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Melanie waved goodbye to her friends in the seats around us, hugging a couple as well. She turned to me as I took her hand in mine. "That was a great game! Did you have fun?"

"Yes! Absolutely," I replied. "Only four home runs though, I wish they hit more."

She smiled wickedly. "I couldn't agree more! But, where we're going later tonight, I think will make up for it. I have a feeling you'll really love it! I know I will!"

"Then let's go!" I exclaimed.


I had no idea where she was taking me. Absolutely none.

After a terrific dinner at a popular yet casual Italian restaurant, Melanie took the main drag outside the city limits and then started going down all sorts of back roads. Left down one, right down another, and soon enough I was hopelessly lost. She never showed any concern and chattered happily most of the way through, which helped put me at ease as I figured she must know where she was going.

At last she pulled into a pathway deep off the beaten track. The path crossed through a thicket of trees. On the other side it opened up to a spectacular view.

I looked at Melanie; she was just smiling brightly as she gave the Mustang's engine one final roar before shutting it down. I got out of the car to see exactly where we were. I realized we were at the top of an embankment looking down at the city, probably at least a couple hundred feet above city level. It also must have faced almost due west, as we had an incredible view of the sunset in progress. Postcards were made for pictures like these.

"Wow, Melanie, this is amazing. I didn't even know something like this was here!" I exclaimed.

She looked pleased at how much I was enjoying this view. "It's great, isn't it?" she said from beside me.

We sat on the hood of her car and quietly watched the sunset. We held hands and she rested her head on my shoulder. The quiet time was unexpected but very sweet all the same.

When the time felt right, I asked her how she found this secret spot.

"My daddy was the one who first found it," she explained. "He used to take his girlfriends up here, including my mom."

She jumped off the car and strolled towards the clearing and I closely followed. "I have a lot of memories from this place, you know. I've been here for picnics lots of times, sometimes with my mom and daddy, and sometimes just my daddy. I've taken friends up here to drink and party, and also sometimes just to talk about life and stuff."

Melanie then ran a finger up my spine and softly kissed and breathed on the back of my neck. I groaned in pleasure and my cock quickly sprang into life.

"I've also brought a boyfriend or two up here to make out. But those were just boys. None of them could compare to a real man... like you!"

She spun me around and kissed me with hunger and passion, and I kissed her right back. She grabbed my butt and I grabbed hers. She ground her mound on my still-hardening erection.

We broke the kiss to catch our breath. Melanie moved her hands off my ass to place them softly on my cheeks. The look of desire on her face was evident, but so was her nervousness.

"Matt," she said, "I know we only met a few days ago, but dammit I want you. I've wanted you from that first day. I've never felt about anyone else the way I feel about you. I can't stop thinking about you. I know we're moving fast and I don't want you to think I'm a slut who gives it up for just anybody! Please, I want you, I..."

I put my finger on her lips to shush her. I kissed her tenderly and passionately. I'll never forget the beautiful sound of her sighing and moaning into my mouth.

"Melanie, I want you just as much as you want me. I want to touch and kiss you everywhere on your beautiful body. I know things are going fast, but I don't care. Let me love you!"

The switch was seemingly flipped again, and just like at lunch on the patio in mid-week, she changed from vulnerable woman to siren seductress. "Oh, yes Matt! Let me show you just who you'll be making love to!"

She backed up a couple of steps and tossed off her ball cap. She pulled off her shirt and her large breasts immediately came into view, bouncing invitingly after the fabric was peeled off her body. She twirled her body suggestively and bent over. She slowly lowered her shorts and panties at the same time until she presented her fantastic ass and tight-looking pussy to me. My dick was rock hard by now as I drank in the sight of her glorious, nearly naked body.

She turned to face me again. Theatrically, she cleared her throat and whispered, "I'm waiting, lover-boy."

That was enough to shake me out of my reverie. I quickly discarded my cap and shirt. I undid my shorts and dropped them to the ground, leaving only a thin layer of boxer fabric between my cock and the fresh evening air.

Melanie's eyes were drawn to my tenting boxers. She bit her lower lip and slowly rubbed her moist, aroused pussy, looking even more and more like the embodiment of feminine sexuality she was.

With a flourish, I took hold of the waistband, whipped my boxers down and guided them over my shoes with a minimum of struggle. My hard cock stood tall and proud, ready for action.

"Oh, Matt!" she purred. "Such a big, handsome cock!" She closed the distance between us and, just like the image I got in my head the first day I met her, I looked down and saw one of her small, pretty hands take hold of my dick. She slowly jacked me off while she french-kissed me.

"God, Melanie, that feels amazing!" I breathed. "When you touched my arm in the shop, when we first met, I pictured you doing this to me."

She let out a mischievous laugh. "Did you picture me doing this?"

She quickly dropped down to her haunches and nearly swallowed my cock whole. "Holy FUCK!" I yelled up to the darkening night sky. The sensations were heavenly.

Melanie giggled around my erect member and started sucking it in earnest. One hand had a soft grip of my shaft while she quickly bobbed her head up and down. Her other hand was playing with her pussy, keeping herself warmed up. I caught a whiff of the aroma of her arousal; it was sweeter than any other scent could possibly be. I licked my lips in anticipation of getting closer to that aroma and tasting its origins right from the source.

She seemed to pick up on the vibes I was putting out. She momentarily released my dick from her hot mouth. "Matt, you naughty boy, I know what you want, I can see it in how you look at me! Don't worry, you'll get your chance soon enough! But I'm not done tasting your big, hard cock!"

Melanie bathed my hard member with her wet and willing tongue, licking the head before travelling up and down the shaft. Each delicate lick made my cock twitch and my desire for her grow ever higher and higher.

"Mmmm, so good," she hummed. "Are you going to give me your cum, baby?"

"Oh yes, Melanie, I... UNNNHH!" My answer was cut off as she took my cock in her mouth again and, much to my surprise and delight, expertly deep-throated me. How she did that so smoothly, without choking or even struggling to breathe, I'll never know. Nor would I ever care as long as she kept doing it to me now and promised to do it to me again and again! It was by far the best blowjob I've ever had the pleasure of receiving.

"Uh! Melanie you're going to make me... UH!... cum!" I said when she had me right on the edge. I couldn't help but be disappointed that I couldn't last even a little longer.

She simply looked up, smiled and quickly said, "Good! I want it so bad! You'll give it to me, won't you?" A couple more soft pumps of her hand and bobs of her head did the trick. I fired off into her and she eagerly swallowed down all I had without hesitation. Melanie milked my cock and cleaned the head with her talented tongue and then, in one motion, she licked a trail of wetness from my stomach through to my chest and all the way up to my neck and chin. It was an act that, if she hadn't already sucked me dry, would have immediately stiffened me rock-hard.

Melanie kissed me softly and sweetly, once on each cheek, once on the lips. "Did you enjoy that, big boy?" she teased.

"Hell yes!" I exclaimed. "I am so going to return the favour right now!"

"Mmmm, I can't wait!" she squealed, and laughed her magical laugh. She skipped over to her Mustang and lay back spread-eagled on the hood.

I groaned in approval. "Oh yes Melanie! A sexy machine with an even sexier babe on top!"

"Ooooh, you sweet-talking stud, you! Come on, Matt, show me how sexy you think I am!"

I kissed her softly and gently took hold of her, and she sweetly whimpered into my mouth. I broke the kiss and longingly looked at her large breasts. "So beautiful," I whispered. I kissed and licked all over one of her magnificent orbs before taking a hard aroused nipple in my mouth. Teasing, sucking, nipping... whatever I could think of to her engorged nub that would please Melanie, I did.

"Yes, Matt, that's it baby!" she squealed as I shifted my attention to the other breast, making sure I didn't leave it unattended. She sharply inhaled as I gently tugged at her nipple with my teeth while at the same time slapping a smooth, firm ass cheek with my hand. Just then I caught another sniff of her unique scent, the sweet heady fragrance of Melanie's womanhood, and I uttered a primal growl from deep within.

"Ohhh, fuck yes, show me the beast you are!" Melanie cried out in heated passion. I growled again, louder this time, to prove how hot and horny I was for her. I dove in to her very wet pussy, sucking and gently chewing on her blossoming folds, licking at her exposed clit, and drinking from the copious juices flowing from her sex. When she felt ready I inserted first one finger inside her, and then two, sawing them in and out of her heated slit as I kept licking her pussy.

Melanie wriggled beneath me, repeating over and over "Oh god... yes... so good..." as if it were a mantra. I took a quick look upwards to see almost all the light had gone out of the sky, so I didn't have much time to finish this how I wanted to. Fortunately, she was close to climax so the timing was perfect.

"Melanie," I ordered. "Look at me. Right into my eyes. That's it."

She locked her pretty eyes on mine, though it looked like it took some effort. Her breathing was shallow and she moaned over and over in pleasure. "Cum for me," I said as I attacked her clit with my tongue and stared deeply into her eyes.

Melanie returned my gaze for as long as she could until the sensations got the best of her. Her orgasm was explosive and beautiful. She howled into the night as I reveled in the nectar that burst forth from her pussy and tasted its exquisite sweetness.

I got up and helped her off the car, holding her as she tried to stand on shaky legs. She recovered quickly enough though, kissing me hard and plunging her tongue into my open mouth. When she broke the embrace she spoke breathlessly. "Matt, you beautiful man! That was amazing!"

"Melanie," I answered back, "that was the hottest thing I've seen in my life."

"You ain't seen nothing yet, lover-boy!!" Melanie cooed. She felt my reawakened shaft poking her midriff and grasped it, slowly and sensually tugging on it, sending shivers of pleasure down my body. "I want you inside me," she whispered in my ear.

"I was hoping you'd say that," I whispered back in hers.

"Mmmm, I bet you were. I'd also bet you'd hope I'd say you can cum inside me 'cause I'm on the pill. Well, you can, 'cause I am. I'm all yours, baby. Anything you want."

The night just kept getting better and better.

She turned around and leaned over the hood of her Mustang, presenting her backside to me. Even in the darkness of the surroundings I could see just well enough to know how appealing a target that was. She shimmied her ass in a most tempting way and said in the sexiest tone of voice, "Matt, baby, don't keep me waiting any longer. Fuck me."

I wasn't about to let her down. I got in position behind her, putting one hand on the small of her back and used the other to guide my cock. I rubbed the head up and down her moist entrance before smoothly thrusting inside her. We gasped and groaned in unison, basking in the exquisite sensations of our intimate coupling.

Sliding in and out of her pussy, slowly at first, then little by little picking up the pace, I was doing all I could to give Melanie the kind of incredible sex a living goddess like her deserved. The regular noises of the night were drowned out by the wondrous sounds of our hot bodies slamming into each other, skin smacking against skin, my grunts and her squeals of pleasure.

One hard stroke hit Melanie at just the right spot. She briefly shuddered, and then arched her back, reached back one arm to grab the back of my head and cried out, "Oh god... yes, just like that!"

I maintained that angle of attack and pounded her tight pussy with abandon. Sweat poured off our bodies in the humid night air. I was agonizingly close to release but wanted Melanie to get hers first. I gently nibbled the back of her neck and breathed to her, "Cum for me, baby, I want to feel you cum with me buried so deep inside you. Come on, Melanie, do it for me!"

"OOOHHH FUUUUCK!!!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Her orgasm was strong and intense. I felt her wet, tight pussy clamp down on me. The feeling was indescribable. I came hard and roared at the top of my lungs, gripping Melanie tightly and emptying inside her, drenching her inner walls.

We didn't move for several minutes, just recovering our breath and enjoying the feel of our bodies pressed closely together. I finally slowly eased back, and out, of Melanie, and she turned so we could share a tender kiss.

She had a satisfied smile on her face and said, "That... was amazing. Thank you, Matt."

"My pleasure, Melanie," I answered.

"Mmmm, you're not the only one who got pleasure out of that, big boy!" she said. We quickly re-dressed and got back in her car. "Come on, I'm taking you back to my place!" she shouted.

I pretended to sigh in protest. "All right, if you insist!"

Melanie playfully slapped my shoulder and then laughed that mischievous laugh of hers when she noticed my head snap back as she accelerated out of the pathway and back on to the street. She opened up the Mustang's engine and let it growl long and loudly as she nimbly manoeuvered her way through the quiet city streets. She only slowed down once she reached a subdivision a few blocks away from downtown. She reached the end of a cul-de-sac and pulled into the driveway of a nice-looking house with a huge garage and lots of open space between each neighbour.

We held hands when we got out of the car and she led me around to the back of the house. She unlocked the back door, went inside and dashed down a flight of stairs, and, still holding her hand, I followed closely behind her. We weaved through the obstacles of her living space until she led me right into her bedroom. She eased me on to her bed and turned on the lamp on the side table, bathing the room in soft, muted light.

If someone could ever giggle seductively, it was Melanie in that moment. "I don't know about you," she said while disrobing and displaying her fantastic body, "but I'm ready for round 2!"

I quickly undressed and pulled her down on top of me to let her feel just how ready I was.


I slowly woke up the next morning. I reached across to take Melanie and hold her close to me. But she wasn't there.

The realization jolted me out of bed. I thought back to yesterday for any clues, any hint for where things might have ran off the rails. Did I say or do something wrong last night? Was it all just destined to be a one-night stand?

I noticed the piece of paper on the pillow where Melanie laid her head. I picked it up and saw some words written down in a flowery script. I read it and felt my panic subside.

Hey, sexy! Get your sleepy head out of my bed (haha, that rhymes!), and join me for breakfast! Just come around and knock on the front door when you're ready. See you soon! Melanie XOXO!

I hopped out of bed, grabbed a quick shower and just as quickly threw on some clean clothes. I hurried outside and felt the warmth of the morning sun on my face. I made my way up to the front door and knocked, just as Melanie had instructed in her note.

The door opened... and I gasped and took a small step backwards as I found myself staring at the imposing figure before me. He was definitely the largest man I had ever seen in my life.

He had unruly hair and an unkempt beard, both coloured brown with hints of grey streaking through. His barrel chest and tree trunk legs were barely contained by his clean blue jeans and white t-shirt. Every muscle I could see on his body looked enormous. This massive man looked like he could fold me in half and stuff me in his back pocket if he wanted to.

Instead he smiled and extended a giant hand towards me. "You must be Matt! Nice to meet you!" he bellowed in friendly greeting. He took my hand and shook it vigorously. I felt fortunate when he released me that no bones were broken.

"Likewise, sir," I replied nervously.

He leaned back and laughed heartily. "You hear that, Mel?! He called me sir!"

"Daddy! Go easy on him!" Melanie called out from within the house. "Please? I like Matt, I like him a whole lot!"

"OK, sweetie," he replied, actually sounding kind of guilty. He turned back to me, grinned and said, "Sorry about that. Just not used to anyone calling me sir."

He showed me into the house and poured us both a cup of coffee as we settled into the kitchen. Melanie was merrily bouncing around while she prepared breakfast. Her thin white tank top and "shorter-than-short" shorts left little to the imagination. The delightful sounds of her humming a popular tune and the wonderful scents of bacon and eggs filled the air.

Melanie's father introduced himself as Eddie, former owner of an auto repair garage which he recently sold in order to "slow down a little", and restorer of classic cars on the side.

"Is it just you and Melanie?" I asked.

"Yes," Eddie said without elaborating.

I felt a little nervous, like I had broached a subject I shouldn't have, and said quietly, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked..."

"No, it's alright," he interrupted. "You had no way of knowing. Besides, it's all ancient history now."

I decided it was time to change the subject, so I told Eddie what a great job he did on Melanie's set of wheels.

"Yeah," he sighed happily. "That car was a labour of love. It was really, really hard to give that one up. But then again, I love my baby girl and I'd do just about anything to make her happy."

"I can understand why," I replied, taking the chance to eye Melanie up and down while her father focused on his coffee.

Melanie piled three plates high with food and brought them to the table. "Have I told you how much I love my Daddy?" she said to me in a little-girl voice. "He's so good to me, Matt. He's given me more than I can ever repay him. He's the best dad ever!" She hugged Eddie tight and kissed him on the cheek, causing him to mutter, "Aw, geez Mel," and blush brightly.

We dug in and enjoyed our delicious breakfast. When we finished we took a few minutes to relax and refill our coffee mugs.

"So how's your weekend with Matt been so far, Mel?" Eddie asked his daughter as she cleared the dishes from the kitchen table.

Melanie put her arms around me and said to her father, "Matt and I are having a great summer weekend, Daddy! We've had a lot of fun and he's making me very happy!"

"Great! Glad to hear it."

While Melanie cleaned up in the kitchen, her father asked me to join him in the living room, so I obliged.

"So," he said, "from her answer and the look on her face this morning, I'm guessing you've had sex with my daughter."

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