Bonnie's Release


Ken looked at his watch impatiently. It was Sunday night and his neighbor, Bonnie Bernstein, should be knocking on his door anytime now. His large apartment was in a very exclusive building on New York's upper west side. The building had four apartments per floor and Bonnie's was directly across from his. She was due home after an assignment from CBS Sports had put her in the Meadowlands for a Jets game.

He loved the NFL season. Not because of the sport itself, but because of how Bonnie reacted to it. Last season, quite by accident, Ken discovered the effect the NFL had on his beautiful neighbor. One Sunday night last season, Ken happened to be in the hallway as Bonnie arrived home. At first he thought Bonnie was upset. Her face was a little red and she seemed to be trembling slightly. It was when he said hello that he realized she wasn't upset. Bonnie looked at him like a starving man looks at a steak. Recognizing a woman who needed sex, he quickly crossed the hall, put his hand on her back and feigning concern, asked if she was all right. Bonnie nodded, smiling. After a few moments of lustful stares, She pulled him into her apartment. In less than a minute, Ken had his pants around his ankles and Bonnie was flat on her back, legs spread as he fucked her as hard as he could.

That better-than-his-wildest-fantasy night in Bonnie's apartment was the beginning of a regular Sunday night occurrence. After a few hours of sex, she was sated enough to tell Ken that she was easily aroused around athletes. She was able to control herself during games, but once her job was over she had to get out of the stadium as quickly as possible. If she stayed too long she knew she'd be too tempted to ask a player to take her to some isolated spot for wild, no-holds-barred sex. Until she found Ken, Bonnie would rush home to her oversized dildo and spend the rest of the night trying to satisfy her nearly insatiable sexual appetite. Ken was more than happy to let Bonnie use him instead of her dildo.

In the time since this unusual relationship had begun, Ken got to know a Bonnie that no one else did. On the air, in public and dealing with CBS executives Bonnie was the consummate professional. With her friends she was outgoing and fun, but always in control. However when she set foot in Ken's apartment, she gave him complete control. She transformed herself into his personal whore. It seemed that nothing was off limits. Oral, anal, light bondage, Bonnie not only did it all, but pleaded for it. She had countless sexy maid outfits, slutty cop uniforms and perfect replica NFL cheerleader costumes. And one thing Bonnie really loved to do was dance for Ken. Not the kind of half-hearted awkward swaying you might get from your girlfriend only after hours of begging, but the kind of cock stiffening ass shaking moves that would make the best strippers envious. She aimed to please and she never failed.

He checked his watch again. 8 o'clock. When Bonnie worked a game in New York, she usually had cum dripping from her chin no later than 7. Ken had been thinking about pounding Bonnie since early afternoon and if she didn't show soon, she'd be in for roughest fucking of her life when she finally did show. He thought that might have been part of her plan. Ken discovered early in their relationship that Bonnie didn't mind being held down and fucked violently. Not being beaten, mind you, but being used. And Ken intended to use every hole she had multiple times that night. So if showing up late to wind him up as tight as possible was her plan, he wasn't going to disappoint.

Another fifteen minutes ticked by with excruciating slowness. Ken was practically vibrating. Finally, he heard a knock at the door. He launched himself at the door and opened it with such ferocity, Bonnie jumped, dropping the garment bag she was holding. She stood before him looking as spectacular as he'd ever seen her. Ken let his eyes roam all over Bonnie's perfect body, from her silky soft long brown hair to her black five inch fuck me pumps.

He stared so long, Bonnie finally said, "Are you just going to drool or are you going to invite me in?"

Ken grunted, grabbed her arm and yanked her into his apartment. Bonnie squealed with delight. He snatched up the garment bag and tossed it towards his couch. "You're a little late tonight."

"I'm sorry, baby." Bonnie's voice was soft. She pointed to the garment bag. "I just got some new costumes I wanted to bring over. And I wanted to look my best for you."

She slowly did a 360, letting Ken study what she was wearing. He couldn't decide what he wanted to tear off first, the sheer lavender blouse or the tight short black skirt. The sheer blouse afforded him a look at her perfectly toned torso and the lacy back bra that struggled to hold back her breasts. On TV, Bonnie dressed beautifully, but somewhat conservatively. Her clothes played down the fact that her breasts were much larger than most men would have expected. Her TV wardrobe also hid a feature that would stop any man in his tracks. Her big, thick, exceptionally fuckable ass. But thanks to the tight black skirt it was on display tonight. Bonnie's big bubble ass stood out proudly and commanded Ken's attention. He groaned, "Oh, God!"

Completing her turn, Bonnie posed for Ken, hands on hips. Her dark eyes sparkled. Her full, red lips were parted slightly as if waiting for his tongue. Her hair cascaded over her shoulders framing her beautiful face perfectly. Ken was mesmerized. In a teasing tone, Bonnie scolded, "Why are you all the way over there? Here I am looking hotter than ever and you're just standing there!" Then looking him straight in the eyes she continued, "You know I belong to you. Come on, baby. Get over here and fuck your girl."

Ken wasted no time closing the distance between them. Grabbing her forcefully, he hungrily kissed Bonnie's sweet lips. She eagerly kissed back, opening her mouth and allowing his tongue to entwine with hers. Ken steered her away from the front door towards the middle of the room where they toppled onto the couch. Bonnie grunted with the impact of landing on the couch but Ken would not relinquish his hold on her mouth. He continued to suck her tongue deeper into his mouth.

The warmth of Bonnie's mouth was intoxicating, but Ken finally broke the kiss to start working on her neck. He felt her hot breath in his ear as her hands tugged on his shirt. Bonnie began whimpering as Ken nibbled on her neck. She unbuckled his belt, reached into his pants and grabbed his cock with both hands. She moaned in his ear breathlessly, "Give it to me! Fuck me!"

With his cock in Bonnie's grasp, Ken straightened up. He smiled lecherously as he ripped her blouse open, sending buttons skittering in all directions. Bonnie moaned her approval. He quickly shoved her skirt up around her waist, and then taking two fistfuls of pantyhose he tore them open to reveal Bonnie's steaming hot pussy. Without pausing, he unceremoniously jammed two fingers into her box causing her to lift her ass off the couch. She screeched with pleasure. Holding her down with one hand, Ken barked, "Is this what you wanted fantasy girl? Do you want to cum for me? Tell me what you want, pretty girl."

Bonnie could barely breath. Ken's fingers found her spot and attacked it mercilessly. Between moans she managed, "Yes, baby! Please! Make me cum!" Bonnie thrust her hips up to met Ken's fingers. Her face contorted in ecstasy. One hand clung to the back of his shirt, her other grasped the back of the couch. In a matter of moments, she pushed her head back against the couch cushion and howled. Her body thrashed underneath him. Bonnie's eyes glazed over and her pussy clamped down hard on Ken's fingers. She came thunderously.

The orgasm only made Ken's fingers move faster. The sight of Bonnie in complete rapture spurred him on. She had no time to recover from the first orgasm when she felt the second build rapidly. Her eyes looked at him imploringly, but he couldn't tell if she wanted more or she couldn't take any more. Ken wasn't about to stop. He remained silent so he could hear Bonnie clearly. He loved to hear her moan. The sound of her moans and his fingers squishing into her wet pussy was driving him wild. Less than a minute after her first explosion, Bonnie came again. This time it was accompanied by a high-pitched squeal. Her entire body went into spasm as her eyes rolled back in her head. Bonnie tried to speak, but could only wail, "Cuuuuuuuum!"

Ken withdrew his fingers from her soaked pussy and stuffed them into her eager mouth. Bonnie enjoyed the taste of her own juice as she suckled like a newborn. With sweat beading up on her forehead, Bonnie sank into the couch exhausted. Some of her cum had begun to trickle down her cheek. Seeing this, Ken leaned in and lapped it up. He let his tongue drag across her lips just before plunging it into her mouth.

As they kissed passionately, Ken repositioned himself directly over Bonnie lining up his cock with her soggy box. Pushing himself slightly to look at her face he asked, "Are you ready, baby?"

Bonnie was still coming down from her two orgasms and couldn't quite focus on what he was saying. She looked up at him dreamily and gave him a very contented smile. That changed as he plunged into her. Her eyes nearly shot out of her head and she groaned, "Yes! Make me cum again!"

Ken was up to the challenge. He pounded Bonnie furiously, slamming into her long, measured stokes and with enough force to lift her a few inches off the couch. After a few more thrusts, Ken dropped on top of Bonnie and quickened his pace. He was now hammering her with as much speed as he could muster. The apartment was filled with the sounds of his cock slurping in and out of her wet pussy, their bodies slapping together and Bonnie's frenzied squeals.

"I want to hear you beg, Bonnie." Ken growled in her ear. "Beg to cum."

The pressure of another orgasm was building. Bonnie was nearly hysterical as she yelled, "Please make me cum! I need to cum!" Her speech came in short bursts, interrupted by wails of pleasure. "Please let me cum for you! Please!!"

Ken could feel Bonnie's pussy starting to twitch. Her wails reached a crescendo as her body shook violently. Her third orgasm was as powerful as the first two combined. Ken wanted to cum in her mouth, so he tried to hold back. But with Bonnie's pussy in overdrive and her writhing beneath him, it was too much. With a loud groan, he came.

He collapsed on top of her, spent. Bonnie recovered first, cooing into his ear, "Thank you baby."

Ken slowly gathered his breath. It had been yet another phenomenal fuck. Bonnie never disappointed him, but he was a little disappointed with himself causing him to say, "I really wanted to cum in your mouth."

Bonnie purred for a long moment before she lazily ran her tongue along Ken's cheekbone. She whispered, "It's early, lover. There's plenty of time to cum in my mouth. Plenty of time to fuck my ass. Plenty of time for me to dance for you. Plenty of time to do whatever you want to me."

Ken smiled, knowing she was right. He rolled off her, tumbling to the floor. He landed hard but didn't care. He was too busy thinking about what he would have Bonnie do next. "Go put on your sluttiest outfit. I want to watch you dance. Then if want to fuck that sweet, beautiful mouth."

Bonnie purred louder this time. Still lying on the couch she said, "After what you just did to me, you've earned it. I can't wait for you to shove that massive cock into my mouth."

After she had regained enough strength to move, Bonnie slowly got of the couch. She stepped over Ken, who still on the floor and scooped up her garment bag. As she tottered off to the bathroom to change, Ken took in the view. She still had her heels on, but that was the only part of her wardrobe that was normal. The skirt was still bunched around her waist revealing badly torn pantyhose. Most of her ass was hanging out of the tear. He could see cum stuck to her thighs. Her blouse was in tatters. He hadn't realized while he was fucking her that he must have been pulling on it. It hung in strips from her shoulders. Her bra was gone. Her long, perfect hair was tangled. He smiled. Bonnie was a mess. A well fucked mess. He couldn't wait for her to clean up, change and come back for round two.

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