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Boob Meets World


All characters are 18 or over.

A television parody. if the reader is offended by stories involving sex and ever expanding breasts please stop now.

Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!

( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) ( o)(o ) 3:42PM

As usual Corny and Gazonga were hanging out. They were in the Matthew's kitchen with Corny's best friend Sawn, his brother Eric and Eric's friend Jack. It was the first Friday after they had all graduated from High School and what they were going to do that weekend was the topic of conversation

"Well, I have a date, finally," Jack exclaimed, "for tomorrow with Monica, that cheerleader? The one with the body? You know, with the big..." He made a gesture in front of himself. "I'm going to give her a thrill and take her to the Burger Barn for dinner and then a moonlight stroll down lovers lane. She'll probably by begging me for it by then!"

"What makes you so sure? You've never had any luck with the girls!" exclaimed Corny as Gazonga made a moue of disgust.

"My crazy Uncle Larry sent me this," countered Jack as he held up a small vial. "It's a new variation of Spanish fly he developed. He's a chemical genius and he told me that one drop of this would make any girl hot to trot. It would make them become as feminine as possible. One drop and I'm in like Flynn!"

"Jack, that is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard" Gazonga ejaculated, unable to keep her anger under control. "First of all, there is no such thing as Spanish Fly. And if there was, you would be guilty of assault if you gave it to a girl without her knowing about it. And third, no girl would let you give it to her!"

"There is so such a thing. I saw all kinds of ads for it in my dad's Soldier of Fortune magazines. They couldn't advertise it if it didn't do what they said now could they?"

"Oh, you are so stupid. Give me that. I'll prove it to you." Gazonga grabbed the vial from Jack and removed the stopper.

Spanish Fly, she read, Now with Breast Enhancement.

Ha! What a crock! She thought to herself

"One drop you said? I'll use five. That ought to prove it even to your pea brain."

Plink, plink, plink, plink, plink. The drops fell into the soda Gazonga was holding and she quickly guzzled it down.

"You'll see that nothing is going to happen," she said as she stashed the vial in her purse.

"Gazonga, I don't think you should have done that. Uncle Larry said to be sure to never use more than one drop!"

"Your Uncle Larry is just pulling your leg, Jack. There is no such thing as Spanish Fly!"

"Well, do you want to go see a movie tonight?" interjected Sawn in an effort to change the subject.

For the next several minutes the conversation revolved around which movie to see with Gazonga suggesting "Waiting to Exhale" and the boys wanting to see the latest movie with Jamie Lee Curtis and "Ahnold".


"Corny, could I see you in the living room for a minute?" whispered Gazonga during a break in the conversation. The others were scouting the fridge for something to eat and took no notice as Corny and Gazonga moved thru the swinging door hand in hand.

Once in the living room Gazonga wasted no time in wrapping her arms around Corny and planting a wet, scorching kiss on his mouth.

"Gazonga! What's come ovemmmpth..." Corny started to ask as her tongue tried to snake it's way down his throat.

"Don't ask questions, Corny." panted Gazonga. "Kiss me!". Her leg snaked around Corny's and she pulled him close for another hot kiss.

Usually Gazonga and Corny exchanged quick pecks, occasionally a lingering kiss, definitely no tongue. Gazonga had always insisted that they maintain control and not give in to their "baser" urges. But now! These were hot, wet, soul wrenching, tongue dueling, passionate kisses from Gazonga. One leg pressed into Corney's crotch, her other calf swept up and down the back of Corny's leg and her pelvis was grinding against his upper thigh. Somewhat to his embarrassment, Corny felt himself growing a hard on.

This would ordinarily cause Gazonga to giggle and pull away. Today she just growled deep in her throat and used her hand on his butt to pull Corny tighter against her fevered, writhing body.

"Gazonga what's gotten into you?"

"Don't talk! Come here." Gazonga twisted Corny around and pushed him down onto the couch. She was breathing hard and there was a look of fevered lust in her eyes. She slid on top of Corny and slowly rubbed her body up and down.

"Your body feels soooo good. I love to feel you against me!" she purred. Her normally pouty lips glistened as she quickly ran her tongue around them. "Umm, you smell good, too," she said as she nibbled on Corny's ear and down his neck.

"I like to feel my body rub against yours," she murmured.

"Y..yeah, me too," stammered the overwhelmed young man.

"And your cock feels so hard!" Gazonga cooed as her hand slid between them. She cupped and caressed Corny's rapidly expanding hard on. "Oh, I can't stand it!"

Sitting up abruptly she unbuttoned Corny's shirt and tossed it across the room before she fell atop him again.

Gazonga writhed against Corny, grinding her crotch against his and clutching herself to him as she continued to rain kisses upon his face, neck and chest. Her hands stroked his hairless chest and fluttered down to his hips. Without pause she began to undo Corny's belt buckle and unzip his pants.

Corny was swept up in Gazonga's passion and his hands roamed over her fevered body, caressing Gazonga's back and sweeping down to cup her tight little butt. Gazonga was cooing and purring with pleasure as she writhed on top of Corny.

Panting, she raised her self up on her arms and looked down at Corny. Still squirming against him she arched her back, pushing her pelvis more strongly against her aroused boyfriend.

"Touch me all over Corny, touch me all over," she moaned, gazing passionately at the sweating boy beneath her.

"Um, sure, Gazonga" he responded as he squeezed and cupped her ass cheeks, pulling her even closer against his now raging hard on.

Gazonga shifted her weight, her legs straddling one of Corny's and started to hunch her pelvis against Corny. "Feel my breasts, Corny, feel my breasts," she moaned deep in her throat. Her eyes were closed, a look of rapture coming over her face.

Corny tentatively, hesitantly, placed his hands over Gazonga's slightly mounded breasts. This was definitely unlike Gazonga. She never allowed any such contact! In all the time they had been dating Gazonga had made it clear that this sort of activity was to be undertaken only once they had become man and wife. Now she was moaning in passion and asking for more!

"Squeeze me, honey, pull my nipples! Oh, please, I need more! Don't stop" panted Gazonga.

His uncle may be crazy, thought Corny, but those drops really do work! His eager fingers gently squeezed and caressed the shirt and bra encased mounds of his girlfriend. Encouraged by the moans of pleasure this induced, he lightly pinched the erect nipples that had instantly sprouted at the summit of each breast.

"Oh, god, I love that, honey. Do that more!" the aroused teenager moaned. "I think I could get off on that, it feels so good!"

Once again lying full length on top of Corny, Gazonga trapped his hands between them as she squirmed and twisted, her hands at their hips. Quickly she snaked out of her panties with out removing her skirt and pushed Corny's pants and underwear halfway down his thighs.

"SO hard," she moaned. "SO hot! I want this so much!"

With a motion that defied her virginal status Gazonga socketed Corny rock hard shaft into the opening of her moist love grotto. "Oh yes," she panted, "oh yes. Now move with me lover, move with me. That feels super great, doesn't it?"

Corny was stunned into silence. His teeth gritted, he was concentrating on baseball statistics. The moist, buttery hot clutching of Gazonga's pussy felt better than he had thought anything could feel! He desperately did not want this to end quickly but he felt powerless under the sensuous writhing of Gazonga's body. This beat the heck out of the nightly masturbation that had till now been his sexual experience.

"I'm going to.. going to...cum." he managed only a few minutes later.

"Wait for me, lover, just a little bit longer," panted Gazonga. "Just a little more. Oh, Oh, GOD, So good! More, more. I can feel you cumming in side of me! Don't stop, more. Harder, faster! Ahhhhh!" her sigh was one of slight disappointment as she slumped into Corny's arms.

"Oh, that was soooo good. We need to do it again!" She started to wriggle in Corny's arms as he tried to catch his breath.

"The tingling was just so nice! But... wait a minute..." She sat up on top of Corny and looked down at herself. "Something feels different..." She swept her hands up over the shirt that she was still wearing. "What the heck???"

Quickly she unbuttoned her shirt, exposing the sports bra that she wore underneath.

"What's going on here?" She clutched at herself. "What?... I think my breasts are bigger!" she exclaimed.

Corny had never seen Gazonga's bra but he wanted to memorize what he was looking at now. Her breasts were a firm handful on each side.

Gazonga pulled each strap away from her body as if to stretch them. The bra completely covered both breasts and revealed no cleavage between them, typical for a sports bra.

As Corny watched he thought he saw a swelling under the fabric.

"My God, I'm growing!" She gasped. "My breasts are getting bigger! What's happening?"

"I don't know," breathed Corny as he watched his girlfriend's bra swell slowly before his very eyes. Gazonga's tits were now a firm handful and a half on each side.

"This bra is too tight" she exclaimed as she removed her shirt. Crossing her arms in front of herself she gripped the body band of the bra and drew it quickly up, revealing her perky breasts to Corny's wondering gaze.

"Wow, Gazonga, nice tits!"

"Corny, that is such a rude word!" exclaimed Gazonga in automatic reflex. Before she could continue Corny reached up and gently pinched her dusky rose nipples which sprang to immediate attention.

"Oh," gasped Gazonga. "That feels so good! Yes, Corny, pinch them, squeeze them! I like that... and oohhhh, I can feel you getting hard inside me."

It was true. Corny's dick was reviving within the warm clutch of Gazonga's pussy which had not released it's grip on the invader.

In response to his increasing heft Gazonga began to rock slowly back and forth, her eyes closing in rapture as the feelings increased.

By the time Corny had again reached climax Gazonga's breasts had more than doubled in size, a fact which only became evident to her when her eyes opened upon feeling Corny climaxing. Corny had been a fascinated observer watching as his hands were filled with the increasing size and weight as Gazonga went from B cup to C cup and more.

"Good Lord, look how big I've become" she gasped.

"I know, I know" Corny stammered.

"I look so big!" she exclaimed as she clutched both breasts. "I'm almost as big as Monica! And they feel so good!" She was rhythmically squeezing and releasing her breasts, watching as the flesh surged, rising and falling in the grip of her hands.

"They feel so good" she repeated. "SO good!" Her voice was becoming huskier as her passion increased.

Both of them watched as she continued to manipulate her breasts. Squeezing and caressing them, pressing them against her chest, moving them in small circles with the palms of her hands.

"What do you think Corny?" she asked as she leaned over to waggle the newly enlarged mounds in front of his gaping eyes.

"I love 'em" he said as he captured one nipple in his mouth, sucking and nipping gently.

"Ahhhhh," gasped the girl. "So good, it seems to go right through me! Do that more, harder, more honey, more. Suck my other breast," she ordered as she pulled back from him long enough to swing her other breast to his softly sucking mouth.

After several minutes of this breast play Corny looked up.

"Why'd you stop?" moaned the disappointed Gazonga

"I think, I'm not sure, but are you still growing? I swear you're bigger now than just a few minutes ago!"

"I don't care, just keep playing with my breasts," moaned the impassioned girl, "see if you can squeeze 'em together and suck both my nipples at the same time. I'd love that! Here, I'll help."

Using both hands she pushed the amazingly aroused nipples closer together moaning just from the feel of caressing them and feeling them mash against each other.

Willingly, Corny wrapped his mouth around both nipples, licking and sucking both simultaneously.

Moaning again in passion, Gazonga clutched him to her breasts with both hands.

"I want to make love again," she moaned minutes later, "are you ready?"

"I'm not a machine, you know. It'll take me a little while to recover. We just made love twice in a row!" He responded.

"I don't want to wait. I need you again. Here, let me see if this helps," she said as she slid off of Corny and wrapped her hand around his dick.

"Come on, Corny, bring it up again baby. Ohhhhh, let me lick it." Her tongue flickered out to caress the tip of his dickhead. "Do you like that? Is it exciting to see Gazonga's mouth on your dick? Will it help you get hard for Gazonga? I need to feel you inside me again. I haven't gotten off yet, I need you to fuck me hard..."


"Guys? Could you give Corny a hand here? He needs your help!"

Gazonga was peeking around the kitchen door as she spoke.

When the three young men entered the living room they stopped short in surprise. Corney was curled up in a fetal position, asleep at one end of the couch.

Turning to Gazonga, the boys were struck dumb. THIS was not the Gazonga they knew! This was some hyper-sexual, supercharged goddess of lust!

Her eyes swept up and down them with a look of lust that was almost scary, her lips were pouting, with the tip of her tongue darting out to moisten them lasciviously.

She had not wanted to startle them by being naked when they first saw her. But her present appearance was even sexier than if she had been nude. She was bursting out of her blouse!

Gazonga had been unable to pull on her bra, her new growth was so much spectacularly larger than before. She had put on her blouse, able to button no more than the first and last two buttons.. The inner slopes of her breasts were completely exposed, a magnificently deep cleavage formed by two incredibly firm hemispheres of creamy flesh. Her newly expanded breasts forced the halves of her blouse wide, the fabric stretched taut. There were inches and inches of heaving, quivering bosom visible as her breath quickened. Her nipples were just barely covered and they formed thimble sized bumps in the fabric.

"I was wrong," she cooed. "Those drops do work. I'm horney and my tits are getting larger and larger. Do you like big tits, guys? I need to have an orgasm." She husked. "Corny did his best but he just wasn't up to the task. I hope you will be able to help me. Now take off your clothes. The first one naked gets to fuck me while the others wait."

All three of the boys wasted no time in getting naked!


"I just spoke to my uncle" announced Jack as he hung up the phone. "He said it was quite possible that if you aren't satisfied soon, that your breasts won't return to their original size. The longer you go without satisfaction, the larger they will be when you are satisfied. He was mumbling something about "another overdose" when he hung up"

Gazonga barely heard him. She was riding Eric hard for the third time while trying to revive Corny again with her mouth and Sawn with her left hand. Her breasts hung heavily below her as she worked. They had slowly but surely been getting larger and larger. They were now larger than volleyballs she thought.

She had been somewhat pleased to discover that her boyfriend had the largest cock of the four boys, but Corney had serviced her twice more since the group orgy had begun and he was all but unconscious.

"Shut up and get your ass over here", she said, spitting out Corny's still limp dick. "I think Eric is just about ready to come and I'm SOOOOO horny! I need a .....damn, just as I thought!" she glared down at the moaning boy beneath her. "Not even twenty minutes and your done already. You limp dicked loser." Her voice was scathing.

"Sorry Gazonga , but your pussy is so tight, and watching your big boobs bounce around and slap together just gets me all excited... and your moving so fast and hard! You just seem to suck the cum right out of me." Eric looked exhausted. "You've been fucking us for over two hours non-stop. Aren't you getting tired?"

"I'm horney!" she exclaimed. "Not tired. And you guys have yet to get me off! My tits are as big as houses! If I don't get satisfaction they'll keep on growing! 'Til I can't move! You have to help me!" As she said this she had climbed off Eric and started to approach Jack who was approaching the sofa next to Corney.

From behind Eric could still see huge mounds of flesh to either side of Gazonga's slim body.

The view Jack had was inspiring. Gazonga's massive breasts bounced and shook with every movement she made. They stuck almost straight out from her chest. The lower edges even with the bottom of her rib cage, the outer edges beyond her arms. It was a cock hardening sight. And it did start to bring him to erection despite the three orgasms he had had recently.

"You're next stud," Gazonga cooed as she knelt in front of him. "Get it up for little Gazonga, she needs plenty loving and you're the man for the job!"


Her breasts were brushing the floor in front of her as Gazonga knelt in front of the sofa. Corney had collapsed behind the sofa about an hour before and the three remaining boys were groaning and whimpering in exhaustion. Gazonga had used every trick she knew. She had teased, cajoled, sucked, given hand jobs. She had dangled her progressively larger tits in their faces, urged them to suck her ever so sensitive nipples.

The boys had given their all. One at a time, in tandem and all together. At one point she had had a boy sucking on each tit while the third had plowed her endlessly. They had switched time and again. She had thought that that would get her off. But she was still frustrated and her tits had continued to expand slowly.

Now she was caressing a limp dick in each hand while trying to suck the middle boy's dick back to life. She wasn't sure which boy was which. It didn't matter anymore. She needed more fucking, she had been on the edge of a monumental orgasm many times and never had she gotten the release she needed.

The rough texture of the carpet against her tits felt good. Each breast was now insanely large. If she had stood up they might reach below her belly button. They spread out far beyond the width of her hips. Bigger than basketballs she thought, when she thought of them. Which was not often. The only thing she was thinking about now was getting off!

She thought that if she could just coax one more erection from each of them, she might get the relief she needed.

This was the scene that greeted Mr. Feeley when he entered the living room.

"My God! What is going on here?"

As he spoke he quickly removed his ever-present sports coat and draped it over Gazonga's slim shoulders, urging her to rise.

"You boys have a lot of explaining to do and I'll listen to it after I've gotten Ms. Lawrence home! It's a good thing Corney's parents asked me to check up on things here when they couldn't get through by phone. This is disgraceful activity. Come child, let me take you home."


"Mr. Feeley, I don't want to go home." Cooed Gazonga. They were standing in Mr. Feeley's entry hall having left the exhausted boys asleep or unconscious.

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