Boning The Trucker's Women


"You a virgin, Baby."


"I got me a Cherry."

Glena told Marsha about the fun she had with her, "Cherry." The next time Johnny was in town, Marsha climbed into bed with him.


Time passed. Taylor trucking obtained several new contracts with Hershey foods. They were now a fleet of sixteen trucks. Glena left her job with the State Motor Vehicles to run the Taylor Trucking office. She took over the personnel hiring function. The company was still using the tactic of hiring some local drivers in the destination cities so that the other driver would have a place to stay.

Glena being Glena, she hired drivers after she had dinner with them, and allowed them to seduce her. A thick seven inches, plus a clean driving record got you a probation hiring for three months. If Diane, Marsha, and Jenny, provided favorable reports of their time with you, you became a full-fledged driver with Taylor trucking.

The whispers about Taylor trucking went cost to coast like wildfire. Like bees to honey, drivers with the proper credentials detoured through Hershey, Pennsylvania only to interview for positions that might open up with the company.

As you can imagine, turnover was very low. Some driver were let go if the other drivers failed to seduce his wife. That was known as a, "Dud."

Some experiences were, in Ben's words, magnificent. Glena hired a young driver by the name of Herbert Brown, of Erie, Pennsylvania, since they were hauling grapes from that region. Though a nice guy with a good driving record, Glena had to almost draw him pictures before she got him all hot and bothered. He too was a virgin. In talking to him, she learned that he and his girl friend would be moving into a small house in Dunkirk next week. They were to be married in two months.

Herbert said s that it was okay for the drivers to stay there. Ben was to be the first driver to pick up a load in Erie. Since it was not too far, he took two of his friends along, Jim Bryant, and Telly Clayborn. The plan was to stop at Telly's folk's house south of Binghamton on the way back.

They had no plans whatsoever to try to seduce Brown's girlfriend, Barbara Berry.

It was just after five when Barbara answered the door. With a big smile, she let in the three big men. "We are so happy that Herbert has a job with your company," she gushed. "This is a four bedroom farmhouse, so there is plenty of room for you guys to stay in."

Looking around, Ben could see that they were not fully moved in. He doubted that Barbara had enough food on hand for three big eaters. Besides, he was really hungry for a big steak. "Do you have an "Outback" near here?" He asked.

"Yes, there is one off exit two, about sixteen miles from here."

"How about you joining us for a nice dinner?"

Barbara paused. Then her face lightened, as she gleefully said, "I love their "Blooming Onions."

"Me too." Telly added.

They got there during the "Happy Hour."

"What are you drinking?" Barbara was asked.

"I don't know much about drinks."

"Give the lady a couple Long Island Ice Teas," the waiter was told.

Later, Ben ordered two more for Barbara.

After the meal, they found a small bar near Barbara's house. Barbara would drink whatever they put before her.

"You ever been drunk before?" Jim asked her.

"Hic… Nooo. This is sooo neat. Hic… Sooo neat."

Ben looked from Jim to Telly. Telly whispered to Ben. "Are you sure that she is old enough?"

"Shit, I never thought of that. She just turned eighteen, according to her boyfriend. She sure as shit is too young to be drinking, but nobody has carded her."

Whispering again, Jim told them both, while Barbara got up to go to the bathroom, "When she gets back we better get our dumb asses out of here, pronto."

As she walked back to them, Telly asked again, "Your sure she is old enough?"

"Check her drivers license when we get in the car."

Jim was in the back seat with Barbara. She did not seem to notice that he had his hand on her tit. Telly said to Ben," She has been eighteen for six days."

Arriving at the house, they all went upstairs. Three very large black men surrounded a smiling, naive girl, who seemed to have no idea what could happen, and would happen, unless she told them no.

It was not that cut and dried for the young girl whose judgment was clouded by drink. She was, after all, having a great time with her new friends.

Ben took her head in his hands, while giving her a kiss. She pulled her head back, but his mouth stayed on hers. Telly and Jim, while fondling her tits were removing her clothes. She did not notice that, because of the stimulation of her breasts, mouth, and now Jim's hand rubbing her pussy. She might have said something if it was not for Ben's tongue probing deeply into her mouth. She was lowered to the bed, with Jim on one side, Ben on the other, pinning her arms while Telly was gleefully eating her pussy.

God, what is happening down there, she dimly thought. It feels sooo, sooo, good. It just had not registered what was to happen next. Ben and Jim watched Telly take off his clothes. As he slid forward, each grabbed Barbara's slender legs, lifting them up, forward, near her head.

Like a huge black cloud, Telly's body covered her. Her eyes were centered in the middle of his upper chest. Now, only now, did Barbara recognize that she would be entered. Her eyes opened wide. Black fingers pulled her cunt lips apart. Her virgin opening peaked out between the red lips. Her clit was still asleep, in spit of Telly's eating her pussy. His black rod was placed at the slight opening. Telly shifted his weight onto her, driving the end past the resisting circle of flesh. Two hundred, twenty pounds of man drove his cock into the young woman, as men have been doing it of centuries.

There was some pain. The first time, there always is. Barbara let out a sob, as her fingers dug into Telly's arms. Telly too had several drinks. He knew that he had just taken a virgin. He knew also that two of his friend waited their turn. She was unbelievably tight. There was no reason for him not to fuck with abandon. He did. His cock slashed left and right, high and low. He cum. Telly rolled off.

Ben went right to work, pestering her pussy. "She is so tight." He said to no one in particular.

Jim stood stroking his cock. Soon he was in her. Her pussy now was filled with hot cum, and was stretched, engorged, with her clit jutting out like a small finger. Each thrust into her brought from her lips a sigh or moan of pleasure.

After Jim pumped his cum into her, they all lie on the bed chatting. No longer drunk, Barbara cast her eyes first from one cock to another, even though they were all soft. Finally, she said simply. "You all fucked me. I was a virgin, you know. I was saving myself for Herbert. "

Telly begins to stroke his cock, making it hard, as did Ben. Jim joined in. Barbara was soon looking at three large cocks. "Let's fuck some more, Baby" Telly said.

Barbara closed her eyes, as she lowered her back to the bed, while opening her legs. It went on all night.

All three men attended her wedding. Truckers being a rowdy group, there was way too much drinking at the reception. Herbert got drunk enough to be out of it. Ben waylaid Barbara after she used the bathroom. He backed her into a closet. Still wearing her bridal gown, he lifted her up so that her legs were around his waist. She settled down, down, down, onto his cock, until he was completely buried in her pussy. He backed her against the wall. His ass was a blur as he drove himself into her. Later, Tiny, Jim, and Telly would each have a turn, as would Johnny.

Later that night, a drunken Herbert climbed onto his bride. He did not notice the cum smell coming from between her legs, nor how loose her pussy was.

Smiling to herself as Herbert pumped her, Barbara closed her eyes, picturing in her mind the various cocks that had boned her, and would continue to bone her, day after day, week after week. She was, after all, a trucker's wife. She was meant to be boned. Ben had said so…

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