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Bonnie's Beautiful Buns


Over the past several years I have taken an interest in watching free porn on the internet. The porn that I find most rewarding is produced by Private Media. It is all about beautiful European women doing it all with well endowed guys. The natural bodied women are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. They perform in many threesomes and foursomes. At first I was truly amazed to see such beautiful women engage in vaginal, oral, group and anal sex but then I thought back to the year 1959 and Bonnie Laredo.

I first spotted Bonnie in high school in 1956 and I was in awe of her beauty. I was a sophomore and she was a senior. Bonnie was a vibrant girl with blonde hair with light brown roots that she usually wore in a pony tail. She had a nice figure with tits that I guessed to be a 34B but the best features were her beautiful legs and round shapely bottom. In contrast to my classmates, I had become a leg and ass man whereas they were chasing after girls with big tits. Nice tits were a bonus but not a necessity as I favored women with shapely bottoms. Bonnie had one of the nicest asses that I had ever seen and I checked it out every chance I got.

Bonnie didn't give much of the senior boys a second look so I knew that in her eyes I didn't even exist. In 1957 Bonnie graduated and she was accepted to the elite college Vassar. If she had a big head before she would most likely be unbearable in her college years. I didn't see Bonnie except during holiday breaks and over the summer. It was when she was in her bikini that I got a good look at her fabulous body. In 1959 I graduated from high school and I worked at the local grocery store that summer before college. I had been dating a girl named Susan who like me was 18 years old. Susan was virtually flat chested but she had beautiful legs and a marvelous ass.

Susan loved to have sex and we were like bunnies after we both turned 18. She loved to play with my cock and suck it. I loved fucking her doggy style and playing with her curvy buttocks. Susan let me finger her asshole when I fucked her from behind or when I ate her pussy but she was not about to let me fuck her in the ass. There were a couple of other girls in school who liked it in the ass so I had my anal experience with them. Susan found out and she broke it off with me.

In July 1959, I was 6'1" tall and weighed a fit 190 pounds. I had played football, basketball and baseball and I was in great shape. One day after I finished my day shift at the grocery store I was heading out of the parking lot when a voice called to me from a parked car. I only lived a mile from work so I always walked to and from the store. I looked at the car and saw to my amazement the beautiful Bonnie sitting in her Ford Fairlane. I walked toward her car and smiled at her.

She looked as beautiful as ever and as I leaned in the window I saw that she was wearing very short tight shorts. Her gorgeous tan legs stretched out and her vulva was clearly outlined by the tightness of her shorts. She had her hair in a pony tail and the beautiful soft skin of her neck was enticing. Bonnie's skin was soft and flawless. I noticed that she was wearing a tank top and it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra. Her pert tits and hard nipples pushed against the thin fabric.

"Hi, how have you been?" she asked as if we were best friends. She had never even spoke to me in high school so why now.

"I've been good, thanks! How is Vassar?" I replied.

"Oh it's okay. I'm looking forward to graduating though. Why don't you get in? Do you need a ride?" she continued.

"I'd like a ride okay. I like to ride your hot body all night," I thought to myself but I said, "No I'm okay, I only live a mile from here but I'll sit with you for a few minutes."

I opened the car door and sat in the passenger side. I thought that it was strange that Bonnie was parked on the side of the building. It was as if she knew that I would be walking home that way. There were no other cars around.

"I've heard some impressive things about you," she said.

"Really," I said questionably thinking it might be about sports.

"Yes, I was speaking to Susan and she told me that you are quite the good lover."

I swallowed air as I didn't believe what I was hearing. Susan lived on the same street as Bonnie so they must have been talking.

"In fact she told me you have a very impressive cock."

"I think that I should probably get home now," I stammered.

"Can I see it? Take it out for me. I want to see it," she said so calmly it was unnerving.

I sat still not knowing what to do. "Oh alright, I'll do it," Bonnie said impatiently and she reached for my crotch.

Bonnie unzipped my fly and fished my cock out through the opening. She stroked it a couple of times and I was rock hard in seconds. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was sitting in a car with the beautiful sophisticated Bonnie, my fantasy girl, and she was playing with my dick.

"This is impressive. Put it away and let's take a ride," she told me.

Before I could reply she had the car headed out of the parking lot. I put my cock back in my pants but it stayed hard. I kept looking at her beautiful legs and her braless breasts bouncing under her tank top.

"You like my legs don't you?" you noticed me staring.

"You're beautiful," I told her.

"I know," she said with that air of sophistication.

I remembered the days in school when guys said how conceited she was. Now she had that look of conceit but it was also one of complete confidence. I was sure that she was used to getting her way with guys and I would be no exception. Just the thought of the possibility of making love to her kept me hard for the entire ride until Bonnie pulled into her driveway.

"Come on in. My folks are in Hawaii for a couple of weeks so I have the place to myself," she told me. I thought it strange that she didn't go to Hawaii with her parents.

I followed her into her estate like home and once we were inside she steered me straight to the guest bedroom. "I don't like to have sex in my own bed," she announced as she ushered me in to the bedroom.

I sat next to her on the bed. She turned toward me and smiled as I put my arm around her and drew her to me. I gently pulled her toward me and our mouths locked in a kiss. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and it took her breath away. Bonnie kissed me back and her body relaxed. I lifted her tank top up over her head as she held her arms up for me to remove it and as I removed it her tits stood straight out from her chest. I pushed her shoulders back causing her tits to look bigger and firmer. Bonnie moaned as I leaned over and kissed her breasts and sucked on her rock hard nipples. I kissed and sucked her tits for several minutes. Her nipples got so long and so hard that they were like little dicks sticking out from her tits. She loved to have her tits fondled and kissed for hours.

I moved off the bed and knelt between her legs. I undid her shorts and she lifted her hips as I pulled them down and off her body. Bonnie looked very sexy clad only in her robin blue panties with her aroused tits standing straight out. Hooking my fingers in the waistband of her panties I slowly peeled them down her legs. As I removed her panties I stared directly at her snatch and gently pushed her legs apart. Her body was well tanned except for the tan lines from her bikini. Bonnie groaned as I ran my finger over her well trimmed pussy mound and tickled her labia. Her hips jerked involuntarily when I probed her sopping wet pussy with my finger and kissed her inner thighs. Bonnie gasped aloud when my tongue finally touched her quim.

I raised Bonnie's legs up and placed them on my shoulders which brought her pussy even closer to my mouth. Then I reached up and fondled her tits with both hands, tweaked her nipples and plunged my tongue into the depths of her pussy. I rubbed her g-spot as I licked her cunt and located her erect clit with my tongue. As I sucked on her clit and played her tits and nipples, Bonnie moaned loudly as her body thrashed around. I struggled to keep my mouth glued to her pussy as her body jumped all over the bed. Bonnie grabbed my head with both hands and held me to her gushing pussy.

"Oh Walt, this is going to be a quick one, a big one," she cried out and then she screamed, "I'm cumming, oh God I'm cumming, hold me, hold me tight, please hold me."

Bonnie's body seemed to go through convulsions as her orgasm rocked her and sent tremors through her body. She continued to hold my head to her mound as her sweet nectar gushed into my mouth. I licked her dry and nibbled on her clit which caused her body to quake again. Bonnie collapsed on the bed so I stood up and looked down at her hot body as I peeled off my shirt. Unbuckling my belt and unzipping my pants, I pushed my trousers down to my ankles. My large erection was covered by my underwear but my state of desire was obvious. I pushed my underwear down and my cock caught in the waistband and bobbed in front of Bonnie. She stared at my erect cock as it dangled inches from her face. Bonnie stared at it as if she was looking at the first cock she had ever seen in person. I reached down and pulled her closer to me so that her mouth was now on a level with my cock.

"Your turn," I said as I pushed my cock toward her mouth.

"Wait a sec, I need to do something," she said and she swung her shapely legs out of bed.

She left the room but was back in a matter of seconds. Bonnie had a sewing measuring tape and she wanted to measure my cock while I was in an aroused state. First she measured the length by holding one end of the tape next to my testicles. "Wow, eight inches, very impressive," she said. Then she wrapped the tape around my shaft and announced, "5 ½ inches, it is the biggest I ever had for sure."

Bonnie slowly moved her head forward and kissed the head of my cock. Then she licked up and down the shaft and all around it. Eventually she took about four inches of my cock into her mouth. Bonnie was clearly an experienced cocksucker. As I looked at her beautiful face sucking my cock I thought about cumming in her mouth. Bonnie released my cock from her mouth and I knew that she wanted it in her pussy.

Bonnie pulled down her bed covers and got in bed on her back. She spread her legs slightly and looked seductively at my erect cock. I got on the bed between her thighs and nestled my cock at the opening to her pussy. I moved the head of my cock around her vulva and gently prodded her outer cunt lips. Bonnie moaned softly as her pussy got increasingly wetter. Satisfied that she was wet enough I eased my dick in a little parting her labia and finding the entrance to her pussy. I pushed more of my cock into her and in spite of her wetness she was still very snug. For the next several minutes I pushed in and pulled out, each time pushing a little more of my shaft into her sopping wet hole. Finally my cock sank all the way into her snatch causing Bonnie to gasp aloud. Then as I began to saw my dick in and out of her, Bonnie wrapped her legs around my lower body and humped her hips up at me. As I picked up the pace I made sure that my cock stayed in constant contact with her clit.

Bonnie surprised herself with another quick orgasm but I kept right on fucking her and she came multiple times in succession. Her pussy was flooded with her cunt juice and I could feel my cock soaking in her nectar as I pushed it all the way in. Bonnie was experiencing a continuous string of orgasms which had her body thrashing and jerking about as they led up to her final crescendo. Her body stiffened and she grabbed my shoulders as she wrapped her legs even tighter around my torso squeezing my lower body.

"Oh God, I'm cumming again, hold me, please hold me, oh, oh, please," she cried out as a thunderous climax ripped through her body.

Bonnie stiffened at first pushing her hips toward mine and the she went out of control. Her hips humped rapidly up and down as her body thrashed about. She was grunting and groaning and gasping for air as she reached her crescendo. All her fanatic actions accelerated my own orgasm and I flooded her womb with barrage after barrage of semen. I plowed my cock into her as far as I could as I released a steady flow of spunk into her pussy. We both humped each other furiously until our orgasms subsided. I kept my weight on my elbows as I lay on top of her so as not to crush her body with my weight. Bonnie's vaginal muscles clenched and unclenched around my shaft milking my cock dry.

I hadn't thought to ask her if she was safe but then I could do a lot worse than getting this wealthy beauty pregnant. Her cunt was a receptacle holding our combined juices and my cock felt as if it bathing in warm oil. My cock slowly deflated and slipped from her tight pussy with an audible sound. Our juices flowed out of her pussy as soon as my cock slipped from her hole just as if a stopper was pulled out of her. I rolled to my side along side of Bonnie and flopped on my back.

"Oh my, I haven't cum like that in a while. It was a little scary," she sighed and then added.

As I lay by her side I noticed that her tits were standing straight up and her aroused nipples were pointing at the ceiling. I tweaked the hard little nubs between my fingers causing her to gasp and quiver.

"My breasts are always very sensitive," she murmured.

I leaned over and kissed her breasts and sucked on her sensitive nipples. I rubbed her firm flat tummy as I sucked on her tits and her rock hard nubs.

"Oh I love that it makes me feel so feminine," she cooed.

As I sucked her tits and continued to rub her belly, I let my hand drift down to her wet pussy. I ran my fingers through her cum soaked pubic hair and I felt my cock starting to harden. Bonnie begged me to let her rest as she was sure that she could not possibly cum again. I rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips to a level with my cock as I knelt behind her. I eased my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her doggy style. Bonnie was content in this position since I was not in contact with her clit. I slammed into her from behind causing her curvy ass cheeks to jiggle. As I fucked her from behind I looked at her tight asshole and wondered if anyone had ever been in there.

I scooped up gobs of her pussy juice and smeared it in the crack of her ass spreading around her nether hole. I added saliva to my finger and probed her tight aperture with the tip of my finger. She tensed when she felt my finger probe her asshole. I gathered up more juices and added more saliva as I continued to probe her hole and open her up. I gently pushed a very well lubricated finger into her ass and the tiny aperture opened up to accept the digit. More saliva and more juices greased her asshole sufficiently to allow me to slide my finger all the way into her rectum. Now with my cock in her pussy and my finger in her ass I was approaching another orgasm. I could it building in my balls, travel through my scrotum and splash the insides of her vagina with my warm semen.

After my softening cock slipped from her pussy she asked in a sexy tone, "Can you stay here tonight?"

"Sure, let me call my folks and let them know that I won't be home," I accepted and I called home and told my mom that I would be staying at my friend Jay's house that night.

Bonnie and I fucked one more time before she left me in the guest bedroom and went to her own room to sleep. The next morning I woke up with a piss hard-on. This was happening more and more frequently these days. I had learned that with a piss hard-on I was able to fuck for quite awhile without cumming and until the bladder pressure got so intense that I had to relieve myself. Bonnie had come in the room and got in bed with me. I rolled over toward Bonnie and started caressing her body. She rolled on her back and I went to work on her firm tits and hard nipples. She cooed from the titillation and the sensations of having her breast fondled. Once she was hot, I moved between her legs and slid my erect dick in her pussy.

The fit was tight again so I moved slowly and gently working my cock into her. Bonnie got wet quickly and my cock was soon sliding in and out of her hot cunt. As she had done before she wrapped her legs around my lower body and her arms around my back as she humped back at me. I fucked her through multiple orgasms just as I had done yesterday except that I didn't cum. Bonnie arched her back and her body shook with the intensity of her climax. I kept fucking her and she had another continuous string of orgasms before her body stopped moving of its own accord.

"Please stop, let me rest, I can't cum anymore," Bonnie cried out, "Walt please stop, please."

I stopped fucking her honoring her plea and I slowly slid my still erect cock from her. I headed into the closest bathroom to relieve the pressure of my piss hard-on and then I asked if I could take a shower. Bonnie joined me in the shower. We soaped each other's body and I loved running my soapy hands all over her fantastic tits and ass. Bonnie played with my erect cock and lathered it up with soap. I turned her toward the shower wall and slid my cock into her pussy from behind. Bonnie braced herself against the shower wall as I fucked her pussy until I came shooting another good sized load into her.

We finished showering and Bonnie douched all the semen from her body. I noticed that she also douched her anus. After the shower we dried off and returned to the bedroom. I moved Bonnie into a 69 position and ate her until she came. Once again she came quickly and thrust her pussy at me as I ate her dry. She sucked my cock but I still did not cum in her mouth.

I rolled Bonnie on her back and slid between her legs. My cock slid in easily this time and I fucked her silly before finally shooting my load in her pussy. Bonnie really came hard again as the orgasm ripped through her body. She was a very sensuous young woman. We lay together and I played with her tits and nipples and worked them into a state of arousal. Bonnie cooed as I worked on her tits, rubbed her tummy and played with her soaked pussy.

One more time I got hard from the foreplay and rolled her over on all fours. Bonnie agreeably moved into the doggy position and accepted my cock in her pussy. As I fucked her slowly I rubbed her tits and played with her asshole. I easily inserted one finger in her ass and then with my other hand I diddled her clit as I fucked her from behind, Bonnie went wild again with all the stimulation and she began bucking her hips as her orgasm took over her body. I marveled at her shapely hot ass as I watched her impaled on my cock.

I could feel my own orgasm approaching and I knew it would be a big one since I was so turned on fucking her and watching Bonnie's beautiful ass. My hips slammed into hers and her ass jiggled as my cock went balls deep into her cunt. I felt my balls tighten so I pushed my cock all the way in her ass and then I released torrents of semen into her womb. Stream after stream of semen filled her as I flooded her pussy with my load.

I realized that we were both motionless and I had my cock buried all the way in her vagina. Then I began to fuck her slowly again and I pushed my copious load around in her pussy. As I withdrew my softening cock from her, gobs of spunk trickled out and ran down over her pussy lips and inner thighs. Bonnie flopped facedown on the bed and I knelt there staring at her shapely ass.

Bonnie got out of bed and went into the bathroom to clean up. When she returned we cuddled in the spoon position and we cuddled together without any more conversation. Eventually we got up and dressed. We went to the kitchen and ate a light breakfast. Bonnie was just wearing a night shirt that just covered her ass and pubes. Her gorgeous tan legs were on display and I got another hard on just looking at her.

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