tagIncest/TabooBonding Time Ch. 04

Bonding Time Ch. 04


Writer's Note: This is the fourth installment in a multi-part story, written as a companion piece to the "Mandy and Me" series. This story is based on an event in that much longer series, coming about to fill in some missing details that didn't fit well in that series. My editor and I thought this story deserved more attention than we could really afford to give it, within the confines of the overall "Mandy and Me" saga, without detracting from that story.

The time of this story is 1967, the location is Northeast Texas, and it is written using the speech patterns common in that part of the country.

As always, a huge thanks to you readers, for your support and votes, and a special thanks to Ciguardian, for insisting this story be told. It would never have happened, without his inspiration and guidance.

The Standard Declarations always apply -- First - All sexual activity is between persons over age eighteen, Second -- This is NOT an immature two page white-knuckle fluffer, and Third -- There is tobacco use, primarily smoking, in this story. If any of this bothers you, hit the back button now, and go elsewhere.

Writer's Note: This chapter begins at the end of Chapter 3.

Chapter Four -- The Family That Plays Together

10 Apr


Our Monday night after-dinner conversation was eye opening, to say the very least.

Sunday night, I'd thought to pop into Bud's bedroom for a moment, and say goodnight to him. Oh, okay; I guess I might as well be honest. After two weekends of having him as my lover, I had it in mind to give him the sort of goodnight kiss that was calculated to curl his toes. I wanted to make sure he was dreaming of me, all night long, and I hoped that at least one of those dreams would be the 'wet' kind.

I was surprised to find both his bed and his bedroom vacant -- and even more surprised to hear the sounds of soft voices coming through the pass-through bathroom, from Missy's bedroom. Stepping out of my slippers, I tiptoed through the bath, pausing inside the door and peeking out. Both of the twins were sitting on Missy's bed, cross-legged, engaged in a deep conversation.

"So, what made you pick Dad, t' be your first lover, Lissa?" I heard Bud's voice asking. "I mean, Mom came on t' me, an' that's about the last thing in the world I'd have looked t' have happen, t' me, but -- judgin' by what you've told me, you actually chose Dad t' be your first, an' then set out t' get him."

I was so stunned, hearing my babies apparently discussing their father's and my recent sexual activities with them, that it took me a moment to realize that he had his own name for his sister -- a contraction of 'Melissa,' rather than the variant, 'Missy,' that Fred and I had adopted for her, early on. It actually sounded rather pretty, and I wondered briefly why neither Fred nor I had ever hit upon that idea.

A soft smile touched my lips as my memory drifted back over the years, to the days when Bud was just learning to talk, and never seemed to be able to get the first syllable of his sister's name -- only the last two. But, the twins' conversation hadn't paused for my thoughts, and I needed to pay attention to what they were saying.

"It ain't real easy t' say, Rick," Missy answered, and I realized that she had her own name for her brother, as well. "I've had my fair share o' dates with boys, already, an' I guess I'm gettin' t' the point where I was startin' t' think about the way my body feels, sometimes -- you know, when I get so horny I just can't stand it, an' have to play with my pussy? What would it be like, t' have a man doin' them kinds o' things, t' me?

"Too, with us both closin' in on turnin' eighteen, I'd also been thinkin' on the kind o' man I'd like t' find, someday, to settle down, with. I've met some o' my girlfriends' dads, an' most o' them have their flaws. Dad's different, though.

"I mean, he's big an' strong -- I didn't realize just how strong he was, until we took that campin' trip, together. We were dancin', a little ways away from the tent, an' I finally got so hot I just couldn't stand it, an' I told him it was time t' do what we both knew we were there, t' do. He picked me up an' cradled me in his arms like I was a feather, an' carried me over t' just in front o' the tent, 'fore he set me down.

"Anyway, even though he's big an' strong, he's also soft an' gentle an' kind an' carin -- an' oh, so lovin'. You can see just how lovin' he is, the way he an' Mama act, when they think we're not watchin'. They're so in love with each other, an' it shows in everythin' he says an' does, when he's around her.

"I couldn't help but think that a man who's that lovin' would be that way with me, too. An', with them havin' been married for so long, I figured he'd have had plenty o' practice an' experience at makin' love to a woman. You know the kind o' noises he gets Mama t' makin', when the two of 'em go at each other, late at night. I mean, he's got t' be pleasurin' her six ways from Sunday, right?

"Who would I want, t' be my first 'lover'? Some teenage boy who maybe never did it, before, an' don't have a clue what he's doin', an' stands a chance o' hurtin' me? Or a guy who's maybe done it, before, but is only in it for the pleasure he can get, out o' the whole thing, an' who don't give a damn if I get pleasured, or not?

"An, then, there's Daddy. I've already said how lovin' an' carin' he is, an' I knew that -- if I could only talk him into sayin' 'yes' t' what I was askin' -- it was for sure he'd never hurt me. I figured that, if I could talk him into it, he'd see to it that my first time with a man was as full o' pleasure as he could make it.

"Put it that way, an' the choice was simple. An', as much as Daddy dotes on me -- he jokes that I've got him wrapped around my little finger, an maybe it's kind o' true, in a way -- I figured I'd eventually be able t' wear him down. 'Course, I never imagined -- not in my wildest dreams -- that it'd mushroom into what it has, with Daddy bein' my first, an' Mama bein' yours, into the bargain!"

"Did it feel strange, or weird, the first time you kissed him on the lips, with knowin' that he was your dad?" Bud asked her.

"Probably about as weird as you felt, the first time Mama gave you one o' her patented 'smoky kisses' an' then slipped you her tongue, in the middle of it all," Missy laughed quietly. "But you got past it, didn't you?"

"I didn't have a whole lot o' choice, Lissa," Bud chuckled. "Mama knew all my turn-on's, just like she could read my mind, an' she was hittin' me left an' right, with 'em, so fast an' so hard that my head was spinnin', an' I didn't have a whole lot o' time t' think about how it was Mama that I was swappin' spit, with! An', after that first tongue-tanglin' kiss from her, I didn't want t' think about it. I just wanted it t' go on, forever!"

Bud paused, giving vent to a short 'snorting' kind of laugh.

"Hell, I thought just kissin' her was pure heaven, an' that nothin' could be better'n feelin' her arms wrapped around me an' her lips against mine! Boy, was I ever wrong!"

"Well, it was a little different, in my case," Missy giggled. "I'd already had Mama teach me how t' kiss, an' then tongue-kiss, that way. I told her that there was someone I was sweet on, that I wanted t' 'wow' when we kissed for the first time. I didn't let on, t' her, that the 'someone' I had in mind was Daddy.

"Then I pretended that I didn't know how t' kiss, an' asked Daddy t' teach me while we were fishin', one afternoon. He fell for it, like a fish snappin' at one o' his lures, an' so I had t' be busy, actin' like I didn't know what I was doin', at first. That didn't leave me with a whole lot o' time t' be thinkin' about how this was my daddy, that I was tradin' tongues with. By the time I had the chance to think on it, his kisses had me so damn turned on that it wasn't even funny! Like you, with Mama, I wanted his hot, sweet kisses t' never, ever end!"

There was more to their conversation, and I continued to listen as they each described in detail the pure wonder and bliss of their first sexual encounters. Eventually, though, I heard Bud yawn and comment that it was getting late, and they really should be getting off to bed. I figured I ought to beat a hasty retreat, so as not to be caught eavesdropping on them.

I left the bathroom, then, retracing my steps back to Bud's bedroom, where I reclaimed my slippers and quietly went out into the hallway, again. My head was slowly spinning, as I headed to the bedroom that Fred and I shared. Too, hearing those two talk so frankly about the passions they'd experienced with us had me nearly dripping wet, and I knew what I wanted and needed!

"Did you get lost?" Fred asked me, chuckling, as I made a seductive show of shedding my robe and slippers and sliding onto the mattress, next to him.

"No," I admitted. "I thought t' stop into Bud's room, an' give him a little 'goodnight' kiss -- "

"A kiss, Baby?" he chuckled. "Or were you plannin' on gettin' yourself a quickie?"

"Not quite that," I admitted, sighing. "Though, the kind o' kiss I had in mind, for him, was the sort that'd make his toes curl, an' leave him all primed for some really sweet dreams."

"I figured as much," he nodded knowingly. "But you look disturbed. What's on your mind?"

"Bud wasn't in his bedroom," I explained. "He was over, sittin' on Missy's bed with her, an' they were apparently comparin' notes on their weekends, with us."

Fred didn't respond, immediately, and I reached out and took the cigarette he was smoking from between his fingers, bringing it to my lips for a long drag.

"Can you blame 'em, Baby?" he shrugged as I handed the cigarette back to him. "I've been on the receivin' end o' your lovin' often enough t' know that, if you gave Bud even half as good as you give me, his head's likely still spinnin', over it all. He needs someone t' talk to, who's kind o' in the same boat as he is, an' would understand it all. Missy's the only one he can safely talk to, about it, other'n you or me. I mean, it ain't like he can even go t' Kenny Simms -- despite the fact that those two are thick as thieves -- an' say, 'You ain't goin' t' believe this, but I spent the weekend fuckin' the hell out o' my mama,' now, can he?"

"I reckon you're right, Baby," I told him. "An' they were both clothed -- he had a pair o' gym shorts an' a t-shirt on, an' so did she -- but..."

Some seven years earlier, when Fred and I had been looking at house plans, we'd found the one we'd built on the oversized, outside corner lot at the end of a cul-de-sac. At the time, I'd thought the pass-through "Jack and Jill" bath, with its separate toilets and vanities and the shared tub and shower, would be ideal for Bud and Missy, since it would give both of them almost a complete private bath, each. The thought never occurred to us that the kids would use it as a passageway from one bedroom to the other.

"We'll talk with 'em, about it, tomorrow night, after supper," Fred smiled. "For now, why don't you 'assume the position,' Baby? After that little show you just gave me, I've got a little somethin' I'd like t' give you."

"There ain't nothin' 'little' about this 'somethin', Honey!" I laughed, sliding down to take his cock in hand -- and mouth. "Now, just what position would you like your little slut t' assume. I'm familiar with quite a few, as you well know!"

"Well, since you appear t' have that sweet mouth o' yours poised an' ready for action, I'll let you suck on it for minute or so, an' then you can get on your hands an' knees, for me. That'll let me get t' at least one o' my two other favorite places to be. I don't reckon you had time t' take care o' the other place, tonight."

"Guess again, husband," I laughed. "This past weekend, I got pretty quick at cleanin' myself out, so's Bud could have me, there, any time he wanted. I took care o' that, just after I got home from work, this afternoon! You know how much I love that cock o' yours, in my ass!"

"That's part o' what I love, about you, Mindy," he smiled lovingly at me as he reached down and gently pinched my left nipple just the way I love it. "You're a woman after my own heart!"

"I'm after more'n your heart, tonight, Stud," I informed him, setting my 'inner slut' free to smile out at him through his wife's face. "An' I can't wait to feel you givin' it t' me!"


As I said, at the start of this part of our story, our Monday night after-dinner conversation was an eye opener.

"I stopped in t' give you a little goodnight kiss, last night, Baby," I told Bud as we returned to the table after clearing away the dinner dishes to the sink and dishwasher. "But you weren't there."

"Apparently, your mama found you in your sister's bedroom," Fred filled in the remaining information.

"What can we say?" Missy asked us. "If y'all know that much, then you also know that we were both at least reasonably clothed, and that we were just talkin' with each other."

"How long has that kind o' thing been goin' on" I asked the two of them.

"Since we moved into the house, usually at least a couple o' nights a week," Bud answered.

"We talk about our days, an' what's goin' on in our lives -- school work, the kids in our classes, an' what they get up to, my softball stuff an' Bud's football. It helps us process the things that're on our minds," Missy picked up where her brother had left off, almost without a break. The way she did it reminded me of some married couples I knew, who were so in tune with each other that they often finished each other's sentences.

"Y'all made it too easy for us t' spend time together, Mama," Bud added, just a hint of chuckle in his voice. "The day you showed Missy an' me this house, right after y'all built it, we both loved the shared bathroom."

"He's right, Mama. You an' Dad already had us sleepin' in separate bedrooms, an' neither of us liked it, very much. We'd already heard the 'conduct unbecomin'' lecture so many times, we could recite it in our sleep. Neither Bud nor I liked it, but we went along with it."

"What do you mean, neither one o' you liked it?" I asked.

"I'm not sure if I can really explain it all, Mama," Bud shrugged his broad shoulders, sighing. "I guess that most o' the feelin' comes from those nine months that Missy an' I spent as 'womb-mates.' It just felt 'right' with the two o' us sleepin' in the same bed, an' 'wrong' when you made us go back t' sleepin' in our own beds. That's why you had such a hard time, makin' it stick, years ago. Back then, I guess we were a shade too young t' really understand things, an' we just couldn't see the sense in what the two o' you wanted us t' do. Even now, with us knowin' the whole 'conduct' bit, it don't make it any easier."

"Havin' that bathroom gave us an easy way t' get together an' talk, while y'all thought we were in our beds, asleep," again, Missy took up the thread for her brother. "It was too easy t' go through the bathroom, 'stead o' goin' out into the hall, when we wanted to talk t' each other about somethin'."

"Were the two o' you doin' anything besides talkin'?" Fred asked, a curious expression on his face.

"No, Dad. We'd just talk," Bud answered. "That's why we always keep the doors open, unless one of us is bathin', an' even then we don't use the privacy lock. We just close the door to the other's side o' the area where the tub an' shower is. An', when we're havin' our chats, we've either got our pajamas or clothes on, so we're decent."

"He's tellin' the truth, Dad," Missy added. "Neither Bud nor I have seen the other naked since Mama stopped bathin' us together, when we were about three years old. We've always tried t' do what y'all wanted us t' do, at least in that regard."

"That's right, Dad. I will say, though, our late night chats have been pretty interestin', the past week. I've told Mama, an' Missy's likely told you, about that 'twin-sense' thing that she an' I have, between us, where we always seem t' know when the other of us is worried or excited about something, or is feelin' some strong emotion or other. When you took my cherry on my birthday, Mama, Missy felt it -- just like I felt it when you took Missy's cherry, this past weekend, Dad.

"When Missy got back from San Marcos, last Sunday, she wanted t' know what all Mama an' I had done, over the weekend. Last night, I was the same way, wantin' t' know what she'd done, with you. I hope y'all don't mind, but it ain't like either one of us has a friend who's been in the same sort o' situation -- makin' love with a parent -- that we can talk to, about what we're feelin', inside."

"How far did either o' you go with the details?" I asked, feeling a slight blush rise on my cheeks.

"We kept things pretty general, at first, Mama," Missy answered. "Bud told me how you got him started smokin', an' what it led to, that night, with y'all makin' love in his bed. I knew he was havin' a special time, 'cause I felt the surge o' emotion he had, while y'all were doin' it. It took us each a little time, 'fore we were comfortable with goin' into detail."

"Missy's told me about her weekend, with Dad, too, Mama. We each know, pretty well, what the other did, 'cause most o' what I've done, with you, she's done with Dad. We were mainly sharin' our thoughts an' feelin's, about all of it, with each other, but the thoughts an' feelin's all came out o' the various things we did, so we kind o' had t' mention those things, too.

"The talks we've had, together, have the both of us even more curious, especially since y'all have told each of us you were goin' t' have us in the bed with both o' y'all, so you could show us a few more things. We'd been wonderin' when an' how y'all planned t' do it. It surprised us, this mornin', when you told us we'd all be together, at the same time."

"Your mother an' I are still workin' out some o' the details, right now, Bud," Fred noted. "Y'all told us you thought you'd be free, weekend after next. Is that still the case?"

"An' are y'all still okay with bein' together, with us, at the same time?" I asked.

"Y'all are still plannin' on havin' both of us naked together, an' naked with both o' y'all, all at the same time?" Missy asked. "Bud an' I talked about it, on our drive t' school, this mornin', an' we don't think it'll bother either of us, an' I'm just tryin' t' be sure that's what'll happen."

"That's exactly what it means," Fred replied. "For us t' show the both o' you everythin' we're plannin' to, we'll all need to be naked, together. Don't take this as us sayin' you can take your clothes off in front o' each other, or run around the house naked, right now, though. Your mother an' I both feel that should be a part o' the things we have t' show you. We'd much rather y'all wait for that weekend, 'stead o' tryin' t' get an early start."

"From what y'all've told us, this evenin', I'm sure you'll be talkin' about it," I added. "Please, just wait 'til the right time, when we're all ready for it, t' go tryin' anythin' on your own."

"We'll wait," Bud replied. "Neither Missy nor I want either one o' you t' be disappointed, with us. Right, Sis?"

"That's right, Mama. That's the last thing we want t' do," she agreed.

15 Apr


All things considered, it was a pretty busy and eventful weekend, and it got off to a rousing start on Friday night.

First, Bud headed out for his final Boy Scout camping trip, shortly after he and Missy got home from school. That left only three of us, in the house, after I got home from work, and Missy was already in her bedroom with the door shut, her head buried in schoolwork.

"She wants t' have it all done an' out o' the way, so it ain't hangin' over her head all day, tomorrow," Mindy explained, following her words with a very naughty chuckle as she ran her hand over my cock through the fabric of my trousers, "when she'll have access t' this lovely woman-pleaser o' yours."

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