tagMatureBodacious - A New Year's Story

Bodacious - A New Year's Story

byThe Fantasizer©

The following is a stand-alone sequel to "The Bodacious Blonde Milf". I wrote that story a decade ago, enjoyed those characters, and wanted to continue their interaction. It took me years to bring this story to fruition. This story is readable on its own merits. You don't have to read "The Bodacious Blonde Milf" to enjoy this submission. Neither of these contributions are long stories. They can both be enjoyed in one reading (wink..wink) session. While they could be categorized as stroke stories, there is a plot involved.

I haven't written in the mature category throughout the years, but I do enjoy writing about mature women refined in their beauty and their grace. I hope all of that is displayed in this story. The background is that the co-subjects of this story are Linda, a woman in her early 40s, a typical All-American mother living the perceived American dream of a life and feeling like something is missing, and Bob, your typical unattached male, approaching 30 years old, still has a lot of growing up to do and is still trying to find his way through life. Together they are searching for something that life has not afforded them thus far.

The background for this story is the Holidays, a setting where many adults feel unsettled causing them to act out in ways that they normally wouldn't. It is a time of flux; the ending of one year leading to the beginning of another. It is a time of change and evolution. It is a time where we agonize over promises broken and contemplate new promises and envision new realities. That is what this story is all about. I hope that you enjoy this submission, and if you do, will you please consider supporting this story and my authorship by casting a vote in my favor for the Literotica "Winter Holidays Contest 2017".

Thank You!

The Fantasizer.


I couldn't get her out of my mind. It was pretty much all I thought about. I was consumed and it was taking over my life. It was so fresh. My encounter with Linda felt like the biggest moment of my life. In ways I felt guilty about having such a moment with a married woman, but there had been so much of a sexual charge in the experience that it created an obsession. I wanted her again. I wanted to feel that again. Thinking about it made me so hot that I could hardly stand myself.

Here I was on Christmas Eve and I definitely wanted to see the lovely Linda again, but you have to understand how nervous I was. I had an excuse. Linda had forgotten the wine I had given her and I thought she'd probably be at home and I could deliver it to her there.

After our encounter, I had gone on the internet and found out everything I could about her. I found her address and now knew exactly where she lived. Hell, I'd even already driven by her house because of my obsessive curiosity.

I found a way to have a conversation with my mother about Linda. Of course, I didn't let Mom know my intent. Mom was a pretty good friend of Linda's, but they weren't best friends or anything. Linda had been to our house a few times as I recall, when we had had some get-togethers, but she wasn't in my mother's closest circle of friends. She was just someone who had always been around.

So yeah, it had been three days. Thinking about it all made my libido percolate. Continually I debated whether to follow through on going to Linda's house to see her. I knew that we would see one another again and it would definitely be awkward. There was no putting the genie back in the bottle, and besides, why would I ever want to. I enjoyed the experience. I knew I wanted more of this experience.

At the end of our Christmas Eve shift, which was 4pm, after sending out the last of the food, customers leaving, and the final clean up, on a last minute spur of the moment thing, I decided what the hay. I was going to make that surprise visit to see Linda. Yeah, the more I thought of it, the more I vibrated, but it was also an endorphin rush. I had the bottles of wine and I had another excuse. I was going to take a gift certificate and invite Linda to the restaurant for a free New Year's Eve celebration.

As I was getting ready to leave, Mom reminded me that guests would be coming over to our house at 7pm. I told her I needed to go do some things before the stores closed. I still lived at home with Mom. I had no reason to move out. Dad had died in my teenage years and we lived in the upper middle class side of town. I helped mom take care of the house and had my own arrangement as far as living quarters go.

Mom stayed down on the first floor in a room off to the side of the house and I lived upstairs in my old room. My mother and father's old room had been converted into a guest room. Mom just didn't want to sleep in that room after my dad had died. It was a cool little set up and it was free. My younger sister lived out of town with her soon to be husband.

Anyhoo, life is great, but we all need our space sometimes. It's hard to be a bachelor under our arrangement. Mom wants me to have my space, but like any mother she worries. She wants to know where I am and what I'm up to. That can put a crimp in chasing pussy, if you know what I mean. Sorry to be blunt, but we all have our needs.

After work, I drove down the road towards Linda's house. It was only natural to have some second thoughts on the 15 minute drive from the restaurant. On the way there, I thought about how she wasn't much over forty. I knew she had been married to her husband Charles for about twenty years. Something had flipped a switch in my mind about this woman to make me think of her as a hot Milf. She was definitely a Milf.

I had heard her speak with my mother about her two sons in the past. Will was 17 and he was graduating from high school in June and her younger son was Rob who was 15. She was as proud of her boys as any mother would be and was always talking about their exploits in school and their lives outside of school. Her descriptions were of your basic All-American family.

I really think Linda had no clue about her Milfness. She always came off as a conservative business lady, who carried herself in the most professional manner and wanted to always be taken seriously. But, something was uncovered the other day and deep down I felt that there was a bit of a bad girl in her, like with most women. I was lost in my own reverie, thinking about her five-five frame that carried those sexy toned legs. a jiggly ass, and a sexy bodacious rack that hung bountifully and perfectly. It made me shiver thinking about it, when I really hadn't thought about it until a few days before.

It was more of an autumn like day on this day before Christmas. Personally, I was feeling very warm as I pulled into Linda's driveway. It was a typical brick house located in a cookie cutter neighborhood -- people call these McMansions. This was out in a suburban area of town. I'd never visited her house before, but I could see exactly where people would go to be greeted.

I sat for a moment building up my courage and then gathered the bottles of wine in the gift bag, along with the gift certificate, and headed down the path towards the wreath adorned front door. Ringing the doorbell, I waited, hearing someone pad towards the door until it was unlocked and the door pulled open. It was Linda's husband Charles, which gave me second thoughts. Now I did remember this guy as he addressed me, "Hello."

I introduced myself, "Hey, I'm Bob Johnson, I'm chef at the Cafe Orleans. I was coming by to bring some gifts to Linda."

"Oh yeah, nice restaurant... Let me get her. You can come on in," he nonchalantly responded.

"That's ok. I'll just lea...," I was ready to drop the gifts and run from my nervousness.

"No. Come on in. She's in the kitchen," he insisted.

"Oh-OK. Thank You," I stepped inside and followed Charles as we headed a few feet to their kitchen.

"Charles, who is it?" I could hear Linda call out.

"It's Bob from Cafe Orleans." ... just as we met at the entrance of the room.

I could see the shock on Linda's face. To me, she looked like she had seen a ghost. "H-hey Bob," she spoke as I approached with the bag.

I handed the bag to her and fished for what to say through my nervousness, "Th-This is for you. You f-forgot it the other day and I-I wanted to bring it b-by and I wanted to say sorry for the other day," as I was lost in her eyes, wishing I could kiss her, but also wanting to run away.

She nodded her head, but I guess she couldn't think of anything to say as Charles imperviously interjected and took the bag, "What did he bring us?"

Linda seemed to gather herself in the moment, looking away from me, "He brought us some wine he had picked out for Us." It seemed like she was emphasizing the "Us" part.

"Y-Yes sir... Linda's done so much for us over the years. We wanted to give her something," I smiled as best I could.

"Well thank you. I'm sure we'll enjoy this. I know my wife likes helping you."

'If he only knew...' I thought. "Well sir, I certainly appreciate Linda. She means a lot to us," I nodded as I stared at her and she looked to catch my gaze, while she blushed. I continued, "I don't know what I'd do without her."

"Th-Thank You B-Bob, but you don't n-need to say that. It - It's my job," I could hear that she was as nervous as I was.

"Nah..." I shook my head as I found my confidence in her nervous response, "Mom says you are a wonderful friend and I know I consider you the same."

Charles walked to the kitchenette table and placed the bag down, pulling out the wine, then finding the envelope, "Hey, a card too," he chimed.

"Oh yeah... that's a dinner for two for our New Year's Eve celebration." I smiled.

Linda tilted her head looking at me and then towards Charles, "You didn't need to do that."

"I know, but we wanted to." It wasn't really we. Mom didn't know anything about it. I had found comfort in the moment, since the formalities were taken care of, but Linda had a look of trepidation and I noticed her blushing a bit.

I was looking at Linda. She wasn't smiling. "This looks like some good stuff and wow! I've always loved your restaurant... can't wait to come up there. Thank You Bob," Charles jovially bellowed out.

"The pleasure is all mine and we look forward to seeing you," I stated looking square in Linda's eyes before turning to look towards Charles, whose attention was still focused on the gifts as he sat them back on the table.

"Well, I hope y'all enjoy your Christmas. I've got to get home. We're having some folks over and the family will be there. I've gotta help Mom with the festivities and everyone will be arriving in the next couple hours," as I turned to walk back out from where I had entered.

Charles came up to shake my hand, "Thank You again Bob."

"You're welcome Mr. Young." as I accepted his handshake.

Linda surprisingly spoke, "I have some cookies here." The cookies and what looked like brownies were in a medium sized cellophane wrapping bag with a bow tied on top. She walked towards me, "I'll walk you out."

Charles was looking at me, "You can call me Charles," he replied. "We'll see you New Year's Eve."

"Thank You Sir... Charles. We'll see you then." I walked forward as Linda came to my side.

Linda walked ahead opening the door and headed to my car. Charles stayed behind inside the house. I figured that he had been preparing for Christmas also. As I headed to my car, Linda spoke, "What are you thinking?"

I didn't really look at her as I spoke, "I don't know. I wanted to see you. I can't get you out of my mind."

"You need to. We made a mistake. I made a mistake," she curtly responded.

It was all there... the heat, the butterflies, the passion. I could feel the chemistry; that exquisite feeling. For some reason, fate caused something insatiable to click. We hadn't made love. We had fucked and I wanted to fuck again. It wasn't like I had attacked Linda. Yeah, I made the first move. Yeah, I was aggressive, but she never tried to stop it. She had to have an attraction to me. I had been wondering ever since, if this was something she contemplated before.

Linda was probably at that age where she wanted sex and I was at that younger age where I definitely wanted it. To be honest, I was still processing it all. Out of nowhere, we had been thrown together in a situation that had spun out of control and finally here we were face-to-face again.

"Well, I wanted to see you and I want to see you again... I know this isn't the place, but I wish I could kiss you," I admitted as I looked deeply at her.

Her face turned beat red, "What do you want? What do you want from me?"

"You," was all I said. "I'll see you in a couple days. Well unless you wanna meet somewhere tonight. We could have some fun." I had my phone number written down on a card inside my pocket in my shirt. I reached in, grabbed it, and handed it to her, "Here."

She looked at the card. "Uhhh," she sounded exasperated, "You are incorrigible."

"Not really," I responded. "I've never quite felt anything like this before. I know it makes you uncomfortable. I understand. My wanting you outweighs my lack of comfort... I'll see you in a couple days, unless..."

"You won't see me," she replied.

"Why?" I cocked my head in a perplexed fashion.

"I can't... that can't happen again," she insisted.

"I understand," I felt her being difficult, "but I'll still see you. You have to come take our order."

"Not necessarily," she scoffed. "Maybe we need to get you a new salesperson," she was smiling like a bitch does, while she told me this. In my reverie I had never taken note of her feminine side. You know the side that says that it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. I had put her on a pedestal and now I was seeing her human nature.

"You wouldn't do that to us," I recoiled.

"We'll see," she continued to smile as she looked around.

"Well, we'll see you..." I mocked back. "Merry Christmas," I got in my car.

"Merry Christmas to you Bob," I heard as I ducked into my car.

I backed out, watching Linda head back inside before leaving her driveway and driving off towards home.


I wouldn't say that I felt repudiated, but I was disappointed that I didn't easily achieve what I wanted. There are certain things that you want and even though my rational mind knew that I couldn't be with Linda, I certainly thought about her over the following days. It wasn't like I wasn't going to see her again. Patience would be my ally.

Christmas was uneventful. I hate saying that I pined for Linda, but I did. Every time my phone would ring, I hoped it would be her, but it never was. I chilled out and kept to myself, explaining that I just wanted to catch up on my rest. Christmas in the hospitality business is like that. You are so busy doing parties and caterings that you don't get much sleep between Thanksgiving and the New Year. I was young, but it still had an effect on me.

Christmas day is about all you get. I went to bed about 1am on Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning and didn't get up until 10am when the family opened its Christmas presents. We had brunch shortly thereafter and then I vegged out while my mother and sister prepared for our late afternoon dinner, which would be about 5pm. Again, we had family and friends over and after the get-together, I was in bed by 11pm.

We had to get ready for full service on the 26th, so I had to be to work at 9am to open for lunch by 11:30am. It would be a pretty busy day, because most people have time off for the holidays and they are out shopping and returning gifts and having fun between the day after Christmas and New Year's Day. So, I put in a 14 hour day on the day after Christmas with only a couple hour break in between. To say the least, I was exhausted by the end of that day.

The following day would also be busy, but it generally wasn't as busy as that day after Christmas. I got home at a decent hour and got some much needed rest again. The next day would be the day that Linda would call on us. I was feeling a little nervous about seeing her, but it was inevitably going to have to happen. I woke up fairly early and headed in at 9am. It was still 3 days before New Year's Eve, but it was time to start making arrangements and planning for that evening.

My mother was always an early riser and she was usually always at the restaurant when I arrived. Shortly after I arrived, I heard her talking on the phone and placing an order. I didn't think anything of it, but it seemed that she was placing the order with Linda. I waited a few minutes after she had hung up the phone, "Mom, who were you placing that order with?"

"Oh," my mother looked up from the table where we manage the restaurant from, "It was Linda, she said she wasn't going to be able to make it by today. She said she was out of town and wouldn't be back until late in the afternoon, so she asked if I'd like to go ahead and get the order in for tomorrow."

My heart sank. I knew she was going ahead with what she had said. She was avoiding me. I tried not to let on, "There might be a few things I need from her with the special menu for New Year's."

"OK honey," she smiled, which was nothing unusual, "You can call her up if need be."

"OK Mom," I answered and went about my business. I wondered from that point on if Linda would even be taking me up on my invitation for New Year's Eve. I wondered if she would follow through on her plan to not be our food representative any longer. In my mind this really was sucking. I felt I had really screwed up a business relationship, because of my lack of self control.

I made my way through the day, but my inner feelings were shattered. Did I want to pursue Linda as a woman? Yes. Did I want to lose the business relationship? No. I really didn't know what to do or how to go about it. I just kept my head down and did my work. I tried to be emotionless about how I felt. I just needed to get through the next few days. I know it's crazy, but it almost felt like a breakup and I didn't need to crackup.

A couple of days later was the 30th. The next day would be one of our longest days of the year. We usually began planning for New Year's Eve a month ahead. We would have an upscale, special limited menu on that night, but I decided to add a few last minute additions to our offerings. This was nothing unique.

I completely assessed what I would need and every foodservice company wants to go the extra mile to assure that you have everything necessary for such a special occasion. This would be my opportunity to call Linda. I was the head chef of our little bistro and completely in charge of the final output for food production. I had five items I needed for New Year's Eve and there was no way that Linda would turn down these requests.

It was right before lunch service and I was nervous as hell when I started to call. Linda answered, she probably knew it was me from the caller ID, "Hello, this is Linda."

"Hey Linda, It's Bob."

"Bob?" she questioned as if not knowing who I was.

"Yes, Bob from Cafe Orleans."

"Ohhh. Yes Bob, how can I help you?" she asked in what came off to me to be a coy fashion.

"I'm a little short on what I need for tomorrow night," which in my heart was her, "I'm hoping you can help me out."

"I'll try... service is what I'm here for." she said with a happy tone.

"We're having Prime Rib and I need a case of our usual Ribeye. I need some U-10 shrimp, some Lobster tails... your sales sheet shows you have veal chops. I would like that small case and 10 pounds of Grouper if you still have it. If not I'd be willing to sub Snapper. I hate to call you this late..." I spoke with a bit of a pleading voice.

"I'll see what I can do and I'll get back to you... I'll give you a call back in just a bit," again she continued with a pleasantness in her voice.

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