tagReviews & EssaysBobbyluv: A National Treasure

Bobbyluv: A National Treasure

byCal Y. Pygia©

Sleazy, skanky, sordid: these adjectives spring to mind when one considers the drawings of the artist who calls himself Bobbyluv. He draws figures other than transsexuals, but some of his more intriguing--and, at the same time, grotesque--characters are men who are transitioning to women. They have undergone hormone therapy, developing small breasts, but they have yet to undergo sex-reassignment surgery (and, one suspects, probably never will do so).

As a result, they are an fascinating, if also rather repulsive, even ghastly, hermaphroditic hybrids of definite masculinity and suggested femininity. Invariably tall and as emaciated as fashion runway models, which is to say virtually skeletal, Bobbyluv's shemales sport tiny tits, delightful derrieres, huge cocks, and manly, if not gargantuan, balls. The artist often draws them in simple, but effective poses, often against a featureless gray backdrop. Most of his works have titles, which is not always the case with regard to illustrations of transsexuals.

In one such drawing, Rock Star, a tall, thin shemale, with boyishly short, wavy hair, styled in a masculine cut, stands, in profile, hands upon narrow hips, wearing a collar, a shirt, stockings, and high heels, but neither panties nor garter belt, his only concessions to makeup eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. He looks down, seeming to frown at the erect, circumcised cock that juts from his groin, above a respectably well-filled, tight, raised scrotum. He has no breasts, so he qualifies as a transvestite more than he does as a transsexual, although he is attractive enough, one imagines, to pass as female when he is fully made up, coiffed, and costumed.

In Shot Glass, a similar character wears her blonde hair in a ponytail, kneeling, with her hands behind her back--or, rather, her thighs. A collar with a ring, through which might be fed a chain, encircles her neck, and she wears dark stockings and high heels. Before her, a shot glass rests upon the floor, some of the seed from an apparent ejaculation (perhaps her own) in its bottom and other globules and streamers of semen upon the carpet nearby.

She has breasts, with long, well-delineated, erect nipples, but, like all of Bobbyluv's transwomen's boobs, hers are delightfully firm and small, more like those of a teen than an adult woman. The transsexual's cock is gargantuan, as large--or larger--than her forearm, and her balls are shaped rather like a cowbell. Despite the ejaculate in the shot glass and upon the carpet, there is no semen upon her face, belly, chest, groin, thighs, or penis, suggesting that, if it is her cum in the glass and on the carpet, she deposited it there some time ago. She wears no makeup, but she has fine features. Her eyes are closed as if she is meditating or, perhaps, awaiting her unseen master's next command: the ringed collar, her kneeling, and her arms held behind her back all suggest that she is someone's property, a sex slave.

Some of Bobbyluv's shemales have female lovers, although the women look vaguely masculine, just as the transsexuals look somewhat feminine. In She Fucks He, a blonde tranny, with an innocent, pretty face, panties down below her arched buttocks, kneels on a bed, wearing (besides the lowered panties) only a bra. As usual, the breasts with which she is blessed are as small as her cut cock is large. Her member juts, thick and stiff, from her maiden's groin, pointing toward the gaping vagina of the woman, her sex partner, who lies supine, legs raised and parted wide. A thin rivulet of the shemale's sperm overflows the young woman's cunt, pouring down her perineum and between her buttocks to pool upon the bed sheet.

The woman, a brunette, wears a peek-a-boo bra, stockings, and a garter belt; her arms are folded behind her head, and her fingers, one assumes, are interlocked behind her skull. Despite her breasts and her vagina, she has an androgynous face, which is both attractive and rather more masculine than feminine. The tranny's left hand encircles the brunette's right ankle. Although the shemale's other hand is hidden from view, behind her body, one assumes that it holds her lover's other ankle, keeping the woman's parted legs well spread.

In the background, a lamp stands upon a bedside table, both of which are, like the line that suggests the bed's headboard, indicated by only the faintest lines so as not to detract from the figures in the bed. One of the sexiest aspects of this--and many of the artist's other shemale drawings--is the way that Bobbyluv makes the women look more boyish than girly and the trannies more girly than boyish. His androgyny works in both his masculine and his transgender characters in opposite, oddly complementary ways.

Featureless gray backdrops and bedrooms appear as the settings in several of Bobbyluv's drawings, but his work also depicts his characters posing or having sex in such locations as fraternity house living rooms, shower rooms, campsites, barns, woods, the back seats of automobiles, and hospital rooms. Few of his pictures tell a complete story. Instead, they simply suggest the occurrence of exhibitionistic display or sexual play, as if the viewer has chanced upon such an act. This sense of chance discovery, which makes Bobbyluv's characters exhibitionists and his viewers voyeurs, adds to the pictures' erotic effect.

When the partners of his transvestites or (more often) his transsexuals are male rather than female, the men are often shown to be impaled anally; whether they have shoved objects up their own asses or have had them shoved there by their lovers is left to the imagination, although the men, in such situations, typically assume a submissive posture and perform such subservient acts as fellatio upon the dominant trannies; receive their ejaculate upon their faces, in their mouths, or upon their backs; or are by the trannies in their asses. The men's passive or submissive postures and acts suggest that their transsexual partners may well be not only their lovers, but also their mistresses. Among the objects with which these unlucky (or lucky, depending upon one's own point of view with regard to such matters) men have been impaled include soft drink bottles, stool-mounted dildos, and, of course, the shemales' own gargantuan, masculine members. Regardless of the occasion, the setting, or the sexual act, semen erupts, flows, and pools in copious quantities.

Most of the artist's drawings depict scenes that actually could happen, but Rapeunzel is based upon the fairy tale in which a long-haired maiden lets her locks down from the window of a tower in which she is being held prisoner in order that her hero may climb her tresses and effect her rescue. However, Bobbyluv's illustration takes a few liberties, in the name of artistic license, with this well-established tale. As the drawing's title suggests, the young man who climbs her braided hair does so not to spirit her away from her captors, but to ravish her. The young lady also differs from the heroine of the traditional story in that she is not really a she at all, but a shemale. Moreover, her sly smile, as she looks back, over her shoulder, as if to greet the handsome prince who has ascended the tower's exterior wall, having climbed his way, hand over hand, up her long, thick braid to the castle's window, is about to enter her prison-chamber. If he has come to ravish her, as the drawing's title suggests, her knowing smile suggests that she is all too willing to be his "victim."

This illustration is one of Bobbyluv's more artistic and aesthetically pleasing drawings. He has obviously taken more pains with it, lavishing his attention on its details, upon its setting, and on its characters--something that the artist typically does not do except for the figures themselves that he draws. It is obvious that Rapeunzel is a labor of love. The fairy tale appears to have inspired him.

In the somewhat grotesque, somewhat goofy style peculiar to his work, Bobbyluv has created a truly beautiful, if rather zany, heroine. She is tall and thin--the trademark of the artist's ladyboy renderings--and wears little makeup. She has small breasts, more nearly round than most of the artist's shemales' bosoms, and she has an extra-long, circumcised cock that juts, stiff and swollen, from between her smooth, firm thighs. Other than a bow in her braided hair, she wears only a pair of stockings. Her left hand resting just above her left knee and her right arm along her side, she stands, framed by the large arched window edged in brick, with her back to the window, the better to have dropped her hair for her visitor to climb, showing the viewer her feminine--and masculine--charms.

To her right is a spinning wheel, positioned before a locked door made of vertical planks held together by the metal bands which, crossing them, are riveted in place. To her right, a stool with a dildo mounted in the center of its seat stands, an unusual, if twisted, instrument of torture, and a set of manacles hands from the wall, ready to use. The detail is well executed, the perspective impeccable, and the shading realistic and fine. The eye travels about the room, taking in the various sights, and it is only afterward, that, coming to rest upon the shemale's lovely nakedness, one sees the strand of semen dripping from the glans of her manly erection--another indication of her excited anticipation of being ravished.

Because of the gritty appearance of Bobbyluv's ladyboys and the Spartan settings in which they definitely have sex rather than make love, because of their emaciated, small-breasted frames, and because of their been-around-the-block looks--pretty but seasoned--most of the artist's shemales look as if they're likely to be store clerks, cowgirls, or biker babes; however, the uniforms of some of them--and the settings in which they are employed--suggest that a few are nurses or business executives. Regardless of their professions, when it comes to sex, they've obviously both seen a lot and done a lot.

At the same time, though, there is a sweetness to them and a certain beauty, as if, in one, they embody both the girl next door (but with a cock and balls instead of a pussy) and the good girl gone wrong. This quality, like the androgyny of both Bobbyluv's female characters (who look more boyish than feminine, despite their vaginas) and his shemale characters (who look pleasingly and incongruously masculine as well as feminine), gives the artist's work a unique vision that perfectly suits his rough-hewn style.

Bobbyluv's work can be viewed on a number of web sites. With a bit of diligence, it is not hard to find such masterful drawings of shemales and shemale sex as Red and Woodsman, Auction, Cupid's Arrow, Greasy Kid Stuff, Biker Chick, Limo Ride, Boing!, The Entrance, Dr. Tuggler II, Dr. Tuggler III, Nurse Kiara, Morning Rounds, Nurse Miukki, After School Fun, Wanna Take a Ride?, Rapeunzel, Premature, Golden Showers, Sitter 1, Bad Daddy, Tuggler and His Girl, Maid Service, Bent Over, Camp Site, Training, In the Barn, She-hose, She-milk, Avonshe, and a host of others.

The search is well worth undertaking, because it will lead to a treasure trove of art that is sure to reward its seekers with a wealth of pleasure!

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