tagInterracial LoveBody Comfort Day Ch. 02

Body Comfort Day Ch. 02


Her full breasts pressed against my chest, tracing a path with their passionate peaks as she leaned up to kiss me. Her arms reached behind my neck to support her body, now in contact with mine from collarbone to crotch. My cock, already firmly erect, now began to throb desperately, urgently as the friction from her shaved pussy brushing against me worked its magic. A slight moan fled my lips, escaping past our kiss, alerting her to my tortured state, which, with a knowing look and a mischievous smile, she took immediate steps to remedy.

Again her nipples grazed my chest as she slid down my body, peppering me with kisses on my lips, chin, neck, chest, stomach, before finally reaching the base of my cock. Gripping it with one hand, it quivered in her grasp, pleading to be sucked, begging for it, as she observed it before kissing the head and licking it from base to tip. Hearing me moan again, she finally rescued me, engulfing me in her mouth. Her cheeks sunk in as she began to suck, and my breath became more rapid as she began to lick. My fingernails dug into her shoulders, she swirled her tongue about my dick, I moaned loudly, she slowly brought her lips up my shaft until my entire cock was inside her, the pleasure built within me, higher and higher, until...

I woke up. A hiss steamed through my clenched jaws. My erection slowly porpoised down to tumescence, its existence easily visible from the large bulge it made in my sheets. I slid myself out of bed and felt a slow, hot drip down my boxers as the seminal results of my dream flowed down my leg. Sighing, I made my way to the bathroom and the shower. Slipping out of my moist boxers, I stepped into the shower and turned on the water, thinking about my oneiric lover as the water warmed. Stephanie...what an angel... I couldn't wait to see her again. Today was the event for Body Comfort Day. Steph and Maria had told me a little bit about what they had planned: a sex toy party, snacks, and then another event that they insisted on keeping secret. With any luck it would be a strip tease contest, or something else that would result in a naked Stephanie. I wasn't picky. Her breasts, or at least the chocolate replicas, looked amazing.

Thinking about the real things, I suddenly noticed I was lathering my cock very thoroughly, and I now had a rather impressive hard-on. Well, no point in letting it go to waste... I wrapped my hand around the soapy organ and began to masturbate, thinking of Stephanie's chest. Those round, firm, pert, tan, delicious breasts... Those soft pink nipples that would harden at my touch, at my kisses and caresses... I wanted to take them into my mouth, suck them, lick them, make her moan my name and beg me for more. I wanted to worship her breasts. I wanted to give her orgasms she would never forget, that she would remember on cold, lonely nights when she needed to heat up. I began to stroke faster now. After yesterday, I was in no mood for teasing. I just wanted orgasm and release. I reached down with my free hand and massaged my scrotum as I continued to pump my cock, keeping a firm grip on the shaft and squeezing whenever my hand reached the glans. Soon I could feel the peak coming. I slowed down, but my strokes became more forceful. I was so close. The pleasure built. "Stephanie!" I moaned loudly, as jets of cream left me, splattering against the shower wall, propelled by the pressure of my arousal. I milked the last few drops of cum out of my dick, the warm, fuzzy feelings that followed orgasm already flowing through my mind. I finished my shower quickly and got ready for the party.


By the time I got downstairs, Maria and Stephanie were already setting things up: putting the snacks on tables and moving the chairs into a semi-circle for the sex toy party. I helped them set up, and after a short while, students started filing in, sitting down, talking, and eating. As they came in, everyone got a ticket from Maria. I looked at mine, which read "13," and put it in my pocket. The students seemed impressed by the breast truffles and penis bars. Quite a few of the girls were giggling over them. The sight of so many girls fawning over an image of my cock got me rock hard, a problem not helped once they started sucking on them. At least a dozen girls, all of them fondling my cock lovingly with their mouths. Licking the tip, sucking the head, absent-mindedly thrusting them in and out of their mouths, slathering the shaft with their tongue... I was in heaven watching them. Some of the girls seemed to be practicing their blowjob techniques on them, judging from the way they moved them, sucking and licking. My eyes, and those of most of the boys there, were locked onto their lips as they ate.

Soon enough, the "goddess," one of the salesladies, from Athena's arrived and set up. I mostly just sat in the back next to Stephanie, the two of us exchanging looks at some of the more interesting or strange toys, and laughing whenever the goddess cracked a good joke. One of the demonstrations was rather exciting, though. The goddess, a woman named Trixie, was showing off Nipple Nibblers: this lotion that enhances sensitivity, and has the side effect of making nipples erect. Not sure how it works, all I know is that my ears perked up when she asked for volunteers. Maria jumped up and down, volunteering herself and Steph, the two female RAs. Steph looked panic-stricken, but I encouraged her it would be fun, my mind filled with ulterior motives, and with a bitten lip, she reluctantly agreed. The two disappeared into the bathroom with a bit of the lotion while I moved as close as possible to the front.

Stephanie picked the wrong day to wear a white shirt. Maria came out first, holding both their bras in her hands and her arms outstretched to allow for maximum visibility. She had been wearing a thick, black t-shirt, but she still looked like she was smuggling thumbtacks. I just stared as she did a few poses and shimmied a bit. Looking around the room, I noticed more than one boy whose hand had found its way into their pants, and I have to say, I was tempted to join them.

Then Steph walked out, blushing, her hands covering her chest. She walked over to next to Maria, looking down, her hands not moving. I was beginning to fear she would never relent, but Maria got behind her and pulled her hands away. Stephanie shrieked, but didn't struggle to hide herself again. As I said, her white shirt was a mistake. Not only were her nipples tenting the fabric, showing off her twin peaks of pleasure, but the fabric was thin enough for the darker amber tan of her nipples to show up in contrast against the lighter beige of her breasts. My hand dove into my pocket, and I started feeling up the shaft of my cock as well as I could as my cock tightened and stiffened at this beautiful angel before me. Trixie put an end to it, however, and had everyone give them a round of a hand and sit down, although Maria still held onto the bras. When Stephanie came back to stand near me, I spent every free moment I got trying to look down her shirt, hoping for a clear view of the glory I had previously seen through a fog. She was too tall for me to get a good view down, though, but the hints and promises I witnessed were enough to ignite my passions, and I hoped only for an end to the party so I could be alone with some lotion.

A little bit later, Trixie had us play a game where, without using our hands, we had to pass a dildo from one person to the others, to be held between their legs, and a ball, to be held under the head. I, of course, made sure to stand next to Steph, and to my delight, Maria got on the other side of me. When the toys made their way to Maria, she pressed herself close against me to transfer them to me. Her tits, free from any bra, pressed up against me. It was hard to concentrate on receiving, and as I tried to get into a good position, I accidentally pressed myself against Maria, my crotch flush against hers, eliciting a cheerful "Woohoo!" from Maria when she felt it.

I turned to give it to Steph, and when I remembered that she was braless, I made sure to get chest-to-chest against her as I passed her the ball. I could feel her two nipples, hard as fingertips, poking my chest, and the thought of them made my knees buckle before I could recover. She didn't get close enough to feel my cock, but the sight of me thrusting a dildo between her thighs was more than enough excitement for me. I didn't want to cum in my pants, after all, and the way I was throbbing, there was a chance I would.

The rest of the sex toy party was usual until the end, just before Trixie started to take orders from the college students. Apparently it's customary for the goddess to give out free gifts to whomever invites her, so Maria, Steph and I each got something. Maria got a fairly impressive looking vibrator, that she immediately, loudly, and publicly named "Matthew," to everyone else's laughter and my embarrassment. Stephanie, after Maria whispered into Trixie's ear, received some Happy Penis Lotion, to catcalls and whistles. I received the comparatively tame massage oil, after I explained that I didn't really use toys myself. Trixie was about to start taking orders when Maria stood up and said she was going to raffle off some special gifts.

She pulled up a hat full of tickets, and I remembered the thirteen in my pocket. Maria fished around in the hat, pulled out three small pieces of paper, and called out, "The winners are six, twenty-one, and thirty-two!" Everyone else applauded as the three winners walked up: a tall, black girl, a shorter, well-endowed blonde, and Stephanie. I leaned in intently to see what they would win. Maria handed a long, narrow box to each winner, and I guessed that, considering the sex toy party, they had won some sort of vibrator. What I didn't expect was to recognize the penis: mine.

As the girls opened their gifts, they gasped and giggled, as did their friends, but Steph just blushed and looked from me to the vibrator. Maria sidled up to me and told me, "After you two left yesterday, I made use of some of the molds." She winked at me and continued, "Hope ya don't mind, but I had to share such a nice cock." I smiled with pride until Maria cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled, "Let's have a round of applause for the man responsible for the penis bars you ate today and the vibrators you lucky girls just won: your RA, Matthew!"

Suddenly every eye in the room was on me. My cheeks burned. The girls who had won the vibrators or who still had penis bars tended to have their eyes focused a little lower than the rest. It was erotic, thrilling even, to be revealed as the source of such an impressive mold, and I had to shift my hands to hide the bulge quickly growing in my pants from the dozens of eyes already staring at my lap. Still, the attention was a little overwhelming, and I was thankful when Trixie loudly informed the students that she was taking orders. Boys and girls walked up alone and in small groups to the assembled examples she had on display, some already with money in hand, as I joined Stephanie and Maria off to the side to chat a bit as the students shopped.

Once everyone was finished buying new toys and lotions, Maria and Stephanie started getting new supplies out of the closet: tarp, lotion, plastic chairs, and tissues. I watched with suspicion as they set everything up, helping to place chairs where directed, as they covered the floor with tarp and set up lotion and tissues amongst the chairs. Once everything was done, Maria stood on a chair and told the students, and me, what was happening.

"In support of Body Comfort Day, we're having a masturbate-a-thon! Stephanie and I have gotten pledges per orgasm, so be sure to tell us how many you have here! The proceeds from this, and part of the profits from the sex toy party today, are going to benefit charities for sex ed, birth control, and contraceptive programs on college campuses, so have fun! It's for a good cause! To get things started, we, your RAs, are going to start!" She waved Stephanie and I over, but I was fixed to the spot in shock until Stephanie pulled me over. She sat me down between her and Maria and smiled as she grabbed a container of hand lotion.

"Need some help getting started?" she asked me kindly, as if we were doing homework problems. Staring at the dark points still drilling through her thin white shirt, I nodded. She leaned in and rubbed my lap. "Well, you're already hard, that's for sure..." Next she unzipped my pants and pulled them down, revealing the massive tent I had produced in my boxers. A round of gasps went through the girls of the room, while the boys were focused on Maria, who was already using her new vibrator on herself through her panties, its buzz nearly deafening.

Stephanie reached down, undid the single button standing between her and my cock, and pulled out my aching organ. She held it firmly with one hand and used the other to pour a line of lotion down the length of my shaft, the coolness of the lotion against the heat of my skin a pleasant contrast. Finally, blissfully, she began to rub the lotion into my skin, stroking me up and down, getting me good and lubricated. She took my hand in hers and guided me up and down my shaft, getting me into a good rhythm with her. When she pulled her hand away, I kept going, oblivious to my audience, caring only for the pleasure I was getting from myself.

Maria had stripped entirely by this point, and was using the vibrator on all of her erogenous zones: her nipples, her pussy, her thighs. The flash of red above her pussy was a pleasant surprise. I never knew she was a fire crotch. Watching her perform, I quickened my pace as I pumped my hand harder. I quickly needed more lotion just to keep up. I saw a few of the boys' attention turn to my left, and when I turned too, I was greeted with a wondrous sight.

Stephanie was not only masturbating, but with her new vibrator. I watched in my awe, my hand temporarily still, as I watched her plunge my cock's latex doppelganger into her tight, shaved, soft Asian pussy again and again. She moaned loudly with each thrust. Her snow white teeth were revealed by her pink parted lips. Her eyes were scrunched shut. Her hand was clawing her chest savagely, her nipples were rock hard, her pussy glistened with her wetness. Her breaths were shallow and rapid. The pace of the vibrator inside her became faster, and her hand went from her nipples to her clit, rubbing it in circles roughly. Her breaths became deeper, her moans louder. She climaxed. She screamed. My hand started back up again and I watched her throes of ecstasy as we continued to masturbate.

I didn't last long between two such beauties. I had turned in my chair towards her for a better view, and as I felt the cum welling up inside me, I aimed myself at her. I grunted deeply as the first shot of semen left me, flew through the air, and landed on Stephanie's shocked face. The next few spurts hit her tits and stomach, and the last one landed on her inner thigh. She traced a path down her chest with one finger until she reached my glistening, pearly white cum. She ran her finger across it, and slowly, staring into my eyes the whole time, placed it into her mouth, licking her finger clean, loudly mmmmmed, and swallowed. "Delicious," she judged, licking her lips, as she did the same to the rest of my cum on her, hungry for every last drop of me. I only wish I could go again, but I was spent, so I got dressed and watched Stephanie, Maria, and the female students as they participated in the masturbate-a-thon. I tried to remember the look on everyone's face as they climaxed for later masturbatory fantasies, but I spent most of my time watching Stephanie.

Once the masturbate-a-thon had ended and the students had gone back upstairs, ready to go back to their college classes on Monday, I helped Maria and Steph clean up. The tarp had been a great idea, and we decided it was best to just throw it out. When we finished, Maria said her goodbyes, and I walked Stephanie back up to her room. She opened her door, turned to me, and said, "I still owe you a reward for helping us out today..." She grabbed my shirt with both hands and pulled me into her bedroom with both hands, walking backwards and taking off her shoes. "Come here, lover boy," she demanded. I immediately and happily surrendered myself to her.

I slid out of my own shoes hurriedly as we kissed, our arms wrapped around each other, passionately pressing ourselves against each other in our desire to be as close to each other as possible, our desire to be one. I went to unbutton my shirt, but she stopped me, purring "Not yet..." She crawled onto her bed, batted her eyes, and said, "Turn off the lights," her chest heaving as she panted heavily. I found the lights, turned it out, and crept towards the bed, only a shadow of Stephanie still visible in the darkness.

I joined her on the bed and wordlessly we began our passionate embrace anew. I kissed her lips, her ears, her neck as she moaned loudly. My lips peppered her with kisses wherever I found exposed flesh. Her head craned back, exposing more of her sensitive neck to my kisses. When she kissed me back, it felt electric. My lips tingled after our kisses. After our osculatory escapade, she started unbuttoning my shirt. It was almost painful waiting for her to finish, she went so slowly. As she undid each button, she kissed the newly exposed bit of my chest as she rubbed her chest against me. The moment she finished unbuttoning me, I threw off my shirt into the corner and started to return the favor.

She sat up as we continued kissing and held up her arms. I wanted her badly, I had no patience for slowly removing her clothes. I pulled her shirt up over her head, then reached behind her and undid her bra as she moaned appreciatively. As the bra fell off her chest, I gazed down at her beautiful breasts. They were round, they were beautiful, and once I squeezed them, I could guarantee they were firm, too. They were perfect. I massaged them, caressed them, licked them, sucked them. I took her breast into my mouth and gently sucked it, while rubbing her other. I swirled my tongue in circles around her hard nipples. I batted my eyelashes against her sensitive skin. I kissed them and touched them, I couldn't resist them. I had been daydreaming about them ever since I had seen them as truffles the day before. Her moans got louder as I worked her breasts. She clearly appreciated my attention. She bucked her hips against me, grinding herself against my hard cock as I kept stimulating her. Her breaths got deeper and faster. She was reaching a climax. I went faster and harder, thrusting myself against her and locking our lips together. She moaned loudly into our kiss as she orgasmed. Her whole body quivered in my arms. She slowed down. She was exhausted, exhilarated, but hungry for more.

"That felt wonderful," she confided. She leaned in and whispered into my ear, her hot breath against me, "Give me another... I want to moan your name..." I gladly decided to take up her challenge. I unzipped her pants and tugged them off of her. I pulled off her pink socks and threw them into the corner. Only her white panties lay between me and my ultimate prize, but I didn't want to finish yet. She was eager for me, and took off my pants and boxers, freeing my manhood. I climbed on top of her and pinned her down, my hands on her shoulders and my bare cock against the softness of her underwear. Her legs wrapped around me as I started to dry hump against her, kissing her as I did so. I could feel her moistness already seeping through the thin fabric. Her nipples grazed against my chest with each thrust I made against her, and they felt fantastic. I lowered myself down onto her, savoring the feeling of her breasts against my bare chest, and continued to make out with her as we kept bucking and humping against each other. She tore her lips free from mine and screamed my name. "Matthew! Oh god! Matthew! Don't stop! Yes! Yes! Yes!" I was worried we'd be heard, but I also didn't care. I kept going. Harder. Faster. She kept moaning my name, kept panting and screaming. Suddenly I felt her quiver again and her screams stopped. She just lay there, slowly but deeply breathing, catching her breath after such exertion. "Mmmm. You're so good at this," she said.

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