tagGroup SexBonfire Fairytales Ch. 05

Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 05


(in Sara's voice)

"We have our new Josh!" I called to Julie.

"A fine substitute!" Julie replied, amusedly watching Steve manhandle my tits. "So where were we...? Ah, right... Katie had just baited me into giving her boyfriend a blow job..."

Julie paused and then smiled at Steve. "I wonder if we should start from what happened next... or if Steve needs a moment to get in character."

Once again taken off-guard, Steve's groping hands came to a grinding halt. Pleased by Julie's suggestion, I craned my neck around to see Steve's reaction. He smirked, but politely deferred the choice to me. My eager smile, of course, had already betrayed what my answer would be.

"I'm a big fan of method acting," I joked. Everyone laughed, except Steve, whose palms were beginning to sweat.

In slow, deliberate syllables, I added, "Now what kind of Josh would he be..."

I turned to face him.

"...unless he felt what it was like..."

I slowly descended to my knees.

"...to let his girlfriend watch..."

I smiled coyly at Lily and then leveled my eyes to Steve's crotch.

"...while...he...got...a...blow job..."

With each last syllable, my face crept closer to him, and no sooner did the words "blow job" leave my lips than my mouth closed around the crown of his swollen cock. Steve gasped loudly. I took a moment to savor the taste of this new treat and then slid my lips back off again. I looked at the head, shiny with my saliva, and then looked up at Steve. He looked as if that first sensation of my mouth around his cock was more than he could possibly ask for. Little did he know how much more he was going to get!

Returning his stare, I smiled seductively and then slowly opened my mouth. I pushed my tongue out to my bottom lip to let him see the soft, pink surface that had just tasted his cock. Ever so slowly, I eased my mouth back to his plump mushroom tip. Again, he gasped as his tip came to rest on my tongue. I loved getting that reaction! Keeping my mouth open, I let a little more cock slip in along my palette. Again, a slight gasp. My eyes were locked onto his face, and I watched each of his pleasantly tortured reactions as I eased more and more of his cock toward my throat! Steve watched my face, too, marveling at the view of his thick meat gradually filling up my mouth.

When I finally felt his knob settle in the back of my throat, I wasn't quite prepared to take much more without gagging. Satisfied that I had teased Steve enough, I closed my mouth around him. His muscles clenched, causing his cock to twinge in my mouth—another reaction I loved to get! I had all but about an inch of him nestled along my tongue, so I swept my tongue from side to side, brushing it along the underside of his shaft. He seemed to like this a lot, so I kept it up in a steady rhythm.

Meanwhile, Heather resumed her role as Katie, clinging to Steve's side and nuzzling her breasts against his arm. I could now see both of them staring down at me, fascinated with the view of me sucking this big cock. Feeling a certain euphoria from their gaze, I wanted to give them more of a show.

I slowly pulled back my head, letting Steve's shaft drag along my tongue as it slipped out. Heather giggled at his guttural gasp. I immediately tried for another, delving my mouth back around his cock. It worked. Steve now huffed uncontrollably as I repeatedly plunged my mouth back and forth.

Though I kept my eyes on Steve, I could see him occasionally glance over a Lily. I could feel her watching. I thought back to earlier that night when I had directed her to suck on Patrick's dick, and I wondered: was she getting the same thrill from watching me? As I watched the excited way that Steve smiled at her, I had no doubt that she was!

"Gorgeous!" I heard Julie say while I kept going. "I could never get tired of watching Sara give blow jobs... so beautiful."

It was not a complement I was used to receiving, but given the circumstances, it was flattering! And from Julie, it was even a turn-on. Seeing that I had gotten Steve good and ready, she picked up her narrative.

"Unfortunately, Katie had a shorter attention span. I couldn't blame her: she wanted some action for herself! While I was blowing him, Josh began to finger Katie's pussy, and I became increasingly distracted, watching this happen right next to me. I eventually stopped sucking altogether, and just casually licked his dick while I watched his fingers go to work."

Heather smiled as she listened to Julie's next installment, and she tilted her head coquettishly at Steve. This was Steve's first call to action, and with me still feverishly sucking on his dick, he was understandably reticent! Still, with Heather pleading with him from one direction and Lily coaxing him from the other, his right hand steadily rose to Heather's navel.

She squealed as his fingertips came to rest upon her skin. Steve lingered for a moment, confining his fingers to stroking Heather's lower belly. But seeing nothing but feverish anticipation in her eyes, Steve playfully dragged his fingers down through her wispy blonde muff and curled them over her pussy.

"Mmmmm," Heather hummed, delighted at the feeling of an unfamiliar hand caressing her crotch. Steve was now tickling her labia, which he gradually began to spread with his fingers.

I began to understand why Julie had become so distracted by Katie and Josh. Though I continued to bob and suck on Steve's cock, I could now see his fingers starting to stroke Heather's clit just inches from my eyes. It was hard not to envy his touch, and gradually I found the pace of my blow job slowing. Following Julie's storyline, I eventually stopped to watch.

As Steve encroached on her clit, Heather spread her legs further apart. Steve felt around, exploring this unfamiliar pussy, and quickly found the central bundle of nerves. Going for a big reaction, he held his middle finger against it and wiggled rapidly back and forth. He got the reaction: Heather bleated in a high pitch, overcome by the sudden rush of pleasure.

Steve smiled, pleased with his expertise. Rewarding him on Heather's behalf, I snatched his shaft at the base and began to lick it the way Julie had described. Steve gasped, momentarily distracted, but quickly transferred his rush of energy to Heather's pussy.

"Ah!" Heather cried out as he gently but rapidly rubbed her clitoris. She looked across the patio at Patrick as her body contorted under another man's touch. Steve noticed this and glanced over at Patrick himself. Patrick seemed to be hanging on each of Heather's stifled breaths, and he reeled with vicarious pleasure whenever she moaned. While quite deliberately watching for Patrick's reaction, Steve began to very slowly slip his finger into Heather's pussy.

Heather shuddered and looked as if she was crying at an inaudible pitch. Steve was careful not to advance too quickly, but her pussy was so wet that his finger seemed to glide in with ease. Becoming somewhat weak in the knees, Heather gripped Steve's powerful arm for balance.

I watched up close as Steve began to stroke the inside of her pussy by rocking his finger back and forth. Heather was quite overcome. She closed her eyes and pursed her lips, trying to deal with the unexpected intensity of the pleasure. As Drew and I had already discovered, the excitement of being watched—of having our bodies and our reactions on display—heightened the pleasure to extremes. Being the first to give heavy attention to her pussy, Steve was unlocking the arousal that had been building in Heather all evening.

Julie watched along with the rest of us as Steve melted Heather's juicy pussy with his fingers. Flustered, Julie eventually began to speak again.

"I was mesmerized by the view of Katie's pussy getting fingered, and Josh knew it by the way I was mindlessly licking his dick. He smiled down at me, intrigued by my interest in Katie's pussy. Before I could react, he led Katie by the wrist and bent her face-first over the mattress. It was as if Josh was displaying Katie's rear to me! At first, Katie seemed confused at his intentions, but the latter became very clear as he began to slip his fingers back into her pussy, this time from behind."

Steve and Heather stumbled over the stage direction, not sure how Julie was telling them to pose. They laughed at their own clumsiness, but had it figured out before long. Heather's laughter stopped abruptly when Steve's fingers touched against her pussy, replaced by soft, plaintive moans. Her reaction was so immediate that I could actually observe the muscles of her round buttocks relaxing and her wet, pink pussy melting open.

It was almost magical to see Heather's body responding to Steve's touch. Liking what I saw, I delivered some more soft, little licks to Steve's thick hard-on. This must have revved him up even more because he responded almost instinctually by beginning to stick his fingers further inside Heather. I licked again, hearing Heather call out, "Oooooh!" as Steve slipped his finger deep inside her soaking wet pussy.

Accompanied by Heather's melody of long moans, Julie continued narrating. I could hear a tremor of excitement in her voice.

"I was absolutely captivated by this rare, intimate view of my friend's pussy getting pleasured. Josh could tell that I was enthralled, and he was definitely beginning to toy with me. He had teased Katie's flower into full bloom, and his finger glistened with her juices as he slipped it in and out. I could feel my own pussy glowing with warmth as I watched Katie's get fucked by his thick fingers..."

Steve's fervor grew as Julie spoke, and I could barely hear the last few words she spoke over Heather's yelps. His finger thrust in such a firm rhythm, that Heather's pussy literally had the appearance of being fucked. Guessing from Heather's unrestrained shouting, Steve had hit upon the perfect spot. Mercilessly, he drove his finger into her, now even faster and harder. The sound echoed around the patio as his hand slapped rhythmically against the center of her plush butt.

"By now Josh could read the curiosity on my face," Julie continued. "Despite letting Katie eat my pussy earlier that night, I was nervous about touching another woman myself. Nervous... but extremely curious. I might have been hesitant about what I wanted to do, but Josh was certain about what he wanted to see.

"With his free hand, he gently lifted my fingers from his penis and guided them toward Katie. I was trembling, but thrilled by what he wanted me to do. Letting Josh pull me to the side, I knelt squarely facing Katie's backside. He placed my fingertips against her pussy, letting me feel the motion of his finger penetrating her. Katie squealed at the feeling of the extra touching. I almost retreated. But Josh persisted.

"He took my middle finger and placed it alongside the finger he was using to fuck her. Slowly, he guided my finger into Katie's pussy along with his own. Katie whimpered at the feeling of our two fingers pushing into her, and Josh began to press my fingertip against her inner walls. He continued to guide me as our two fingers mingled in his girlfriend's juices. Katie was positively overwhelmed. This was the first time that I had ever experienced what it was like to pleasure another woman. It was strange and awkward and new... and positively exhilarating!"

Exhilarating was right! It hadn't been easy to admit to myself that I was curious about experimenting with Heather. Suggesting a threesome was as bold a thought I had ever had. But when Heather touched me tonight—when she took up Julie's invitation to eat my pussy—I knew that my interest in her was more than casual. I had a curiosity—a sexual curiosity—about my female friend!

I could have kissed Julie for the opportunity she had given me! Watching Steve finger Heather's pussy had only made me crave to feel it for myself. Steve hardly needed to guide me: I fingered her pussy as if it were my own. I noticed quite a few eyebrows rise as I took over the pace and began rocketing my finger in and out.

"Ahhh!" Heather screeched as she felt her pussy attacked by my rapid thrusting.

I couldn't help myself. I knew that she'd like it, and the wetter I felt her become, the more I wanted to fuck her.

Steve soon realized that his finger was now only getting in the way, so he pulled out. Fascinated just to watch, he wrapped one hand around each side of Heather's bottom and spread her pussy with his fingers.

Heather was so vulnerable to me at that moment: bent over, spread open, balanced on her elbows as she shouted her ecstasy into the night... and fucked from behind by her best friend. All the while she could only feel, not see, the penetrating eyes of onlookers searing into her flesh.

It made me so hot for her. I rose to my feet in search of a better angle, and I placed one knee up on the brick slab that held up her hobbled body. I considered pushing in another finger, but I knew that from this angle, I could destroy her with one. I steadied myself by seizing her waist with my free hand, and then I sped up my pace, fucking and fucking and fucking her slippery wet pussy.

"Ahhhh!" Heather moaned.

"Oh yeah... ooooh!"

She panted heavily, lacking the strength even to glance back at me. Every time she tried, I just fucked her harder!

"Ooh... ooh god!"

Her yells were like a drug, making me forget that my hand was cramping up. Each vowel that she shouted just made me want to give her more and more. I came to my senses only when I felt her pussy begin to spasm.

"Oh yeah... oh god," she cried out, her voice shaky. "Oh... oh my g.... oh!... oh!"

I kept giving it to her, not relenting one bit, though I was in utter disbelief that I was making my friend have an orgasm!

"Arrrrrr!" Heather groaned until her voice cracked into an inaudible screech, followed only by the silent rush of juices that I could feel saturating her pussy. "I just made her come!" I thought to myself as I continued rubbing my finger in her climaxing vagina.

I stroked her until the climax wore down. Heather struggled to regain control of her breath. Sometime in the course of the orgasm, she must have pulled the elastic out of her hair because the stringy, blonde mess of damp locks now hung down around her face. I could hear her whimpering... almost crying.

Suddenly I was struck with fear. Had I gone too far? Was I too passionate, too serious, too reckless with her vulnerability? Sure, Heather had made me come, too—but she was only following the story, only indulging in the game. I had taken things further, let my own desires take over. Was this more than she could handle? More than she wanted?

Heather's body began to convulse. Her face was in her hands, and I was sure now that she was sobbing. What a fool I was!

Heather began to turn over. Perhaps too late, I slipped my finger out of her, and Steve moved away. I was terrified. Overwhelmed and weak, she pushed herself onto her knees, her hair still hanging in her face. I heard her sniffle.

I felt as if she were trying not to look at me, but as soon as she had steadied herself on her knees, I saw her eyes look out at me through the mask of blond strands. In an instant, she swept the hair back over her head to let me see her face. Her eyes were fierce. I did not expect what happened next.

She lunged at me, grabbing my head with both hands. Just as I thought I was being attacked, I felt her lips collide against my own! I was so confused, but my body reacted before my mind could catch up, seizing Heather and holding her in a long, deep kiss! She was pressing my face against her own and not letting go. When she finally broke the kiss, she came back at me with ferocity, kissing me again and again with her soft lips.

I was dumbfounded. But as Heather finally pulled back, I could see that her face was neither fierce nor sad, but bright with a beaming smile! It was then that I realized that her sobs were not of regret or worry—she had only been overwhelmed with pleasure!

I didn't know the extent of Heather's feelings for me any better than I knew my own feelings for her, but to see her bright face, to feel the joy in her kiss—that was enough for me. I couldn't help but smile right back at her, and at that moment her tears turned to laughter.

She laughed and laughed—at herself for crying, at me for worrying, at the preposterous idea that her best friend had just fingered her to a climax for everyone to see! We laughed... we all laughed.

Patrick laughed uncomfortably. Poor Patrick. Tonight he had only been teased and taunted. Teased by a blow job that couldn't be finished. Taunted by the idea of a threesome with us, only to watch two other men experience it first! And now, he was left to wonder if his girlfriend was more interested another woman than she was in him.

I suspected that this wasn't true. There was certainly more going on between Heather and I than any of us had imagined, but I knew Heather too well to think that I could give her everything that she wanted. I seriously doubted that either of us could ever get over our love affair with cock! No, no—Patrick would get his threesome, and he would get Heather—but he would have to share her with me first!

Heather hadn't forgotten Patrick either. In the midst of all the laughter, she smiled brightly at him and threw him a kiss. He didn't have to worry, as long as he liked what he saw. And from the smile on his face—he certainly did!

"Bravo!" Julie clamored, speaking her first words since I had begun fingering Heather. "You girls keeping making my stories even hotter! Josh and I ended up making Katie come, but... wow, not so beautifully as that! I have a feeling that the three of you hardly need my storytelling anymore."

"No, please Julie," I pleaded. "I love your stories. Why do you think we've been so inspired?!"

Heather and Steve nodded in enthusiastic agreement.

"You've gotta tell us what to do next," Steve begged.

Julie smiled, pleased that we were so enamored with her story. "Very well," she answered. "Steve, I think you'll be very glad you asked."

Heather and I, both of us now sitting upon our knees and cuddling together up on the brick outcropping, again surveyed Steve's gorgeous body. We both were itching to have some more fun with him, and judging from the strength of his erection, he was itching, too!

"So," Julie began, crossing her legs and settling back in her chair, "Katie was spent after Josh and I brought her to a climax. She slumped onto the bed and used what energy she had left to pull the rest of her body up onto it. She simply sat there, grinning at the two of us.

"I was sure that the effects of the alcohol were by this point wearing at little thin, but Katie's expression looked as woozy as ever. She was clouded in a haze of pleasure. Looking at Josh especially, however, she seemed to get a renewed burst of energy. Before I knew it, she had lunged at him and pulled him onto the bed with her.

"Josh sprawled along the middle of the bed, and Katie pressed his shoulders into the mattress, swinging a leg over to straddle his hips. Watching her mount him like this, I was convinced that she was about to squeeze his cock into her freshly moistened pussy and fuck him right in front of me!"

At this point, Steve's thick erection was swelling dangerously close to Heather's unobstructed opening. It looked as if Heather would sheath that heavy cock inside herself if only she stopped resisting gravity! For a moment, she looked tempted to do it—if only just to know how it felt. My own curiosity was burning as well, and I think I even wanted her to do it! But we both glanced at Lily. She apparently could feel the tension as well. It seemed to me—though, this was probably wishful thinking—that a part of her almost wanted to let Heather have a little taste of his penetration. But Heather and I both knew that this was the one forbidden act, the one thing that was held sacred even between themselves and Julie and Drew.

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