You lie on the bed -- arms tied with scarves, blindfold on. You feel an ice cube running down the side of your neck. I drag it slowly down to your breast, circling the nipple until it gets hard, like a small erection. I lift the ice off, long enough for you to get the feeling back. Then slowly drip the melting water onto the tip of your nipple. I let it drip, drip, drip, slowly down your stomach. I pause and let it run into your belly button. Then I move slowly down towards your thighs. The icy water drips, on your thigh, and pools until it runs in a narrow stream along the crease between your upper thigh and outer lips. I move the drips to the top of your slit. They drip, onto the hood of your clit making it harden even more than it already is. The icy water runs down, rapidly heating as it mixes with the hot fluid seeping out from between your outer lips.

You begin to moan softly as you feel my warm tongue lick the drops from your clit, You bite down on your bottom lip as you try to stop yourself from making your pleasure know. You arch your back and try to lift yourself up as you want my tongue to lick you again, but I only tease you. You feel me run the ice cube over your clit and you break out in goose bumps all over as you gasp for breath. I smile as I run the ice cube back up your stomach and let it fall in your belly button as it melts away . You then feel my hands sliding up your inner thighs. You feel my warm breath on your skin. You are wanting to feel me take your clit in my mouth, but I kiss your stomach... You let go of your lip and moan softly as you lift your pelvis and press your swollen clit against my chest. I keep teasing you making you want me even more... then you feel me grab your ass and hold you up so I can pleasure you with my tongue and by this point you have no control over your orgasm...

I run my tongue along the top of your slit, pushing the tip of my tongue down between the folds to your clit. I flick the tip of it with my tongue, applying enough pressure to make it aware that I am there, but not enough to satisfy. I run my tongue around it once, then again before dragging it down lower, between your lips, where your are already slick. I run it down to your entrance and push the tip of my tongue gently inside, tasting you, coating my tongue as I push it deeper. I lick inside you, causing a renewed flow of juices. I flatten my tongue and drag it back up, coating the clit with your own juices and suck it into my mouth. Gently, at first, then a little firmer as I slip a finger into you. Just the tip, feeling around the circumference of your entrance. Then I add a second finger, still just the tips. I rotate my hand, getting you used to the feeling of the gentle invasion. I suck your clit firmly into my mouth, and start punishing it with my tongue. I push the 2 fingers rapidly to the second knuckle. And lift them towards my own lips, pressing firmly against your g-spot. A finger on each side, then around it, then drag them back across it. I move my fingers in and out of you while sucking on your clit, then dragging my tongue down to my fingers, to taste them as they come out. Back up again to suck on your clit. You strain at the bonds, eager to take my head in your hands, but I won't release you...... there is more for you to feel, to experience, and I don't want you to have a choice.

Your body glistens with perspiration, as you struggle for release. From your bonds as well as your need to cum. I take out my fingers just before you are there. My pressure on your clit reduces. Enough to stop the wave from breaking, but not enough to reduce the swells. While I am gently licking and sucking on your clit, you suddenly feel a gentle set of lips begin to suck on your nipple. The sweetish smell of perfume enters your nostrils, you realize we are not alone.......

You feel a gentle nursing on your one breast, while a set of fingers gently roll and pull at the other. I move my tongue from your clit and push it into you, as far as a can. Tasting the increased flow from you, due to your realization that you will soon be tasting, for the first time.......... You feel a sharp pull and release on your nipples as that tongue slowly drags itself down your right side. My mouth sucks on your clit hard, then releases, and my tongue slides up your left side. A smaller gentler tongue tentatively licks at your clit, running down, to really taste you. The tongue is unfamiliar, but it seems to know you. It sucks and licks you just the way you would, yourself -- if you could... A pair of gentle hands pushes your knees wide apart, so the smaller tongue can still reach right inside you...

You feel me straddle your chest, my knees under your arms. I gently lift your head and you feel a sliding across your lips. Hard, wet and very hot. Your teeth are clenched closed from the concentration on the pleasure below. I push harder and slip myself into your mouth, just enough for you to suck on the head and taste the slimy, salty taste of my excitement. You feel a pair of fingers open your lower lips while a tongue expertly slides itself into you and then back up to suck on your clit. The other gentle hand slides a ribbed vibrator gently into you, one rib at a time, until it can go no further. It's left there for you to get used to while the mouth makes your pussy focus on the attention your clit is getting. The vibrator is switched on and hums gently where it lies, causing your insides to turn to jelly...

You feel me climb off your chest, you can still taste me. There is more movement, while the vibrator continues to gently hum. The smell of perfume again as soft skin gently strokes across you ears. Your head drops a little as pressure is placed on the bed, on either side of your head. The pressure decreases as the body above you lays down and you feel your breasts being gently flattened by hot skin. Below your ribs you feel first, a gentle tickling as a pair of nipples strokes across you, then more pressure as she lies down on you and resumes her exploration of your pussy. Above your face you feel a heat and you can smell an erotic scent that is familiar -- but not. A warm musky scent that causes even more blood to rush to the parts of you that want to be stimulated. The vibrator is removed, while the hungry sucking on your clit continues. And what is above your face is still a familiar mystery...

You lift your head, aching to discover what is drawing your focus away from the delicious attention your pussy is getting. Your smooth wet lips meet smooth lips now wet from the excitement of pleasuring you -- and feeling your body react to that pleasure. She wants you to abandon yourself to the unknown, the same way she once did. Your delirious need forces you to push out your tongue, aching to taste. The taste overwhelms you. You push your face against her, your tongue reaching in to taste all of her. Like the smell that excited you earlier, the taste is familiar, yet strange. You move your tongue down to her clit, knowing her like you know yourself. You suck her clit into your mouth, tentatively at first, then more insistently. You feel me lift your right leg, and slide underneath. Lift your left leg and slide mine under. I scissor you left thigh with both of mine. She moves slightly and lifts your ass to slide a cushion under. I penetrate you from below while she resumes sucking on your clit. I push myself in, as deep as I can go. I slide in easily since you are so ready...

You gasp at the unexpected invasion, then clench your teeth as the pleasure of the penetration takes you. You pull at the restraints hungrily eating the pussy in front of you. While she attacks your clit with renewed vigor as she approaches an orgasm due to your hungry feeding.... She bucks against your mouth as her petite body is consumed. She sucks constantly at your clit while I thrust deep. This sets you off and you suddenly get the release you have been craving, it drives in hot waves from your pussy and up to your hair follicles. You arch your back and scream soundlessly, as you are not able to breathe while the waves crash down on you... this drives me over the edge and I explode in you like an eruption. You feel the heat driving into your core as you finally gasp the breath you body needs.

She turns round and takes off your blindfold, then your bonds before curling up against you with her head on your arm, and I slide up behind you pressing against your ass, head next to yours...

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