tagInterracial LoveBoning The Trucker's Women

Boning The Trucker's Women


Finding a job these days is damn tough in Hasting, Nebraska. Johnny Johnson, a big, good-natured kid of twenty-three, was applying for every job listed in the "Hastings Daily." He stopped at the Holiday Inn front desk.

"Need the room number of a Mr. Walter Taylor?" he smilingly ask the clerk, an older woman he remembered seeing around town.

"That would be 2607," she replied, without looking up.

"Here to apply for the truck driver position," he softly said to the casually dressed, smiling, short black man who opened the door.

"Hey Man, c'mon in. I'm Walter Taylor. Friends call me, Tiny. Cup of coffee, and a donut while we do some talking here?"

"Yes. Sounds good," Johnny said, as he passed his resume' to Mr. Taylor, who he immediately thought of as Tiny, since he appeared to be about five foot six, thirty, and had a friendly grin.

After a few moments, Tiny looked up at Johnny. "You married, or do you live at home?"

"I live at home with my Mom, and younger sister, Jenny."

"Well, I don't know how this will play, Big Guy. Here is what I have going. My brother, Ben, and I have a contract to come out here to Hasting Corn Processing to pick up corn syrup, which is to be delivered to Hershey Foods, in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where I live. We will be running three trucks. The reason that I'm looking for a driver out here is that I think that I have come up with a way for all three drivers to pocket a hell of a lot of money that they normally would spend for lodging and meals. What I'm thinking is that when we are out here, we could stay at your house. When you are in Pennsylvania, you could stay at one of our pads. Our wives said that they would give it a try. Any idea as to if the idea would fly with your Mom?"

Remembering that the ad had said the position would pay twenty-eight thousand to start, Johnny was determined to sell the plan to his Mom, since money was tight since his Dad had passed away, after that barn beam had fallen, hitting him on the head, when they were repairing the shed. "Tiny, you give me twenty minutes. I'll go run it by my Mom. Be right back. We have an extra bedroom."

True to his word, Johnny was back in twenty minutes. "All set. Mom thinks that it is wonderful that I'll be eating and sleeping with my Bosses' family when I'm away from home."

"All right. This first trip you ride with me so that I can show you exactly how I want our rigs driven. We never speed, or take risks by driving in snowstorms. That keeps the insurance rates low. You can pick up your rig in Hershey. You will be the first truck back. I see that you live just off route 34 on Hansen Road. Is there a turnaround at your place for a tractor-trailer?"

"Sure is. Before Dad died, we had one hundred and forty cows. The milk truck came every day."

"How big is your place, Man?"

"We have fourteen hundred acres. Mom leases out thirteen hundred and fifty to Mr. Bowerman, who has corn and soybeans planted. Gives us enough income to get by."

"Okay. I'll pick up my load at six AM. Should be able to stop at your house about six thirty. That way you can leave your car at home. It is twelve hundred miles to Hershey, so we will be on the road two days, with one night in a motel."

All went according to plan. Johnny was very pleased with the 1999 Mack he was assigned to drive. Tiny's wife, Marsha, could not have been nicer. Johnny had a hard time thinking of her as his boss's wife. She was a sexy woman, who shunned wearing bras.

Johnny took his assigned trip. As fill in work, Tiny took a trip to Newark, and then took his trip to Hastings. Johnny had come and gone by the time that he arrived in Hastings. He dropped his trailer for loading and drove to the Johnson farm.

In answer to his knock, Mrs. Johnson opened the door.

Sweetly, she asked, "Yes, may I help you?"

"Hi. I'm Walter Taylor, of Taylor trucking."

The woman looked at Walter, as a slow smile spread on her face, she slowly shook her head from side to side. "Your not exactly what I expected."

Walter knew what she meant. "Johnny leave out a detail or two when he talked about me staying here, did he?"

"Yes, he sure did." With a full laugh, she continued, "C'mon in. Your bedroom is the one at the end of the hall."

"Is it okay if I take a shower now?"

"Oh, sure. I'll have dinner ready at five thirty. Burgers, corn, baked potatoes sound good?"

"Boy, do they ever."

During the dinner, the phone rang. It was for Walter. After he finished, he turned to Mrs. Johnson. He addressed her by her first name. "Diane, they have a problem at the processing plant. My load won't be ready until the day after tomorrow. Hope that doesn't inconvenience you?"

"God no. I am delighted to have you around. Tell you what. How about if I make you earn your keep?"

"How so?"

"You interested in going to Grand Island to a night spot called "Charlie's Roadhouse?"

"I'll be happy to go," Tiny answered with some reservation.

Diane laughed. "Hey, you will like it. They don't play country. It is Motown, Do-whop, fifties ands sixties stuff."

"Ya, Lady. Now you're talking. Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, those are my guys. Do you dance to that?"

"I can keep up with you. Lets be out of here by eight."

Tiny was very thoughtful as he sat waiting for Diane to change her clothes. His first thoughts were about if he would like to get into Diane's pants. Not a good idea, he concluded. This set up was turning out to be just perfect for he and his brother, Ben. In a year's time, staying at the Johnson's would save each of them fifteen thousand dollars a year in room and meals expense. Did not want to screw that up, Tiny.

Diane flew down the stairs. She drove her Ford pick-up. As they were bouncing along on the rural road, which seemed to have hundreds of repair patches, she turned to look at Tiny, twice. Then she spoke. "Have to tell you something. Everyone hereabouts knows everyone's business, or tries to. There are no guys in Hastings that interest me. If I was to go out with one of the locals, just to get out, the busybodies would think that he was overnight at my place, whether he was or not. If the town folks knew that I was letting two black guys stay at my place, the local phones would get so hot that they would melt. So, I would ask you and your brother to not discuss our arrangement at the processing plant."

"No problem. The workers there are so busy doing their thing, that they don't pay any attention to us. We are just transit drivers to them. "

"That same problem is why I picked Charlie's in Grand Island to go to. Nobody knows me there.

Charlie's Roadhouse turned out to be a converted skating rink set back a hundred yards off the highway, surrounded by a dirt parking lot. Tiny was surprised to see that the interior was remodeled to be an attractive nightspot, with a raised stage. A Deejay, as well as a small band, made the sounds. There was a good crowd, but the place was not packed, so they found a table right away.

Tiny glanced around. No one was paying any attention to him. He saw in the corner some brothers with girlfriends, as well as some folks that appeared to be Mexicans. Diane read his thoughts. "People hereabouts don't pay much attention to your skin color."

Tiny smiled. "Let's dance."

They stayed on the floor for several dances. Then the band took a break. Tiny and Diane sat down. The Deejay picked up the mike. "Okay folks, let's have some fun. Who wants to lip-sync, or karaoke?"

"I love to do this," Tiny said as he leaped to his feet waving his arms.

When he got to the Deejay he whispered to him. "You got Chuck Berry's, "Johnny Be Goode?"

"Sure do."

"Is it okay to used the Gibson Electric Guitar over there?"

"Sure, Buddy."

"Great Man. Here is what we do. You play "Be Goode." I will do the Berry hop across the stage, like the man does it, with one leg out, skipping, while I work the guitar. When the song ends, give me the mike. I'll get the folks in the crowd doing the dance. Then, if you have "Tears On My Pillow," by Little Richard, I'll do that for you too."

"Here we go folks," the Deejay announced as the large speakers boomed out the sweet voice of Chuck Berry. By the time Tiny finished, the crowd was partly dancing, as they crowed around the stage to watch Tiny. When he finished, the Deejay asked, "Do you do anyone else?"

Tiny laughed. "Use your piano?"

To the hard notes of the piano, Tiny could be heard singing. "You know that what I say is true."

The crowd went crazy.

Charlie's closed at two.

"Tiny, I had just the best time. You are something."

"Ah, it was nothing. All the guys in the hood copied the Great Cats."

"Maybe they did, but you actually sound like them."

After the house door was closed, Diane turned to put her arms around Tiny.

"Hey, Lady. I don't think this is a good idea. I really like you. I think this set up is great for Johnny as well as Ben and I. I don't want to screw it all up."

"Tiny, when my husband was alive, three times a week, shortly after dinner, he would come up to me. He would give me a kiss, while his hands would rub me here and there. He would whisper in my ear so that the kids would not overhear him, "Baby, I'm going to pester your pussy tonight." "I need my pussy pestered, Tiny."

"Diane, I still think that we should let that go for a while. Please?"

"For now." With that, Diane kissed him lightly on the lips, turned and went upstairs to her bedroom.

Tiny stood watching her. His cock was hard. "Holy shit," he murmured under his breath.

Twenty minutes later, Tiny was in bed, on his back contemplating how much he would like to be fucking Diane. His hand was around his fully erect cock. The door creaked as it slowly opened. He saw her shadow, as she walked to his bed. She lifted the covers. She was next to him. Naked, her skin was warm against his. Her hand found his cock. She giggled. "You'll fuck me now. I know you will." She said, as she pulled his hand to her wet pussy.

Tiny rolled over to place his head between her generous tits. Her hands were first on his back, than slid to his ass, gripping both cheeks, pulling his ass between her legs.

His cock dangled. It and his balls were much darker then his body skin. The head found her wet slit. An easy shove, and it was in. Her hands on his ass pulled him to her.

"Pester my pussy, Tiny," she whispered.

Her velvet pussy walls made every move of his cock seem like a jazz band of stimulation. Tiny was in heaven as he would withdraw his cock. Then he would push it back into her. As it was near the bottom, he would lower his ass, while thrusting forward, as the cheeks of his ass tightened to thrust his cock that extra inch into Diane.

Diane felt the difference, so at the end of each thrust, she would spread her legs wide as she pulled them back, so that Tiny could play her pussy like he played that Gibson Guitar. On and on it went. Both moaned from the welling sensations

As his cock was swelling before it erupted, her pussy swelled tighter on him as her orgasm came. There was no holding back. Knowing that she was there, about to cum, Tiny let go with a rapid flurry of thrusts to power the cum out of his shaft.

Neither of them said a word, as they lie there momentarily spent. Five minutes later, Tiny was hard again. This time, Diane came within three minutes. Tiny took his merry old time finishing that fuck. Both rolled over and fell asleep.

When Tiny woke up the next morning, Diane was downstairs. He could smell coffee, and bacon. Life is good, he thought. He did not know how good. After they ate, she quietly took his hand. "C'mon upstairs. I need some more pestering."

After Tiny left town the next day with his load, he phoned Ben on his cell phone. They agreed to meet off Interstate 80 in Davenport. Tiny filled Ben in on all that had occurred. "Be ready, Man. That woman likes to have her pussy pestered."

Ben was sharp enough to ask. "What about this sister that Johnny mentioned?"

"Oh, her name is Jenny. She lives with an aunt most of the time while she attends a junior college."

Ben arrived at the Johnson farm just before eight PM. He too rang the doorbell. Diane answered. She let her gaze run from his feet to his smiling face, which towered above her. "You can't be Ben?" "I am. Tiny and I have the same Mama, but his daddy was killed in Nam."

While eating, Ben caught Diane looking at him with a strange frown on her face. "What is going on in your mind, Woman?"

"Your so big. Just how big are you?"

"I'm six foot seven, and I weight two hundred and seventy five pounds."

"Wow. How big is your waist?"

"Thirty one inches."

Ben, being much more direct than Tiny, added boldly, "You know woman, I just love to pester a good looking woman's pussy."

At first, Diane's face went white. Then it turned a bright red from embarrassment, which completely surprised Ben.

Diane sat shaking her head. "I, I, I just don't quite know what to say. My husband was a short man, who weighted one hundred and forty-five pounds, like Tiny. You. Well, you're humongous. The thought of you on me scares me, frankly. What if…"

"What if, what?"

"Your hands are huge. Your feet are huge. Are you huge down there?"

"You won't notice the difference," Ben said, with a soft laugh, knowing full well that he was lying through his teeth. Ben loved to get a woman all hot and bothered. Then he would be on her. His hands would cover each cheek of her ass, which he would pull apart. Her pussy would be there for his taking. Once in, there was no such thing as not driving it exactly where it was designed to go, as fast and hard as he could. Sure she would complain at first. Then her pussy would accommodate him. They always do. She would break out in sweat. Her tits would turn bright red. The telling thing was they all opened their legs when he covered them for the next go. Their hands would pull his ass forward, pulling his cock deeply into their pussies.

Boldly, again, Ben walked to her side. He pulled her to her feet. In moments, she was naked before him. At forty-four, she was older then any woman he had ever fucked. There were the generous tits that Tiny had described. She had a pot stomach of a woman who has given birth twice. Her upper arms and back were solid, like you would expect a farmwoman to be. She had a small tight ass. Ben smiled. It will be easy for his huge hands to control has ass, keep it high so that his cock had a straight shot deeply into her pussy. This was going to be fun. Hell, she was naked. There was no turning back. He carried her upstairs. He left the light on, so that at the last minute she could see him. Know what was coming. He was proud of his package. He would enjoy the sight of her sweating, swelling. She would toss her head from side to side when he invaded her. He stood looking at her as he took off his shirt revealing his chest, which was all of sixty inches. Her eyes went wide.

When he dropped his trousers, her eyes went wider still, as she crossed her arms on her chest. Her legs came together, as she bent her knees. He expected her to say something. She seemed so small. No matter. He would use her pussy. Now!

He crawled onto the bed. Lifting her legs, he pulled her so that she was in the middle of the bed. It took his mouth being on her pussy for several minutes, before she relaxed. Then, in one fluid motion, he slid up, completely covering her body with his. His legs forced her legs apart. His hand separated her pussy lips. With the end of his cock in place, he shifted his hands to the cheeks of her ass, pulling it up, off the bed. His ass shot down, and than forward, as Diane let out a long moan.

Her body was tense. His thrusts got harder, faster. The bed squeaked. Diane moaned, and grunted. There bodies were now literally bouncing on the bed.

At that moment, Diane's daughter, Jenny was quietly walking up the stairs. Diane had told her that they now had borders. She peeked in her mother's door. First, she observed very large feet. Shifting her position, she saw her mother's feet with the heels dug into the upper legs of the man. Finally, she saw the massive ass, with the cheeks tightening at the end of each thrust. Between the legs hung two, huge, black balls, covered by curls of black hair. She had to see his cock. Crouching, she walked forward until she could see the cock. God. It was almost back. It was thick. An almost unbelievable amount of it was disappearing into her mother, again and again. Jenny was no virgin. What farm girl is at nineteen? She was a bold little shit, like too many young girls are.

Jenny tiptoed out and went to her room. At her school, the girls often talked about the guys that they liked to fuck. Some girls would date a real Geek, just to have him fuck them. It was a right of passage.

Jenny waited fifteen minutes after she heard her mother return to her room. She could hear Diane snoring. Naked, she softly walked into the bedroom of this man she had never spoken to. She crawled under the covers, waking Ben in the process. The moment Ben put his hands on her; he knew that this was a much younger woman, with a tender body. Without a word being spoken, he was on her. His cock instantly hard, he placed it at her entrance. No baby has ever passed down this chute, he thought to himself, as he eased it into her. God, she felt good.

No farm boy had ever fucked Jenny like Ben did, with his ass doing large circles as he pumped his cock into her. He had come twice in Diane. It would be twenty minutes of fast action before he would send a load into Jenny's tender cunt. She had seen the pictures of black guys sexing white girls on the Internet. Now, she knew what it was like to have an overwhelming man completely control a woman during sex. Never had she felt more like a mature woman. She would have a story to tell when she was with her friends.

At just after midnight, he whispered into Jenny's ear, "Now, you go to bed, Girl. I've got to drive tomorrow."

As for Johnny, Marsha, Tiny's wife, was friendly, in a somewhat standoffish way. On his third stop in Hershey, Marsha asked him to stay at Ben's house. It was his first meeting with Glena, Ben's wife. You would never think that Glena went with a huge man like Ben. She was short, sort of plump, and had large sagging breasts. Ben was no dummy. He found a gal that loved to fuck, so he married her. This was a new thing for Ben to out of town. Glena was so horny that she was ready to sit on the bedpost. She had purchased one of those balls with a cock attached, which a woman got her jollies from bouncing up and down on. Good, but nowhere near like Ben. Nowhere near.

Shit. Here is this tender, young white boy. Pure as the driven snow, he is. Glena even wondered if the boy is a virgin. As the evening wore on, she fed Johnny three very stiff drinks. He was sitting looking at her with a shit-faced grin. She had hoped that he would come on to her. No such luck. Sitting on the couch, she undressed. Johnny begins to pant. Naked, she walked over to him. She helped him to his feet, then over to the couch. She got him on his knees between her legs. "Eat me, Baby."

As Johnny's head bobbed up and down, Glena closed her eyes. She had her fuck buddy. When she was ready, she slid to the floor. "Put it in me, Baby," she cooed in his ear.

Being somewhat drunk, he was not rough enough for her, so she rolled Johnny onto his back. She lowered that black cunt of hers onto his cock. She would get the action that she wanted. Her pussy shot forward and back. Glena clenched her teeth. Her breath came in gasps. Those brown melons of hers were flopping, swinging, swelling. Her swelling pussy was getting tighter, and tighter. It caused Johnny to swell from the stimulation. Glena came.

She rolled onto her back, pulling Johnny onto her. After pumping his pale white cock into her for another ten minutes, he finally came.

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