Bobby's Weekend


Bobby ran up the stairs as fast as he could. It was four o'clock and his stepfather would be home in two hours. He had three bags in his hand from his shopping trip that he threw on the bed as soon as he got into his bedroom. Quickly, he turned back up the hall and towards the bathroom to get in the shower. He turned on the water stripped, and got in. He then began to soap himself and took a razor from the shelf next to the shower. He shaved his legs and the sparse hair on his chest. Satisfied with his shave; he quickly washed the rest of his body and jumped out. Bobby then stop in front of the sink and shaved his sideburns and the peach-fuzz on his chin. He dried off and went back to his room.

He closed the bedroom door and walked to his dresser. He pulled open the top left drawer and took out a pair of black stockings and sat on the end of the bed. Slowly, he slid them up his legs and savored the feminine feel of them. Bobby then extracted a garter belt and thong from his 'lingerie' drawer and laid them on the bed. First, he hooked the clasp on the back of the garters and then he attached them to his stockings. After that had been done he slipped on the thong and tucked his package inside. He looked himself over in the full-length mirror on the back of the door and was quite pleased with what he surveyed. Aside from the lack of breasts and make-up, Bobby looked very much like a real girl. His nineteen year-old body was slim and feminine. He made a few more adjustments and, being satisfied with his appearance he went back into the bathroom.

He stood looking into the vanity mirror as he took a rather large make-up case from beneath the sink. He opened it and surveyed the contents. Having a fair, smooth complexion and no facial hair, Bobby never wore any foundation or powder. He began with his eyes and applied thin line of eyeliner above and below each eye with delicate and practiced precision. The same went for the extra long fake eyelashes. Then he found the eye shadow he wanted; a light shade of blue that made his already cold blue eyes sparkle. Once he was done, he put on hooker-red lipstick and looked in the mirror. He looked like an expensive call girl and was extremely pleased. He removed himself to his bedroom and finished getting dressed.

From the first bag on the bed, he took an oblong box which contained a pair of silicone breast forms. He took them from the along with a package of adhesive strips and positioned them on his chest with the help of the tape. Then he pulled a short black cocktail dress on a hanger out of a dress bag he had brought with him. The dress was made of a soft silken material and completely unadorned. It had a halter front and very low back that barely covered his garter belt. He stepped into it and adjusted it on his body and went back to the dresser and the jewelry box on top of it. He took a pair of cascading rhinestone earrings out and pushed them into the piercings in his ears. He also clasped a rhinestone choker around his neck. For the finishing touch, he opened the third bag and pulled out a long blonde wig and began to gently brush it out. It was full and beautiful and had just the perfect feminine wave to it. When he finished brushing out his wig he bowed his head put it on. He brought his head up quickly and shook a little more body into the hair of the wig. Once his outfit was complete, he looked himself over in the door mirror and smiled from ear to ear. Bobby then went back to his closet and pulled out a pair of black sandals with four inch heels and satin ribbons that tied half-way up his calf. Just a spritz of perfume and he was ready.

As he started back down the stairs he heard the front door open. His stepfather walked through the door and sat his briefcase next to the door and saw Bobby walking down the stairs. Bobby's stepfather was six feet tall and slim. He was in his early forties with coal-black hair that had begun to grey at the temples. His suit was grey and fit him perfectly as he stood in the hall looking at his stepson. They approached each other and Bobby felt his heart skip a beat. His stepfather took him in his arms and kissed him deeply. Bobby instantly felt the blood rush from his head as their tongues probed and caressed one another. They broke their passionate kiss and his stepfather spoke, still holding Bobby.

"You look gorgeous, Baby. I couldn't wait to get off work," he said and kissed Bobby again. When they broke their second kiss, Bobby blushed coyly.

"Thank you, Lover," he responded. He took his stepfather's hand and led him to the island in the center of the kitchen and pulled a bottle of wine from the rack next to it. His stepfather took the bottle of red wine and got a cork screw from the drawer directly in front of him. The fragrance of the wine filled the room when the cork was pulled free from the bottle. Bobby had gotten two stemmed glasses from above the kitchen island and his stepfather poured wine in both. They both picked up their glasses and Paul (Bobby's stepfather) raised his glass.

"To a wonderful weekend together," he said as they touched glasses and drank. "How about a little preview, Baby," he whispered into Bobby's ear. Bobby said nothing. He only smiled and slowly sank to his knees before Paul. Licking his lips, he drew down the zipper of Paul's pants and pulled out his cock. It was already stiff as Bobby began to trace small circles around the head with his tongue. He savored the texture as he continued to lick his stepfather's eight inch cock around the head. Bobby's own cock was getting hard as he stopped licking and took Paul into his mouth.

"Oh God, that feels so good," Paul said in a breathless voice. He kept moaning as his stepson sucked dick. Bobby began feeling light-headed as he drew his lips up and down the shaft of Paul's beautiful manhood. It was warm and throbbing in his mouth and Bobby's penis began to drip with pre-cum. Paul's hips began to rock back and forth and he started fuck his warm, wet mouth.

"OH FUCK!" Paul shouted as he ejaculated. Bobby's mouth was flooded with cum and his own cock shot sticky white goo on his nylons and the kitchen linoleum. Bobby tried to swallow all of Paul's hot semen, but a small drop escaped the left corner of his mouth.

"Yummy," Bobby said as he licked the small dollop of cum from his lips. Paul had collapsed onto a barstool by the kitchen island after his climax and Bobby rose from his knees. "I have to change my nylons, and after that we can go get dinner." Bobby retreated back up the stairs and returned five minutes later with new stockings and a thick, plush, white feather boa wrapped around his shoulders. "I love our weekends alone," he said to stepfather.

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