Bond Is Jinxed


M pressed a button on her desk and the video began running again, she and Miss Moneypenny watched in growing disbelief as the action unfolded onscreen.

The film panned out from a close up of James Bond's face to show him kneeling stark naked on a marble floor. He was not tied or shackled in any way, just kneeling there, waiting. A voice M recognised spoke off camera.

"Open your mouth Mr. Bond."

It was unmistakably the voice of Valentino Roskoff, the terrorist Bond and his American fellow agent, the beautiful Jinx, had been sent to spy and report on. Roskoff was suspected of all sorts of terrorist activities and British intelligence had enough information for M to have sent Bond in to investigate as only he could.

M was shaken when Bond obediently opened his mouth to its fullest. Then Roskoff stepped into shot. He was six foot four and muscular, his bald head offset by a thick moustached. He smirked at the secret agent kneeling before him before he unzipped his trousers and shook loose a very large, flaccid cock. Holding it in his right hand he began to urinate over Bond, mainly in his open mouth but he also made sure he fired the steam of yellow piss into Bond's eyes and nostrils. Bond just knelt there, his tongue hanging out of his mouth and accepting this humiliation. A tear began to form in Moneypenny's eye as she watched.

Eventually the stream of piss relented to a few drops and Roskoff ordered Bond to come forward and drink the drips direct from his cock. Bond slowly crept forward on his knees and allowed the large Russian's penis into his mouth. Bond drained his cock of the last remaining drops and Roskoff shouted," Now get me hard James Bond! Suck me hard!" and with his hands firmly on the back of Bond's head he began to mouth fuck the secret agent.

It did not take long for Roskoff to become fully erect within Bond's straining mouth and he soon pulled his hard cock from it and ordered Bond to turn around and bend over, thus presenting his arsehole to the terrorist. To M and Moneypenny's disgust and astonishment James did as he was told and with no lubrication other than the pre-cum the blowjob had brought, Roskoff wasted little time in penetrating the worlds greatest secret agent's arsehole. Roskoff reached forward with his big hands, took a firm grip of Bond's pelvis and thrust his penis further in until it was buried and began pounding away as Bond grunted and moaned in what could be taken for extreme pain or pleasure.

Roskoff fucked Bond for at least 10 minutes, his balls slapping against Bonds ass cheeks on each humiliating thrust. Without warning Roskoff withdrew his cock from the asshole and hurried around to Bond's face and presented his pulsing, rock-hard, shit covered cock to James Bond, who accepted it straight into his mouth and began sucking and licking it clean. Roskoff came in a flood of salty cum, and he pulled his cock from the mouth and splashed it all over Bond's face, leaving trails hanging from his eyes and nose.

Bond lifted his head and thanked Roskoff and the video came to an end focussing on Bond's cum covered face. M and Moneypenny sat in stunned silence, unable to comprehend what they had just witnessed. What had happened to James?

Of course, if the camera had panned to the right they would have seen Jinx ( looking very like Halle Berry ) standing naked on a stool with a noose around her neck and one of Roskoff's men standing next to her ready to push her off if Bond did not do exactly as he had been told to.

* * * * *

Four hours earlier from when the video was made Bond and Jinx entered a hotel lift in Indonesia, where they were hunting Roskoff down. The door shut and in seconds as the lift descended gas filled the lift and both collapsed unconscious.

Bond awoke later kneeling on a cold stone floor. He tried to get up but found he couldn't. He was stripped naked and a had a metal collar around his neck, a chain attached to the floor keeping his head down. His wrists chained behind his back. Looking round he saw Jinx, similarly naked and chained across from her.

Before he could communicate with his partner Roskoff entered the room, followed by an entourage of men, all heavily armed. He stood over Bond and grinned down at him.

"So Mr. Bond, you and your pretty friend think you can catch me, do you? You will find out what happens to enemies of me. I am not known for my mercy. Even to pretty girls like this (as her felt Jinx's bum cheeks)."

"You don't frighten us Roskoff. I've killed men ten times better than you that threatened me before."

Roskoff gave an amused chuckle.

"I doubt you've every encountered many people as twisted as me."

Roskoff clicked his fingers and a huge man came forward and stripped before the two captive agents. He was at least seven feet tall and nearly twenty stone heavy. He sported a huge cock, it was twelve inches long and four inches wide and hung between his legs like an extra leg. He draped the monster flat on top of Jinx's short dark hair as Roskoff spoke.

"This is Ivan, as you can see he is a very well endowed man. Now Mr. Bond, Ivan likes nothing more than ripping up arseholes with his weapon. You have a choice to make. One, Ivan can fuck your arse. Two, Ivan can fuck the lovely Jinx's arsehole. Or three ,if you do not chose he will do both of you one after the other. You have one minute to choose."

Bond swallowed, knowing the only choice he could make and gulped before straining against the collar, looking up at Roskoff and saying," He can fuck me then, you bastard."

Roskoff smiled and pointed Ivan the way, the giant Russian manoeuvred behind Bond, pulled his arse cheeks apart and eased his mammoth prick into James Bond's virgin arsehole. Jinx looked on in horror as her lover was invaded brutally next to her. Bond screamed as Ivan thrust into him and began to fuck him in front of everybody. Ivan fucked him for the best part of half an hour, before shooting a massive load of cum up Bond's ass. He pulled his cock out and dismissively wiped it in Bond's dark hair before getting changed again.

Roskoff scoffed,"What an English gentleman you are Commander Bond. Now I want to send your M an e-mail you will give me her address."

"And if I refuse?" demanded 007 less cockily than normal after his previous treatment.

"Then I shall enjoy getting you to give it up to me. Hurry, tell me!"

Bond managed to spit at Roskoff in response. Roskoff seemed momentarily irritated but rather than reacting angrily he just burst into a dark and ominous laugh as he barked commands to his men. They roughly pulled the chain from around Bond's neck and jerked him to his feet then he was led to a corner of the room and stood under a wooden beam that formed part of the rafters. A thin but incredibly strong twine was looped over and tied to the beam then Bond was forced onto a stool as one of Roskoff's men tightly looped the twine in a slipknot around Bonds bollocks.

As this was being set up a minion had appeared with a long bull whip for Roskoff and he cracked it menacingly next to Jinx's upturned peach of a bottom.

"Mr. Bond tell me the address or I shall be forced to use this."

To demonstrate his seriousness he lashed Jinx across her ass cheeks, it obviously was not a full strength whip but still stung her into crying and left an angry red welt on her buttocks.

"Don't tell him James", she squealed, which brought another, harder lash and Bond spat the address out to save Jinx from further pain. As Roskoff finished writing it down he turned, faced Bond and lashed the whip to wrap around the stool leg and whipped it towards him sending Bond's body plunging vertically down only to be brought to an abrupt halt as the knot viciously dug into Bond's cock and balls, bringing tears to his eyes and laughter from around the room.

Roskoff cruelly left him dangling there, helpless with his hands chained behind his back, for a minute before ordering him to be cut down and ordering a strong rope noose was attached to the rafter.

"Commander Bond I want the e-mail address of your M because I want to send her a video clip of a little film you and I are going to make, and you will act out your part to the letter otherwise your pretty little girlfriend will take the same plunge you have just taken, only it will be her neck that has to take the pressure if you fail to obey me. Understand? I want her to see what I think of and how I deal with the spies she sends to assassinate me."

And so it was that the taping that M and Moneypenny watched was filmed and sent to them. After Bond had once again been handcuffed Jinx was safely released from the noose that had hugged her brown neck so tightly.

They were left there as Roskoff had other things to do and eventually security fell to only one guard in the room with them, he had the keys to Jinx's cuffs. Unfortunately the guard with Bond's had left some time earlier. Still Bond recognised this as their chance and made eye contact with Jinx to distract the guard, which she did and Bond despite being restrained knocked him out. He scrambled for the keys and released Jinx's wrists. She gratefully got to her feet and hugged and kissed him then with as much force as she could generate (which was a hell of a lot) drove her bony knee up and right into Bond's unsuspecting and still sore balls.

Bond slid down her body pathetically, all of the wind driven out of him and through blurring eyes and searing pain in his groin he looked up at Jinx questioningly. She had a new, never before seen smirk on her mouth and she casually pulled on a pair of black leather boots left, conveniently behind a desk . The door opened and in strolled an ebullient Roskoff who hugged Jinx and kissed her passionately on the lips before she turned and kicked a field goal between Bond's kneeling, spread legs. The agony was so intense he blacked out.

He finally came to and found he was being held upright by two of Roskoff's men while he stood on the stool, the same noose around his neck and his arms still cuffed behind his back. Jinx, still gloriously naked, stood smiling up at him.

"Welcome back James, quite a surprise eh? A sore one too (saying that she reached up and cupped his testicles and squeezed them hard). Guess you've found out I'm a bad girl. I always have been, just pretended to be otherwise to help Valentino and once you're gone I'll go back to helping him - I'll make a miraculous escape and be devastated at your demise. All this has just been an act to set you up perfectly, if you could only have seen the look on your face when I kneed you. Perfect. And my whipping? Come on James you know I like it rough!"

"You Bitch" Bond spat.

Jinx just smiled her wide bright mile at him and nodded then bent down and tied an rope around her ankle then looped it around the leg of the stool Bond was stood atop. She then lay flat on her back and spread her legs apart, affording Bond a clear view of the shaved snatch he had fucked so many times in the last three months. She just grinned back up at him. Roskoff stepped forward, he was stripped and from the size of his erection was obviously turned on by the situation and he bent down to kneel between Jinx's legs and before long had penetrated and begun to fuck his double-agent slut girlfriend.

Bond could do little but stand there and watch the two rutting like animals below him, his mind racing for some way out of this situation, if only he had his spy watch on - but he didn't. By the grunts and squeals coming from below him they were both close to climaxing and he glanced down to see Jinx pop her head around Roskoff's shoulder and stare right into Bond's eyes, wink at him, flash him her toothy white grin and as she came hook both her legs up and around Roskoff's back to pull him further in. As her right leg came up the stool topped over and Bond sharply felt his world disappear from beneath him......

* * * * *

Two weeks later and Miss Moneypenny was just finished a shower when the doorbell rang. Pulling on a robe she answered it to a delivery driver and signed for it before taking the package into her living room to open. She opened the box to be confronted by a shrivelled cock and testicles, seemingly cut from someone and the only other thing in the box was a small card that read "007."

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