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Bonfire Desires


Haley, a young hyper-liberal college student, is at a pro-choice rally and runs off to get coffee for her supervisor. Alex is walking out of the coffee shop with his skateboard in hand, and opens the door. She assumes he's holding it for her, but he lets it slam in her face, chuckling in his beanie. Indignant with all of the fury of the white upper middle class, she exasperatedly gasps, and he just gives her the get-off-your-high-horse look.

"Sorry," Alex says through his smirk.

"What the fuck?" Haley turns to face him head on, "Seriously?"

"Watch where you're going."

"You're really a conversationalist, I'd like to pat whoever taught you that on the back," Haley scoffed.

"Well that should've been my mother, but God knows she was too busy slamming headboards to teach me much, so I guess you can credit my exemplary skills to myself. Now, excuse me, I have better things to do with my time."

In an indignant rage, Haley turned on her heels and stormed away to buy coffee.

"Could I have a caramel macchiato, tall, extra caramel shot?"

"Coming right up, miss!" the exuberant barista with brown curly hair replied.

Haley went to take out her credit card from her Gucci purse when the cashier interrupted her, "Oh, don't worry about that, it's already been paid for."

"By who?"

"That guy in the navy hoodie and beanie that left a few minutes ago. He said you were friends?"

"He did?

"Well are you?"

"No. I mean, yes. I mean...thank you."

Haley mulled this act over in her head for the rest of the day, going through the motions, almost dropping the coffee on her supervisor while not paying attention. Why would he go through that effort to be nice to me?, she thought. Did he actually feel sorry for the door?

She resolved that if she ran into him, she'd apologize, but nothing else because that was all he deserved.

Meanwhile, Alex wished that appearances matched personalities, and smoked a blunt to try to forget all the beautiful, broken women he'd dealt with over the years. Why are the pretty ones bitches? he muttered between puffs, and called a lady friend to come over and rant about life with him beside the bonfire, knowing he might get lucky like he usually did. Before his blunt was done with, she had parked her black skinny jeans on the log next to him. He puffed out and revealed that he'd try to do something nice for a nice looking girl earlier, and before she could call him a pussy, he explained its less-than-perfect outcome.

"She had the most gorgeous brown hair, and you should've seen her ass, Jackie. Most suburbia girls do not have an ass like that." The more he told her, the more interested Jackie became.

"Was the girl's name Haley?" she asked.

"I have no clue," he replied, "why? do you know her?"

"She's in my English lit class, here I'm almost positive it's her, I'm gonna call her and tell her to come over."


"Hey, um Haley? Yeah I'm doing great! Hey I'm at a bonfire right now, thought you'd like to join?...woods by the corner of Hamilton and Ivory...yeah, cool, see you soon."

"You bitch, what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Getting you laid."

"But that's-that's what you do!"

"You'll thank me later."


Haley showed up after a half hour of musings on the meaningfulness of life's trivialities, interjecting herself into the conversation with utmost grace.

"...What the fuck is a Freud, and why the hell are you here?" she exclaimed, gesturing towards Alex.

"I thought your blood money education would've taught you that, but apparently not. Oh, and nice tits by the way."

She blushed and looked down at her cleavage briefly, slyly smiling and pulling up her shirt to look modest, but in actuality allowing it to descend further.

"Why thank you," she said, rolling her eyes.

"How much did they cost?"

"Savage," she uttered, giving him a death stare while biting her lip in disgust.

"Oh I'm kidding, I can tell a boob job from a mile away. Yours are natural, I noticed that before anything else, if it's any consolation. you go to Kings I take it?"

"Yes, they paid for half my tuition with an art scholarship," she replied.

"Well, if you ever need inspiration, I've been told my nudity is a muse."

He could tell Haley's barriers were starting to come down. She almost chuckled at that last one.

"Or amusing," she retorted.

"How about you find out?"

"How about I find out why you paid for that coffee?"

"I don't know what Jackie told you, but I did no such thing."

"Why yes you did. And even before you slammed the door in my face..." she said, looking down and slightly reddening.

"...I guess I owe you an apology for... bitching you out," she stammered out reluctantly.

Maybe I was wrong about suburban girls, he thought, maybe they're not all so caught up in their own worlds. "Yeah, no biggie. So, want a smoke?"

"Um... no thanks," she said with a slight smile.

"What, do you have a problem with smoke?", lightly blowing a buff of smoke at her face, lightly resting his hand on her thigh as he leaned towards her.

"Nah, you do you, I just don't partake," she said, slightly shifting into his touch.

"Don't tell me you don't like it,", sliding his hand up a little bit higher as he blew rings of smoke parallel to her cheek.

"Well, I don't," she said after a ticklish giggle. "I like a lot of things, drugs aren't one of them."

"I like a lot of things, you're one of them. I don't know, there's something alluring-even thrilling- about seducing good girls like you."

She laughed, short and sharp, almost in amusement. "Is that so? Heh. Good luck."

"I don't need luck. Just five minutes alone with you."

"Did you guys forget I'm here?" interjected Jackie.

"Bye Felicia!", Haley said with a sassy smile, sitting herself in Alex's lap.

"Wow, thanks," Jackie replied sassily. "and Alex, I'm taking one of your beers. Thanks."

"Suit yourself, I'd say that's a fair trade," he said while giving her an accepting nod. She smiled back before leaving.

"For what?" Haley asked, perplexed.

"Is it the weather or do you usually not wear bras?" he replied, looking in the opposite direction.

"What? That's not what I asked," she retorted.

"For the next five minutes," he casually retorted.

"You'll have to try harder than that."

"I am," as he guided her hand to his crotch.

"Pah-lease," she replied giggling, playfully backhanding his arm, then taking his hand towards her thighs.

"So am I spoiling a good girl or discovering a bad one?" he whispered.

"Most boys don't survive long enough to find out." She arched her back forward, grinding tightly against his lap.

"Let me show you something," he said, and it was more of a command than a question. He lightly moved her off his lap and stood up, never releasing her hand.

Once she was standing, he immediately pulled her hips to his and pressed his lips to hers. Instantly, their hands firmly moved up and down each other's backs, their tension enveloping them tenderly. While the fire raged beside them, one ignited inside, their lips frantic, their hands ravenous, their bodies aching for more.

He slid his hand towards her side, and gripped her hourglass figure. His hand slowly found its way down to her ass, and he smirked at her sharp intake of breath. "You're redeeming yourself," she whispered, her breath hot against his ear. Her mouth lingered for a second, her lips lightly brushing his ears, and then kissing his neck, pressing into his soft skin as if pleading with his body to release himself to her.

"Watch yourself, you're only just qualifying," he said, slapping her ass before pinning her to the ground. His hands held her wrists to the ground like stakes, his body pressing her into the earth with the weight of the world. Grinding against her hips, a short, longing moan escaped when he kissed her neck, firmly and hungrily.

Haley wondered what it was about bad boys that turned her on so much as she slid her knee up, letting his leg slide in between hers. Two can play at this game, she thought as she started to slide his shirt up. He wriggled himself to help her out, and as he did, she pushed him, flipping him over, and straddled him quickly before he could stop what was happening. The moon glistening on his defined abs like they do in cheesy romance films. He gave her a daunting grin and grabbed on to her shoulders, pushing her off of him.

She moaned happily, enthralled with his confidence. Hungry to regain dominance, she quickly jumped on him again, but he soon wrestled his way back on top of her. After a long, tiring struggle, Alex settled on top of Haley, involuntarily dry-humping her like a highschool sophomore while they passionately kissed.

"You're... irresistible," he said. Haley, struck by the lapse in his demeanor but too wet to care, pulled his body closer and rubbed her chest against his.

"If I tell you I bought you that coffee, will you be mine tonight?"

Again, shocked by this softer side to him she was now seeing, she lightly bit his lip and said, "make me yours." Those three words, stronger than any "I love you," flipped a switch in him. He grabbed her waist and threw her onto her feet, shoving her towards a nearby oak tree. As her back slammed against the bark, she saw a single helicopter flutter down, spinning like her mind. As she saw the leaf flutter down to the ground as fast as her heart was beating, she was momentarily distracted, and therefore caught even more off guard when he enclosed her head with his strong hands, pressing his mouth deep into hers.

She couldn't breathe, couldn't contain herself. She was absolutely soaked, throbbing and aching for his pleasure. She needed it. Nothing else mattered. I need him.

He was lost in her body. The curves, the smile, the long hair in his fingers and against his face. The ass that felt so wonderful grasped firmly in his hands, felt so incredible pressed against his hard cock. The breasts that shone so brightly in the moonlight, covered in goosebumps, driving him wild with cleavage. I need her. His hands left her ass and found her breasts, squeezing, rubbing, kneading with fervor. They fit his hands perfectly, and every touch drove him madder and madder.

Each grasp left her shorter and shorter of breath, gasping for more air after each involuntary moan drove more out of her. Her primal desire was making her convulse underneath his pressure. His body steadily, increasingly pressing into her. She could feel the outline of his dick against her, pinning her body to ground, not even allowing her to squirm, completely subject to his administrations. Her lips parted from his just long enough to kiss his neck, letting her lips and tongue tease him relentlessly, slowly trailing her kisses further down his body. As her lips met his collarbone, she found she could arch herself no further, and consequently could not trail her kisses any lower. She pressed her breasts against his chest, hoping to entice him into giving her more room to work with. He released his pressure for a moment, but as her lips sought his chest, his fingers grabbed hold of her shirt hem, peeling it off of her, and then using her arched back to his full advantaged, reaching under her to unclasp her bra.

She squirmed with delight, her breasts and curves on full display, vigorously rubbing them against his bare skin. Warm skin on warm skin only fanned the flames burning inside them. Soon, their pants followed, peeled off as quickly as possible.

For a brief minute, they stood in front of the fire, nearly naked, their bodies glistening in the dim, warm light. His toned abs, her breasts and hips, all burned brightly in the dark, their eyes reflecting the desire within.

Then, they gave in. Once again, their hands drank in one another, exploring with ravenous hunger. Their tongues danced dexterously, courting one another with swing and tango. He forced her to the ground.

Her head forced itself back; she writhed in anticipation. "Give it to me," she exclaimed desperately. "NOW."

He tore her thong off, ripping the gate away from his promised land. His cock slid into her smoothy, firmly, and achingly, but aided by her wetness.

Her moans screamed out through the night, primal and endless. In the moment, her pleasure was everything; the now, immemorial and eternal, all was pleasure. Like the thickness of night, their intensity built as he thrust into her harder, faster, and more relentlessly. The time between his thrusts diminished like the space between their bodies as her fingers clawed against his back, begging him to take her. Almost losing himself in the ecstasy and nearly overwhelmed with sensation, he focused on directing all of his energy to the task at hand: fucking her senseless. Her hips rose up to meet his, their rhythm in sync, their bodies in tune, and her gasps and moans sung like sacred melodies. Their bodies' crescendo was only matched by their longing, and with delicious lust, anticipation, and emotion, they collapsed within each other.

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