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Bonjour Ma Chaton


For Red Headed Sub


Shawn drove home from work, it was Friday, a rainy, dreary day both literally and figuratively. Everything that possibly could have gone wrong did, and he was finally heading home for the weekend at 8:30 PM. As he drove he had the internal debate on whether the weekend shouldn't be extended indefinitely. He arrived home, parking his car in the driveway of his 2 story home, and sat in the car, preparing his things before he ran to the door in the rain. He tried his best to avoid getting wet, but he really had no chance, the rain falling with a purpose, trying to hit the ground as quickly as it possibly could.

He arrived to his door that fortunately was under the cover of his roof and opened it, dropping his briefcase next to the coat closet on the right, and kicking his wet shoes off. While doing this he nearly missed his beautiful wife Salli sitting in the foyer. She had bright red hair that went down to her shoulders. Sitting in her hair were cat ears, which went perfectly with her black necklace that served as a collar. She wore a black baby doll that was barely hiding her DD breasts. Her legs were encased in crotch-less stockings, letting her bare pussy free to his touch. She had on high heels that he couldn't see since she was kneeling and leaning forward on all fours, just like a good kitten. The piece de resistance to the costume was her anal plug with a tail sticking out from her supple ass.

"Bonjour ma chaton," he said, walking forward and running his fingers through her hair. Salli knew just how to cheer him up when he had had a bad day at work. He loved being surprised by her playful spirit when he came home. He walked over to the corner couch they had bought, and he slumped back into the corner. She followed him over there, her hips swaying as she walked in her 5" heels, her tail moving with each step. As he sat down she laid down on top of him, nuzzling her nose into his neck, giving him light kisses and licks as his hands moved around her, holding her on top. Her arms were around his head as her nose rubbed up and down his ear lobe. His hands moved down to her ass and begin playing with her tail, grabbing it and slowly moving it in circles, making the plug rub her insides and drive her completely wild. She began purring in his ear.

"That feels so good," she said between breaths, then whispered: "I know you had an awful day at work, and that you put up with that job to provide for us. I'll do whatever you order all weekend to take your mind away from it." Her body began to grind against his as she became hornier and hornier from him playing with her tail. Finally their mouths met in a long, sweet kiss. Their tongues made contact and began circling around, both of them getting lost in the moment. Her hands played with his hair, and his roughly grabbed handfuls of her ass. Their kisses grew more passionate, becoming rougher, their tongues probing each others mouths as Salli sat up, reaching down to undo his belt. She slid his pants off, and then he stood up, moving his hand forward and put his finger inside her collar. He guided her up and off the couch and had her follow him to the bedroom.

Once they entered the bedroom he spun around and kissed her passionately, his hands reaching around her body, pulling her closer. Her hands joined together behind his head, using it to pull herself up to his lips. He stood 6 feet, 2 inches tall, which caused him to tower over his 5'3" lover. Shawn returned one hand to her tail, gripping it and moved it back and forth once, then pulling it out, letting it fall to the floor. Without breaking the kiss he backs up toward the bed, causing her to fall onto his body. They both slid further onto the bed, her climbing on top of his body until their mouths met again. Her legs slid onto either side of his torso, and he could feel her warmth on him. His hands again moved to her ass, but she grabbed his wrists and put them to his sides, as she slid down his body, kissing a path down his neck and chest, her hands following her mouth down until she got to his hard cock.

She looked into his eyes as she took the head into her mouth, her tongue rubbing the head, then closing her eyes and moaning softly onto it as she lowered herself further down onto his cock, his head moving back as she took all of him into her mouth. She began bobbing up and down on it slowly, taking it fully into her mouth, which made his body squirm with pleasure. She lifted off of his cock and asked "May I continue and make you cum, Sir?"

"You may ma chaton," he said between breaths, and she immediately put her mouth back around it, moving faster, letting her tongue lick the head and underside of the shaft. She kept eye contact with him while she began to take his entire length in and out of her mouth, her hand gripping the base while the other rubbed his thigh. His breathing got heavier and heavier and his hand moved to the back of her head, pushing her down on his cock faster and faster until she took all of his length in and his hips pushed up to meet her mouth, shooting straight down her throat. She kept her lips locked around his cock, moving slowly after he was done shooting, milking him for the last of his cum, and easing him down from his orgasm, which left him breathing heavy and unable to regain his composure.

"Thank you Sir" she said, as she used her finger to gather some of the cum that had dribbled to the side of her lips, and moved up next to him, putting her arm around his torso and cuddling next to him. He laid there, enjoying her warmth, bringing a level of calm to him, his stress now released as his body recovered. He leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, noticing that she had taken a little nap. He kissed her cheek, and then her lips again, her body still not awakening he slipped out of bed, her body laying face down on the bed.

He returned, carefully moving between her legs and kissing her again, his hands running up her arms, pushing her hands up to the headboard, where he silently clinked together the handcuffs before she could realize what was happening. She was still half asleep when he moved down and restrained her ankles, leaving her spread wide, and the crotch-less stockings giving him complete access to play with her snatch. He inserted a finger and begin rubbing it inside of her, feeling how wet she was. He used another finger, and that finally woke her from her nap, starting with a low purring sound, and then as his intensity increased she began moaning. When it seemed like she was about to cum he removed his fingers and put them in front of her mouth. "Open" he commanded, and she complied without a word, as he put his fingers into her mouth, letting her get a good taste of her wetness.

After removing his fingers he grabbed an egg vibrator from the bedside table, and put it inside of her pussy just enough so it would stimulate her lips and clit. He also lubed up a 4" steel plug, and slowly inserted it into her, enjoying her gasp when she felt the coldness of it against her rosebud. He worked it in slowly until it filled her. He kissed her on the forehead, "I'll be back in a bit baby," he said, lowering a blindfold over her eyes.

He turned off the light and turned on the stereo to some soft classical music, and walked out of the door. She felt stimulated, but now how she wanted to be. While in the middle of contemplating how she would call off the fun because of his neglect, she felt the vibrator in her pussy start to move. It was low, but was teasing her pussy and making her more and more turned on that he was sitting in the other room and still in total control of her body. She could feel its intensity increase slowly, building her up again, then to have it slow down, taking her body back down and increasing her frustration. After this happened twice more, she couldn't take anymore "Please fuck me Sir,' she screamed again and again. He kept moving the vibrator up in intensity as she yelled it, until he walked into the room, watching her hips move up and down.

"What were you yelling about baby?" he asked, turning the vibrator down in intensity so she could answer.

"I need you to fuck me," she said, attempting to regain her breath.

He moved on top of the bed, removing the vibrator, feeling how wet she was, her juices dripping out of her pussy and forming a puddle on the sheets. He moved between her legs and put the head of his cock against her pussy, she moved her hips down to try and take him in, but he moved back to prevent her from doing so. When she reached the edge of how far she could against her bonds he shoved his cock deep inside of her in one long stroke, completely filling her, and lighting her face up with the sensation. As he laid there fully inside of her, he whispered in her ear "Did you enjoy the game?"

"Very much Sir, but I enjoy you inside me far more," she said, obviously frustrated.

He began pushing back and forth inside of her, building a rhythm, and taking his time as he kept kissing her mouth and neck. He shifted his weight back and began fondling her tits with both hands, then letting her 44 D tits bounce freely as he thrusted harder and harder inside of her pussy. "May I please cum Sir?" she asked between breaths.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear "you may cum now," and as soon as he said that she yelled out, cumming hard on his cock, all of her frustration released in wave after wave of orgasm coursing through her body, straining against the bonds. He pulled out of her pussy, and moved to straddling her, putting his slick cock between her beautiful tits, using his hands to keep them together and providing pressure as he moved his cock back and forth. "Open your mouth," he commanded, and she complied, keeping her mouth as wide as she could. After only a few strokes she felt a string of cum hit against her chin, then another hit her lips and mouth, and then more hitting in the same spot, after that she felt drops dripping down onto her chest.

"I love you baby" he said to her, his fingers running through her hair as his other hand undid her wrists. He moved off the bed, and she leaned forward and let her ankles free. After cleaning herself off she went back to bed to find him already asleep, she laid down next to him, put his arm around her, and went to sleep, thinking about what else he had in store for her this weekend.

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