of the seriousness of the project. On the appointed day, I went with Chris to a nearby town where he left me and drove on for the meeting. The next four hours were the longest of my life.

- - # - -

Julia and Molly had worked hard on convincing the committee to stage the nude Pageant, an anticipation hung over the town as the day approached to meet with Chris, the frisson almost palatable, none more so than in Julia who had taken to studying the women in the town with added interest and though her thoughts always returned to Molly, she allowed her mind to explore the endless possibilities around her. Julia was surprised by the many volunteers for the nude Pageant many of them former students; should could not help but wander her eyes across torsos, breasts and bums as she met them in the street, seeing the excitement in their eyes, feeling the tingling in her groin, her orgasms had become tremulous affairs brought on by a fear the arrangement may collapse. Molly didn't help, she had taken to becoming almost sluttish around Julia one day wearing nothing but a skimpy housecoat when Julia called to see her not bothering to cover herself and fully aware of the discomfort she settled on Julia. The pair reached an unspoken understanding there would be an encounter, when all this was settled.

On the Saturday Julia called at Molly's house to go through the list of points to be raised at the meeting. Molly let her into the house just wearing a black bra and skimpy panties.

"I'm sorry dear, you arrived before I was dressed. Are you feeling ok?" She said as she led Julia into the sitting room.

Julia, already on an erotic high almost went over the edge as she followed Molly's cute silk clad bottom into the house and involuntarily rubbed the back of her hand across her pubis.

"Oh Molly, you are so beautiful!" she spluttered, unable to control her words.

"Well I try to keep fit and firm. The truth is I've never felt so sexy, it's this nude business of course but I think I'd like to try other things, I'm not sure I have the courage."

She looked intently at Julia as she said this, making sure she had her attention. She saw Julia rubbing the edge of the folder she was holding across her fanny, not sure Julia realised she was doing it.

"If you need to do something about that 'itch' don't mind me, in fact I'd quite like to watch. I'd like to play with you, but I think I'll just watch this time."

Julia was already raising the hem of her skirt and leant back into the sofa, skirt hitched, legs spread. She didn't speak, just watched Molly's eyes watching her fingers moving in and out of her pussy squelching with each thrust. It didn't take long; she wanted to cum so badly and rocked her head back as the orgasm took her.

Molly licked her lips, "Wait there dear, I'll fetch some tissues."

Julia sat with her fingers cupping her slit hoping she wasn't dripping on the sofa. Molly knelt in front of her with a hand full of tissues and gently started to wipe through the crack of her bottom up to Julia's lips. Julia moved her hand away and opened herself to Molly's ministrations taking tissues from the box to clean her fingers. Molly focused on what she was doing fingering Julia's puffed up lips through the tissue, wiping away the moisture.

"Smell's nice. Maybe next time you will let me do it." Molly said.

"That would be nice, when?"

"After the Pageant, Roberts going to be away on business. Maybe you could visit for the weekend."

"I'd like that. I didn't know you felt like this."

"I wasn't sure myself until just now. I've been thinking about you a lot, I'd like to know if I want a female lover, Lord knows I need sex and I'm fed up with Robert, no imagination. He thinks sex is something he has to do on a Sunday morning, just before he washes the car."

They did eventually get around to discussing the next days meeting.

The meeting started at 11.00 o'clock. Seventy-two people willing to participate, roughly two thirds female. Ages ranged from nineteen to sixty-seven. If Bobby had been in the hall, he would have been delighted to see Vicky, Katie, and Susan willing to display their charms. Chris took a couple of pictures of the assembled crowd for reference and distributed the waiver forms for everyone to sign. He also handed over a cheque for ten percent of the fee, an advance he had obtained from a newspaper. The atmosphere was one of excitement and apprehension; there was no doubting the enthusiasm for the project.

Julia who had spoken to Chris on his mobile over the previous three days had agreed to take him out to the monastery ruins where the nude pageant would take place, so he could view camera angles. He had passed himself off as Tunick's London assistant; he would be responsible for directing most of the photo shoot.

Chris's ability with the camera was in no small part due to his natural ability to put women at ease. Not particularly handsome, his lean and rugged countenance exuded confidence. He never lacked for sexual partners; meeting so many women in the course of his work, he took risks, liberties others stepped back from and charmed his way into their underwear with camera or cock in hand.

Out at the monastery site he turned his full attention to wooing Julia firstly by acting the consummate professional intent of seeking camera angles playing the part to the full. After photographing the ruins from every angle, he turned his camera on Julia taking a few quick shots of her leaning crumbled masonry.

"Hey what are you doing?" she asked, really quite pleased he had finally turned his camera on her.

"Fancy undoing a few buttons for me."

"No!" she laughed, tempted by the idea.

"Come on. I'll be seeing you starkers in a few weeks, just undo your shirt buttons."

Within fifteen minutes, Julia was naked sprawled in the lush grass and stones. The coolness of the grass against he back and the photographer at her front excited her more than she cared, it was an age since she had a prick inside her. It was tempting.

"Squeeze your breasts together Julia, pretend you want me, yeh that's it you look really sexy. Open your legs a little. Oh, looks a little damp. Excited?"

About thirty seconds later he was in her, grinding her backside into the grass while she gasped and pulled at his hair trying to work him further into her. He felt her cunt tighten around his prick and the old familiar sensation as he pumped into her while she breathed is short sharp pants. He slowly collapsed onto her licking at her nipples feeling spasms of excitement run through to her cunt.

"Fuck me again, slower this time. It has been an age since a man fucked me."

"I can't believe that, you're gorgeous."

"I prefer women, but you'll do for today. Now fuck me again, show me what a man can do."

This was all Chris needed to hear to get him fully erect again and he set about bringing Julia to a slow climax; he loved a challenge and determined to put on a show, just the notion she was 'bi' made him horny. Twice her brought just to the edge easing back, teasing, until she fastened her legs around him and pulled him deep into her rocking her hips off the grass to meet his thrusts. Exhausted she lay back, Chris beside her, feeling their juices seep out down across her bottom, content to enjoy the sensation.

"Got any tissues?" she asked.

"Yeh, a camera man always has tissues, got to keep the lenses clean."

"Well clean me up, a girl likes to be cleaned afterwards."

Julia loved to have her cunt touched, looked at. She insisted with all her girlfriends they clean her afterwards, just as Molly had done.

She spread herself to his touch and gaze blissfully aware of his fingers investigating just as much as cleaning, enjoying his close inspection.

"You seen enough?"

"I'm just getting started."

Good, she thought, and gently pushed his head lower so he would know what was required.

She watched swallows swooping over the stones against the clear blue sky running her fingers through his hair trying not to think of his tongue probing, lips nibbling wanting to enjoy the rough texture of his beard against her skin whilst his mouth worked on her. Chris enjoyed going down on women, loved the sweet salty taste and the texture of juice-laden flesh. His hands went under her bottom, cold and damp from the grass, raising her cunt to his mouth and a finger found passage to her anus rubbing across the ring still slick and wet. She started to push at his mouth wanting him to eat her delighting in his strong tongue lashing across her cunt up to her clit and she came again for the third time, always stronger this way, male or female, she didn't really care whose mouth fucked her.

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