My name is Steve Lund I've been a bodyguard for celebrities for the last 15 years and in my time I saw some crazy shit. I've seen celebrities having threesomes, foursomes, orgies, all lesbian orgies, all those amazing things, but there is one night during my career that I will never forget.

I was working for Lindsay Lohan in the summer of 2004, this was in July just after she had turned 18, we were in Chicago on a tour promoting a movie she had been in and she had decided to go out for the night. Being the guy back at the hotel, I expected a quiet night. Around 1 am though Lindsay had decided to come back to the hotel, she wasn't having any luck with the boys and apparently cops were showing up at the party she was at so our guys got her out of there before anything stupid happened. When Lindsay stumbled into the room completely drunk, she yelled for everyone to leave. I started out of the room, but she grabbed my elbow and told me to hold on. The other guys left and Lindsay started to take off clothes, starting with her already tiny partially see through shirt.

"You know" she slurred "You are like the hottest of the guards I've seen

I nodded to her, I wasn't sure what to say.

"Do you like my tits?" she asked, removing her bra and grabbing her breasts, I hesitated with my answer and she quickly demanded an answer of me.

"Well?!" she nearly yelled.

"Yes, of course I like them Ms. Lohan, they are perfect" I replied truthfully, although I wasn't, making much of this I had been shown and asked to judge body parts before. However the next question took me off guard

"Steve, will you fuck me tonight?" She pouted and sat down on the king sized bed. Now I really didn't know what to say, I was just staring at her sexy teenage body.

"Come here Steve, I want you!" I went over to the bed and sat down with her, she immediately went after my neck, sucking and kissing and biting. All I wanted to do at that point was to play with her perfect tits, so I reached out and grabbed them, fondling and pinching making her moan softly in between bites and licks of my neck. After a couple minutes I was incredibly hard and she wanted more than just her tits played with, she was undoing my shirt and I slipped my hand down under her skirt and started to play with her little pussy through her silk thong. As I worked my hand over her sopping wet cunny she was working to get my pants undone but she was nearing orgasm as I worked her over really quickly. Lindsay got the button undone before she grabbed my arm, let out a little scream and fell back on the bed.

While Lindsay was cumming the first time, I pulled her panties off and started to go down on her, licking her all over and tasting her sweet sticky pussy. This caused much more moaning, especially when my fingers slid into her tight cunt and I started to rock them into her, she was moaning and begging to taste my cock, so I couldn't disappoint the girl. I helped her take my pants off and held my cock for her while she adjusted and slid the head of my 8 inches into her mouth. I was groaning and grabbing her hair, making her take as much of it as possible in her mouth, after a couple minutes I stopped her and we got into a 69 position and I resumed licking her sweetness.

Lindsay finally couldn't stand it any more, she wanted my cock in her now, I knew this wouldn't last long, she was so damn tight, 2 of my fingers barely fit in her, and at times I had to switch to just 1. So we got switched around, she was on her hands and knees and wanted it from behind, so I grabbed her hips, lined up my cock and started to ease myself into her pussy, Lindsay got impatient and rammed backwards, my cock filling her up and causing a yelp of pain/pleasure. I grabbed her hair and started to fuck her, she was screaming so loud, I thought we would get complaints but at the time the pleasure was so intense on my dick that I felt like I would explode at any minute. I fucked her as hard as possible which was how she was begging for it, again and again

"Fuck me harder STEVE!!!" she cried out, and I did, reaming her pussy until she came again, her pussy clinched around my cock even tighter and she actually passed out before my cock shot stream after stream of hot cum into her tight pussy.

I pulled out of her and tried to catch my breath, Lindsay was asleep, naked in the bed, cum dripping out of her pussy, she had passed out and just didn't wake up... before I left I put the blanket over her and then I went to the other room in the suite. I put my clothes on and went and got another guard to watch the door while I slept, I was tired as hell and wanted to be rested for morning, just in case...

To be continued?

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