Bold Plans, Naked Ambitions


"And I perfectly understand that," Tiffany replied in a calm tone. "We're doing our best to preserve the rich culture of this community."

An older woman stood. "What do you know about our community? Have you ever been here before?"


"So you're an outsider telling us about our community?"

People in the audience began talking over each other. Some supported the hecklers. Others were telling them to be quiet so they could hear the proposal. Others were supportive of the idea of building a nudist resort.

The Mayor interjected himself into the debate and appealed for calm. The crowd listened when the Mayor told everyone to speak in an orderly manner, and to give Tiffany a fair chance to respond.

Tiffany took a deep breath. "I'm also a resident of California, if that helps. I was raised in a small town, just like this one. So I understand the dilemma you're all facing. And I wouldn't be part of this unless I thought it would be beneficial to your community."

"How?" a woman shouted.

Beads of sweat formed underneath Tiffany's shirt.

"Well, I never had a chance to mention the financial benefits that a nudist water park would bring to this community. Particularly, we would be hiring..."

A man stood and shouted, "We don't want money coming from sin! We're a Christian town, and we respect traditional values!"

There was more rumbling within the crowd, which the Mayor was able to quell, and the people calmed down.

"Sir, I can assure you, there's nothing immoral about adults wanting to be bare. It's perfectly natural. I understand that it sounds indecent and obscene, but the reality is, nudists are just normal people. There should be nothing wrong with consenting adults wanting to relax in a certain way. They have the freedom to do so."

"You say it's not immoral, but what about the sex toys in the proposed facility? It sounds like a sex party to me."

Tiffany looked puzzled. "I'm sorry sir. I'm not familiar with what you're talking about. I haven't seen any plans regarding the things you've mentioned."

"The last group of representatives from Buckel Water Parks came to this town with a sex device," the man said angrily. "They said it was going to be part of the facilities."

Tiffany shook her head. "Sir...I can assure you...I've never heard of any such..."

"She's lying!" another man shouted.

"Our town isn't for sale!" an elderly woman yelled.

"If it's NOT obscene, then why don't YOU try it?!" someone screamed. "Show us that it's normal! Then we'll believe you!"

"We don't want sinners coming here every summer!"

"Summer vacations shouldn't be ruined by nudists!"

The crowd erupted in a much louder manner. The residents of the town were split. Many were in favor of the development deal. But a vocal group was staunchly opposed.

The town hall meeting had become chaos and the Mayor ended the discussion for the day. He told everyone to come back tomorrow at 6 pm. He then scolded members of the audience for not being respectful to the guest.


Tiffany leaned her back on the wall. She was in a backroom in the town hall building. Tears were in her eyes, and Megan tried to console her.

"Some of those people are such assholes," Megan said. "Forget about them. You did really good."

"I feel like such an idiot," Tiffany replied, struggling to speak. "I've never been so humiliated in my life. I'm going to be fired. I know it."

She cried a little bit and put her hands over her face. Megan gave her friend a hug, which helped a little bit.

The Mayor came in a sympathetic mood. He gave some encouraging words and tried to make the young women feel better.

"Don't be discouraged by this," Mayor Lagassi said. "There was no ill intent. It's just that people here are very passionate about their community. Which I think is a great thing. People care so much about the neighborhood. And I'm very sorry if things got out of hand."

"It's not your fault," Tiffany replied, shaking her head.

"Look, I've spoken with the Board and some community leaders. I think it's best if you don't show up tomorrow. Let me speak to everyone. Nobody messes with me. I'll appeal to their senses, calm them down, explain the economic benefits, and reassure them that this proposal won't destroy our community. Then after that, you two can come back and close the deal. Sound good?"

Tiffany nodded. "Okay."

"Now you two go and relax. The people here feel terrible for the way you've been treated. There's a diner across the street. The owners there say they'll fix you two a special meal with a nice dessert. Okay?"

The girls agreed.

The Mayor offered some parting advice, compliments, and sympathy. Then they went their separate ways.


The next morning. Tiffany sat on the bathroom floor of the motel room while Megan was out running errands. She had finished crying again, and was a complete mess.

She called her boss, and within a few rings, he answered.

"Tiff, I was wondering when you might call. Did you do the town hall meeting yet? What did they say?"


There was a brief pause on the other end of the line. "What happened?"

At least the boss genuinely cared, Tiffany thought.

"Everything was going so well," Tiffany explained. "I felt that I was engaging the audience. I hit every note perfectly. But before I could make the important economic arguments, people started shouting at me. It was horrible."

"I'm sorry," the boss sighed. "I was so sure that you would be an instant success."

"Well you were wrong. It was the worst day of my life."

There was another pause on the line. Both of them seemed speechless. There wasn't much to say.

"Are there any other plans?" the boss asked.

"The Mayor is going to talk to the crowd again. He thinks he can appeal to them with an economic argument."

"That's good new," the boss replied. "That means the deal is still in play."

"Why didn't you tell me about the sex toys?"

"The what?"

"The fucking sex toys!" Tiffany yelled. "The last team that came here showed them to the people in the town hall. There are still some in the building. I saw them."

The boss paused for a moment. "Oh, that. I didn't think it would be relevant anymore. That was part of the old proposal. I figured we shouldn't mention it again."

"I got ambushed. Plain and simple. I should have been a lot more prepared. You should have told me."

"I apologize for that, Tiff. You know I would never intentionally sabotage you."

Tiffany calmed down. "I know. Can we talk later? I think I need to cry again."

"Please, don't put too much pressure on yourself. These sort of deals..."

She hung up before the boss could reply. Then she laid on the bathroom floor, not caring how dirty it was.


That night. Tiffany & Megan waited outside the town hall building. It was after the town hall had finished. They were waiting to speak with the Mayor, who was busy meeting with the Board members.

At approximately 7:43 pm, the Mayor came outside and met with the young women. They made small talk for a moment. Then they got to business. He explained that they've made great progress. Real progress. Things were headed in the right direction. Then he stopped.

"Tiffany, can we speak in private?" Mayor Lagassi asked. "Can we take a walk together? It's important."

She agreed, and Megan waited behind.

Tiffany and the Mayor walked privately down the street together.

"We're old fashioned people," the Mayor explained. "We're religious, mostly conservative, and principled. We believe in a high level or morality. Are you understanding what I'm saying?"

"I do."

"Some of us are more open minded than others. I support the nudist water park. I think it'll be great. So do many others around here. Just because we're conservative and religious, doesn't mean that we're all closed minded. But many people are."

"I got that sense yesterday," Tiffany quipped.

"My point is, I've managed to convince the dissenters that the proposal is a great idea. Mainly because it'll create new jobs and bring in lots of tax revenue. Revenue which would be used to benefit the people of this town. I've also explained that the nature of this community won't be negatively impacted."

"So do we have a deal?"

The Mayor gave a heavy sigh. "Almost. We might have enough votes to give you the permits, but there's a condition. You see, simply put, some folks believe that nudity is immoral."

"Can we get to the point, please?" Tiffany asked. "What's the condition?"

"The people want to know that Buckel Water Parks aren't hypocrites. More importantly, they want to know that you aren't a hypocrite. They want to know that you practice what you preach."

Tiffany made a cute face. "Point?"

"The point is, they want you to get naked during the next town hall."

The cute face disappeared. "What!? Are you serious?"

"I tried to argue with them. I tried everything. Believe me, this is the only way to get the necessary votes. If there was any other way, I would have found it. But this is the only option."


"Completely," he confirmed.

"In the town hall meeting?"

"In front of all those people," he confirmed again.


"Like I said, they want to know you aren't a hypocrite. If nudity isn't a big deal, if it's so natural, and if it's not obscene, then they want proof. And they want proof from you, since you're the spokeswoman here."

"Well, I'm officially out of a job then," she sighed. "It was nice meeting you."

"Now wait a minute. You can't just quit. You can't. What sort of example would that set for young, up & coming, business women?"

"Other business women don't have to get naked."

"That's not the point," he pleaded. "Obviously this is your decision, and your decision alone. But remember, if you quit now, it's a decision you may always regret. Be strong. Set an example."

"Public nudity isn't my specialty, Mayor Lagassi."

"It's actually a little more complicated than that. There's another requirement that the Board wants."

"There's more?" Tiffany asked incredulously.

"Some of the townspeople and Board members feel that the sex toys are an obscenity. They feel that it will lead this town on a sinful path. So they want you to prove that it won't."

"...And...would that take place behind closed doors? I'm just curious."

The Mayor shook his head. "No. All of it would take place during the next town hall meeting. They want you to be naked using the sex toy."

"My goodness! What sort of people are they?"

"They're good folks, I can assure you. They just want to be positive that you and your company aren't hypocrites. And they want to see if this is morally acceptable for the town. Believe me, I tried to reason with them. But there's no getting through. That's the only deal on the table."

Tiffany shrugged. "I guess my career is off to a rocky start."


The next morning. Tiffany told Megan that she needed some time alone. She went for a long walk. It was a beautiful day. She must have walked for nearly half an hour until she was near the plot of land which her company owned.

She had already sent her boss a text explaining the situation. And that she might have to resign from that particular job title. She hoped that she would get her old position back.

It was still amazing to her that the townspeople would request such a thing. As a fellow Christian, it baffled her that they would expect a young corporate representative to get naked and masturbate at a town hall. If anything was lewd and obscene, it was that, and not the proposed nudist resort.

Tiffany walked along the proposed water park sight. It would have made a gorgeous place, she thought. She imagined the development being finished for next summer. She imagined the buildings & designs coming to life.

There was no way that she would ever fulfill the town's request. She couldn't. She was too shy with her body. It seemed so humiliating and degrading. So lewd and lascivious. Why the heck would she do it?

Because it was her job.

Because she had made a commitment to her boss.

Because she was determined to succeed.

Because she was a strong willed woman.

As she took another long look at the view, she reached for her phone and sent another series of texts to her boss. This time, with a much different message and tone.

Part 3 of 3: Town Hall Exhibitionism

They sat down and had blueberry muffins together. Supposedly, it was the specialty of that town. But the food they ate wasn't on their minds.

"Are you kidding?" Megan asked in disbelief.

"I'm not the type of person that pulls gags. Nope. Totally serious here."

Tiffany casually ate another bite of the muffin, and took another sip of her hot coffee.

"You're going to do it? All of it? I mean, all of their conditions? You remember what those conditions are, right?"

"Every detail," Tiffany confirmed. "I've thought about it a lot."

"And there's no changing your mind?"

Tiffany shook her head. "Being stubborn runs in my family. That's how I managed to succeed in everything I do."

"You're braver than a superhero," Megan said in awe.

For a brief moment, they laughed at the ridiculousness of that statement, and everything they had just been discussing.

"That's assuming I can actually go through with it," Tiffany clarified. "Who knows. I might faint in the process. I hope not, but this is scary stuff."

"Luckily I know CPR."

"That's reassuring," Tiffany smiled. "And things might start to get really, really, awkward. If you want to leave, that would be perfectly understandable. I think that might even be better."

Megan's eyes made a sad expression. "Are you kicking me out?"

"No. Gosh no. I would never do that to you. But I just think, this might, you know, be really uncomfortable for you."

"The nudity aspect?"

Tiffany nodded. "Yeah."

"There's a lot you don't know about me."

"Like what?" Tiffany asked.

"I have a lot of experience with public nudity."

"You do?"

"I used to go to nudists resorts," Megan explained. "Ever since I was 21, my ex-boyfriend used to take me. We went every summer for a few years. The first time was really scary. But I quickly got used to it."

"My goodness..."

Tiffany was amazed that her friend, sweet little Megan, would be involved with such things.

"Not many people know that about me," Megan added. "And I know it's not something that people would expect."

"You've got that right. You look so plain and bland. offense."

"None taken. But seriously, there's nothing like sunbathing naked on a hot summer day. Or going for a naked swim to cool down from the heat. I miss that feeling. I still love it. And it's part of the reason why I'm so passionate about this project. If it opens, I would love to come here next summer."

It felt like a bonding moment between them. They were on the same page and they understood each other.

"Now that it's settled, would you like to be my coach?" Tiffany asked playfully.

"A coach? I like the sound of that."

They finished their food and coffee. There was plenty of work to be done, and it had to be done fast.


Later that day. After speaking with the Mayor, and agreeing to the terms, the Mayor was nice enough to let them in the town hall building. The building was empty except for a few clerks working in the backrooms.

The two young women lounged around in the empty town hall. Since no one was there, they had the chance to appreciate the beauty of the old architecture.

"The first rule of nudism, is that there are no rules," Megan explained.

"What kind of advice is that?"

Megan thought for a moment. "Well, there's actually not much advice to give. It's just like public speaking. The advice doesn't help. You just have to jump in and do it. Then you get used to it. That's the only way."

"Makes sense. That's how we learned public speaking in law school moot court. There wasn't much advice given at first. Just get up there and do the routine."

"There you go. That's the answer."

"So you're telling me I should just get naked?" Tiffany asked rhetorically.

"Do you have a better idea?"

Tiffany shrugged. "You're the coach."

"If I'm the coach, then I'm telling you to get naked. If you don't practice now, you'll be a nervous wreck during the public town hall tomorrow."

Tiffany sighed. "Maybe in a few moments. We better examine the sex toy first. I think that would work best."

"Sure. The Mayor said he put it under the podium. Hang on."

Megan went behind the podium and picked up the weird sex toy. It looked like a saddle with a moderately sized dildo in the middle, which pointed straight upwards.

"What is that?" Tiffany asked.

"It's a sybian."

"I never heard of it. And I've never seen that thing before."

"It's not complicated. You can pretty much tell how it works by simply looking at it. All you have to do is sit on it. Right on the dildo. And it vibrates."

"Those are going to be in the nudist water resort?"

Megan nodded. "There's going to be a special room for them. Think about it; you get a nice orgasm from the sybian, then you get to lounge under the sun. It's the ideal summer for many women."

"That's what we're fighting for. The freedom for adults to enjoy their summer vacations."

"All you have to do is get naked for a town hall packed with strangers, ride this sybian, and have an orgasm for everyone to see. Then the permits are granted. Simple as that."

"You make it sound so easy," Tiffany quipped.

"It can be easy if you practice. It's going to happen eventually. Standing around talking isn't going to help."

"Give me a minute, please. I need to clear my head."

Tiffany put her head down and paced the room, side to side, front to back. A minute or two had passed. There was no talking. Her mind was in a state of total concentration. Her mind was centered.

Finally, she stood in the back of the room, where the audience would be, and she looked at the podium. She imagined herself naked, near the podium, riding the sex toy. Visualization was an important part of her process. "Okay," she finally said. "I'm ready. Phew..."

Tiffany unbuttoned her top. She was still standing in the back of the room. Her eyes remained focused on the podium and sex toy. She placed her top on a nearby seat. She removed her shoes. She unbuttoned her pants. Her eyes remained focused on the podium and sex toy. She placed her pants on a nearby seat.

It was complete tunnel vision. She reached back to unclasp her bra. Her small pert breasts exposed. They curved upwards with light pink nipples. Her eyes remained focused on the podium and sex toy. She bent down to remove her panties, also placing it on the nearby seat.

She was completely and utterly naked.

Through the corner of her eye, she saw Megan watching in shock. But Tiffany's gaze remained on the podium and sex toy.

She began walking towards the front of the room. Slowly. One barefoot at a time. She tried her absolute hardest not to let her own nudity phase her.

"How do you feel?" Megan asked, watching her friend slowly walk naked through the town hall.

"Like Cersei from Game of Thrones."

"Then what's your atonement?"

"Being a corporate whore," Tiffany quipped.

They were quiet again. Tiffany continued her slow naked walk until she reached the podium. Then she turned around to face the empty seats. She imagined that the seats were filled with the townspeople.

"What do you think?" Tiffany asked.

"You have a really cute body. You're very pretty. But you need to do something about those pubic hairs though."

Tiffany blushed. "I meant about the situation. You know, the permits, which is the reason why we're here."

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