tagErotic HorrorBond of Blood

Bond of Blood


We have been LARPing for several years now and we are right across the border from a small Kentucky town where certain dark events got national publicity a few years ago. I am intimately familiar with the details and the persons involved due to the fact that they were all part of our LARP. This story is absolutely true.

Let me begin by introducing the people who were "gaming" with us on that first night when everything began to go way too far:

1) Kendall- An eighteen-year old biology pre-med student at our local university. Kendall was slight and lithe, almost waif-like in appearance. About 5'3" 95 lbs. 32 b With long blond hair that touched her waist and big blue eyes—her skin was as pale as milk. If you have ever seen the promo poster for "Les Mis" think of Cosette in that drawing and you will have a pretty good idea of Kendall's physical appearance. She exuded innocence but was very into the neo-hippie free-love thing.

2) Sarah- Twenty-five with some experience under her belt, Sara is a Psychology grad student. She is the typical goth chick, complete with black hair, makeup, and clothes. 5' 7" 130 lbs. 36 d. She has straight black hair that touches her shoulders.

3) John- Twenty-six. And one of my best friends, John wasn't attending college at the time of the incident. He is tall and lean—maybe 6' 5" and 180. He has a roman nose and long black hair. He wears the typical "Matrix" wardrobe everywhere and really tries to live the life. He's a computer genius and has a huge prick (I know this because his girlfriend is ALWAYS talking about it and he brags constantly) .

4) Me (DJ) - I was in my early twenties at the time and working on my undergrads in writing and pre-med biology. I am 5' 7" 165 with an athletic build and blonde hair/blue eyes. I work as a DJ and part-time limo driver to help pay for school.

There are certainly many more people in our clan but the names I have given you are those relevant to the story at hand that I will proceed with immediately.

It was an early spring and we were happy because that meant we could LARP around campus (outside) as well as our traditional wintertime haunts (consisting of a local goth nightclub and a few peoples houses) In fact we expanded the "game-board" to consist of the entire college town we live in. All streets and public areas were in bounds. We were all ecstatic as we donned our garb and awaited the setting of the sun ( a must for any masquerade game as vampires cannot venture into natural light) . The game, by the way, generally consist of the storyteller assigning several tasks (such as seduction of non-gamers and collection of hidden items) to be completed by the sessions end. Each clan and individual is rewarded according to his or her completion of these tasks by gaining experience and ergo power.

When we got to the assigned gathering place our storyteller assigned Me, John, Sarah, and Kendall to find a girl who had no idea there was a game going on and attempt to bring her back to one of the assigned houses. This is a common task in masquerade and is considered to be "seduction" of a mortal (even though it usually just consists of talking someone into coming over for a few minutes and offering them a small food or drink item…most often there is not even the slightest sexual exchange) .

Even as we left to find a willing victim, I sensed that all was not well with Kendall that night. She had just ended a multi-year long-distance relationship with her boyfriend and her depression was palpable. Her mind was clearly not on the game. Her eyes and nose were red and her hair was more careless than usual. I tried to draw her in several times as we prowled the darkened streets but her answers and comments were distant at best…she was totally listless. As the hours ticked by and we went to bar after bar and all the campus hangouts trying to find our girl with no success, we began to grow restless. Our clan (Ventrue) currently had the most point but the Malkavians would catch us if we didn't complete our task first and time was running out.

Very late in the session, Sarah made some attempts to get some freshmen to come back to my apartment with us (a designated play-zone) but it was to no avail…we were going to have to return empty-handed and suffer a defeat to the Malkavians if they had had any luck at all. On our way back Kendall became suddenly thoughtful and said: "I think that the only way to truly connect with someone is through the bond of blood. We have been playing this game forever and it just doesn't fulfill me anymore…nothing about this place does. I need so much more…I think I'm going home now," she walked away with purpose that I hadn't seen in her stride all night and John, Sarah, and I were left looking at each other in bewilderment. As we walked back to the central meeting place, Sarah told us she would check in on Kendall before she went back to the dorms.

John and I finally made it to our apartment about 2 am and I fell asleep immediately. At three the phone woke me up. It was Sarah, "You and John have to come over here NOW…I'm at Kendall's…HURRY!" I asked her what was wrong but the only thing she said was that we needed to come quickly. Alarmed at the urgency in her voice, I roused John and we were soon on our way to Kendall's small one bedroom apartment, only six blocks from ours. We got there quickly and let ourselves in like we normally did.

Nothing seemed strange at first. There were many candles burning (not uncommon for Kendall) and a lone lava lamp churning scarlet on the end table by the couch. Kendall and Sarah were nowhere to be seen. Sarah's voice came from the bathroom: "DJ…John? Come in here." John looked at me and shrugged. When I opened that door it was the most incredible and awful thing I have ever seen in my life.

The bathroom was white tile with an old-fashioned standing tub. Steam was everywhere but I could see Kendall sitting in the tub and Sarah kneeling behind her. Kendall was naked and wet with blood and water. Her tiny breasts rose and fell as Sarah caressed them and stroked her hair. The water in the tub was the color of blush wine and I could see darker clouds erupting from wounds on Kendall's wrists, submerged just below the water's surface. On her leg was a makeshift tourniquet—a belt that was wrapped tightly above a gash that I knew must go directly to her femoral artery. The leg cut was about seven inches below the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Bare, but unshaven it seemed. Her porcelain skin was stark against the crimson and she looked like nothing so much as a child lying there with Sarah stroking her. As I watched open-mouthed, Sarah bent and kissed her long and full on the lips and looked at us: "Isn't it beautiful?" she said.

"Sarah…MY GOD! Why didn't you call the fucking ambulance!" John was screaming dimly somewhere far away it seemed.

"NO AMBULANCE!" Kendall looked up at us with those soft eyes but there was fire in them.

"She wants us to love her…John this is what she wants—to be loved like never before and never again," Sarah cupped Kendall's face and placed another soft kiss on her lips. "I tried to call the hospital but she says if I do she will cut her carotid artery and be dead before they can get here." She pointed to Kendall's right hand and mouthed "razor" to us. As if she had heard the last, unspoken word, Kendall smiled and raised her hand to show us a shiny blade held taught in the heel.

"A little more Sarah…let out a little more," Kendall said and raised herself up a little bit. Sarah looked at us and slid her hands down, letting them trail over Kendall's breasts and linger a moment on her beautiful pussy. Sarah's fingers twitched and Kendall gasped as they entered her momentarily. They kissed deeply and Sarah let her hands move down to the belt and undo it. Arterial blood spurted into the tub and Kendall moaned softly: "That's it…it feels so good…mmm."

"Sarah…J-Jesus," John started but Sarah had re-fastened the tourniquet and was lifting Kendall's hand out of the water to her parted lips. I watched fascinated as Sarah put the wound to her lips and begin to suck gently. Sarah opened her eyes and fixed them on me and I felt myself grow rock hard almost instantly.

"It tastes soooo good," she said, pausing for a moment. Kendall moaned again as Sarah's lips found the cut and began to work at it once more.

"John…I want you inside me," Kendall's voice sounded a little drunk and she was looking hungrily at him. John stepped forward, trance-like, and undid his jeans. They fell to the floor and he stepped out of them and removed his shirt. His cock was huge—perhaps ten inches and very thick. Sarah glanced up and grabbed his penis without taking her mouth from Kendall's wrist. She guided him closer using his cock as a lever. As he got into the tub she released him and motioned to me. I removed my clothes and approached her as John had and Sarah took her mouth off Kendall's wrist and plunged my cock into it. The sensation was incredible. All this time we had all been good friends but in that moment we made an unspoken pact and became one being…one blood. I watched as Sarah plunged my bloody cock into her mouth pausing occasionally to drink Kendall's blood. When she offered Kendall's wrist to me I sucked it as gently as I could savoring Kendall's warm coppery essence as it flowed into me.

I heard Kendall gasp as John entered her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and soon they were both moaning. There was blood everywhere…it ran in rivulets down John's back where Kendall had slit him a few times with the razor. She was eagerly licking it off her fingers as the ever-reddening blood-water splashed out and ran down the sides of the tub. Sarah tore her shirt freeing her incredible breasts and began to tear at them with her nails—blood trails followed the paths. I lapped at it and pulled her jeans and panties off in a fury. I entered Sarah with tremendous force and she screamed and bit my neck as hard as she could. A moment of searing pain and then warm pleasure oozing from my neck into her mouth as we fucked like animals. Kendall and John were now screaming in unison…a rhythm shared by all four of us ensued--tumultuous and chaotic…blessed and cursed with the nectar of life and death…blood and cum. I erupted into Sarah and felt my soul bond with hers as well as John and Kendall's in that white-hot moment. There was weeping and laughing and John Yelling "NO!" I jumped up and saw Kendall's throat cut and jetting blood. She moaned in ecstasy as her life ebbed and she suddenly cast the wet belt aside on the floor. John was crying and he increased his rhythm to a frantic pace and came hard…pushing his seed as far in as it would go into Kendall. Her weak thrusts against him were growing ever weaker as she milked him for every drop. He put his mouth to her neck with tears in his eyes. And then the three of us were weeping and kissing and touching Kendall…caressing her as her eyes grew dim and she smiled at us and her white skin grew whiter still and the pulsing from her leg and neck became a trickling and then stopped altogether and we embraced and cried and held her still form until the dawn came.

Those are the images I remember best from that night. The days that followed skew together…they slant. The funeral with Sarah, John, and I holding hands and Kendall in her white coffin—a child's coffin it seemed. Wearing a dress instead of her boots and Beastie boys T-shirt. The police with their questions. The newspaper with her picture—the same one I still have in my wallet. The lovemaking afterward. John and I made love to Sarah and spoke of Kendall often…we tried to have a child and name it Kendall but it seems that there wasn't meant to be another one. I miss you my little dark angel…we speak of you when spring comes early and autumn lingers late.

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