tagSci-Fi & FantasyBody Shifters: C.L.A.I.R.E. Ch. 02

Body Shifters: C.L.A.I.R.E. Ch. 02


I was in bed when I woke up. The sight of them, these two smiling teenage girls that were not teenagers, assured me that the madness had not been a dream. Perfect, naked taut and tight cheerleader physiques; yet these she-creatures could not be more than a few hours old.

"We we worried about you Master!" Bemoaned one of the identical pair.

"But we're here for you now, to take care of you, and fuck you." It sounded so sweet. In a twisted way.

"Uhmm...ah... M-Master?" I questioned.

"Of course; you inseminated our parent, and she was able to complete her lifecycle thanks to your sperm."

"That means that we are bound to you by instinct; to serve and pleasure you. We're your concubines."

"Are we?" Asked the other, a quizzical expression in her green eyes. "I can do a lot more for him than just put out; I mean sure - I'm his 24/7 fucktoy, but we can work too."

I needed to slow this down a little.

"Wait..wait.. a sec..." I breathed. "You are...Claire's offspring; and because I had sex with her, that means that you two are now my sex-slaves?"

The teen beauty on the right frowned. "Well, to call us slaves would imply that we were unwilling. Nothing...could be..." she plastered my lean chest with kisses. "Further...from the truth. "We must serve you, and pleasure you, and work towards the day when you reward us with your sperm, and complete our lifecycles too." Overcome with the strange mandates of her alien libido, the auburn-haired girl-creature moaned, embraced me, and began nuzzling my throat with cooing sounds. Demonstrating a sex-laced affection that would seem pathological for a normal, human girl.

The enormity of my error hit me then. "Damn! I was too busy thinking with my little head, and I missed out on a golden opportunity for data! This...that was like bacterial fission!" I slapped my palm to my head "Could have learned so much if I'd been in the lab!"

"Don't worry Master; just fuck us again, and again, and you'll be able to study our next split in the lab!"

"If we get enough sperm!" reminded the other, as she inhaled my now hardening cock. The bliss temporarily turned my joints to water, and I slid backwards to the warm sheets. The auburn and white-striped young hottie slurped and suckled my man-meat with practiced skill, so much so.... ahh.... it felt like she must have had at least two tongues dancing and caressing my oh-so-sensitive member.

"We'll both cum...*SLURP* to the lab *MMPOP* with you today; *SUCK* then Cara will come *MMMM* home -*SLURP* to serve and pleasure you. *SUCKLE* Next day, we'll *SUCK* rotate, and I'll come *AHHHHMMMM...* home with you." They seemed to have it all figured out.

"But...but why?" I managed to gasp, as reason was beginning to fail under this erotic assault.

"It's a good idea; we WANT you to understand us." Said the one who I think named herself Clara. Her sister was giving me an impossible, three-tongued blow-job, as she stroked and nuzzled. "Your government is afraid that we're a threat to National Security; and captured our parent, and sent us here for study in secret - they don't know what to do with us, what to make of us.

"We'll prove to you that we're peaceful girls that only want symbiosis with men. We'll serve you - you fuck us. It's a match made in heaven." She purred, kissing my throat.

No, that was just...ridiculous; their had to be more to it! And I would discover what it was!


"Crazy! It's just... these readings make no sense!" I snarled at my multi-million dollar holographic computer with its optronic processors that Bill Gates would sell his soul to possess. Toys like this were a perk of working for a place that didn't exist. But that meant I had to deliver - find scientific solutions that would have stumped those normally thought of as the best and brightest.

Two teenage girls with the physiques of cheerleaders ran naked on a treadmill with electrodes attached to their gleaming, sweaty bodies within the specimen enclosure. They pumped their arms and breathed heavily, and occasionally a third arm seemed to appear from behind their backs and wiped off their brows. They fanned themselves, glaring at me and moaning.

Their naked breasts, barely C-cups, seemed to jiggle and bounce in an almost deliberate rhythm. But the data I was getting...

" pH readings are fluctuating too wildly, in all different areas... ion concentrations...just can't be right. These C02 levels should be biologically impossible - These organisms shouldn't even be alive! There's...it's like they don't even maintain homeostasis! It's as if every part of their body just does...whatever it wants...whenever it wants!"

"I'm sorry Master," Said the one on the left...errh...I think she'd named herself Clara. "It would seem a lot less frustating if you'd calm down and fuck me."

"We don't want you to worry and stress yourself. Wouldn't it be wonderful to press yourself against my naked, tight, nubile young body, and just let go...let go of your inhibitions!" suggested Cara with a lick of her lips.

Yes, the one thing I had learned for sure was that these creatures depleted their own DNA just through normal bioloical processes, and they needed quick, easy, abundant sources of very fresh genetic material to renew their bass-ackwards biochemistry. Ergo - sperm. Ergo - they take the forms of extremely healthy, fertile young females. Yes, if they needed fresh, easily accessible DNA, there could be no better source in nature, and no better survival tactic for their species.

So then I knew what I had to do. I had tried to put it off until I'd gained more data but... I couldn't make sense of the data I was getting, however - knowing that they needed fresh, male sperm I had realized long ago that I would have to satisfy them - and scan them very carefully during the....feeding.

That would be easy - easier than in weeks past. Normally, when I threw myself into a scientific conundrum, I became totally focused, emotionally distant, and asexual. But not today. Twinges of male lust began to intrude on my concentration. I adjusted my pants for the umpteenth time from an unusually hard cock rebelling against my pants. I'd give these randy little minxes what they needed - and myself some relief.

Grumbling, I arose from my computer and went to their plexiglass enclosure; there was a small rectangular portal that could be used to insert food to the subjects - instead, I inserted my rigid cock through the opening.

Their squeals of delight were shril as the girls leapt to the prize. Cara opened her mouth to swallow my manly treat - and I could not decide whether her mouth felt like just a mouth, or a hot, dripping pussy. Her fellatio was expert and enthusiastic. Clara whined in complaint at being denied, so her sister opened her mouth, and the two slathered my rigid meat with long, moist tongues.

Perhaps it was the dizzying pleasure that swept through my senses at this slippery onslaught, but after a moment it seemed as though somehow a third and fourth tongue wrapped around my rod - far faster than I dreamed possible, heat surged through my groin and a shuddering climax was upon me.

It was as if my penis was the font of eternal life - so eagerly did they lap up my spew. The gripping orgasm was dizzying in its power, and I slumped, panting against the enclosure.


Maybe my mind was still clouded with ecstasy, maybe if I could go back to being the pure, impartial researcher I should have been, the whole thing would make sense. I was pouring over the readouts I'd gotten after feeding the shape-shifter girls my sperm. Every cell in their body seemed to merge (which should have been impossible) and their bodies were flushed with endorphins and dopamines in levels far in excess of anything human. Hmm....those were hormones of pleasure. At first glance, it appeared that to them - sex was.... well, better than sex. If a human brain had the ability to process the sensations that these hormone levels should produce, they would go into shock. If I was right, then absorbing sperm brought these beings such joy that their every thought was consumed by sex. For a creature like this, no indignity or inconvenience would be unbearable if there was a hard cock at the end of the road.

"We're hornier than you think we are." Clara said from the enclosure, as if guessing my thoughts.

No wonder Claire didn't try to escape. That was never her goal - I was her goal. My mind was awhirl, and not with elevated thoughts of scientific discovery. I couldn't make sense of their biochemistry, but to every one of my human senses, they were warm, ripe, ready, randy young women, and I knew that they not only craved sex, they needed it. And a funny thing happened - again. There remained that feeling as though - despite my earlier and recent orgasm, it was as if I had not given all I had, as if I possessed a secret store of cum that somehow had not been released.

My penis surged to life and began to harden as though I had never cum at all. I glared at the naked, nubile women in the enclosure as a feral grunt escaped my throat. I could pretend that there was some scientific value to my actions, but I didn't attempt to justify it at all to myself. I simply opened the enclosure, grabbed Clara, and thrust her nude body against me, pressing my lips to hers.

The alien squealed in delight, wrapping arms and legs about me.

"You.... you're the ultimate whore, aren't you?" I muttered into her chest.

"So much better than that master." Clara responded. "You're uneasy - you're...**MMM** just beginning...*MMSUCK*** to get a glimpse...*OOHHHHHHHH*... oh how slutty we are... afraid... don't believe it - no woman - no female could be as sex-crazed as we seem to be." I thrust her down to the cushioned pallet allowed for test subjects to sleep upon, my face a grimace of desire.

"You think...we're too good to be true - but it IS true. Put your hands on my breasts, but your cock in my cunt, and believe that I am an absolute slut for you!" I did just that. My man meat slid deep with a wet ease that I would have found unbelievable. I snarled as I ravaged her soft, teenage body with my ardent hands and rampant meat.

I was thrusting into a gushing cunt with more vigor than I'd mustered since high school, and my efforts had never been more appreciated. I should have been drained, I should have been exhausted after that first blow-job, yet I kept cumming, and cumming, and howling with a raging lust that buried my high intellect beneath the demands of the beast.

"USE ME!" cried the whorish young woman thrashing beneath me. "OH PLEASE USE ME TO SATISFY YOUR MALE URGES!!" Her sister Cara....or was it Clara... shouted encouragement from the sidelines.

"It's a kind of sexual freedom most men never dream they can have...." Cara explained. With her shapeshifting abilities; she sprouted pink pom-poms on her hands, and her bosom was covered by a red and pink cheerleaders uniform tank-top with the letters F - U in bold script. She purposely omitted any sort of skirt or underwear.

"FUCK-TOY! FUCK-TOY!! TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN!!!" She cheered loudly while leaping and cavorting with glee, her nude pussy seemed more striking with the appearance of clothes on the rest of her body. I could only moan my approval.

I didn't get in many more tests that day.


I took one of the identical shifter-sisters home with me. Errhh..... Cara I think. Driving was becoming much more of a challenge; it seemed that these creatures were unable to ride in a car with me for any length of time without the irresistable craving to give me a blowjob. It didn't help my concentration.

And once home, Cara quickly slipped into the role of domestic wife-surrogate. Once satisfied that my cock was exhausted for now, she scampered away to my simple kitchen and began tidying up immediately.

"What are you doing?" Cara rolled her eyes at me.

"Master, we've been through this before. We've explained this to you."

"Ahh.. yes... you're here to 'serve and pleasure me' , is that it?"

"In time, you will accept us, what we can do for you, and the pleasures that are in store."

Was I so sure these beings could be trusted? There had to be more going on than what it seemed. I was still pondering the question as I reclined for a night of Charter Cable with Tivo, when delicate hands set down before me a sumptuous, steaming dinner of fetuccini alfredo and steamed vegetables on a TV-tray reachable from my recliner. Cara beamed at me before sitting on a nearby plush leather couch.

"I just... I don't deserve this; it's...it's eerie to be waited on hand and foot!" Her expression and smile was almost frightening in its utter devotion.

"You deserve this and so much more; it's your reward for inseminating us." The implications were staggering, the food was worthy of a five-star chef, and it wasn't long before the aching in my groin became unbearable.

"Anytime... anywhere..." I muttered, half to myself. "I could just - grab you, throw you on the ground, and pound your pussy till there's no tomorrow; and you'd probably enjoy it even more than me." I began to realize.

Cara did not respond verbally; she simply moaned throatily, as her clothes melted away into sleek nudity as she writhed on the couch, as if overcome by her own nymphomania. Her breathing accelerated; what a slut! It was time for another experiment. I leaned in closer to the naked woman writhing on the couch next to me.

"You say you want to cook and clean for me - what if I never let you - what if, the moment I got you in the door, I just dragged you off to my bedroom, to ream your pussy with my cock all...night...long?" Her eyelids fluttered, as her moaning increased. The dim lighting cast a rosy glow on her naked nipples as her chest quivered. I could have sworn that her aureolas were expanding, could have sworn that her nipples were lengthening from mere pencil-erasers to nearly thimble-sized.

"I'd make you watch every thrust into your juicy pussy; What if I was so hopped-up on Viagra that I could keep on going hour after hour. And when your pussy got too tired, too sore, I'd switch to your mouth, face-fucking you till well past midnight..." Cara was quivering, both hands touching her perky, yet growing breasts, seeming to expand in fertile leaps and bounds with each throaty moan that escaped her lips. Before my eyes her breasts went from mere C-cups, to softball-sized boobs, finally quivering and jiggling as she erupted into melon-sized juggs as titflesh flowed outward several inches in three seconds to conceal her armpits with ripe and ripening mammalian splendour.

And yet a third hand emerged from some unseen area where it began rubbing her naked cunt. "... and I'd end it all with a piping hot load of cum right - in your - ass!" I hissed, testing her.

Cara's body arched and she howled in ecstasy, skin beginning to glisten with sweat, face flush, moans becoming ragged as her entire body quivered. Breasts shaking the longest by far. I could not help but notice a slickening wetness from her pussy, spreading down her thighs. And I knew - she had orgasmed in less than a minute just from my dirty-talk! Could even a shape-shifter fake this kind of flushness, the wetness between her thighs?

"I have... a cruel master... who likes to tease..." I swept up the nude, panting alien into my lap - intending to show her that it was no idle boast...


Bigger, it was all bigger. The girls. My sexual appetite, And surprisingly, my cock. And my days had set into a pattern. One of the hardbody cheerleader girls would come home with me, cook me dinner, and I'd get through half of it before a surge of lust would overwhelm me, and I'd fuck the hell out of the randy little alien nympho until I passed out in bed from exhaustion. I would awaken to breakfast in bed - and a 'Morning Wood' so long and hard it was almost painful. And I'd get halfway through that breakfast until the urges grew too strong, and I simply shoved the alien's face into my groin, where she squealed in delight as she sucked me off.

Most days, I'd get another blowjob on the ride to the lab, and yet I'd get through only a fraction of the tests I'd planned out when a boiling urge for pussy would begin to crowd out my other thoughts and ideas. I would usually keep typing, keep pipetting chemicals, keep compiling data until my raging penis began to cause me pain from the way it tented my ever-tightening pants. I could easily justify my actions with the surety that this species required male sperm to survive.

Some days, it was enough to simply insert my cock into the food port, and let them lick and suck me to delicious orgasm. Yet, all too often my growing libido compelled me to grasp one of them by the ass, press her to the plexiglass and ravish her body like a lion in heat.

It was difficult to say whether my research was going anywhere or not; I would perform sophisticated testing, many of my instruments able to scan at the quantum level, and I had compiled reams of biological data incompatible with any known life-form.

So far, I was only able to offer generalizations that I typed into the computer in the moments when my fiery libido allowed me to function. There seemed to be three principal stages to the life-cycle of these creatures - this species - which I elected to name; Polymimeticus gynotrophia. "The Juvenile stage apparent at the beginning of the life-cycle resembles the morphology of a human female between the ages of 16-20 years approximately." I spoke again into a small, black recording device that I used to document my thoughts and ideas as they happened. The girls were staring at me from the enclosure and masturbating openly. There appears to be an intermediate stage in which the resting state of the subject matures to a form identical to a human female between 25 and 30 years.

"After that point, the similarity to the human female becomes...imprecise. As the Polymimeticus lifecycle nears completion, the subject's resting state grows far taller than the average human, nearly seven-feet in height, with an increase in muscle mass. During this stage, mammaries increase in resting size by 500%." Indeed, it had happened this way with my girls over the weeks.

If they resembled cheerleaders when first.... errhh... born, then at this point they resembled overgrown fitness models. Their bodies were amazonian paragons of svelte strength and grace taller by far than any normal woman would ever hope to grow. The girls seemed... less whimsical now. I knew that both of them were driven by a ferocious libido driven by both lust and survival. I continued recording.

"Upon absorbing male gametes; e.i. - sperm cells, the subject's own cells undergo a surface antigen change allowing each sperm to penetrate; just as it would an egg cell from the female of its own species. Several rounds of cellular replication occur at rates 10,000 % faster than those of any known eukaryote. It seems as if... upon exposure to sperm, the creature becomes one, giant female sex organ. And this Polymimeticus species requires regular sexual fertilization for cellular growth, as I shall now demonstrate."

They were ravenous; when I opened their enclosure, the women were upon me like starved pirahnas. Taller than me by far now, they pressed me to the wall, equally plastering with me with kisses and caresses in an erotic hunger that would not have been sharper had they been locked in a celibate women's prison for ten years.

"You... lust... for us..." they said by way of explanation. They could not seem to disrobe me fast enough, or impale themselves on my cock with enough alacrity. I had discovered long ago that with these Shifter-women, foreplay was not necessary.

Clara squealed as I shot my load deep inside her, and I knew that was not the end. As Cara sucked my cock, I beheld once again the denouement, the culimination of all the erotic overtures of this species. Clara rippled and throbbed as though something within her was trying to escape. She moaned, arching her back as two new breasts bulged beneath her normal ones, rising like bread-dough in time-compressed photography, pink nubs growing forward and outward, until expanding and bulging beneath their own weight like a multi-breasted fertility fetish goddess of legend. For a moment, she had four arms all writhing, caressing - before the final distortion and split. And my electrodes were there, my scanners were running; I would record every scrap of data about this alien lifeform.

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