Boobs n Boners


Stepping out of her panties, Linda leaned over and picked them up off the floor, her big drooping mommy-boobs wobbling with her every move. Cocking one leg out in front of her, bent slightly at the knee, with her sexy foot arched, her cute little toes squatting against the floor, Linda fed her son a naughty smile.

Oh lord, look at his eyes. Look at him stare at me...taking it all in. I can't believe I'm being such a cock tease...and for my very own son. Linda thought.

Using the elastic hem of her panties she shot them towards Bobby like a rubber band, making them land on his bulging lap.

"You might as well have'll be fishing them out of my laundry hamper anyway." She grinned.

"Thanks." Bobby smiled.

As soon as Linda turned towards the bath Bobby lifted the panties to his nose. The pungent aroma was so strong his head spun.

They're STILL warm and damp! HOLY FUCK! He thought, his head spinning.

He breathed them in deep...the overpowering tang filing his lungs. He couldn't help but let out an audible moan.

"They smell that good huh?" Linda giggled, without turning around.

She poured some bubble bath in the tub as her son marveled at the cheeks of her full heart-shaped buttocks. He could see the baby-smooth meat of her genitals...the spongy double doors extending out from her pubis. The gates of heaven.

This is too much. I'm gonna cum in my fucking shorts before mom even gets in the tub. Bobby thought.

Linda stepped into the water, her butt cheeks rippling. She looked back at her son..

"Come sit by the tub." She said.

Bobby stood up and his big dick stuck out like a divining rod under his short. He made no attempt to hide it as he walked over to the side of the tube.

Linda was now on her knees in the water, sitting on her heels facing her son. She got a quirky little grin as she saw his pecker pointing at her, only a few feet away.

"'s that long necked monster again." She said.

Oh my God...just how long must that neck be? It's like some of the dick I fucked back in college. Oh I was so bad back then. She thought.

Bobby just stood there for a minute. He liked the way she was looking at it.

"Well I can't help ARE naked mom." Bobby said.

"Look at how far your shorts are tenting out. Are you sure you don't have a baseball bat under there?" She said, staring at the impressive bulge.

"Nope, it's all me." He smiled proudly.

"I know I like to call you slugger, but if you keep popping boners like that I may have to start calling you my Louisville slugger." She giggled.

Bobby stood there and watched as his mom took the shower sprayer and began to soak her big tits. She arched her neck back spraying her face and wetting her hair. The way she thrust her breasts made Bobby's dick jump.

"I saw that. Showing off again huh?" She teased.

"No...that was a reaction. If I was showing off I'd do this." He said, flexing his pecker and making it spring upward, rising well about his belly button.

Linda felt her inner and outer lips quiver excitedly as they swelled with blood. Her cervix seemed to shift downward as she gazed at the dreamy erection...her eyes nice and wide.

Oh my God I've never reacted to something that way. It's like his bulbous head just split my twat and my pussy was reacting as if in preparation to accommodate all that long thick meat. Stop it Linda...just stop it. This is ridiculous! She thought.

"Wow, that's amazing. You have one of the strongest erections I think I've ever seen." She exclaimed.

"It's your fault. Looking at you makes it this way." He smiled.

"Well, nice to know that my thirty-nine year old body can get that sort of reaction from a handsome eighteen year old...especially considering he's my son. Guess that makes me a MILF huh?" She smiled.

"Well, you're definitely a mom I'd like to..." Bobby started, then stopped himself, realizing what he was about to say.

"A mom you'd like to what...FFFFUUUCK?" She asked with a quirky little grin.

Oh my God-damn Linda I can't believe you just said that! She thought.

Bobby heart skipped a beat as he heard the magic word spout from her mouth. He couldn't help but blush a little.

No, this can't be real...but why haven't I woken up yet. Mom just said fuck...I've never heard her say fuck before. How the hell do I respond to something like that. What the hell...honestly I guess. He thought.

"I wouldn't mind." He said.

She looked back at his big pecker as it bobbed up and down under his shorts.

"Clearly." She smiled.

Bobby knelt down and watched as his mom lather herself with body-wash. After washing her hair she drained the water from the tub and stood up to dry herself. Bobby remained on the floor looking up in sick fascination at his own mom's voluptuous nudity.

"Sweetie will you hand me my shea-butter." She said, wrapping the towel around her wet hair.

Linda stepped from the tub as Bobby fetched her lotion. His big flagpole bobbed up and down as he brought it to her.

"Thank you slugger." She said.

Linda stepped over and sat down on the toilet. Bobby followed and sat on the floor directly across from her.

She squirted a big gob of lotion into her hands and set the bottle aside.

"Normally I would spend some time shaving my legs and my peach...but they're still pretty smooth." She said, rubbing the lotion in her hands.

"Your peach?" Bobby asked.

"Oh I'm sorry...guess I should speak in teenaged boy language. My pussy. That better?" She giggled.

"Yeah, now I get it." He smiled.

And a beautiful pussy at that. With her sitting it looks so cute and delicate...with that thin tiny patch of pubic fur. Hard to believe I split that twat wide open eighteen years ago. He thought.

Linda extended her long tan leg straight out and began to rub the shea-butter up and down it's length. Her sexy foot was flexed...toes pointed at Bobby as she worked the lotion into her skin.

As her son's eyes were glued to her legs Linda looked down at his bulge.

Oh my god he's rubbing it though his shorts. My poor baby must have a throbbing erection. Imagine what he'd do if I spread my legs apart. Jesus Linda you can't do that...that's just downright lewd. He'd cream for sure. Okay, okay...I won't go crazy...I'll just spread them a little. I can't lotion the backs of my thighs unless I at least open them a little bit. She thought.

Leaning back against the toilet Linda curled her leg up and back. Without thinking the other leg followed, bending at the knees as it rose backwards she continued to apply the lotion.

As her legs spread Linda's flower was now on open display and Bobby discovered that it wasn't the cute virgin-like pussy it appeared to be. Between the swell of her outer lips the crimson inner lips were large and thick, slowly peeling apart before his very eyes. He could see her budding clitoris, peeking out from under its hood like a small erect penis.

OH SHIT...TO MUCH...TO FUCKING MUCH! He thought as he rubbed on is pecker.

He's gonna cum. His body's shaking...he's gonna cum. I'm making my son cum. I don't believe this! She thought.

"Bobby, grab my panties!" She shouted.

As the cum began to pulse from his peter Bobby grabbed her panties from the floor and brought them to his nose. The musky fragrance made him squirt even stronger.

"GGGGNNNNHHH!!!!" He groaned.

Overwhelmed by the site of her son in such intense arousal Linda felt her own orgasm hit her out of nowhere.

OH NO! OH SHIT...I'M CUMMING! She thought.

"OH BOOOOBBBYYY!!!" She shouted as she started rubbing her clit frantically.

Bobby watched her legs shake as she threw her head back. Her huge tits jumped off the sides of her chest as she thrust her twat out against her frantically working fingers. It was the most amazing site he'd ever seen.

"OOOOOHHHH!!!!" She screamed.


Bobby's body quivered with wicked excitement as his penis fired huge thick ropes into his shorts. The two of them groaned as their orgasms seemed to go and on.

Finally, Linda's Body jerked forward, her thighs slapping together but her calves still scissored apart. Her feet rested on their heels...her toes spread apart as her knees still trembled with post orgasmic contractions. Her tits were trapped between her arms and ballooned outward. Her nipples poked out...huge and engorged like big demon eyes. She stared downward...eyes glazed over...letting out little shivering-like gasps.

Fuck me...I haven't cum that hard since. Oh shit...I just came like a slut in front of my son. Oh God damn Linda what were you thinking. She thought.

"Well...that was a little weird." She said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah...a good sorta weird though." He sighed.

She looked down at his shorts and the messy aftermath.

"Oh slugger, your shorts are soaked. Get into the shower and rinse off. I'm gonna go out and get dressed." She said.

"Okay." He said.

Later that night Linda sat in her bed as her husband showered. She found her mind reeling over the events of the day with her son.

Oh Linda, what you did today was sooo wrong! No, it wasn't! There's nothing wrong with my son seeing me naked. Nudity is perfectly natural...and masturbation...well, that's natural too. It's healthy for him to see that his mother masturbates just like he does. Linda thought.

The bathroom door opened and her husband walked out holding Bobby's shorts in his hand.

"Linda, are these Bobby's shorts?" He asked.

Oh my God...he didn't! She thought.

"Well I um...I think so." She muttered.

"What are they doing in our laundry hamper?" Ron asked.

"Oh um...Bobby took a shower in there. I was his shower earlier so I told him he could use ours." She lied.

"You're not gonna believe this but I think he came in these." Ron said, look at them disgustedly.

Oh I believe it honey-bun....he blew his nuts for his mommy...blew that cum straight out the head of that big young dick while he watched me rub one out! Stop it Linda! She thought.

"Well, um...he is a teenaged boy and teenaged boys just do those things, sweetie." She smiled.

"In their parents bathroom?" Ron asked.

"You're right...probably not the most appropriate place to relieve himself. I'll walk down to his room and have a chat with him." Linda said.

"Maybe I should talk with him." Ron muttered.

"Ronald...sweetie...give me the shorts and get into bed. I'll take care of it." She said, slipping onto her feet and throwing a robe over her transparent nightie.

Ron handed his wife the soiled shorts and fed her an odd smile.

"Sure you feel comfortable talking to him about this?" He asked.

"Don't you dare doubt my motherly abilities." She said with a confident grin.

"You're the sexiest thing know that?" He said, his eyes traveling across the swell of her big drooping tits.

Damn right I am motherfucker! Our son thinks so too! She thought.

Linda gazed down at the bulge in her husband's boxers.

"Crawl into bed and get him hard for me. When I get back we'll let him fuck some pussy." She said seductively.

"Damn I love it when you talk dirty." He smiled, rubbing his bulge.

Linda left their bedroom and closed the door behind her. She stopped mid-hallway and lifted the shorts to her nose. Her body shivered with wicked excitement as the strong pungent aroma of teenaged spunk filled her lungs.


With the shorts against her face her long pink tongue slithered out and drug up a section of slimy material. She felt her eyes roll back as thousands of sweet potent sperm danced across her taste buds.

Linda stop this...this is ridiculous! She thought.

Bobby gazed at the picture of his mom on his phone as stroked his cock furiously....her panties at his nose.

"Oh-h-h fuck mom." He muttered.

He suddenly froze as he heard a gentle tap at his door. He tried to hide his tent before his mom peeked in.

"You still awake, slugger?" She asked.

"Yeah, I was" He muttered.

"I know, I'm sorry." She said, glancing at the lump in the sheets as she sat on the edge of his bed.

Oh Linda he's jerking off. Your baby's in here pulling on that long thick barrel of love. He's probably thinking about warm pussy...maybe even mommy-pussy. Oh pussy. My hot horny hole! Jesus, get a hold of yourself girl. She thought.

She set the shorts down on his chest and gave him a stern yet quirky grin.

"Remember what I said about being more careful when your dad's around. You left these in my hamper." She said.

"He didn't see them did he?" Brian asked.

"Yep...he did." She said.

"What did you tell him?" Bobby asked.

"I told him I let you watch me get completely naked and take a bath...and that we masturbated together." She said straight-faced.

"What!" Bobby said with surprise.

"I'm joking." Linda giggled, making her tits wobble.

"Jesus, scared me." He sighed.

"Don't leave anything behind next time...okay?" She asked.

"I promise." He said.

Linda picked up his cell phone and looked at the picture of herself that Bobby had been beating off to.

"Still drooling over this picture? I think it's time for some new eye-candy...don't you?" She asked.

"You'll take some new ones...some naked ones?" He asked.

" had something else in mind actually." She said, erasing the picture.

"Something else?" Bobby asked.

"Yeah...wanna see mom in action?" She asked.

"In action? You mean having and dad?" Bobby asked, his heart beat a mile a minutes.

"Well...with your father it's never the most exciting sex...but you my find it stimulating. That is if you don't think it'll weird you out." She said.

"No...hell no!" Bobby said excitedly.

"Well then I guess mom gets to play filmmaker tonight doesn't she? I'll get as much of it as I can and don't worry...I'll try to send you the play by play." She said.

"Sweet. I love you mom." Bobby grinned, his cock flexing in anticipation.

"I love YOU." She smiled down at him.

Linda stood up and took a second to gaze down that the massive tent in the sheet.

Well...I certainly don't have that in the next room waiting for me. She thought.

She shot a look back at Bobby who was laying there with a big proud smile as he watched her admire it.

"Go ahead, showoff." She smiled.

Linda looked back down at it just as Bobby made it jump under the sheets...stretching the fabric upwards even further.

Unfuckingbelievable!!! She thought, as she felt the pussy-butter drip from her meat-curtains.

"Oh yeah?" Linda said defiantly as she turned towards the door and lifted the bottom of her robe and nightie above her naked ass.

Before Bobby even had a chance to realize what she'd just done Linda was flexing the muscles in her buttocks, making the meaty cheeks rise and fall...rippling over and over.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT! He thought, his hand instinctively moving to his crotch.

"Take that Mr. Bigshot." She said with a smile as she gazed back at him.

" do you do that?" Bobby sighed.

"You might be surprised what your mom can do. She's learned all sorts of tricks over the years." She said.

"Maybe I'll show you a few during tonight's show. Better keep that phone handy." She smiled.

After Linda left Bobby waiting for what seemed like a lifetime.

This is gonna be fucking awesome. I can't wait to see mom screwing...even if it is just with dad. Wonder how the hell she's gonna get away with this. Bobby thought.

As Ron and Linda kissed passionately he rolled her onto her back and prepared to get down to business.

"Wait." Linda said, stopping him, her tits rolling off the sides of her chest.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I have a kinky idea. Why don't we make a video of us making love." She smiled.

"A video?" He asked.

"Yeah...that way I can send you little clips while your at work...remind you of what you have at home waiting for you." She said.

"Honey, I don't know if..." He started.

"Pleeaassee...I'll talk dirty to you. I know how much you like that." She said seductively, batting her lashes.

" win." He said.

Bobby lightly stroked his erection..working the slippery pre-cum around his cock-head. Finally, his phone chimed with a video message.

It took about thirty seconds to download. His heart was racing. The anticipation was killing him.

Finally the video clip opened and he saw his mom's face looking into the camera. Her head sort of wobbled up and down as it lay on the pillow and he could see the back of his father's head next to hers. She smiled up at the camera over her husband's shoulder.

"Hi" She silently mouthed, giving her son a little wink.


Linda lifted her cell phone up away from her and her husband's bodies, giving her son a birds-eye view of their copulation. She tilted the cam so that her boy could see her long strong tan legs wrapped up around Ron's back as he thrust into her.

Holy God damn look at mom's legs...and those hips...fuckin-a!!! He thought, staring at the sexy crease between her hips and thighs.

"That's my baby...come me good." He heard his mom say in a sweet sexy tone.

As his mom reached further down with the camera Bobby saw his dad's ass as it thrust forward at a steady pace. The heels of Linda's sexy bare feet pushed at his buttocks, pulling him deeper inside her.

"Oh yeah right there...nice deep strokes. Work that dick...get that pussy baby." His mom moaned.

Bobby stroked his cock hard as he listened to his mom talk dirty and his father grunt, bucking in and out of his beautiful wife.

Man dad's cock must feel amazing right now with all that soft pussy surrounding it. He thought.

As soon as the first video clip finished the second was being transferred. Bobby wasted no time opening it.

His parents had changed positions and his mom was now on top straddling her husband. She had set her phone on the bed behind them between her husbands legs so that Bobby could see her entire upper half.

Bobby's eyes were immediately drawn to her big meaty buttocks as it swayed up and back, grinding on his father's dong. Only the bulge of Ron's nuts could be seen under Linda's big smothering cheeks as she stirred her steamy pit with her husband's pipe.

"Oh my God!!!" Bobby thought, his eyes glued to the screen as his fist tugged furiously at his iron-hard peter.

Linda peeked over her shoulder and smiled, giving the camera a little wink as she continued to grind on her hubby's lucky penis.

Bobby could see the back slopping contours of Linda's drooping breasts as they bobbled and shook with the rhythm of her shifting hips.

"Oh-h-h-h yeah!" Bobby's father moaned.

"Ohhh that's my baby. You like that hot sucking hole...don't you sweetie." Linda asked.

"Oh God yeah." Ron said.

"You like the way I flex it and squeeze it around you like that?" She asked.

"Ohhh're amazing!" Bobby's dad answered.

Linda's hips suddenly thrust into overdrive, rolling up and back at a frantic pace. Bobby could hear the bed frame whining repetitively as she rocked on his dad's dick.

"OHH GOD LINDA!!!" Ron groaned.

"OHHH GOD MOM!!!" Bobby grunted...his own dick unable to hold back any longer.

Hot sperm erupted from Bobby's piss-hole, sending long ropes arching into the air. The bath and mutual masturbation was out of this world, but watching his mom fuck was the most exciting thing he'd ever seen.

The next day in class Bobby's mind was in sex-crazed fog.

God I wanna fuck mom. I wanna fuck her hard and hear my balls beating against her ass. She would soooo love it. With my big dick I could make her cum over and over. She'd scream and shake so hard while I just laid into her...pounding that sweet pussy like a jackhammer. God, all that soft meaty pink squeezing around my dick. Holy fuck! He thought.

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