Bold Plans, Naked Ambitions


"Oh, sorry. I'm sure it will work. They already promised us."

"Easier said than done," Tiffany replied. "Can you do me a favor? Do you think you can wait outside for a few minutes? Or in the backroom? I need some time alone. It helps."

"Of course. Tiffany, anything you need."

Megan gave an understanding nod, then she left the room. Tiffany was naked in the town hall. All alone. Visualizing.


She used the alone-time for visualization. She imagined being naked in front of over 100 people. Then 200, just to prepare for the worst.

She visualized some of them heckling her. Calling her names. Giving her nasty looks. She imagined some men lusting after her. She even imagined some of the conservative women lusting after her. It was all part of the preparation. She needed to visualize every scenario, so nothing would be a surprise.

Her attention turned to the sybian. It was a strange looking thing. The dildo was about average size. She could handle it. But she had never used a vibrator before. So that would be a new experience. And she had never masturbated in front of anyone before. Combined with the fact that so many people would be watching her, it was going to be an unforgettable experience.

Later that day, she called her boss.

The boss was sympathetic and encouraging.

"Tiff, what can I say?" the boss sympathized. "You're the best. I've never seen such dedication in my life. All the men I've ever worked with are pussies compared to you. You're the one with the big balls."

She took it as an odd compliment. But it was a compliment nonetheless.


The next day. It was the big day.

People slowly trickled in for the final town hall meeting. Before the event began, it looked like a flood of people came. The Mayor was also there. So was the Board. There were additional police there for security.

Tiffany stood in the front of the room wearing a blue sundress and shoes. There was nothing underneath the dress. She fixed her hair extra nice. And she wore little make-up.

She replayed the speech over & over in her mind. It was a carefully crafted speech she had written with Megan's help.

Overall, there must have been nearly 200 people in attendance. She recognized many of the faces. Some, she didn't recognize. She wondered if people from out of town came to see the free nude show. But there was nothing she could do about that.

Mayor Lagassi began the proceedings. He thanked everyone for coming. He explained the reasons for the town hall once again. He explained the conditions for obtaining the permits, and expressed his disapproval over the situation. Then he pleaded for people to be respectful. Anyone heckling would be asked to leave.

Then he gave the microphone to Tiffany.

She stood in the center of the speaking area. The podium had been moved, so there was nothing obstructing the view of her. Her hands began to shake a little, but she tried to fight it.

"Hello," Tiffany said on the microphone. "For the newcomers to this discussion, my name is Tiffany, and I represent Buckel Water Parks Incorporated. We wish to build a nudist water park in this area. As the Mayor has already explained, it will greatly benefit the economy of this community. Especially during the peak of summer."

There were a few rigid faces and people with their arms crossed.

"Currently there is enough support to build the resort," she continued. "But that support is reliant on my actions. In particular, my proving that Buckel Water Parks is not an obscene or hypocritical corporation. We are not hypocrites. And we are not immoral. We firmly stand by our practices and beliefs."

She put the microphone down and took a hard look at the crowd.

Tiffany lifted her sundress and pulled it overhead, tossing it aside.

She stood completely naked before the captivated audience.

A jolt flowed through her body. A tingly sensation immediately grew in her pussy. A stiffening in her spine. Nerves made her breath harder.

All eyes were on her. There was a deafening silence in the packed room. When the nerves flowed through her, she wouldn't allow it. She clenched her fists briefly to relieve the nervous energy. Then she relaxed her body.

The looks on peoples faces spoke volume. Tiffany watched their eyes. Their eyes looking up & down her bare body. Some eyes widened. Some eyes squinted. Some people watched with their jaws dropped.

Tiffany did her best to maintain composure. She was naked and proud of her body. She didn't allow herself to feel degraded or humiliated. She thought of it as being empowering. No one would dare heckle me. Not anymore. Not when she had all the power in the room. Not when she commanded all the attention.

She picked up the microphone and continued. "I'm naked and proud. This is the way God made me. I'm a woman. Two breasts and a vagina. This is what it looks like. We're all adults here, and we should act like it. I don't think there's anything obscene about this, and neither should you."

So far, so good. The crowd was entirely captivated.

"Nudity isn't obscene, and neither are orgasms, or the pursuit of good orgasms. It's a natural part of a healthy life. There's nothing wrong with tourists coming here to enjoy themselves, and to enjoy their bodies."

On cue, Megan and a town hall employee brought a chair with the sybian placed on it. The chair was placed next to where Tiffany was standing.

"Good luck," Megan whispered softly. "You're doing so good."

Megan winked at her friend, then left the stage.

"This is the device," Tiffany said to the crowd. "A harmless device for our nudist water park. They will be kept and used indoors. If there are no objections, I would like to provide a demonstration."

The crowd remained completely silent.

With a deep breath, Tiffany stood in front of the sybian. She faced the crowd, and slowly sat back. Megan returned and helped with the process. Megan held the dildo so that it was guiding towards Tiffany's pussy, as Tiffany lowered her naked body.

The size was a perfect match. The dildo pressed between Tiffany's labia, heading straight inside of her pussy. She gently sat down on the sybian. Inch by inch the dildo entered her body. The dildo buried all the way inside. Her vaginal walls felt stretched. She briefly straddled her hips to get comfortable. The audience was fully captivated.

"Are you ready?" Megan softly whispered.

Tiffany whispered back, "I've been ready all day. Hit it."

With the flick of a switch, the sybian was activated, and Megan moved off to the side of the room.

A slow buzzing sound came from the small machine. It was the only sound in the silent room.

Slowly, ever so slowly, the dildo inside Tiffany's vagina came to life. It buzzed and vibrated. It sent a strange sensation throughout Tiffany's body. The motors came to life and the sex toy worked its unique magic.

Her eyes remained on the crowd. Everyone was too stunned to move. The passionate crowd was left speechless. No one dared to break eye contact. They simply watched in awe.

The dildo inside Tiffany's pussy vibrated in a more potent manner. She moaned from the powerful sensations. It was something she had never felt before, and she wanted to stop. Her instinct was to jump off the sybian so she could have time to process the new feelings. But she couldn't. For the sake of obtaining the permits, she had to demonstrate how wonderful and natural the sex toy was.

So she remained on the sybian. Naked and proud. She kept a brave expression on her face as the large crowd stared at her.

The small machine kicked into a higher gear, which caused Tiffany to gasp. Both of her feet swung up into the air. Her entire body weight was pressed onto the dildo & saddle, which only intensified the burning pleasure.

Her hands reached down and held onto to the chair to hold her body upright. She couldn't bring her feet back down. The vibrational feelings in her pussy wouldn't allow it. Her legs felt stiff and uncontrollable. The intense vibrations caused her muscles to contract.

So there she was, completely naked in a crowded town hall, with nearly 200 onlookers watching. Normal everyday townspeople. She was the center of everyone's attention. Completely naked. Sitting on a sybian. A vibrating dildo in her pussy, which caused her feet to point upwards. Her pussy completely exposed from her open legs.

It was the ultimate rush.

It was the ultimate exhibitionist taboo.

The pressure inside continued to build. The dildo penetrated her at just the right angle, and it was just the right size. Tiffany was never an exhibitionist (far from it). But having all those eyes watching her was a supremely powerful thing. She couldn't tell if it was the ultimate humiliation, or the ultimate sexual thrill.

She didn't really care anymore. She couldn't. Her body had already made its decision.

Tiffany cried out loud. She screamed. Megan nearly rushed in to turn the device off, until it was clear that an intense orgasm was impending.

Her legs shook in the air. Her toes made a tightly curled shape. Her eyes clenched shut and her mouth was wide open. She continued screaming loudly as a gush of fluids shot from her pussy. Squirting was something she had never done before. It was a talent she never knew she had. And she learned about it along with everyone else in the building.

It made a huge wet mess on the floor and some people in the front row had to move aside.

Tiffany managed to reach down to turn the sex toy off. Her body shivered and shook. She managed to bring her feet back down to the floor. Her bare feet stepped onto her own vaginal fluids. Megan came and helped Tiffany stand upright.

While still breathing heavy, Tiffany looked at the stunned audience. Everyone from the townspeople, the Mayor, the Board, and the police were all speechless. They had just witnessed the orgasm of the century.

Megan handed Tiffany the microphone, and Tiffany took a moment to regain composure (and her breath).

"That was a demonstration of the product which will be available in our proposed resort," Tiffany said to the audience. "Should our permits be granted, we will have many such toys."

A few eyebrows raised from curious women in the audience.

She continued, "That concludes our presentation. I hope that we've demonstrated that Buckel Water Parks is neither obscene or lewd. We simply enhance the natural pleasures that life has to offer. Thank you."

She handed the microphone to Megan, who simply held it.

One person clapped. Then another. Then another. And another. Within a matter of seconds, the entire town hall erupted with a thunderous applause for Tiffany. The townspeople stood and continued their applause.

Megan brought her lips to Tiffany's ear. "Now that's how it's done."

As the applause continued, Tiffany relished the moment. She was naked and proud. A post-orgasmic look on her face. Wetness between her legs. As soon as the nudist water park would open, she would be the first to join.

The End

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by louise_lloyd03/22/18

Hot Story

Being a nudist, I know that nudity is innocent. However, public sex is not part of a nudist resort or a nude beach.

I just accept the fiction in this and enjoy a fun story. Just imagine getting nude andmore...

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by olblueyes03/07/18

that was fun, what a great premise,, loved it, well written

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