Bodacious - A New Year's Story

byThe Fantasizer©

Linda's maturity is what gave her sex appeal to me. I wanted to make her feel young again though. This wasn't about some long term relationship in my mind, but having a relationship with her is what I wanted. The next slow song came and Linda moved up to embrace me. As we danced, I felt the excitement of our bodies moving in unison. The soft silky satin of her dress accentuated the suppleness of her large breasts, while the frilly black skirt of the dress highlighted the curvature of her waist.

I once again felt that familiar stirring in my loin. As my cock began to rise, I wanted Linda to feel the effect she had on me and I was a bit surprised that Linda wasn't letting go. I know she had to feel the mass swelling between us. My cock burrowed into the softness of her belly, as we swayed, giving the coziness of a soft dry fuck.

There was a telling look in her eyes as her lips parsed quietly in my ear, "This is so inappropriate Bobby."

I tried to be cool, but was certainly nervous as I whispered back, "I'd say I'm sorry, but it is the effect you have on me." In my younger days, I'd have probably about shot a load all over myself by now.

The songs continued as the room and dance floor filled with revelers. At one point, while continuing our dance, Linda reiterated, "Thank You for tonight," while hugging me closer.

The music had softened even more as Clarence spoke into his microphone, "Ladies and gentlemen I've truly enjoyed being here with you this evening. It's almost midnight, we have some blasters if you'd like one. Five minutes to go. Happy New Year Everyone!"

We continued together on the dance floor, Charles was still nowhere in sight as a server came by and gave us our horn blasters. More couples crowded around until there was hardly any room left to maneuver..

At 1 minute 'til, Clarence hit the keys with a tinkling on the piano and started the countdown... "50.. then 30... then 20... then 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Clarence started Olde Lang Sine as I kissed Linda's cheek. I couldn't do more in this setting and I was surprised when Linda returned my kiss with one of her own -- yeah on the cheek. We did pull back with a deep stare in one another's eyes. I could see she was thinking and I knew she knew what I was thinking. Nothing needed to be said. The moment spoke for itself. The noise was deafening as I spoke in her ear, "I have feelings for you Linda."

Linda nodded her head before tilting it and continuing our gaze into one another's eyes. I palmed her tush wanting it to be mine, swaying in time with the music. It was safe; everyone was as lost in the moment as we were. I wanted to feel her, all of her. My senses were magnified by the essence of Linda's perfume as our bodies couldn't help rubbing together. I couldn't get enough of the feeling; her body... so soft... so warm.

The sweet, slow dance finally ended and Linda seemed to awake from a trance as she pulled away, "I enjoyed the dances Bob, but I need to find Charles. I need to head home."

I leaned in, "I don't want you to leave. I wanna be with you tonight."

"Bobby...," she fussed in a quiet voice, "That can't happen."

"Don't be Cinderella," I pled with her as I pulled up into her. I know she felt my arousal.

"Bobby..." she lingered, protesting, "I gotta go." She pulled away and headed off. I waited a second, and then followed.

Many people were beginning to leave as I casually chased after my Cinderella. My watch read 12:07am as I saw Linda ahead of me approaching her table and seeing that Charles was still nowhere around.

"He's probably outside. He was there a little while ago," I let her know and continued following as she made her way. That is where he was as we headed out the door and approached the table where he was relaxing and appeared to have a good buzz going. Linda looked frustrated with his condition.

"Hey you two," he saucily elicited. "Y'all enjoy your dancin'?" He then chuckled as his head bobbled.

"Charles... I'm ready to head home," she seemed to admonish.

"OK dear," he staggered to his feet.

Linda demanded, "Where are the keys. I'll have to drive." I could see her turning red from anger at his drunkenness.

It naturally hit me, "Y'all can come stay at our place and I'll give you a ride back up here to get your car tomorrow."

Linda gave me an exasperated look, knowing my desire, "No Bob, I'm ready to head home. I'll drive," she reitterated to her husband.

"You got something to drink there," Charles chimed in.

"Sure do," I affirmed.

"Wellll.. whatta wee waitin for... let's keep da partee go-in," Charles slurred, although he didn't seem completely shitfaced, he was certainly getting close. He just seemed more high as a kite and tipsy. He could definitely walk, but was noticeably drunk.

Linda vibrated as she shook her head, turned around and stomped off inside saying nary a word. I walked inside behind Charles to make sure he was alright. We found my mother at the bar finishing a glass of wine, standing with Linda, "Mom. I invited Linda and Charles to the house."

"I know Bobby. Linda was telling me." Mom smiled while looking towards Linda, "It'll be nice to have the company. We don't get to spend enough time together these days... We have a nice guest room." She was letting Linda know.

I couldn't help smiling, while thinking about my plans. Linda had a consternated look of trepidation and Charles, as I said, was smiling high like he had won the jackpot.

My mother was tired and wanted to ride home with me also. Mom finished her last sip of wine, "Bobby, y'all head on out to the car... I gonna check with Toni (the front of the house manager) and I'll be right along."

We headed out to our company SUV, a full sized Ford Expedition, and I opened the backdoor for Linda to hop in. "You've been to our house before, haven't you?" I asked Linda with a huge smile on my face. She gave me a pissed look and nodded in the affirmative.

Charles got in the back, on the passenger side, along with Linda. A couple minutes later my mother came out and hopped into the passenger's side up front. I checked the rear view mirror and caught Linda's gaze. I think we both were on the same wave length in this moment. She knew what I wanted and I wondered if I'd get it. This was some high stakes poke her.

On the drive home there was little conversation. What conversation that did take place was between my mother and Charles -- mostly my mother. My mother talked about the day and how busy we had been. She told everyone she was tired, but wired, and how these days are what the restaurant business is all about. I agreed with her. Linda only spoke when addressed. Mom and Linda spoke about business related to some of the product from the company she represents. It was a productive conversation.

We were home in no time and I got out and opened the door for the ladies. When I opened Linda's door, she did smile, "Thank you for being a gentleman," as she slid out and followed Mom to the door of the house inside the garage.

Charles got himself out of the car, but I followed behind keeping a close eye on him as we entered the house. We all made our way into the living room where Mom had turned on some soft background music. Mom asked Linda if she would like a drink, but she turned down the offer. I went over to the bar set up we had and poured a Brandy for Charles and myself and took it to him where he had plopped down on the sofa. I also brought a water to Linda and Mom. Linda smiled in appreciation at my thoughtfulness.

Charles closed his eyes as he sipped his Brandy and it worked its effect on him. It was only a matter of minutes before he nodded off with his Brandy in hand. "Charles. Charles..." Linda chimed as she noticed her husband passed out on the sofa beside her.

She took note and rolled her eyes, "Sorry he's drunk... he can get that way when he's had too much."

I smiled at his predicament, "It's OK. I'll get him a blanket." I got up from my own chair and headed to the upstairs closet where we kept blankets, pillows, towels, and such. As I headed up the steps, I could hear Linda and my mother continue in conversation.

I grabbed a couple pillows and blankets and then headed back down the steps. When I got back down the stairs I saw Linda pulling Charles's feet up on the sofa. I assumed that she had been the one to remove his shoes as she arranged him carefully to lie down. I handed her the pillows and placed the blanket over him myself.

"Linda, the guest room is upstairs I'll show you," my mother chimed in and once Charles was arranged, they headed off together. As they approached the steps, my mother turned, "Bobby will you let Linda borrow a t-shirt and some pajama bottoms.

"OK Mom," I was more than happy to oblige and it only made sense, because it was obvious that Linda couldn't fit in my mother's things. My mother was a smaller woman than Linda. Mom was on the average size for a woman and I think Mom knew that Linda would be more comfortable in my bigger clothes.

I headed to my room where I grabbed a nice t-shirt and a plaid pair of lounge pants. They would be big on Linda, but they would be comfortable and they weren't worn out like some of my other things.

I headed back to the guestroom where Mom had pulled back the covers and arranged the room for Linda to be comfortable.

As I handed Linda the sleeping clothes, my mother excused herself, "Well, I'm exhausted, I'm going to head off. The bathroom is right across the hall, if you need it. I'll see you when you wake up." Mom looked Linda in the eyes with sincerity, "I enjoyed your coming over tonight... we'll have some brunch when we get up."

Linda nodded her head and looked my way, "Bob, I have some things in my pocketbook. It's in your car. Will you go get it for me?"

"OK," I agreed and headed off with my mother exiting the room.

Like I said previously, my mother's room is on the ground floor. It gives us both some privacy and she likes being on the lower level and being able to quickly exit the house. Her room even has a door that exits the house.

As we got to the bottom of the steps, we could definitely hear Charles sawing logs as he slumbered on the sofa. My mother chuckled, "That would drive me crazy." I nodded confirmation as my mother continued, "I'll see you in the morning darling," then she kissed my cheek as she is apt to do on occasion. As she headed to her room, she turned "I appreciate today. I appreciate you being there for me. Happy New Year." She then headed to the little hall entry which takes her to her room.

I headed out to the Expedition and gathered Linda's pocketbook, which was resting on the floor of the backseat. It took no longer than a minute and I headed back inside and up the steps, still noticing Charles snoring away as I headed upstairs.

As I got to the top of the steps I noticed the light on in the bathroom and heard the faucet running. I approached the door and rapped lightly, "Linda?"

"Yes," she responded.

"I have your pocketbook," I let her know.

She opened the door. "Thank You," taking it from me as I reached it to her. I noticed she hadn't taken off her dress and makeup and this made me want to kiss her so bad. She asked, "Bob, do you have any other towels? I want to freshen up before I go to bed."

I nodded in affirmation without saying a word before heading back to the hall closet I had already been to a few minutes earlier. I grabbed a couple towels and was right back to Linda who still had the door open.

"Thank you again," she responded as she took the items from me. "You are such a Gentleman."

I looked her square, "I don't want to be a gentleman. I want to be your lover," I leaned in and forced a kiss, tasting the faint alcohol on her breath. I got a peck before she pulled away. I couldn't help it. I stepped in continuing to persist.

I whispered in her ear, "You can go make sure Charles is comfortable and then come see me. I'm sure Mom's asleep." I cocked my head staring in her eyes, but Linda didn't affirm my wish.

She gave me a blank stare, before shaking her head, surprising me, "Fuck Charles... this isn't about Charles," she seethed.

With compassionate interest, I questioned, "Then what's it about?"

"It's about my boys. I don't want to screw up their lives," I saw a tear streak down her face.

I gathered her up and hugged her, "What about you?" I breathed in her ear.

"I know... what about me?" lingered as she melted against me.

I felt ashamed of myself, while feeling sorry for Lynda, "I'm sorry Linda."

She sniveled as she shook against me, "I'm sorry."

"Why are you sorry?" I wondered aloud, "You have nothing to be sorry for. I've interjected myself in your life. I've been selfish. I've got it bad for you. I want you, but I don't want to cause you anguish."

Linda pulled back and then took my lips and we kissed passionately. I couldn't help hugging her tightly and I couldn't help my arousal. Her perfume, the alcohol, and the duration of the evening had melded into a deep, ethereal, musky essence. "Bob, I just need to clean up and to think. Can you give me some alone time."

I nodded and pulled away, not knowing whether she would take me up on my offer or not, but I was horny as hell. Turning, I left and headed down the hall to my room. When I closed the door behind me, I was as cool as I could be. I hoped she'd take me up on my proposition, but if she didn't I could live with it. There were no guarantees.

I took off my shirt and my pants, checking myself out in the mirror above my dresser. Smiling, something made me feel confident. I wasn't muscular, but I looked pretty good for my age. Linda had succumbed to my seduction once and women tend to fall under spells when it comes to these matters. Sure, it was forbidden, but it was also arousing. We had dared to have sex in a very public place the first time. Surely this was less conspicuous, even if her husband would be passed out on the sofa in the living room downstairs.

I pulled my boxers down and looked at my cock which was already plump from arousal, as I had so much stimulation from Linda. I felt a calling to jostle my balls and tug the shaft a few times, examining the plumpness of a cock that really wanted to feel something nice, wet, and warm.

I reached in my dresser, pulled on a pair lounge pants, and put a t-shirt on. I laid down on my bed, feeling a sort of anxious excitement, hoping she would come. I was a little tired from the long day. It was around 1:30am in the morning, but I couldn't sleep, because I really desired Linda. After a while, I had figured she was too scared for such a rendezvous, but still I wasn't going to get any sleep. It was going to be a long night.

Suddenly, I was aware of a presence at the door and then the knob turned slowly. The door opened and Linda slipped in through the shadow. 'Hey,' I mouthed, gradually feeling a little nervous. My eyes widened, seeing her in only the t-shirt and carrying a snifter of Brandy.

Steadily, I became aware that tonight's desire would be consummated, the anticipation of which caused my cock to inflate to full mast. Involuntarily it twitched a couple times as Linda averted her eyes from mine after entering, while deftly closing the door behind her. Her body seemed smaller in these circumstances as she came towards my bed. When she looked at me again, she must have noticed the way I was staring at her and she suddenly looked embarrassed.

"I honestly don't know why you'd want to be with an old woman like me," she proffered as she took a slug of her brandy, before setting it on my bedside table, and then she sat down upon my bed.

"You're not old" I sat up and kissed her cheek, before adamantly staring into her eyes intently. "You're such a beautiful woman. You are a woman and such a lady and that is what makes me so hot for you. It just hit me the other day... the way you carry yourself.

You are so special to me. It just never hit me before... you're making me grow up you know. Something flipped my switch and made me notice how hot you are."

I took her lips once and then told her, "The girls that I've been with are just that, girls. I've never fallen for anyone like you. "I reached in to hug her and then my hands found their way down to slowly push into the waistband of her panties. I was so anxious to taste her, but felt it necessary to take it slow and easy.

Linda laid down facing me. She'd been all I could think about since that day of our last encounter and now my plans had brought us to this moment. She no longer seemed uncomfortable; but her eyes would look at me and then away. I noticed how she had freshened up and touched up her makeup. She needed this. She needed to feel sexy and needed to experience what I had to offer.

"What is it that you want out of this?" she longed to know my intentions.

"To be honest... the moment," tilting my head hoping not to disappoint, "Then we can go from there."

She smiled, "Good answer."

I smiled back.

"You can't go falling in love with me," she insisted.

I felt a need to be direct, "I hope you don't think it dirty of me to tell you that I'll kiss your pussy til you have an earth shattering orgasm."

Linda blushed at my lascivious comment.

"I just want to experience you and enjoy you," I kissed her lips. "Will you let go. Will you do that for me..." and let my tongue slither between them. I honestly knew she didn't kiss like this in that moment. I reached down and slid my hand into the waistband of her lacy panties again feeling the fur of her mons. Roaming further, I strummed and diddled her poon as she gasped through our kisses.

Unconsciously, her legs spread as I sought her little pleasure bud. Slippery juices leaked from the crevice lubing my fingers, as I flittered with her labia, exposing the nub of her clit, stimulating it. My mind wandered to thoughts of our last encounter and what was to come. Those forbidden thoughts had danced through my mind ever since and in this moment I thought of the possibilities. I wanted this body so bad as I breathed her in.

"This is so bad.... so dirty," Linda swooned, as she fell down against me, putting her head on my shoulder and resting her hand on my chest. Instinctually I accepted her, my left arm holding her as my right hand continued to fondle her pleasure zone. We just kind of lay there for a few, like this, with me wondering if she was satisfied.

"Linda..." I asked.

She breathed and sighed, "Yes."

"Will you give me head?"

Shyly she questioned, "What?"

I was hesitant in the moment as I nodded "Head... a blow job."

We looked into each other's eyes for a long pause, a silent moment, and then, I kissed her. I felt the need to assure her that I wanted her no matter what. She hesitated, as if she were thinking, before returning the kiss. Her eyes shut as she melted into it, our tongues slithering between our lips, and lingering, not wanting to stop.

Except for a few dalliances, I had never had a steady, serious girlfriend, and so this was my first time feeling anything like this; the fact that it was this older married woman made the situation all that more alluring. I had never had a affair with a married woman before. The thoughts of right and wrong had never really entered my mind. I just knew I wanted her and her sexiness.

I pulled back, "Will you?"

"I've never..." she trailed.

"What?" I couldn't believe.

"I don't do that," she looked away.

"Why?" I wondered aloud.

"I dunno. I just never have." she replied still looking away -- embarrassed.

I reached for her chin with my index finger, "It's nothing to be embarrassed about. It's just a kiss. It's like this." I leaned in and took her lips all the way again. Our tongues fornicated longingly and luxuriously with our saliva lubricating the corners of our mouths until we finally had to come up for air.

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