tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBold Plans, Naked Ambitions

Bold Plans, Naked Ambitions


Part 1 of 3: Corporate Ambitions

It was Tiffany's first job since graduating from law school.

Buckel Water Parks Inc was a small corporation with big plans, and even bigger investors. It was all explained to Tiffany during a private office meeting.

"Tiff, we think you're ready for new responsibilities," the boss explained. "More specifically, we like your speaking skills. Winning the Moot Court competition twice in law school is extremely impressive. If you don't mind me saying so, it also helps that you're very pretty and you have a likable personality."

She smiled, "Thank you. That means a lot to me."

"Don't get too excited yet. This assignment was turned-down by a few others in our company."

"Really? Why?"

The boss leaned back and sighed. "Well, we're focusing on more water parks, first and foremost. But our investors have sights on other things. Things which, as it turns out, have a very lucrative market."


"Like nudist resorts. Now before you say anything, just think about it. It's for adults only. It's also a water park. And most importantly, clients are willing to pay top-dollar for it. So why not?"

The thought had taken Tiffany by surprise. Especially since her boss and the small corporation had such a family oriented reputation.

"I'm not totally bothered by it," Tiffany said. "You've made some great points. There's nothing morally wrong with a nude water park. It would be great for business. So yeah, why not?"

He flashed a broad smile, "Excellent. So you're on board, so far."

"I'm not opposed to it."

"Great. Because we have property in northern California which we'd like to become our first nudist park. We have the designs, the plans, business strategy, everything... The problem is, we're having trouble getting permits because a small group of residents are strongly against it. You know, the religious Christian types."

"I see..."

Tiffany nodded and she tried to hide the fact that she was slightly offended by the boss's dismissive tone towards religious people. She was a devout Christian herself, which the boss seemed to have sensed.

"Not that there's anything wrong with Christians," the boss clarified. "But we're a business, and being denied a permit is very bad for business."

"The nudist resort can always be built somewhere else, right?"

"Not exactly. The problem is, our investors in California will only invest if it's a nudist water park. They want something nearby, so they can relax with their corporate buddies. They're willing to invest millions of dollars, and the clients are willing to pay big bucks. That means lots of money for us."

"In that case, we would need a strong PR campaign to get the necessary permits to build," Tiffany said after some thought. "Luckily, we're dealing with a small town, I presume. I was raised in a small town, so I know how things work."

"Go on," the boss said with a strong sense of interest.

"People in small towns are very community oriented. They participate heavily in the political process. Our best chance would be to set up a town hall, then plead our case to the people. We would have to explain that the public will be shielded from the nudity. That families won't see it. Everything will be tastefully done, and we won't be attracting any perverts to the community. Furthermore, it would greatly benefit the local economy and create good paying jobs. That should be the general strategy."

The boss's eyes widened. "My gosh, you're an angel."

"Not quite. But I try my best."

"It's settled. You're officially the new liaison for this job. And I won't take 'no' for an answer."

Tiffany was taken aback. In a good way. She had been with the company for a few months, and already she was thrust into a major role for a multi-million dollar development deal.

"I...I don't know what to say...wow?"

"That's a start," he nodded.

"What exactly am I going to be doing?"

The boss sat upright. "When I first pursued this development deal, I made the mistake of sending businessmen to the town, and our plans were rejected. Big disaster. This time, I'm going to send you as our representative. You would know how to talk with them. And I expect you to convince them. Tell them why this deal will benefit the town. That's your new job."

Tiffany sat dumbfounded and expressionless for a moment.

"Do I get a choice in the matter? Do I have to make this decision now?"

"I'll give you a week to make your decision. I'll send you all the necessary documents and paperwork."

"This all seems so sudden," she replied. "But I think I'm up to the task. Although I'm still not sure what you want from me. I've never been involved with deal making before."

"Do the things you said. Set up a town hall. Talk to the people. Use your Moot Court experiences from law school. Use your charm. Use your cuteness. Use everything. Just get us the permits."

"Okay," she slowly nodded, even though she was unsure of herself. "Will I be going with a team? I've never been to northern California before."

"No. Last time we sent a team of business suits, and it was a disaster. They were practically chased out of town. No. This time, we'll use a low-key approach. Just you. You're our secret weapon."

"So I have to go there alone?"

The boss thought for a moment. "I'll have Megan go with you. She's great with numbers and figures. She'll be your assistant."

"That sounds doable," she nodded, and was excited about the thought of going on a business trip with her friend.

"Tiff, we're relying on you for this. This could be a big one. Opening this resort could be a game changer for our company."

"It's definitely an honor to be in this position. There are still so many questions though. I've never done anything like this before, and I don't want to ruin your plans with the..."

"Nonsense," he inserted, shaking his head. "You're perfect for the job."

"Okay, but I've never..."

"Do you know how I became the CEO of a company?"

"How?" she answered.

"Anytime I was in a tough position, where I didn't know what to do, I simply thought of the dollar signs. I thought of the cash. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That was always my focus as a young man. And that's still my focus today- the cash."

Tiffany nodded. "Okay."

"This is a multi-million dollar project. It could be huge for our company's future. If this works out, we could be opening more nudist resorts."

"Sounds like it could be interesting," she said with a half shrug.

"Not 'could be' interesting. It IS interesting."

She nodded again. "Okay."

Tiffany felt herself becoming more meek as her boss exerted his male dominance and became more intense at the idea of expanding the business.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I've got an appointment soon. We'll talk more later. I'll have all of the necessary information sent to you."

"Thank you for this opportunity. I really appreciate it."

Tiffany stood, and the boss looked like he had something else to say.

"Oh, we forgot to discuss compensation," he added. "If you get the permits we need, I'll give you a $50 thousand dollar bonus. Plus you'll be the official liaison between our company and the people of the town. Now go, I'm busy."

Tiffany was awestruck by the boss's statement. She was already making a fair wage for a recent law graduate (a wage which helped her afford a cozy little apartment). But the money she would be receiving, and the job offer after that, would be a life changer.

As she left the office, she had already made her decision.


That night. The documents were spread across the floor. Tiffany took her time looking at the different designs for the nudist resort. She quickly understood why the project was worth millions.

There were detailed plans to build pools, outdoor recreational facilities, living spaces, offices, and so forth...

There was also a few artistic drawings of what the place would look like, and it was gorgeous. Tiffany was amazed that she would be a part of building something so grand.

She desperately wanted to tell her parents about her new duties, but she was worried how they would handle the whole nudity thing. Tiffany wasn't that bothered by the nudity aspect of the job. It wasn't like she was going to be there when the nudity was happening. That wasn't her thing. She was all about the business dealings and getting things done. And of course, the money.

After she finished examining the designs, she turned her attention towards a series of pictures, which showed nudists in another resort. She was told that those nudists were the investors. Middle aged, naked, and proud.

In a way, Tiffany admired their freedom. They looked like the happiest people in the world. The photos made Tiffany feel like she was doing a public service, since she would be helping to provide peaceful enjoyment to a lot of people.

All she had to do was convince the locals that the resort was a good idea.


The next week. Tiffany was in the boss's office signing documents for the sudden promotion. It made her feel good knowing that her talents were being fully utilized, and that she was given such an important assignment.

"Tiff, what can I say? You're the best."

She smiled, "Let's not get too excited. This is no easy task."

"Are you kidding?" the boss said with animated expressions. "Those townspeople don't stand a chance against your charm and wit. I've got to say, if this deal works out, who knows, you could be our new spokeswoman. I mean it. If our company continues to grow, I'll send you all over the country to do our deals."

The words from the energetic boss were overly flattering. She blushed. And it made her nervous to think that she might not be able to deliver.

"I promise to do my best."

"Good. We need this thing approved ASAP. It has to be built now so that it will be ready by next summer. Perfect for tourist season and hot weather."

"I'll keep that in mind."

He calmed down and nodded. "Have you got everything you need? Anything else I can do before your road trip?"

"It's all set."

"And how are things with Megan?"

"I think we're going to have a blast together," she winked. "It's like a fun little road trip between friends."

The boss walked towards Tiffany and offered a hug, which she gladly accepted. They embraced in a friendly way.

"You've got so much talent, Tiff," he said. "This experience is going to be life changing."

If she only knew...

Part 2 of 3: Town Hall Anxieties

Tiffany drove her car down the highway.

In the passenger seat was Megan, a fellow employee who was roughly the same age. Megan was a book smart red head, who was known for wearing thick framed glasses. Her red hair was wavy and messy.

They were both dressed in khaki shorts and tshirts for the hot weather. It made them look like sisters.

Both of them had been hired on the same week, and they had been close friends ever since. The thought of them taking a road trip together, and doing business together, was exciting to both of them.

It didn't seem so hard (at the time) to get the job done. They figured they would be in town for a few days, before finally convincing the townspeople that the permits were necessary.

All expenses of the trip were paid for by the company.

When they arrived, they enjoyed the view of northern California. It was a place they had never seen before. It had a small town feel, rustic, and charming, with plenty of character. But there was also a lot of style to it. The local residents seemed extremely friendly. And then there was the view of nature. The view was gorgeous. Giant lush trees were everywhere. The air was unbelievably fresh. And the lakes and rivers were beautiful.

"Now this is what I call work," Megan said.

"Yeah. I could work here forever. My goodness."

Before going to their motel, they made a quick stop to the property, which was just on the way.

They parked and got out of the car. The land was fairly large, and there were many old facilities. It looked semi-abandoned. But there was so much potential in the location since it was in a beautiful spot which was easily accessible.

"I can see why the investors want this area so much," Tiffany noted as they walked around. "I'm no real estate agent, but this is a great place for a resort."

"A nudist resort," Megan teased. "Can you believe we're practically in the sex industry now?"

They briefly laughed and Tiffany shook her head in embarrassment.

"Hey, some people like being naked. Nothing wrong with that."

"That's true."

The two young women walked around the plot of land. There was a serenity and peacefulness to the land, which brought their minds to ease.

"Are you nervous about tomorrow?" Megan asked.

"The speech?"

Megan nodded. "Yeah, are you nervous?"

"I don't know," she sighed. "There's so much pressure. I don't want to screw this up. I mean, I've never been involved in a deal this big. I'm used to being in the legal department."

"I'm sure you'll do fine. The boss has made a lot of really strong comments about you. Plus, I don't think the townspeople are going to be so hostile towards you, since, you know, you're a girl."

Tiffany nodded. "God, I hope that doesn't happen. I don't have any problems speaking in front of the town hall. But if it gets rowdy, oh my god. I'm scared just thinking about it."

"Like I said, no one is going to yell at a pretty girl."

"Yeah, but the last representatives that came here had an attractive female lawyer, and I heard she got humiliated, badly."

"That's different," Megan said. "They came with suits, and they acted like they were going to buy the whole town. No one likes corporate arrogance. I think your approach would work better. Much better."

Tiffany took a deep breath. "I hope so. My butt is on the line."


The next morning. As they ate breakfast at a diner together, Tiffany reviewed the speech which she had prepared. They talked about each sentence of the speech. She wrote all of it, but Megan helped craft some of the financial arguments which explained why the resort was beneficial to the town. After all, Megan was a numbers girl.

Afterwards they relaxed and Tiffany didn't say much anymore. She was busy preparing herself mentally. Getting in the right state-of-mind was crucial to her public speaking abilities.

Later, she dressed in a semi-formal outfit. Khaki pants, dress shoes, and a buttoned shirt. Not too casual. Not too corporate. It was just right.

They went to the town hall and prepared. In the trunk of her car were display models, display boards, and hundreds of pamphlets which they would hand out to everyone.

The displays were properly set up in the empty town hall. Tiffany stood behind the podium and imagined the crowd. She imagined her speech. She envisioned herself doing a great job. She envisioned herself talking loudly and clearly. No fears. It was her way of boosting confidence.

The Mayor came into the room. He was a casually dressed, overweight man in his 50's. There was a friendly charm about him, and Tiffany & Megan could see why the mayor was so popular.

The young women stood side-by-side when talking to the Mayor. They made their introductions along with small talk, and back & forth banter.

"How are you feeling?" Mayor Lagassi asked.

"A little nervous," Tiffany admitted. "But overall, I feel good. I'm well prepared, and I feel that we have a great case which would benefit this wonderful community of yours."

The Mayor gave a warm smile. "That's the right attitude. If you speak like that in front of the audience, they'll be more receptive to your message."

"I hope so. Everyone here seems so friendly and warm. It's a wonderful place."

"It really is," the Mayor agreed. "But you have to understand, these are people who want a quiet life. They don't want the hassle of big city folks, and they certainly don't want nudists coming here. I hope you can understand that."

"I do. But I have to convince them of the benefits."

"It won't be easy."

"If you don't mind, what's your stance on this issue?" Tiffany asked.

"Personally, I want to see this thing get built. I think that overall, it'll be great for the adults in the community, and great for our hot summers. The people should also understand that the increased tax revenues will help us in so many ways."

"Wow, I had no idea that you're a supporter of this."

Mayor Lagassi leaned forward and whispered. "Frankly, I can't wait for this nudist water park to open. My wife and I would love to join. We're both nudists, by the way."

The Mayor gave a warm smile, patted both women on the shoulder, then left. Tiffany & Megan looked at each other and thought, 'did he really just say that?'


The town hall quickly filled up. There were more people in attendance than expected. At least 100 people. It shouldn't have been a surprise, since a nudist resort opening in their town was the biggest political topic on people's minds.

The Mayor was there. The city Board was there. Megan stood on the side. The townspeople filled the seats, and the rest stood in the back. Tiffany stood behind the podium, facing the crowd. She didn't have the speech in front of her, since she always preferred to memorize everything. It made her speeches sound more genuine and from the heart.

Nerves continued to grow as the Mayor took the microphone and began the town hall. He explained the importance of a good debate and encouraged people to refrain from heckling.

Tiffany was more nervous than she had expected. The speech wasn't academic or practice. It was real world politics and business.

When the Mayor finally introduced Tiffany, she put her game face on. Time to work her magic. Time to work her charm.

"Good morning," she said clearly into the microphone. "I'd like to thank everyone here for coming. These are important matters, and I won't waste your time."

So far, so good. Everyone looked engaged and interested while Tiffany spoke. Her friendly demeanor appeared to be working.

She continued, "My name is Tiffany McAlister. I'm here on behalf of Buckel Water Parks Incorporated, which is a development company which builds, operates, and maintains water parks. As you're all aware, this company owns the plot of land near the lake, and has plans to redevelop it. The future plans allow guests to be, well, less-dressed than the average water park."

There were a few laughs from the audience, and Tiffany knew that her charm and effective speaking skills were working.

She continued, "In other words, we'd like to build an exclusive nudist resort. It would be perfectly legal. Safe. And anyone over the age of 21 will be able to join. I'm sure there are many fears among residents from what a nudist resort would do to a community like this. I would like to ease those fears."

With the audience fully captivated, Tiffany gestured to the model images.

She continued, "As you can see, this resort will feature state-of-the-art facilities for rest & relaxation. There will be places for guests to eat, sleep, and have a good time. The layout is perfect for swimmers and sunbathers, and people who just want to lounge in the cool water on a hot day. The general public would be shielded from these activities. We will ensure that people passing by this resort will not be getting an unexpected view of naked people."

People continued paying sharp attention, and some people even nodded. She felt her speech was working.

She continued, "There are many additional benefits to this town as well, in terms of job growth and increased tax revenue. If you turn to page 3 of the pamphlet, you will see that Buckel Water Parks plans to hire roughly..."

"It's a nudist resort!" a man shouted from the crowd. "We don't want that in our community!"

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