tagMind ControlBobcat's in Heaven Ch. 01

Bobcat's in Heaven Ch. 01


I'd fixed the leak through the ceiling and opened a desk drawer to make sure no water had got in and had such a huge shock. There were photos of someone identical to me with two naked women all over him, wearing a grin like a zombie. This guy had a very prominent erection and a tattoo of a bobcat identical to the one I'd done on myself! Tastefully, I have to add. And by my hand alone. The two women were my employers! Obviously it had to be me, but how? And when? My face looked like a waxwork doll and my erection looked ready to explode.

People call me Bobcat. I was 22 then and the live-in odd job man at a private finishing school for spoilt brat young women of 19 plus that can't take any further education. That might sound like a good job for a horny guy like me but, it wasn't. I was the only male in the building and the owners made sure that I had zero chance of being alone with any of their 'young ladies'. Anyway, most of them didn't treat me with basic human respect and so I just used to look on them as arrogant eye candy. I didn't grow up like they did. I don't mean wealth, though that's obvious, I mean culture, family, language and above all attitude. I was brought up to respect myself and be proud of all I did. That means how I treat everybody I meet, friend or stranger. My ma's mum, the only grandparent I ever met, used to say to me "if you can't respect yourself when you're looking from the inside, nobody will respect you when they are looking from the outside". I never truly understood it but it became my magic incantation that I'd remember at least once a day.

I closed the drawer and gathered my tools, thinking hard about how the pictures could have been faked? The room is part of the living space of Betty and Margot who run the college. Both are around thirty-five, strict on discipline, but never showing any interest or hinting at anything sexual or playful with me. Sometimes I sensed that they checked out my body when I wasn't looking. I work out a lot. I like my body. I look good, big muscles, shiny skin. I do deliberately wear tight clothes in this women-only environment. Why not? I get lustful looks off some of the young women who sometimes become a bit breathless. Whatever they do, it usually has a similar effect on me. It makes me horny and I think I show it and they know it.

My bosses were obviously into sex games in front of a camera but, how did they get those images of me? Hidden cameras in my rooms along the corridor? But how would they get me to pose like that? And that stupid grin? I couldn't ever look like that. The whole thing would be a huge editing project!

We always had a scheduling meeting on Friday evenings after I'd finished my work and made plans for the coming week. After it, one of them would say "we all deserve a cocktail" and usually start with the Margot's Marvel bottle, great taste and a real energy fizz. Then it would be Betty's Buzz, also great and really relaxing. They had them too, so they weren't drugged though they had a high alcohol content! But, perhaps mine were spiked? That must be it! Perhaps they turned me into a zombie? But, why did I have no memory of it?

I realised that I could never actually remember leaving their rooms on a Friday evening. Whenever I woke up, late on Saturday morning, I was fuzzy in the head and couldn't really remember what had happened the previous night. I thought I'd had too much drink and used to hope I hadn't said anything I shouldn't. I also had some very sexual dreams involving them both, so could that possibly be my memory kicking in? When I woke on Saturdays, as well as being unaware of what I might have done, I was always very aroused and I used to lie there stroking my dick, thinking that it seemed to be growing bigger, getting harder and doing both more often. Was that the cocktails? Mind you, I think I've always had those feelings since I realised I was a sexual being. Especially on those mornings when I can lie in bed for a little while and remember some nice times in my life.

I actually began to feel quite excited about the thought of being used as a sex toy, especially now, after seeing how good my employers looked naked. But, I'd prefer to have memories rather than hazy dreams. The good news was that today was Friday and my work was almost done.

* * * *

"We deserve a cocktail." said Betty. At last! The meeting was over and I started to watch both of them very carefully, especially as Margot prepared her Marvel. I'd washed and changed, putting on clothes that emphasised and revealed parts of my body. I could see that it worked because I kept noticing their eyes quickly moving away from my crotch and my biceps and from my very defined six-pack. They were getting hot! And so was I. Three full glasses were put on the tray and came to me first. I took the whole tray, as if to help, and offered it to Betty, turning the tray casually as I went. She took a glass without any special care or attention, hardly looking. I therefore knew they must all be the same, but I still watched how Margot behaved when I took her drink back to her. Again she was totally relaxed. We downed them and I felt that familiar warm buzz reaching slowly from my belly to my balls.

I watched discreetly as Betty mixed her speciality I noticed that she seemed particularly careful, perhaps a little secretive? When she'd finished, she smiled sweetly at Margot, who then picked up a glass in each hand and came over to me.

She laughed and said "Betty's Buzz for Bobcat". She handed me one glass as she put the other to her lips, drank and said "Delicious, as ever". So this was the zombie potion for me and I had to get rid of it somehow!

As I stood there holding my glass I noticed the way that they were both looking at me, waiting for me to drink. They had drunk theirs and made appreciative noises but were watching me. It was almost as if they'd stopped breathing.

I pointed up behind them and said "We didn't put 'fix water damage' on the list" and as they turned to look at the stained ceiling, I quickly tipped the drink onto one of the houseplants and, as they turned back, brought the empty glass down from my mouth, licked my lips and said "that is so good!". It worked. They motioned me to a seat and both then acted like I wasn't there. I didn't know how long the drug would usually take to affect me. All I knew was that it could give me a very odd grin. I let my face relax, put on a smile and stared ahead.

They ignored me for about five minutes and then said "Bobcat?"

I acted like I hadn't heard and kept staring.

"Bobcat, stand up."

I stood up. They smiled, fetched and set up camera, tripods and a video camera. I began to feel so excited. I had thought it was only photos. I now saw they were shooting their very own zombie sex film and I was a star.

"Bobcat, take off all your clothes"

Yes! I'd made it. I chose to think there'd been an audition and I'd passed. Now the fun would begin and so, zombie style, I took off my clothes and, as I wondered what to do with them, Betty folded them away neatly behind the cameras. She suddenly stopped and pointed at me.


I couldn't think why she was pointing but felt that somehow they'd discovered I was faking. I then realised that I had a full erection. Margot came over and put her hands round my cock and under my balls. It felt amazing but I also noticed how she did it with such familiarity. She'd obviously been there many times before!

"This hasn't happened before without stimulation. He's getting used to the cocktail. Which means that he might, possibly..."

Betty interrupted with a bright, excited voice I'd never heard her use before, "...become our very own fuck machine!"

That must mean that up until now I had needed stimulation to become excited. I hadn't noticed that I had got an erection, probably because I was naked and I had not felt it pressing against my pants, but to them it was unusual. All the photos had been of zombie me being stroked and sucked by them. May be I was totally passive and took no initiative. I could have given the game away but instead it told me that they wanted a bit more action than they'd been getting. Game on. I felt myself harden even more and realised that Margot's Marvel was very special.

* * * *

When I look back on this, I remember how excited I first felt about the fun I would be having. But, I also remember how quickly I began to go off the idea of being their fuck machine. Sure I had two naked women loving my body, touching me everywhere, sliding all over me, licking and sucking, giving me instructions to turn, sit, stand for whatever took their fancy. But I was just a sex object and they had no thought or care for me except their lust. How dare they drug and treat me like this? If I'd done it to them I'd be straight to prison! So why was I getting so excited at my 'good fortune'? I was only young then and because of my accent and low status in their society I didn't get a lot of respect. They had treated me well, until now. But I did remain grateful for this job. It gave me somewhere to live even though I did feel like I was always working.

* * * *

They were caressing each other and kissing and trying to get me to touch them and suck them by giving me instructions. Though one part of me (guess which?) was eager to get fully involved I decided to be a less than co-operative zombie and just lie back and enjoy the sensations.

The way they approached my body was interesting. Initially they seemed to be thinking only of the pictures they took. They oiled me everywhere. They made me flex muscles and they experimented with different chains and rope around my chest, arms, legs, balls, everywhere. They seemed to get really hot when they squeezed my muscles and said to each other how beautiful I was. I loved to hear that and it made my excitement level rise higher. I hadn't had a lot of sexual experience but I've always liked my body, looked after it well and when I masturbate, really take my time, holding back, teasing myself until I can't help but release my seed. I remember thinking during this first time with them that it would give me many erotic memories in the future. In some ways I started to forgive them for how they'd treated me because I loved the idea of being able to act like this with women. Together we were fully engaging the beauty, thrill and sensations of sexual exploration.

They had a large mirror behind the camera to help them see the images they were capturing. One strong memory is of me standing with every muscle taut while they knelt in front of me, facing each other, but with eyes cheekily to the camera. Both of them had one of my balls sucked into their mouth and one hand on my upper thigh. Their other hand was palm down on my hip, pushing their long painted nails into each side of my upright dick, including its swollen shiny head. It felt amazing and, because the drawer where I'd found the photos was in my view, I made myself a promise to take some pictures from it next week. I did. And still have them. And still look at them.

I could see that taking photos was making them get hornier and they kept touching themselves, each other and me. They switched on the movie camera and focused it on me and left it running. Betty was particularly excited and she kept touching and squeezing my dick, putting her face close like she was going to eat it. Then she did start to eat it. Her lips went round the head of my shaft and her teeth squeezed me tight as she slid slowly up and down.

She had a beautiful rounded body, full breasts, a curved but not fat belly and the whiteness of her skin made mine look really dark brown. I could see what she was doing to me in the mirror. As her mouth slid up and down my length, her body slapped against my thighs and legs. She lifted her mouth off me and started to explore more of my body, licking, sucking, biting and talking as she did so. Betty had given me instructions many times, usually about cleaning rooms, but never like this.

"Big hard shiny cock. You're going to fuck me Bobcat. Fuck me until I scream and then fuck me some more. Feel your muscles. Squeeze your balls. Pull your balls, suck them hard and bite them. My wet cunt is going to milk your dick. I chew your dick, I squeeze your tight arse, and I pinch your nipples, I..."

I knew I had no control left. I felt that tingle that started at my feet and moved up my legs. I felt my legs go weak as if they were going to buckle and then that wild electric pulse started to move up my shaft to the wet head that felt like it had more nerve endings than the Milky Way. Absolutely nothing would stop the eruption of my coming. But it did.

Margot shouted in a firm and calm voice, "Bobcat! Don't come!"

She grabbed Betty's hair, pulled her off me and tapped the head of my shaft firmly with two fingers. Betty was panting and looked annoyed. Not as annoyed as me! Margot spread Betty's legs wide with both hands and placed her mouth on the smooth and shiny wet opening. As she licked she spoke slowly and as clearly as she was able considering the way her tongue and lips looked to be torturing Betty's clitoris, "We have to share...and take our time...with his beautiful body...he can only come when we tell him. Watch!"

At this point I couldn't help but look down. Up until now I had kept the blank forward stare but, with my balls ready to explode, I could only obey instructions and also watch. It was as if I had become a zombie! Margot knelt in front of me. She was smaller than Betty in all ways but much tougher. Her very small hands went first under each of my balls, squeezed gently and then circled my shaft. I noticed that each hand only went just over half way round me and something about that made me throb, a ripple that I'm sure she also felt, ran through my screaming seeping tool.

Her mouth was small too but it opened wide and as her lips stretched safely over the head of me she stopped. Her teeth came gently down and chattered against me as the tip of her tongue echoed the rhythm on that inset temple on the underside of my maleness. This was a masterclass and as my buttocks clenched and I helplessly tensed to launch my sperm she pulled back, tapped me again on the very end of my dick and said "Bobcat, don't come." I stopped but I knew I was seeping clear slimy precum as if from an underground spring. She took it and spread it all around with quick butterfly movements that didn't override the 'Don't' command and then her mouth slowly moved right down my length until I felt her throat. There was a temporary pause and then my precum helped me pass slickly deeper into her throat until my smooth hairless balls were against her lower lip. She forced her tongue out and licked them both. Betty gasped. So did I.

This was the first time this had happened to me and actually it didn't make me want to come but to applaud. This woman was a sexual genius and I completely forgave her for drugging and abusing me. She could do whatever she wanted. The effect on Betty was different. She wanted some of the action and pulled Margot's head back in the same way that Margot had done to her. They then proceeded to fight like children with me being the only lollipop in town. It was a wild and erotic fight where I experienced new joys and pains but also had to hold back my laughter as these two wild sexual energies fought to get me in their mouth and then hold onto me.

Margot had me in her throat again and was trying to get my balls into her mouth too. Betty stopped trying to pull her off me and said "I want him to fuck me but if he does he'll come right away. Let's make him come now."

That sounded good to me until Margot said, "But he's behaving differently tonight. Perhaps he'll just come and that's it."

"But we always manage to get him hard after he comes. Let's all come together and then let's fuck."

Margot's face lit up and she and Betty kissed as they wrapped their legs together on the floor and Margot said, "Bobcat, lie down here!"

I did, but again had that uncomfortable feeling whenever they reminded me that they'd been using my body for so long. We always get him hard again? I'm not your monkey! I wanted to lose my erection completely but I also wanted to come so badly that it would have been impossible. I decided to give my body up as a gift and put any resentment out of my mind. And that was a good decision!

They made love with each other with all of their bodies except for one hand and their mouth. They had their mouths right over the top of my penis that was in the largest, hardest and shiniest state I had ever seen or felt it. They both had one hand between the other's legs and one hand on my balls. They pushed their heads down so that their locked together mouths were forced by the head of my shaft to separate. Their lips and tongues were each side of my column. Up and down they slid, joining together and kissing when they reached the top then sliding and sucking their way back down.

It was amazing and when Margot mumbled, "Bobcat, don't come until we do!" I knew it wasn't far off. They screeched, their hips bucked furiously, their legs slapped into the floor and they clamped their mouths firmly around me. I released a thick pearly arc of sperm straight up into the air and as it fell back and landed onto their heads and my belly, the next arc followed. I moaned, groaned and said many words that I only rediscovered many days later after copying all of their videos.

We lay still on the floor and I watched my dick twitching with little jerks in the way it does before it settles on my belly as if to sleep. I knew that was the best orgasm I had ever had by a long way and as I lovingly watched my dribbling cock, realised it wasn't going down. If anything it was getting excited again. That must be Margot's Marvel! I felt like I could carry on for ever. Betty noticed and reached out to check that it was as hard as it looked. She crawled on top of me and lowered herself. She gave a little yelp as I slid into her and I made sure I didn't move. I would just close my eyes and enjoy.

She was beating backwards and forwards and sideways as she drove up and down so that I was stirring her insides with my rigid cock. It was beautiful and when Margot started squeezing my balls and stroking my arse I groaned louder than I had before.

Margot's voice was less calm than before, it was breathless and higher pitched, "Bobcat, don't come!"

At that moment they were both looking me full in my face. Betty said, "He looks like he's really enjoying this! Shall we get him to fuck?"

She was off me in a flash, onto her back on the floor with her legs wide. Her voice, to Margot, pleaded, "Tell him...now...please."

Obviously Margot could get better results from giving me instructions and the command came, "Bobcat, fuck her now!"

It was difficult to know what to do. I would have loved to have driven into her and fucked until I exploded but I still had this voice saying, why should they get their own way? And so I got onto my knees, adjusted my robot stare, slid into her and then moved in and out at the regular speed I remembered of the grandfather clock that had fascinated me when I was a young boy. Tick in, tock pause, tick out, tock pause, and so on. I actually found it quite exciting because it was so slow and it made sure that I didn't come. Betty was just a little disappointed.

"Bobcat! Faster, harder, deeper - come on. Bobcat, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Margot, tell him! Make him! Please."

Tick...tock. Tick...tock. It didn't take long before we were back where we had been with me on my back and both of them taking their pleasure with me and from each other. It got harder and harder for me to hold back every time I was told to "not come" and so I decided to let go whenever I felt like it. I did so soon after. I came inside Betty's mouth as she sucked me hard and chewed at me with her teeth. I made a lot of noise and so did the two of them. My orgasm had made them both come too.

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