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Body Piercings And Tattoos

byHistory Nut©

Perhaps it is because I am more than 75 years old but I find the increasingly popular use of body piercings and tattoos by women to be esthetically unattractive and anti-erotic. That is, for me they are a sexual turn off.

I do not object to these body mutilations on moral grounds, but because they are esthetically an abomination. A woman's natural body is a work of art in and of itself. It requires little if any artificial embellishments.

Like most people, I have no problem with a small unobtrusive earring and each ear lobe. However, large dangling earrings and multiple piercings of the ear turn me off. They are so visually arresting that, for all practical purposes, the woman's face becomes invisible.

I also find female tattoos offensive, not on moral grounds, but because they detract from a woman's natural beauty.

Let me digress for a moment. As a gourmand and a cook of no small skill, I know that while spices and herbs can enhance the flavor of a dish, they can also so overpower the natural flavor of the main ingredients as to make a delicious food unpalatable. This happens when the flavor of the spice or herb is so dominant that the subtle, but delicious flavor of the main ingredient, whether it is meat, a vegetable, pasta, or a fruit, is overpowered and lost to the taste.

In a similar manner, a woman's makeup is most effective when it is so subtly applied that it is undetectable. It enhances the woman's natural beauty without calling attention to itself.

This brings me back to the subject of body piercings and tattoos. A beautiful woman does not need them. Indeed, by their very nature, they draw the attention of an observer, or a lover, away from her natural beauty and focuses it upon the artificial adornment. Ugh!

Even a woman who is not beautiful, in the classic sense of beautiful, is diminished by using body piercings or tattoos that draw attention away from her most attractive attributes, whether they are the color of her eyes, the size and shape of her breasts, or the appearance of her vulva. Those adornments, to me, are as disconcerting as too much oregano, or too much chili in an otherwise delicious plate of beautifully presented food.

From a purely personal point of view; I love sexual contact with a passionate, receptive woman. She does not have to be a ‘knockout gorgeous woman; she can be quite plain looking, but she does have to want a sexual relationship with me. However, no matter how receptive she is, no matter how horny she is, if she has a fibula in her lip, eyebrow, tongue, naval, or clitoral hood, she will, as soon as I become aware of the piercing, have the same effect upon me as would dousing my erection with ice water. My ‘boner' will immediately become as limp as an overcooked strand of spaghetti: instant erectile dysfunction. Moreover, when I deep kiss a woman, I want to feel and taste her warm, pliant, active tongue. I do not want to feel an unyielding barbell of metal against my tongue, nor do I want to feel and perhaps hear it clacking against my teeth.

Having a woman with a pierced tongue go down on me is even more distasteful. The head of my penis is sensitive. It reacts quite pleasurably to the warmth and firm but gentle massaging of a talented tongue. However, the feel of a hard, unyielding chunk of metal on my frenulum, or skidding across the glans of my penis just is not something I wish to experience.

In like manner, as much as I enjoy performing cunnilingus, I do not want to have to dodge a piece of metal when I am licking or sucking a hot, stiff clitoris. I love the taste, fragrance and feel of the female genitalia, but…

Tattoos on the female body are just as anti-erotic as are body piercings, other than modest earrings. They detract from, rather than adding to, the woman's natural beauty and erotic appeal. This is especially true of tattoos of snakes and scorpions juxtapositioned near a woman's nipple or vulva. The implied attack upon and destruction of the male sex is. To me, overpowering and fatal to any erotic feeling and response I had for her prior to seeing that image with its implied message of emasculating me if I continued to partake of her sexual charms.

Ladies, women, girls (however you think of yourselves) beware. There are other men, who like me, are not sexually aroused by, or responsive to women who mutilate their bodies with piercings, other than unobtrusive earrings, and with tattoos. You do not need to use these artificial attractants to make yourself more alluring. In more cases than not, they produce a negative effect on the men you most want to attract.

There is an old saying that applies here: "If it aint broke, don't fix it."

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