tagInterracial LoveBody Comfort Day Ch. 01

Body Comfort Day Ch. 01


Two heads poked into my door.

"Hi Matthew!" yelled Maria, as she walked into my room, her generous bosom bouncing hypnotically with each step. "Have I ever told you you're my bestest friend?" she asked curiously.

I sighed with mock exasperation. "What do you two want?"

"Nothing," replied Stephanie, stepping in behind her friend and coworker. She smiled as innocently as a cat playing with its prey, but even so, it lit up her face beautifully. I couldn't help but smile as well. I had had a crush on her since we had met over two years ago, at college orientation. Imagine my delight when I found out I would get to see her every day, since we were both RAs this year, along with Maria, for the same dorm. Both girls had frequented my daydreams in our time together, and I often caught myself fantasizing about them during our meetings instead of paying attention. It didn't help that Maria was brazenly flirtatious, often going braless, bending over in front of me, or commenting on my hardness during hugs, even in front of Stephanie, making her blush as red as a rose. Even so, it hadn't escaped my notice that after Maria's announcement that I was erect during a goodbye hug, Stephanie would often linger longer and tighter with her own.

"Although..." Maria began, "we wouldn't mind if you would promise to help us for a dorm event we're gonna plan for Body Comfort Day coming up... It's Sunday, and we need some help still." She smiled widely, batted her green eyes, clasped her hands behind her back and stuck out her chest. She could have asked me to donate a kidney. I probably would have at the sight of her pert D cups straining against the tight, black sweater she was wearing.

I hmmmed for a few seconds, not trusting myself to make English sentences until some blood returned to my brain, before finally responding. "Well...will I get a special reward...?"

They both grinned and Stephanie answered, "Of course! So will you do it?"

I held up both hands in surrender. "If it means that much to you, I'll do it for you two. Just tell me what I can do to help."

"Well we're going to work on snacks for it Saturday. Just come by the prep room at, like, threeish?" instructed Stephanie. "Is that OK with you?" I nodded and she replied, "Great! See you then!"

Maria walked up and gave me a tight hug, gently sashaying her hips back and forth against my stiff cock. "Ooooh!" she cooed, linking her hands together behind her back and pulling me tightly against her, preventing me from escaping. She continued to softly grind against me for a second before commenting, "You're really hard today. Bye Matthew!" and breaking the hug.

After that, Stephanie came forward with a sympathetic look on her face for the embarrassment Maria had just caused me and gave me a softer hug, although still tight enough for me to feel her press herself against my still-stiff crotch ever so subtly. The thought of her feeling my excitement, feeling my desire for her, gave me a wicked thrill, and I gently squeezed her a bit closer against me. I was rewarded with a slight gasp that fled her lips before she could regain control. I smiled to myself and we parted, a slight blush leaving her cheeks, and she turned to go, bidding me goodbye as she did. Maria and Stephanie walked out the door, their ample assets swinging back and forth like two skirt-clad metronomes on their way out. I sat there staring until they were out of sight before standing up, locking the door, and reaching for the nearby hand lotion.

I unzipped my fly, reached into the straining fabric of my boxers, pulled out the hard, pulsating organ within, spilled some lotion into my palm and began to slowly work my hand up and down the shaft, lubricating it in preparation. I placed one hand at the base to steady my cock, and with the other I patiently worked my way up and down its curved length. I tightened my grip, squeezing firmly as my hand reached the glans, pumping the shaft steadily as I let my imagination roam free.

I imagined Stephanie and I lying in bed completely naked, wearing nothing but each other's arms. Her straight black hair hid her big, beautiful, brown eyes seductively. Our lips met passionately and repeatedly, unable to bear being apart. No sooner had we separated than our mouths sought their partner out anew. Our hands roamed adventurously. Mine found her toned ass, spanked her, made her moan wordlessly, made her sigh with pleasure. Hers wandered towards my dick and felt my hardness as she gasped in pleasantly impressed surprise.

I imagined impaling Stephanie upon my rigid cock, watching her petite tits bounce jubilantly as she rode my cock to wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Her plum colored lips parted as she moaned my name loudly without inhibition or restraint, unable to contain her pleasure. My hands squeezed her breasts, caressed them, massaged them in circles as I held her pebble-hard nipples between my middle fingers and pointers, softly pinching them rhythmically.

Every bump as my individual fingers passed the crown of my dick brought a spike in pleasure. The orgasmic tide growing deep within me grew higher and higher, my heart raced, my hand was now a blur as I jerked my cock to climax. I changed my grip so put more pressure on the underside of my shaft just beneath the head, where I was most sensitive. My head tilted back and my lips opened reflexively as I neared my goal. An irresistible warm tingling grew inside the tip of my dick. I knew the end would come soon. Any sort of complex fantasy I might have imagined vanished and all I could focus on was the simple thought of Stephanie. Suddenly I felt strong convulsions from my balls as I watched my cock tremor, shooting out four jets of creamy-white cum across the room. I exhaled loudly, glad for the blessed relief. Semen began to drip from me as I exhaustedly slowed my manual motions, panting heavily while bathing in a warm afterglow of satisfaction, thoughts of Stephanie still on my mind. I weakly grabbed a tissue and began to dab at my newly flaccid penis, wishing that my reward would in some way resemble my fantasy.


I knocked on the door of the prep room, inhaling deeply the smell of chocolate coming from inside. After a moment's pause, the door opened, revealing Maria wearing an apron, a smile, and seemingly nothing else. I glanced down at her chest threatening to flow out of her apron. Although her cleavage was hidden by the thin fabric, which, I noticed, did little to hide how erect her nipples were as they poked easily through the apron, the firm, ivory flesh of her breasts was exposed on the sides, and she looked one sudden movement away from falling out the sides. I hoped for an earthquake, regardless of our East Coast location. She noticed my gaze and greeted me. "You're here! Nice outfit, huh?" She spun around, confirming that, yes, she was only wearing an apron. I caught only a glance of her behind, but its smooth curves lingered in my mind. "We've just been making some chocolates for Sunday." She pointed behind her at Stephanie working at the table. "Steph's working on banana centers for the chocolate penis bars we're making. That's what you're helping with," she informed me with a sly grin.

I looked down the room at Stephanie. Her beautiful eyes that lifted up at the edges, those distinctly Asian eyes that had first drawn me to her, were intently focused on her hands. Her hands were carefully paring down a banana, making it slightly skinnier and shorter, presumably to make it fit better into the "penis bars," whatever those would end up being. My own eyes were soon intently focused on her mouth, where she was currently holding a thick banana. Her lovely lips were wrapped tightly around it, holding it in place. They formed a perfect O encircling that lucky banana. Her cheeks sank in and out as she softly sucked the shaft. My boxers immediately tightened as I felt my dick growing in response to seeing her fellate her food. She finally noticed me, looked up, and waved happily. She tried to say something before realizing that her mouth was still full. She hurriedly pulled the banana out of her mouth as her cheeks flushed the color of a ripened peach. My heart skipped a beat and ached. What had I done to deserve such delectable torture? "Come see what we've made so far, Matthew," she said, signaling me over.

Maria walked in front of me as we went over, and I took the opportunity to study her ass in finer detail. I hadn't realized she was as well-endowed behind as she was in front. My gaze followed her thick thighs up to her behind, lingered on her curves, and finally came to a rest contentedly studying her cheeks. With each step one quivered and jiggled slightly. I had to hold my hand still to keep it from reaching out and spanking her. I settled for pretending not to notice she had stopped. I kept walking until I bumped into her, pressing the hardness of my cock against the softness of one cheek while "accidentally" grabbing her other cheek.

"Sorry," I hastily apologized, but Maria just winked at me and told me not to worry. I looked down at the chocolates on the table already and bit my lip. They were chocolate breasts, about two inches across, and rendered with erotic detail. Even a faint line separating the areola from the rest of the breast was visible, while the nipple proudly poked skyward. I picked one up and asked, "Can I try one? They look wonderful."

Maria turned to Stephanie, who looked at me, smiling proudly, and responded. "Of course. I designed those, actually."

I bit into it and tasted. It wasn't solid chocolate, as I had first imagined, but was a truffle, filled with a fruity ganache. Raspberry, perhaps? "Mmmm!" I exclaimed. "They taste as good as they look! How did you manage to carve it with such detail, Steph? I'm really impressed."

Her eyes briefly flashed down as her teeth sunk into her lower lip and a faint cinnamon spread across her cheeks. Her eyes lifted up to return my gaze as she explained, "Actually, you should be impressed with Mother Nature. She designed them."

Maria noticed my puzzled look and elaborated. "They're hers," she said as she snuck behind Stephanie and grabbed her petite breasts boldly for emphasis as Stephanie sharply inhaled in shock. I looked down at the truffle in my hand, perfectly-formed, then at Stephanie's perky chest, and then at her blushing face.

"It's true," Stephanie confirmed. I used the 3-D scanner and printer over at the lab last week. I just scanned my...self, shrunk it down to the size I wanted, printed out a plastic copy, and used that to make silicone molds for chocolate." Her eyes flickered down to her chest and back up at my eyes. "You really think they look wonderful?" she asked with a tinge of hope in her voice.

I gulped and stared at her chest, thinking to myself. "I can't believe she made a mold of her own breasts for this." I looked down at the chocolate. "And I can't believe how great they look. God, what I wouldn't give to be able to put the original in my mouth..." I opened my mouth, "Ya, they look great, Steph. I, well, I had no idea you were so...so...beautifully-endowed." She blushed and meekly thanked me before returning to her work. I turned to Maria and asked, "So what am I doing?"

She wiped her hands off on her apron, picked up a plastic tube, and strode purposefully toward me. Nervous, I looked over to Stephanie for moral support, but her eyes were fixed downwards. Maria motioned for me to sit down, and when I had, got down on her knees, resting an arm on each of my thighs, and giving me an excellent view down the top of her apron, at the deep crevasse of her cleavage, inviting my hands, my lips, my cock into it. I looked back up to Maria's green eyes and saw her smiling back at me with ruby red lips. "You," she began, holding up the tube, "are going to provide the mold for the penis bars."

I blinked twice. I wondered what she meant, and feared I already knew. I thought to how Stephanie had made the molds with her own body... She continued, "So what we need you to do, is stick your hard-on into this here tube for about ninety seconds until the mold sets. Can you handle that, big boy?" She looked up into my worried eyes. "Aww, I know what you need: a little fluffing," she teased. I was speechless. I could only watch as she dropped the tube and started rubbing my lap with one hand as she unzipped my fly with the other. She undid the button. She slid down my khakis. My hard-on had formed an enormous salient in my boxers that pulsated with every one of my hurried heart beats. She traced the shaft infuriatingly slowly several times before pulling down my boxers and freeing my tormented manhood. It bounced up the moment the waistband passed it, and Maria's eyes bounced with it, focused on its smooth, engorged head.

She reached out and grasped the shaft firmly, still eyeing her prize. I squirmed in her grip, but I knew I didn't want to escape my fate. She opened her lips, formed then into an O, licked them tantalizingly, slowly moved in, and stopped. I gasped. Why had she stopped? She reached up and brushed the hair out of her face, looked up at me, stared deeply into my eyes and smiled. My cock spasmed in her hand, begging her to wrap her lips around it, to take it inside her, to let it cum. She looked down, leaned in again, and then said, "Well, I think you're hard enough." She pulled back, picked up the tube, and fitted it onto me as I silently whimpered, cruelly denied my pleasure. I looked at her helplessly, but she didn't notice. "Just hold that there for about a minute and a half, and I'll come back to get it." She stood up and walked away, the sight of her bare ass producing another spasm inside me. I sat there, throbbing away inside the tube, breathing heavily, trying both to maintain my erection and prevent myself from cumming inside the tube as I waited for Maria's return.

After an eternity, she came back from putting the finishing touches on Stephanie's breast truffles and slowly pulled the mold off my cock. She held up another tube and explained, "We need multiple molds so that we can make enough snacks. Ready for another round, tiger?" I could only nod weakly. She smiled and licked her lips. "Well," she started, "since you're such a good boy, you deserve a treat." My eyes opened as well as her mouth. She pushed her orange-red hair out of her face and took my dick into her mouth. She watched my face as she inched her lips across the head until she reached the crown and stopped. Her tongue swirled around me. She stroked the underside of my shaft with the tip of her tongue. She worked her way down the rest of my shaft, taking it inside her lips, until she reached the base. She began to hum deeply, and the vibrations worked their magic. I tussled her hair and caressed her cheek, trying to congratulate her on a job well done. My eyes rolled back in their sockets. My hips bucked against my will. A moan escaped my clenched jaws.

She stopped. I felt stabbed, betrayed. I looked at her in hurt confusion as she released my cock from its pleasant prison with a gentle exhalation and once again fitted the plastic tube onto it. I looked at Steph, who had been distracted from her work, and saw a look of envy on her face, whilst her moist forehead, red cheeks, and lips formed into a replica of Maria's own suggested she had been imagining herself in Maria's position. I desperately wished she would prepare me next time. I felt ashamed for enjoying myself in Maria's mouth with Stephanie nearby, especially since I liked her, but it felt so good that I knew I would gladly do it again and again. I held the tube on me, waiting, wondering whether Stephanie truly liked me, or if I were only projecting my own feelings onto her. Maria walked back over again, slid off another mold, and licked her lips.

She was much more aggressive this time. One hand pumped my shaft while she forcefully moved her mouth up and down my head as she slurped and sucked with evident enthusiasm. Her tongue lapped at the underside of my cock as the circle of her lips enveloped me. Her cheeks bulged slightly as I filled her mouth. She pulled back and released my cock, moaning in delight, before she rested it on her lower lip. Then, while staring up at me, she flicked the tip of her tongue across my head as fast as she could. The pleasure was unbearable. All I wanted was sweet release. I reached down to try to finish myself off, but she pushed my hand aside and deep-throated my cock again. I was only a short while from orgasm when again, she stopped suddenly, and she fitted me with another tube, smiling devilishly all the while. "I'll be back, hot stuff," she informed me, standing up and walking away. I could only watch in impotent rage as she left, my balls aching at this unceasing torture.

And so it went, until six molds had been completed. Maria removed the sixth mold from my tortured cock, and I bet my lip as she began her work anew. She impaled herself upon my painfully hard cock, fucking me with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down rapidly. Her eyes never broke away from mine. Her loud slurps seemed to echo across the room. Her cheeks sunk in and filled out in succession as she sucked the shaft. I felt myself cross the point of no return and felt a combination of excitement, relief, embarrassment, and fear. I dug my fingernails into her shoulders. I cried out loudly, wordlessly, an animalistic utterance. Powerful waves of pleasure coursed through my whole body as I orgasmed, emptying myself into her. Her eyes widened in surprise as the first spurt of cum gushed into her mouth, but she simply flared her nostrils and began sucking down my semen. She mmmmed as my cock pulsated inside her. Seven, eight, nine loads of cum burst forcefully out of me before the pressure began to ease. My jaw was slack. I breathed out and in with staccato breaths.

As my brain began working again, I looked over at Stephanie. She was mesmerized at the show she had just witnessed, and was licking her lips hungrily, her eyes tightly focused on my lap. She was leaning forward slightly, as if to take me into her mouth from her position across the room. Her work on the snacks had entirely ceased. Her left hand was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples, while her right hand disappeared down her jeans, a wiggling bulge visible through the fabric: she was masturbating! to me! I sat transfixed, barely noticing as Maria finished up downstairs, gently sucking my cock, swallowing every last drop of my cum, her eyes closed as she focused on her job. The performance finished, Steph came out of her trance and became aware that she was not only an audience, but being watched herself. She pulled her hand out of her panties, a slight sheen of moistness visible on her fingers, and jerked her head down, avoiding my eyes, her tan face made rose with exertion and arousal, her cheeks made fire engine red with embarrassment. She was trembling in her seat, and as she began working again, her hands shook and shivered. Just as Maria's attentions began to hurt my sore member, she stopped and released me, licking her lips clean with delight.

"Didn't know you were enjoying yourself that much, Matthew," she exclaimed as she got back onto her feet. She looked down at my limp, but very happy, penis and frowned. "Guess we'll make do with the molds we have. By the way..." She leaned in close to me and whispered into my ear, "You taste delicious. I'd rather suck your cock than these chocolate dicks we're making any day." She pulled back and I felt my cheeks aflame. As she walked back to Steph's table, I hurriedly pulled up my boxers and pants and joined them, sitting down next to Stephanie, who was still blushing from before.

"So...Steph. Um, can you show me what I can do to help?" I asked awkwardly. I wasn't yet sure how she felt about me cumming down Maria's throat. Heck, I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It had felt great physically, but I would have preferred Stephanie bringing me to orgasm.

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