tagMind ControlBobcat's in Heaven Ch. 03

Bobcat's in Heaven Ch. 03


It was Friday and I was off to the planning meeting with high expectations. Margot and Betty had been so relaxed and easy with me all week. I almost felt like I had become their friend. I knew our sexual times would continue and, if I was wrong, I was safe because I had proof that they had drugged me and taken sexual advantage of my body. The thought of it made me harden a little. They had suggested that we met in the swimming pool which, I assumed, was because the students had a one week holiday that meant we could be private and share the poolside luxury. I only went there for repair jobs and never when any of the 'young ladies' were about. It had been refurbished the previous year and looked a very cosy and sensual place to have sex with my employers. They obviously had some ideas for after our meeting and I knew I'd enjoy whatever they'd planned.

I saw that the lights were low inside the pool area but was surprised to find the door locked. I had a master key to all rooms but it seemed wrong to use it now. They might be doing some last minute surprises. I sat on a stool facing the door and waited. A few minutes later I heard a slight noise behind me and, as I turned to look, both my arms were pulled backwards by somebody with strong hands. There had to be more than one person because a black cloth bag was simultaneously pulled over my head and I could see nothing.

I tried to get free but my hands were quickly fixed together, I thought by cable ties. Then my ankles got the same treatment. I heard two whispering female voices and then the pool door being unlocked. I felt each of them put an arm through mine and drag me backwards by my elbows and drop me roughly onto some rubber mats. I still had the hood on and had no idea who they were. I spoke. "Who are you?"

The immediate reply was Shut up! But that did tell me who they were. The voice was Tania's, a student who was nearly always accompanied by Lisa, who she treated like a slave. Tania came from a wealthy family who were always flying round the world and having fun and not caring about their only child - well that's what I'd been told. Tania was tall, athletic and incredibly striking and beautiful but unpleasant. When I first saw her she noticed me looking and said "Get on with your work Houseboy". She was not popular with anybody and, again, only what I'd been told, Lisa had no family except an aged aunt who lived in Switzerland. Tania took Lisa home with her at holidays and talked to her as a servant. Possibly she spoke to everybody like servants. I listened to Tania as she spoke angrily to Lisa.

"How dare they! How dare they! I'm going to make them suffer for this. They are going to lose everything and this disgusting little college is going to be closed and they're going to jail. He's involved too - the sexy muscled houseboy. He was probably going to fuck me or take pictures of the lesbians fucking me while I'm so drugged I can't stop them. I'm phoning Ricardo. He's got to come today, not tomorrow. I don't care what important job he's got. What's more important than this! And he's a lawyer; he'll be able to make sure they really suffer. I don't get a signal here. I'll go to my room and tell him that he has to come right away. Lisa, if he moves, kick him!"

I had an idea what might have happened. Could Betty have tried to give them some of her brew? Knock them out so that we could use the pool without being watched? I spoke to Lisa.

"Lisa, I'm not breathing too well in here. Could you take the bag off my head and tell me what the hell is happening? I came here for my Friday planning meeting."

She thought about it for a while and then removed the hood and told me what had happened to them. It was Betty showing her crazy side. When they had told her that they now had to stay that night, she'd acted suspiciously and then offered them a 'nice cocktail' to help them relax. Tania was suspicious and moved the drinks round and, when she'd seen Betty move them back again, picked up the one Betty was pushing towards her, grabbed Betty's head in one arm and poured the drink down her throat! You have to hand it to Tania - that was a good reaction. I was impressed, I could never have done that. Then what happened? I asked as if I had no idea and Lisa described Betty gradually fading just like I'd seen when I watched the recordings of me becoming zombie. Betty had really messed up and, with a lawyer on the way, this could only get worse.

I told Lisa they'd made a terrible mistake. That Betty suffered from, and here I made up a name that I still can't remember, something like Dormy Bleu, a temporary withdrawal from consciousness probably brought on by being grabbed round the head! Lisa gasped and I could see what a sweet and caring person she was. I wondered why was she so devoted to Tania the Terror. I told Lisa I had to get to Betty quickly to make sure her airways stayed open and pointed out where scissors were kept in the first aid box. For a moment she thought I was going to cut Betty's airway and had a look of horror on her face. But, bless her quick thinking because she hesitated only a moment, cut the cable ties and led the way, running ahead as if I was a stranger to the school where I worked and lived. I asked where Margot was and she told me how Tania saw her near the pool and wrestled her into the equipment cupboard, took Margot's keys and locked it. Tania does not hesitate! She would be a formidable enemy.

When I saw Betty sitting and staring I spoke to her as they did to me when they thought I'd taken her cocktail. "Stand up Betty ... follow me ... now". I walked slowly out with Betty shuffling behind me and asked Lisa to bring the tray with the three cocktail glasses; two still full, so that I could prove to her there was nothing to worry about. We got to Margot and Betty's rooms and I said, "Betty go to your bed and lie down". She did.

Lisa was looking curiously round the room and I looked at the glasses to make sure I could tell the difference between the two drinks. Betty's Brew was a little darker than the other and so I chose the other, lifted my glass as if in a toast and said 'Betty is going to be OK and so am I'. I drained the glass and, as a little joke, pretended to go zombie but 'accidentally' knocked over the drink containing the knockout brew. I apologised, fetched the bottle, poured two glasses (I thought I deserved a bonus) and we both drank them down. I asked her to stay there in case Betty woke up while I went to release Margot from the equipment cupboard.

Margot was quite distressed to have been shut in the dark and I realised the double dose was already affecting me because I felt like pulling our clothes off and getting back in the cupboard! But, we had a crisis. I quickly told her the whole story and she was sharp enough to not interrupt even when I mentioned Betty's Brew. After all I hadn't even told them that I knew about the cocktails, though I think they'd sensed it. I told her that she had to be with Betty and say nothing to Lisa. She had to stay in her rooms and trust that I'd sort it all out. And she had to get rid of all evidence of Betty's Brew, wash out any bottles and flush away all ingredients. She agreed and after I'd seen her back to their rooms, Lisa and I went back to the pool. I took Margot's brew and glasses just in case we had company. Lisa went to tell Tania what had happened. It gave me a break to think. I was already wearing my swim trunks, anticipating some after meeting water play, so I stripped down and started swimming, feeling very horny. I'd never had two glasses before.

When Lisa came back she looked so different. She had a big smile, was walking in a lazy sensuous way and when she saw me in the water said What a good idea. She peeled off her clothes but when she got to her panties, hesitated, looked slightly shy, and left them on. I found that so sexy that my trunks suddenly became uncomfortable. Lisa had a wonderful pure looking body. She was slim, curvaceous with a skin so smooth that I wanted to be near it. She slid into the water and swam to me. She put her arms round my neck, gave my cheek a light kiss and then brought the whole of the front of her body into contact with mine. I grew even harder and as she felt it, she withdrew a little and her beautiful smiling face became a little more serious.

"Bobcat, I can't believe how much I desire you but I'm a virgin and want to stay that way until I'm with someone that I might be with for ever. Can we touch and kiss without having sex? Please? Can I trust you?"

I said yes. And I meant it. Yes grandma, I did. I'd been drugged so that I had no choice and Lisa hadn't. But, I didn't want her first sex to be influenced by something I had given her to drink. I didn't just say yes. I told her that I thought she wasn't ready for me yet, she should work up to it.

I asked her to go over everything that had happened and bring me up to date on Tania's state. While she did that I started to touch and stroke her body, feeling her firm and smooth breasts, shoulders, belly and thighs and between her thighs and... well everywhere except inside her one item of clothing. After a very short time I had to remove my trunks because of their tightness but she felt that was OK and said it excited her especially when I slid it over her belly. It was a great way to hear what was now happening and, because I knew I would not enter her, I had a wonderful feeling of freedom. I touched her everywhere and she did the same to me.

It seemed Tania still believed Betty had been trying to drug them and was furious with her lawyer boyfriend Ricardo. She had left him about 30 messages and texts, phoned some of his friends to find out where he was, but he still hadn't got back to her. She was staying in their room waiting for his call.

I slid my erection up the side of her body and when it came to her armpit she lowered her arm and gripped the engorged head tight. It was amazing and as I imagined what it would be like to come into her tight armpit, I almost did. I must listen and wait.

Lisa really liked lawyer Ricardo and was hoping to study law herself when she could raise enough money. Tania's family paid her to be a companion but it was hard to put up with Tania most of the time, though she did have a soft side.

I put my head underwater and licked and sucked her nipples as I squeezed her buttocks and explored the bones of her pelvis. Her body started to beat against me in a slow rhythmic way. I slid my fingers between her legs inside her panties and echoed the movement of her hips. She started to groan, her beating became faster and suddenly I felt her nails sink into my shoulders as she flailed against me and screamed so loud that it reverberated from the end walls of the pool. She slowly subsided and wrapped herself around me as a still soft warm blanket. I then realised that my hard shaft was now right between her legs and her weight was on it. She let one hand slide down her back and she stroked the swollen head and said she wanted to learn how to give me pleasure, especially how to suck me! I thought about it for a fraction of a second and then lifted her from the pool onto one of the soft poolside benches.

I took her panties off and ran my hands all over her body and licked and kissed between her legs until she again began moving with her sexy slow rhythm. She made a soft noise and I saw her lips opening and closing in a beseeching way. I stood by her and she opened her eyes, put one hand under my balls and pulled me towards her lips. She asked me to make a sound when I liked anything she did and that is how a very noisy session began.

She licked and sucked; she kept me out with her teeth and then kept me in with her teeth. She sucked my balls and became like a woman determined to eat all of me. I knew I was lost and would soon come and so I climbed onto the bench, making sure I stayed in her mouth and finished up alongside her but with my head between her legs and my tongue licking her extreme wetness. I explored inside to her intact hymen, squeezing her lips between mine and sucking, nibbling and pulling at her clitoris. We came together and I wondered whether she'd ever had somebody come in her mouth before. I managed to stop myself pushing down into her throat when I heard her happy swallowing and she managed, just, to stop herself biting my head off. As we subsided we both started laughing for no reason. I think it was because she was still a virgin though we'd had such beautiful sex together.

Lisa didn't have a rich aunt in Switzerland. She had no family but was passionate to study law and have a partner she could love and have children with. I too wanted that for her and was glad to have kept her chaste for her man, whoever he was. She felt she should check on Tania and I pointed out that if Tania was going to make trouble for the college, Betty giving them a cocktail, which had a little alcohol in, was enough for them to lose their licence. As she got dressed she said she'd make sure that didn't happen.

I got my trunks from the pool and as I pulled them on realised that my erection hadn't disappeared and so just pulled on my other clothes and waited to see what happened next. Tania suddenly entered, walking in her tough meaningful way.

"My boyfriend's on his way and he's a lawyer and he's going to take this place apart. Are you working here legally? If not you should run now. As soon as he gets here he'll call me and Lisa will let him in. Do you understand?"

I had to respect her survival attitude. She was good. I told her that she was guilty of false accusations about drugs, a dangerous assault on Betty, unprovoked attack on me - oh how my neck hurt - but above all for being an unpleasant spoilt rich girl with no respect for any other people which is a sign that you have no respect for yourself.

At first she looked like she was going to attack me, which was quite exciting, and then her eyes rested on the bottle and she asked if I'd given any to Lisa? I replied "Why, has she turned into a zombie already?" She half smiled and I said "I would pour you a glass but you might break my neck and pour it down my throat". I did pour her a glass and offer it to her. She nodded for me to drink it and, as I went to, snatched it from me and knocked it straight back. When she took it I was just starting to feel annoyed with myself that I had been going to drink a third! Is this addiction? When she nodded for me to have one as well I said "No. Make me" and went into a wrestling pose.

She asked me if I worked out a lot and I told her and asked her about herself. I told her that when I'd first seen her I thought she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen until she opened her mouth. She smiled and said that when she'd called me Houseboy she'd really wanted to feel my muscles. I said that I'd wanted to feel her muscles as well as other things. I then asked her if she worked out in the gym off the pool and we went in there so that she could show me her regime. Well, by this time the cocktail was starting to work and Tania had a hungry look in her eye. She suggested that first I should let her feel my muscles. I said, only if I can feel yours... and when she nodded I said... naked.

We took off our clothes and she was absolutely splendid. Her skin, tone and colour, muscle build and health left me breathless. And, she had no pubic hair. She came up to me and started touching me. She was quite a bit taller than me and her long arms ranged over my whole body, prodding, pinching and pressing like a butcher choosing meat. She put both her hands round my hard dick and squeezed it so tight that the head started to bulge between her fingers. I said "That's not a muscle" and she smiled. I started to touch her and was in reverence of the beauty of her body. She stood making an X with her arms and legs spread wide. I touched and adored her and when I put my hand between her legs found her running with the juice of the very excited. I moved closer to her and placed the head of my dick into the warm wetness and slid right into her. No preliminaries, no subtlety, we fitted together perfectly. She had made the exact X so that we also fitted together sexually! There must be an incredible physical journey for us to enjoy.

We both gasped because we felt an incredible union and kept looking at each other. As we stood I saw the way our bodies were gently moving and slapping together, her tanned strong belly, my muscles against hers. We were looking at each other in the gym mirrors on the walls and getting more excited. It was incredible to see another body like your own. Like a strange vanity that I'd never felt before. I squeezed her shoulders then said "Houseboy?" and pushed into her hard and slapped her legs with my palms. She said "Rich Girl?" and dropped down hard onto my dick and pushed her fists firmly into my armpits. Only a short time ago I had been imagining coming in Lisa's armpits and now mine were being ravished by this amazon.

We exploded into a sexual wildness that I had never experienced before. We were everywhere, on the floor, on mats, against the walls. We wrestled, we bit, we were tender, we were rough. I was on top of her and quickly strapped each of her wrists to the familiar bench that I used to work on. They were for keeping parts of your body held firm and I'd never used them like this before. As Tania realised and started kicking, I managed to fasten her ankles too and raised the bench so that her hips came up high.

She was mad. Furious. She wanted to hurt me but I noticed the way she rhythmically pushed her beautiful cunt towards me. She was hot and she wanted to fuck me. I teased her. I kneeled over her on the bench. I lay my balls upon her chin, my dick along her nose, between her eyes and on her forehead. She was trying to bite me but I avoided her. I swung my hips side to side so that my dick hit her cheeks. I squeezed her ears, touched her wherever I wanted. I even put my fingers in her mouth and touched the back of her tongue.

I went all over her body and when I couldn't stop myself anymore, stood by her beating cunt, wound the bench up a few turns so that the shiny head of my dick rested against her wetness. I looked in the mirror and met her eye looking at me and the positions we were in. That image is still burned into my memory. I pushed hard into her. She erupted and her whole body started bucking like a wild creature. She screamed, she shouted, she was gone in a torrent of words. Many of them were 'yes', most were unprintable but one of them was Bobcat. That made me so happy. I'd pulled out of her and watched as she started to subside. She looked at me and said "Untie me... please".

I did but in a few moments she had thrown me on my back and I was strapped to the same bench as she looked down into my eyes and lowered her wet cunt onto my mouth and said "Clean me". I licked her and sucked her and she then slid down my body until her tongue was on the end of my dick and her hand was on my balls. I knew she was going to torment me and I so needed to come. I said "Untie me!" She said "Come for me Houseboy" and stroked my balls. Again I shouted "Untie me!"

"No Houseboy. Come for me. Come for me."

As I looked at her tongue, over her shoulder I saw Lisa and Ricardo. Lisa was smiling but Ricardo looked so shocked his chin was near his knees. "Tania! What the hell are you doing? Let him go." Tania looked at first like she was going to ignore him and finish me off but then felt a little foolish and gathered her clothes to talk to Ricardo. But, as she left she secretly turned to me, blew me a kiss and mouthed "Next Week". Ricardo asked Lisa to untie me. She smiled when she got to me and thanked me. She thought I'd set the whole thing up to split Tania and Ricardo! She was eager to talk. Ricardo had never been told that Lisa wanted to study law and had offered her work at his firm while she did her study including a study bursary and all starting immediately. Also he'd told her how much he'd always liked her and wanted to see her away from Tania. Then he'd kissed her. She was very happy and telling me what a great guy he was and how grateful she was to me!

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