tagIncest/TabooBonding Time Ch. 02

Bonding Time Ch. 02


Writer's Note: This is part two of a multi part story, written as a companion piece to the "Mandy and Me" series. This story continues the relationships of another family, introduced in that much longer series, and it fills in many of the missing details didn't fit well in that series. My editor and I thought this story deserved more attention than we could really afford to give it, within the confines of the overall "Mandy and Me" saga, without detracting from that story.

The time of this story is 1967, the location is Northeast Texas, and it is written using the speech patterns common in that part of the country. For those who just have to know, there is mother-son, father-daughter, and their various permutations of incest found in this story.

As always, a huge thanks to you readers, for your support and votes, and a special thanks to Ciguardian, for insisting this story be told. It would never have happened, without his inspiration and guidance.

The Standard Declarations always apply -- First - All sexual activity is between persons over age eighteen, Second -- This is NOT an immature two page white-knuckle fluffer, and Third -- There is tobacco use, primarily smoking, in this story. If any of this bothers you, hit the back button now, and go elsewhere.

Chapter Two -- Smoke and Mirrors

Mindy Sue:

The morning after Fred and I talked about making love to our children, I tried calling Patsy, again. This time, fortunately for my sanity, she was actually home!

"Is there any way I can come out an' talk with you, Patsy? Just the two o' us?"

"Sure thing, Mindy. Mike an' Mandy are takin' the girls to town, this afternoon, goin' to the skatin' rink, an' Junior's goin' over to Tyler, for a while, to talk with the architect about some changes in our house plans. I'll be here, at the house, all afternoon, an' I'll be glad to talk with you. If you're wantin' it to be just the two of us, I figure everybody'll be leavin' by about 1:00, and they all ought t' be gone for at least three hours, or so."

"That ought t' be plenty o' time for what I need t' talk t' you about, Patsy," I told her.

"Good! Plan on gettin' here between one an' one-thirty, an' I'll have us a fresh pot o' coffee, ready an' waitin'."

I arrived about fifteen minutes after 1:00, passing Junior -- headed in the opposite direction -- in the lane on my way down to the farmhouse.

"Come on in, Mindy," Patsy greeted me. "I just got the coffee done, an' it won't take but a second to have it poured."

Once the coffee was on the table, we took seats and spent a few moments in lighting cigarettes and exchanging pleasantries, and then I got right to the reason for my visit.

"I need some help, Patsy, an' you're the only one I can ask. We are alone, ain't we?"

"Yeah, we're alone. Mike and Mandy left about twenty minutes ago, takin' the girls skatin', an' Junior just left to head over to Tyler for a while, to talk to the architect for our house.

"I know," I chuckled. "He was headed out as I was comin' down your lane, an' he waved at me."

"I figured you might've, given how quick you showed up after I kissed him goodbye an' he headed out. So we've got plenty o' time for girl talk. What's goin' on, Mindy?"

"Where were you, yesterday? I kept tryin' t' get in touch with you, but you must've been out all day. I was goin' out o' my mind, thinkin' about what you'd said, Friday night. I had t' quit tryin' t' call, though, when Fred an' Bud finally came home from their fishin' trip."

"Mandy an' I had taken the guys to Longview, to do some shoppin' for our honeymoon trip."

"I thought y'all'd done all your clothes-buyin' for that trip, when you came town my shop, that Saturday mornin', girl! What else could you've needed?"

"Well, we got all o' my shoppin' done, that mornin'," Patsy chuckled, "but then Junior an' I decided that we were goin' to take Mike an' Mandy along to Hawaii, with us. Those two went straight from gettin' married, on a Friday, to openin' their business, the followin' Monday, an' didn't take time for a honeymoon, figurin' they'd do it later on in the year. Then, when Mandy got pregnant, they realized that they were goin' t' be too busy raisin' a little one to do a proper honeymoon, for a few years. So, Junior an' I decided they needed to go, an' go now.

"That meant that Mandy had to do just a little more shoppin, an' -- as for Mike an' Junior -- well, neither one of 'em had a stitch o' clothin' fit to wear on a trip to somewhere like Hawaii, so we had a bushel o' shoppin' to do, to get the two o' them fitted out, an' we didn't get back 'til after 4:00, yesterday afternoon. Now, quit stallin', an' tell me what's so all-fired important!"

"Girlfriend, you remember how we got t' tellin' all those tales, Friday night?"

"Yeah, I remember all that." Patsy chuckled, grinning naughtily.

"Well, after y'all left, I was so damn horny I couldn't stand it, an' I'm figurin' you an' Mandy were the same way. Y'all were lucky, 'cause you were able t' go home t' your men, an' their nice, hard cocks, but there I was, stuck there alone, tryin' t' deal with it. I wanted Fred there, with me, so bad I almost couldn't stand it. I'll tell you, Girl, I simply can't remember ever bein' so horny, an' all I had was my fingers!"

"I sort o' figured that was goin' t' happen," Patsy giggled. "There's no need o' you tellin' me what you did!"

"You got that right!" I laughed. "Pretty much all night! The worst of it was, I just couldn't get that bit o' conversation we had -- about our sons -- out o' my head! I tried 'bout every way I could, t' get me some satisfaction, but it wasn't nearly enough. I had a need, Patsy, an' nothin' I did worked.

"I tried daydreamin' about havin' Fred there, but even that didn't work. In the middle of it all, you tellin' 'bout you an' Mike popped into my head an', next thing I knew, I was imaginin' that it was Bud, in that bed with me, an' I was ridin' him like a bronco. I even imagined his face gettin' all scrunched up with the pleasure o' slippin' in an' out o' me, an' him lookin' up, tellin' me, 'Mama, nobody ever told me it would feel this good!'"

"Sounds like you've got it bad, Mindy. I'm gettin' the idea that you're thinkin' o' doin' the same thing, with Bud, that I did, with Mike."

"If I wasn't thinkin' seriously on it, before Friday night an' yesterday, Patsy, I sure as hell am, now!" I groaned, smiling. "But, hold your horses, 'cause there's a whole lot more, I need t' tell you!"

"Then, don't just sit there, lookin' at me, Mindy; get on with the tellin'!" she chided me.

I spent the next little while telling Patsy about what happened, when Fred got home, that Friday night, sparing none of the juicy details.

"An' so we finished up, an' we were layin' there, sharin' the rest o' that cigar an' talkin', an' Fred finally worked up the nerve t' ask me what the hell had gotten into me. Said he couldn't recall a time, over the last ten years, or so, when I'd been that hot, for him. Basically, he was right, an' even I had t' admit it. An', then, there was my smokin' that cigar, which I'd never done, with him, an' he couldn't stop goin' on about that last hour, or so, 'tween us, an' how hot the things I was doin' got him. I tell you, that is most definitely a night I want t' repeat, 'bout as often as he an' I get the chance!

"See, our lovemakin'd gone a bit stale, o' late, an' we'd kind o' been doin' things by rote. Don't get me wrong; it was all still damn pleasurable, but we were doin' the same things t' each other, in about the same order, every single time. Last night was majorly different! Everythin' I was doin' t' him, an' wantin' him t' do t' me, kind o' surprised the hell out of 'im -- an', now I think on it, some o' those things I was doin' surprised the hell out o' me, too! It sure added a lot o' 'spice' t' the night, I'll tell you that much!"

"I can just imagine," Patsy laughed. "I've done the same thing to Junior, a time or two, already, an' I know Mandy's always comin' up with somethin' to keep Mike interested. So, what did Fred have to say?"

"Well, like I said, the first thing he asked me was what the hell happened t' me, t' get me so hot an' bothered. I told him a little bit about Friday night. Mind you, I kept it general, an' didn't tell him exactly what went on. I just told him that it was us three girls, sittin' an' swappin' sex stories. He asked, but I told him that he knew all o' our sex stories -- an' what the two o' y'all told me was just between us girls an' none o' his business. He got the message, an' he knows that he can't pry a secret out o' me, when I promise someone I'll keep it, even with a crowbar!

"I did finally break down, though, an' told him about the night o' my eighteenth birthday -- an' that's a tale he hadn't heard from me, before.

"He sort o' surprised me, then, admittin' he'd had the same kind o' feelin's 'bout his mama, back when he was in his teens, but he never had the nerve t' do anythin' about it. He acted kind o' embarrassed t' admit t' it, an' I understood that. To soothe his worries, I told him that I'd heard tell that most young men daydream about beddin' their mamas, so he needn't think he was some sort o' sick pervert.

"I told him that a lot o' kids feel the same way about their parents, too, an' wonder what it'd be like, t' make love with 'em -- an' that a lucky few, like me, get t' find out! I told him that my daddy'd said that he'd enjoyed every minute o' makin' love with me -- an' that I knew of a couple o' mothers who'd taken their sons t' bed an' loved every minute of it.

"Of course, that gave me the perfect openin' I needed, t' bring Bud into the conversation. I told Fred how Bud was always watchin' me, an' that -- fairly often, I'd catch him with a hard-on while he looked at me. The upshot of it was that Fred finally asked me if I'd been thinkin' 'bout takin' Bud t' bed, t' train him, the way my mama an' daddy had done me."

"Do tell!" Patsy chuckled knowingly. "What'd you answer?"

"I admitted that the notion had crossed my mind, a time or two -- thinkin' about givin' him the same sort o' lessons that my mama and daddy gave me, back then -- but that I didn't want t' do anythin' about it without his knowin' about it, an' givin' his approval."

"So, what did he say, to that?"

"He surprised the hell out o' me, then, Patsy!" I snorted. "He told me that our sweet little 'butter-won't-melt-in-her-mouth' Missy had been after him, for pretty much the same thing, for the last month or so!"

"I was layin' there, with him, starin' into his eyes, watchin' him turn beet-red with embarrassment, admittin' it! 'Get it out in the open, an' let's talk about it, Baby,' I finally told him. 'It can't be any more embarrassin' than my tellin' you that I've been toyin' with the notion o' makin' love t' our son, Baby! Go ahead, an' just spit it out!'"

"You're jokin', ain't you, Mindy?" Patsy asked, her eyes and mouth going wide open.

"If I'm lyin', I'm dyin', Girl," I shook my head, holding up my right hand like I was being sworn in as a witness, in court. "I guess she'd started in, on him, a couple months back, takin' her time an' movin' real slow."

"How do you mean, 'movin' slow'?" she asked me.

"First, it was askin' him if she could try a cigarette, so he let her have one, tellin' her t' just get used t' the taste, an' not try inhalin'. By the time she was done with it, though, she was takin' a few real tiny puffs an' inhalin'. Accordin' t' her, your soon-t'-be stepdaughter, Laura -- who she met when we went an' visited Charles an' Maggie, one Saturday -- had told her how t' do it, if she could ever sweet talk her folks into lettin' her try."

"Oh." Patsy said, shaking her head a bit. "You ain't upset with Laura, for doin' that, are you? Do I need to say somethin', to her?"

"You leave her be, Patsy Marie!" I snorted. "That's just teenage girls bein' teenage girls. Hell; how many times did I try t' get you t' have a smoke, with me, back when we were that age, before Bill came along an' finally got you t' try it?

"At any rate, from smokin', it moved t' her askin' for a taste o' his beer, at lunch, that same day. I guess she decided she liked it, 'cause from then, on, he was lettin' her have a whole one, when she wanted, while they fished.

"After I told him I was okay with him doin' those things, with her, then he up an' tells me that he'd done somethin' else that I ought t' know about."

"What was that, Mindy?" she asked me, as I paused to sip my coffee and light another cigarette. "Don't keep me in suspense!"

"She apparently sweet-talked him into teachin' her how t' kiss a boy, an' then lettin' her practice on him for half an hour or so," I said. "She told him that there was this boy that she was kind o' sweet on, who she thought was goin' t' ask her t' a big dance, at school -- an' would he teach her how t' kiss a boy, proper, so's she could knock his socks off, come the end o' the night."

"Well, that sounds like a half-decent excuse, at least," Patsy remarked. "It's certainly somethin' a teenage girl might do."

"It would be, if she hadn't already come t' me, an' asked me t' teach her how t' kiss a boy -- with tongue, an' all, Pats!" I chuckled.

"Oh -- so she just wanted to kiss her daddy, like that," Patsy giggled. "I see, now, where this thing's headed!

"Lookin' at it, now, its really sort o' funny," I agreed. "Here I am, thinkin' about takin' our son t' bed, for his first time, an' our daughter is askin' her daddy for the same thing! After she'd 'practiced' kissin' with him, for a while -- on a couple o' different fishin' days -- she just comes out an' asks him if he'd make a full-fledged woman out o' her. Said she wants a man, for her first time, who loves her an' cares about seein' t' it that she enjoys it, 'stead o' just gettin' his own jollies out o' the deal, an' her daddy's the only man she knows, who'd be like that."

"An', though Bud only looks a bit like his daddy, your Missy's the spittin' image o' you, back when you were that age!" Patsy noted. "That's gotta be givin' Fred some real problems, 'cause he couldn't resist your looks, back then, either. Do you think he wants her, even a little bit?"

"Hell, Patsy, he wants her a whole lot," I laughed. "I could tell, by the look on his face, when he was confessin' the whole shootin' match, t' me. Of course, she always has had him wrapped around her little finger, ever since she was a little girl. He's got it, bad, for our daughter -- just about as bad as I've got it, for our son! Are we a bunch o' perverts, or what?"

"I wouldn't say y'all are perverts, Mindy," Patsy shook her head. "Seems to me that you an' Fred, both, are bein' faced with the same sort o' dilemma I was faced with, when it came to Mike. It stands to reason that your parents went through the same sort o' thoughts, 'fore they took you into their bed. What're you goin' t' do? Did you an' Fred reach any kind o' agreement about what to do?"

"It's pretty much a sure thing, we're goin' t' do it, Patsy. At least, we're sure thinkin' about it. I could tell, just by watchin' Fred's eyes an' his posture when we were talkin' about it, that he's really wantin' t' make love with Missy, an' teach her -- the way my folks taught me, and the way he wishes his mama'd taught him. But he wants me t' go along with the idea, before he'll actually do it. I'm feelin' the same way about Bud -- I want so bad t' take him t' bed an' teach him how t' be with a woman, an' then fuck his brains out! An' I know that Fred will be okay with it, if the result is that he gets t' do Missy, in return. That's the real reason I wanted t' talk t' you, today."

"Seems to me, Mindy, that -- if Fred wants to do Missy, an' you're wantin' to do Bud, all you have to do is tell Fred that you're okay with his plan, an' he has to be okay with yours. How much harder can it be?" Patsy shrugged her shoulders.

"There's one little problem, Patsy," Mindy shook her head. "You see, Missy's already asked Fred, point blank, t' make love t' her an' be her first, teachin' her how t' be with a man that way. I haven't yet figured out a way t' ask Bud, without riskin' scarin' him off. I'd rather die, than have him think I'm some sort o' pervert!

"You have t' tell me, Pats; how in hell did you get Mike into bed, with you, without drivin' him away from what you were wantin'?"

"It was actually pretty simple, Mindy. My situation was similar to yours, in that I'd already spent some time talkin' with him, to try an' figure out why he hadn't gone out chasin' girls. Most of it stemmed from the fact that we'd lost his daddy when he was young. See, he was old enough to recall the fact that I'd worked as a nurse, while his daddy held down a job, too. What he really didn't know was that we got by pretty much on what his daddy made, an' most o' my pay went into savin's.

"By the time Bill died, I'd gotten raises enough so that Mike an' I could make do on my income, but we weren't puttin' much aside for any sort o' rainy day. But Mike didn't quite understand that. He got himself hired on with a local contractor an' trained at makin' cabinets. He was only about fifteen, then, an' he was goin' to school plus workin' from about 4:00 to 10:00, at Raymond's shop, makin' cabinets. On weekends, he did things around the house -- mowed the lawn, helped me with the laundry, an' the like. Then, he built that shop o' his, in town on our lot, an' started in at makin' bookshelves an' curio cabinets for folks, puttin' all the money into addin' touches to our house.

"With all o' that, the boy never really took time for himself, to be out an' chasin' girls like the other boys his age. As a result, I was about the only woman he ever talked much with, outside o' his teachers at school. Well, me, his grandma Davidson, an' Connie Kelly, our neighbor from across the street, who's his best buddy's mama. But Mike an' I had gotten really close, through all those years.

"Lookin' back on it, we were actin' more like a married couple, than like a normal mother an' son. Since he was workin' an' earnin' money, he an' I talked about what we'd like to do, to improve our house. We laid out the menus for our meals, together, an' did the shoppin' for things, the same way, him an' me, together. About the only thing that separated us from bein' exactly like a husband an' wife was the fact that we weren't sharin' a bed with each other, an' the pleasures of our bodies.

"Once I figured out just how shy an' introverted he was, I started talkin' with him about how to meet an' talk with a girl. I even got into doin' some role-playin', with him, where I'd pretend to be a girl he was interested in, an' he had to figure out how to talk with me, gettin' to know me.

"I also sat him down an' had a detailed talk with him about the birds an' bees, an' how it all worked. I even used one o' my textbooks from nursin' school, showin' him where all the most sensitive areas were located, an' tellin' him exactly how to stimulate 'em. He asked quite a few questions, an' I gave him honest answers to everythin'."

"I've already talked with Bud, some, Pats, an' I'm makin' some progress, but I'm not sure how t' get where I want t' go, with him. He's finally admitted bein' shy an' halfway scared o' girls, sayin' he don't want t' make a fool out o' himself."

"I had the same problem, Mindy, tryin' to figure out how to get Mike where I wanted him. Then I remembered somethin' Bill did, with me, back when we started datin'. I had to find the right way to do it, to make it work, an' finally figured it out. I taught Mike how to smoke."

"He wasn't already smokin'? Bud's asked about it, a time or two, but hasn't really pushed the idea the way some kids do. Fact o' the matter, I was real surprised when Fred admitted teachin' Missy. What did you do?" Mindy asked.

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