Boi Toy


They met me off the train late in the afternoon. Their welcome was warm and friendly. I was exhausted from travelling and spent the evening in wonder as we first had drinks with friends of theirs at one home then all went out to eat at a restaurant, then back to another friends home for more drinks. It was a warm evening and the drinks I had, combined with the fatigue, gave it all a surreal feeling. All evening these fascinating people talking and laughing and enjoying each other. They all made me feel comfortable even though I was a stranger in a foreign land. Finally they drove me through the town and out to their home in the countryside.

They were a gorgeous couple. She was ten years older than me, she exuded a carefree elegance, self assured and sexy, long blonde wavy hair, sexy loose hippie clothing, slipping from job to job with a carefree attitude. Anything from waitress to book-keeper, to librarian, even bartending in a club. He was ten years older than her, a professor at the college, handsome and kind, open and friendly. Life for them was social and carefree. They were openly affectionate with each other all evening: touching, kissing.

They were friendly and affectionate with me too. She touched everyone she talked to: the shoulder of a man at the first home, the face of a friend, the hair of another. It seemed natural that she ran her hand through my hair when she whispered something funny in my ear or he put his arm round my shoulder to steer me through the restaurant. They made me feel wanted and included all evening, never excluding me, interested in everything I said. Laughing with me. Quizzing me about my life and thoughts. Clearly enjoying our time as much as I was.

When we got home they gave me a quick tour, and, both hugging me good night, left me in wonder. I didn't unpack, just stripped to my boxers and lay back on the bed. It was so warm, I lay there digesting all that had happened, luxuriating in the feeling of the soft bed clothes, just a sheet over me, listening to the sounds they made in the house: footfalls, giggles, glasses clinking and, as I drifted off to sleep, the sigh and moans of lovemaking.

She seduced me next morning, teasing me with her hand under the covers after she came into my room to tell me she was leaving for work. He had already left and we were alone, she was entertained by the tent I made in the covers with my morning arousal and she woke me with warm fingers stroking my cock. When I tried to speak she shushed me, placing her fingers on my lips softly caressing them over the sensitive flesh. When I tried to reciprocate she stopped me, only allowing my hand to cup her soft breast, the nipple rigid but off limits. I stroked it amazed at the smooth firm flesh. I dropped my hand and caressed her thigh under her long loose skirt; I stroked the front of her panties, causing her to moan. She even allowed me to slip a finger inside, her wetness easing my way as she spread her legs for me, enjoying the slow thrusts.

But not for long. She again stopped me, pulling my hand away. She told me I could have more of that later and she continued her caress of my rigid cock. I'm nothing special, but she made me feel like an Adonis, caressing me and murmuring to me. She teased me slowly to a mind blowing orgasm, all the time filling my mind with hot images: Telling me how much she wanted to ride my cock, how she would feed me her nipples, how she would be desperate for my tongue on her clit. She never stopped the slow caress of my cock, the lazy stroking, but her hands roamed all over me: thighs, stomach, neck, nipples, ears, lips. Everywhere she touched me seemed alive. My cock was desperate in her hand, I was gasping and moaning, writhing on the bed. The closer I came to cumming the more depraved were the images from her dirty mind. Telling me how much fun the three of us could have together, how wet it made her thinking of all the hot sex we could have. How much she wanted to have two hot males in her bed, how much of a slut she could be for that. I was aching with need and her caresses were excruciatingly slow. She lowered her head and slowly swirled her tongue over my cockhead. It was exquisite. She licked me as she stroked me. Slowly building me to a massive climax. The closer I got, the slower she caressed and licked me. It was amazing, she held me so close to the peak for so long, telling me how much she wanted to taste my cum. When I finally crashed over into orgasm, she groaned her triumph and took me fully into her mouth holding my cock tightly as I fucked my hips up into her fist. I came and came, gasping and groaning in a turbulent orgasm as she continued to stroke and suck on me, never spilling a drop.

When I was completely spent, she let me slip from her mouth then leaned over me and kissed me deeply, her tongue thrusting deep into my mouth, caressing mine, leaving a trail of my own cum over my lips and in my mouth. She was passionate and forceful in a way I had never experienced. The whole thing was amazingly sexy.

All too soon she lifted off me. "Mmmmm, I'm going to be looking forward to more of you. I'll be back around 4, make yourself at home." And with that she left!

I spent the day lazing around in their home. Taking in the new surroundings that my travels had brought me to. I was taking my gap year to travel the world and I was about as far away from home as I could get and be on the same globe. I was due to be here for a month before the next leg of my round the world ticket. At eighteen I was no virgin but I had only had a couple of girlfriends and only one who I had sex with. This morning had been the pinnacle of my sexual experience by far.

I roamed their spacious house, intrigued by the variety of stuff they owned. It was an old wooden house full of life and history. Shelves and book cases full of trinkets and books from all over the world. It had a real hippie feel to it, it was comfortable and lived in and I was fascinated. I put music on, playing it loud so I could hear it wherever I went in the house or the large verandas around it.

They had a large rambling country garden full of all kinds of interest. It was a warm sunny day and I lazed about exploring. The nearest neighbour must have been miles away - no houses in sight at least.

After lazing in the sun for a while shedding more and more clothes until, daringly, I was nude, I got up to find a drink. I poured some juice from the fridge and roamed the house enjoying the cool after the intense heat of the mid-day sun. I was horny, my mind pouring over the things she had said, the suggestions she had made. The sensual way she had stroked me so slowly to orgasm. Would there really be more? Would she follow through? Would she tell him? Was she serious about wanting us all to get into bed together? I was hard at the thought but my stomach churned with a little apprehension.

I found myself in their room. Seeking her scent, the smell that lingered on my fingers after she left enticed me all morning and now I wanted more. I picked up her discarded clothes and held them to my face, breathing deeply her scent. Mesmerized. On the floor by the bed lay a sexy red chemise, a large cum stain down it, still damp to the touch. My head swam with the erotic image. On one nightstand was a bong, ashes still in it. On the floor beside it a pair of discarded panties. The wall beside the bed held a variety of erotic images, nudity and sexuality oozing from her eyes as she stared at the camera in a variety of poses from innocent nude sunbathing to raunchy looks in lingerie. A short soft rope was tied to one side of the headboard. A large purple dildo stood on the other nightstand almost as tall as the vodka bottle beside it.

I stood in the middle of this erotic scene, my mind filled with the images on the wall. A drawer stood open, lingerie spilling out, all colours and shades. I slipped a pair of soft satin panties on and sheer white stockings over my legs. Her red chemise felt wonderfully cool on my hot skin as I slipped it over my head. My cock was as hard as it had ever been, I teased myself gently as I reached for the dildo, reveling in the scent of her on it. I sucked on it, thinking about how good she had said my cock felt and tasted.

I laid back on the bed imagining her tied to it, her boyfriends cock in her mouth and mine in her pussy. Laid back making love to her dildo with my mouth as I stroked my desperate cock.....

I came hot and fast my hand furiously pumping myself into the red chemise. My mind a blur of sex crazed images. I took off the stockings, put them back in the drawer and placed the dildo back on the nightstand. The hot sun streamed through the windows, it was a glorious sunny lazy day. I showered, using her soap and shampoo, walked without toweling dry, naked through the house, my cock still half hard. The music still playing loud.

Arriving back at the bedroom I went again to the lingerie drawer, tried on many different things, checking myself out in the mirror. Tried on some of her shoes too. Loving the look of my smooth soft ass in a black g-string with a heart made of rhinestones in the back, I left it on and slid the chemise back on. Cum stains or not it looked and felt really sexy and my cock strained to stay inside the thong. I poured some vodka from the bottle into my still cool juice and wandered back outside.

I laid down in the sun, the scent of the flowers and her soap all around me. The sound of the music more distant, the weird sounds of foreign birds mingling in. The lounger was so comfortable and the sun was so warm.

I woke groggy and horny, sexual images running through my mind. I was incredibly hot, the sun felt scorching. My cock was hard within the confines of the small slip of satin trapped underneath me. I rolled onto my back and caressed the tight bulge. Pain from my now sunburned back slowed me.

I got up and slipped into the kitchen for more juice, relishing the cooler air. I refilled my glass with juice and ice and after drinking deep, rolled the cool glass over the front of the thong. I was so dreamy and horny that it all felt good.

I looked at the note pad on the table I was leaning against. The top sheet had a note written on it. "


Called in for lunch with you.

You looked so sexy it seemed wrong to disturb you.

Delicious images for my afternoon at work though.

Really, Really looking forward to tonight now


My heart thudded: Had she been here? Seen me? When? Where had I been? What had I been doing that she had thought sexy? I read it again: Was it her writing or his? Their writing looked so similar. I looked at the pad: Was it here all along? Was it a note that was from days or weeks ago? There was no way to know.

I flicked through the pages of the pad. Dozens of love notes. Note after note, similar writing, similar loving tones. Everything from: "Love you Darling, I'm going to cook your favourite tonight! xxx" to "Miss your sexy body already, has it really only been two hours! xxx"

Suddenly I felt foolish. I ran through the house, looking out through the windows to the dirt road. No sign of a car.

In their bedroom I took off the clothes wincing as they moved on my sunburned skin. I replaced them where I had found them and, cock still half turgid, I reluctantly left to my own room. Searching through my clothes I struggled to find anything that didn't feel rough on my sensitive sunburn. I laid naked on my front on the bed, cradling my cock, my heartbeat calming as I thought about the implications of the note.

My mind played over the multitude of scenarios, dizzying in their complexity and erotic potential. I drifted in and out of sleep, a torment of erotic dreams alternatively exciting and calming me. Perhaps it wasn't for me, probably not, hopefully not.

That's where they found me.......

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