Boobs n Boners


Bobby didn't even see Mrs. Jacobs as she strolled up behind him. The sound of her throat clearing got his attention.

She reached down and picked up a sketch, that until now he didn't even realize he'd been working on. It was a detailed drawing of a large set of naked breasts. Mrs. Jacobs looked away from the sketch and glared down at her horny student, one eyebrow cocked.

Oh shit! He thought.

Linda walked up the school hallway, kids around her scrambling as the end of the day arrived. Her high-heeled mules clicked against the floor as she searched for her son's classroom.

"Mrs. Fletcher, I appreciate you coming in to meet with me. I'm very concerned about Bobby's performance lately and felt you should be too." Mrs. Jacob's said as they sat near her desk.

"Well thank you for calling me I...wasn't aware there was a problem." Linda said.

"Along with his frequent tardiness Bobby seems very distracted during class. I'm afraid he's developing a very unhealthy obsession." She said

"What kind of obsession?" Linda asked, with a hint of concern

"This afternoon I caught him drawing this." The teacher said, setting the boob sketch in front of Linda. sluggers drawing tits at school. Big tits too. Oh my God...I wonder if they're mine? Linda thought.

"Well...boys will be boys Mrs. Jacobs." Linda giggled.

"So you're not concerned that your son was drawing female breasts during my math class?" The teacher asked.

"Yes, that part does concern me, but if you're also asking if I consider drawing pictures of naked women an unhealthy obsession the answer's no." Linda said defensively.

"Mrs. Fletcher, his grades are slipping rapidly." Mrs. Jacob's said with concern.

"Well then that will be addressed I can assure you. But as far as this "obsession" is concerned. Not only will he not be spoken to about it...I WILL continue to encourage it. Anything else Mrs. Jacobs?" Linda asked, with a pompous little smirk.

Bobby walked towards the car with his mom, his head hung low. Few words had been spoken since they met in the hallway.

"You okay, kiddo?" She asked.

"Yeah, sorry I slacked off in class." He said.

"Well, you've had a lot on your mind...and suppose that's partly my fault. Things have gotten a little different between you and I here lately." She said.

"Yeah a good way. At least I think so." Bobby said.

"And so do I sweetie, but I would hate myself if I knew that I had distracted you to the point that you didn't graduate with your friends this year." She said.

"I will graduate...I promise." He pleaded.

"That means you have to stay focused on your studies, even if you're around me while I'm naked once in awhile." She said.

"Okay." He answered.

"Believe me, I like the fact that you enjoy me sitting on your you those little butt-hugs, but from now pass, no it?" She smiled.

"Got it." He answered.

In the car Linda reached in her purse and pulled out the sketch her son had drawn. She handed it over to him.

"Here...I thought you might wanna keep it." She said.

"Thanks." He giggled, taking the picture.

"You're getting good. Those are very realistic." She said.

"Thanks." He said, still kind of embarrassed.

"Are they mine?" Linda asked, catching her son off guard.

Ok, just be honest with's cool with this. He thought.

"Uh...yeah... Yeah they are." He said.

"Not bad." She said, glancing over at the picture.

"The nipples are wrong though. My areolas are much bigger...otherwise you have it about right." She said.

"Really, I thought maybe I had drawn them too big. Are you sure?" He asked.

"Sweetie, my areola are thirteen-inches in diameter...of course I'm sure. The ones on the sketch are way too small." She said.

Holy shit...thirteen inches in diameter. We just studied diameters in math class. That's as big around as a grapefruit. He thought.

"Darn, I thought I had them right." He said.

"Do I have to pull this car over, whip out a boob and prove you wrong, mister?" She said playfully.

"Ok." Bobby said with a big smile, making his mom bust out in a giggle.

"Yeah, I can see the headline now: Mother gets caught in vehicle showing a breast to her son." Linda said.

"We could drive out to forest one's ever out there." Bobby said.

"Forest Park! If we're gonna go that far we might as well go to Orgy Shores." Linda said.

"Orgy Shores? Where's that?" Bobby asked.

"You've never heard of Orgy Shores?" She answered.

"No." He said shaking his head.

"It's a grassy hillside out by Loon Lake. It's VERY private. Up for a ride?" She asked.

Linda, what are you doing? You can't take your son to Orgy Shores. The only thing people do at Orgy Shores is fuck. Have you lost your mind? I'm just going out there with him to show him how big my areola are. That's it. She thought.

"Will there be a boob involved?" Bobby smiled.

"Yes, there will be a boob involved. If you behave yourself...maybe even two." Linda smiled.

"Sweet." Bobby grinned, his cock already stiffening in his pants.

A few miles outside of town Linda turned onto a narrow dirt road and followed it for what seemed like miles. She finally stopped the car at the top of a hill overlooking a secluded lake.

Don't you dare look at that grassy hillside. Stay in the car, unclasp your bra, show him your areola, then leave. God I love it was always such a magical of of of husbands. FREE OF HUSBANDS?! Oh my God Linda...leave this place now!!! She thought.

"Grab the blanket from the trunk." She said, getting out.

Bobby snatched the blanket and joined his mom at the edge of the grass. Linda stepped out of her mules, picked them up and took her son's hand.

"Come on." She said softly, then started running down the hillside.

Bobby nearly stumbled several times as he looked over at Linda tits, jumping under her sweater as she ran. The middle-aged beauty screamed and giggled playfully as they moved quickly into taller grass.

"Over here." She said, leading him to a certain spot.

Déjà vu...I'm feeling like that naughty high-school cheerleader again. Walking hand in hand with the big dicked football stud...leading him to my special spot. She thought.

"Perfect." She said, looking out at the serene waters.

Bobby spread the blanket out and sat down. Linda sat next to him, then fell back onto her back. Her tan legs were slightly spread apart and bent at the knees

Wow, they look so soft and her smooth tan just glows in the sun. How incredible they would feel wrapped around me. He thought.

He felt his mom tugging at his shirt.

"Lay next to me." She said softly.

Bobby fell back and Linda rolled onto her side facing him, propping her head up with her elbow. This made her breasts distend outward as one lay on top of the other.

"How's this for private?" She smiled.

"Very." He said. "You've been here before...when you were younger I take it?"

Oh we go. I should be honest...but you know, this could play in my favor. There's some things he could be honest with me about. I wanna find out what's going on in that horny little head of his. She thought.

"Question for a question?" She asked playfully.

"Sure." He smiled.

"And you'll be completely honest...if I promise to be?"She asked.

"Of course." He answered.

"This was the hot spot when I was younger. I spent a lot of time on my back here." She said.

"Getting laid?" He asked.

"Yes...getting laid." She smiled.

"Were you in any orgies? Is that why they call it Orgy Shores?" He asked.

"No...the reason they called it Orgy Shores was because on any given night this grassy hillside would be dotted with young couples. Imagine the orgasmic screams of twenty or thirty young girls echoing across this lake." Linda explained.

Wow, mom must have been way hot when she was my age. So this was the place where all the magic happened. He thought.

"Wow, that's cool." Bobby said with envy.

"My turn now?" She asked.

"Okay." Bobby answered.

"Mrs. Jacobs said that you're doing a lot of daydreaming in class. Be these daydreams...are you and I making love?" She asked softly, her big brown eyes gleaming down at her baby boy.

"Yeah...we are." Bobby muttered.

Ohh, just like I thought...he's dreaming of making love to me. My baby...making love to his mommy. Ohhh those damn butterflies. She thought.

"Where are we when we make love in your dreams?" She asked.

"It's weird. We start out in a mist and you wrap your arms and legs around me like a spider...then we start to rise into the on a web. Before we disappear into the clouds you start to rock us back and forth." He said.

"When we enter the you imagine us making love forever?" She asked, staring straight into his eyes.

"Yeah." He answered.

Linda brushed his cheek lovingly with her hand.

OH MY GOD I'M IN LOVE! Stop it Linda, just stop it! He's your son for fuck sake! Yes he's handsome! Yes he's young and full of sexual energy! Yes he has a big thick dick between his legs that's always hard when he's around you...but he's your son. Your beautiful big-dicked baby boy! She thought.

"Thank you for being honest with me." She said.

Linda suddenly slipped to her knees and began to unbutton her sweater. Bobby eagerly rose up, resting on his elbows as he watched a lacy white bra and a monstrous cleavage emerge from the parting top.

Shedding her blouse Linda immediately reached back and unclasped her bra. Her heavy tits shifted as the bra sprang loose. She pulled the straps over her shoulders, the cups slipped free and her boobies did a little bobbly-wobble across her chest.

Bobby sighed, his body shivering as he took in the amazing sight.

"See...way bigger." She smiled, brushing her hand across a nipple.

"Right." Bobby muttered. "They're beautiful."

"I can tell." Linda giggled, watching the tent rise in her son's shorts.

Wearing no underwear and only a pair of polyester sports shorts there was little resistance for bobby's big dick as it sprang to life, making the thin fabric stretch outward.

With his mom still eyeballing the impressive bulge Bobby flexed it, causing his shaft to surge with blood and rise even higher. Linda's eyes widened and her mouth opened a little, as if letting out a tiny gasp. Bobby smiled with pride as he savored her reaction.

Linda, take your son and leave this place right now! It''s soo big. I could take him...I could take all of him...I know it. Right down to my cervix. She thought.

"Balls deep." She whispered under her breath.

"What?" Bobby asked.

"Oh...I said...there you go...showing off again." She smiled.

"Will you take off your skirt?" Bobby asked.

"My skirt? I don't remember that being part of the deal, buster." She said, with her hands on her hips.

"Please." Bobby begged.

"Oh don't start with the begging. Tell you lose the shirt and I'll lose the skirt. How's that?" She said.

"Deal." Bobby said, pulling his t-shirt off and throwing it to the side.

This is dangerous Linda. You're married! Oh my God...his chest and arms...what a hunk of a son I have. He so precious. How could I deny him my body. He needs his mommy naked right now. Yes, butt-naked! She thought.

Linda stood up and Bobby watched her dangling tits wobble as she undid her skirt and let it fall to the ground. His heart raced as he saw that she was wearing a pair of white sheer bikini panties. Before he could take it all in Linda slid her thumbs under the hem and began to slide her panties off.

"Not much covered down I might as take these off too." She said.

From on the ground Bobby had a birds eye view of her cute little snatch. From her mons pubis, with it's light patch of pubic fuzz to her thick labial meat. Linda was now completely naked and seemed perfectly comfortable that way in front of him.

"Yeeeesssss, you can smell them." She giggled, dropping the panties onto his chest.

Bobby grabbed them and brought them to his nose. The pungent aroma made his head spin and Linda giggle as she watched him sniff.

Oh God he's smelling me. He's smelling my sex. My own baby is addicted to the smell of his mother's pussy. My pussy. The same plump mommy-pussy that squeezed him out eighteen years ago. She thought.

"So how the heck did this happen?" She smiled.

"What?" Bobby asked.

"It was suppose to be as simple as pulling over and showing you a boob and now here we are at Orgy Shores and I'm completely naked." She joked.

"I don't mind." Bobby smiled, sniffing at the crotch of Linda panties.

"Oh, Im sure you don't, slugger." She smiled.

Linda got down on her hands and knees and crawl towards Bobby. He watched her boobs wobble back and forth as she crawled over the top of him, stopping when her face was above his and staring down at him lovingly.

"Mama's little panty-sniffer." She giggled, combing her nails through his hair.

"Will you sit on me again?" Bobby sighed.

"Might be kinda tough without a chair." She said.

Mount Linda! No, that's too much! Fuck too much...bring that twat down against that dick girl. This is Orgy're naked and there's an enormous erection underneath you. FUCK'N MOUNT HIM!!

Linda sat up and straddled her son, rested her mummy-muffin against the girthy meat of his shaft.

"'s that?" She ask teasingly.

"Wow!" Bobby moaned, making Linda giggle.

Holy fucking shit. Mom's pussy is right against my dick...she's resting it against my hard-on. He thought.

He could feel the searing heat of her genitals through the thin fabric of his shorts. Linda's pussy throbbed as she felt the strong erection tucked between her quim. She rested against the underside what had to be five inches of cock-meat and could still see another four-inches sticking out in front of her.

Her little heart went pitter-patter.

So long! So thick! I can feel it pulsing! Oh my God I'm in love! She thought.

Bobby flexed his dick again, making it push up against her cunt meat, crushing Linda's clit and making her eyes flutter back.

"You are rotten." She sighed.

Grind on it Linda! I'm married but soo fucking what. This is a big dick and my husband will never find out. He'll never'll be Bobby and I's naughty secret. Grind on it. The thick slab of teenaged cock-meat plowing against your clit. Grind it now! Oh my God I'm sooo fucking horny! She thought.

Leaning forward a little she placed her hands on Bobby's chest, bracing herself and he watched as she slowly closed her eyes and started to grind against him.

Holy's gonna dry hump me. She's gonna dry hump my dick! He thought.

It was an amazing site. A middle-aged mother, straddling her son, hips gently gliding up and back as her big dangling boobs rocked back and forth above his chest.

Gradually Linda sped up and intensified the pressure against Bobby's smothered dong. Her eyes still closed, Bobby watched her expression slowly change to one of intense desperation...her breathing become heavy.

Ohhhh this feels so good. God help me I am loving this...absolutely fucking loving this. Grind faster Linda! Fuck against it faster! Let yourself go. It's just you and your baby. Orgy one else for miles. Fuckin go girl!!! She thought.

He looked down and saw her pubis grinding up and back against the length of his rod, tucked between her large outer lips. There was now a wet spot on his shorts where pre-cum was being forced from his pisshole.

"HHHHHUHHH-H-H-H!" Linda voice quivered.

Her hips were rocking widly now as she humped frantically against the teenagers erection.

"OH BOBBY!" She cried, her chest jerking forward.

Holy damn, look at mom go! She's gonna cum! Mom's gonna cum on my fucking cock!!! He thought.

Bobby couldn't believe his eyes as his mom began to convulse. She suddenly threw her head back.

"GGGNNNUUHHH!!!!" She screamed, sending her voice echoing across the lake.

As she rode through her orgasm, Bobby saw her glance at him, with a look he'd never seen before. Her face was wild and flushed...her eyes glazed over as if in an orgasmic haze.

OH I LOVE HIM! GOD I LOVE HIM! OOOHHHMMYYGGGNNNOODD!!!! Her mind spun with pleasure.

For a full minute Linda rocked against him, her body still shaking from post orgasmic contractions.

She suddenly fell onto her son, her tits flattening against his chest as she rested her head against his shoulder.

"Ohhh, sweet baby!" Linda sighed, catching her breath.

Once again the pressure on Bobby's cock intensified as her hips continued to rock. Bobby's mom wasn't done.

"Your turn." She whispered, coiling her arms around his neck.

Holy shit! He thought.

Bobby sighed as he felt the swell of her genitals drag up and down the length of his boner. The feeling of her soft spongy tits against him was already causing his balls to tingle.

He was still holding the panties to his nose and Linda lifted her head so she could look down into his eyes.

"That's it...smell mommy sweetheart...smell the pussy." She whispered.

Her words made the sperm in Bobby's balls go from a simmer to a boil. His mom was literally stroking his cock with her cunt and feeling was euphoric.

"Oh-h-h mom...I'm gonna cum." He muttered.

"Me too." She cried.

"GGGNNNUHHH!!!" He grunted, as the first rope squirted from his penis.

"AAAANNNGGHHAA!!!!" Linda screamed, her body jerking as she buried her whimpers in the soft of his neck.

"UUUUNNNNGGAA-UHHHH!!!" Bobby groaned as blasts number two and three soaked his shorts.

Bobby and Linda's genitals humped and lurched together drawing out each others orgasms. They rocked and groaned for what seemed like forever before the pleasure subsided.

"My God...what are you doing to me?" She said with a little smile.

"Sorry." Bobby smiled.

"No you're not." She giggled.

"Okay...I'm not. Are you?" He asked.

"Sorry?" She asked, sitting back up into straddle.

"Yeah...sorry we did this?" Bobby asked.

" I'm not." She said, gazing down at him with a naughty little smile.

Suddenly her cell phone went off in her skirt pocket.

"That would be your father, wondering where the hell we are." She said, reaching for her phone.

Okay, think of a lie. It has to be good. Um...parent teacher conference...that's it. She thought.

"Are you gonna tell him?" Bobby joked.

"Yeah, feel like dying today? He would murder us both." She said.

"Hello?" Linda sang into her phone.

"Hi, Bobby had parent teacher conferences today...I forgot to tell you...I'm sorry." Linda said.

She laid back down against Bobby, resting her head on his shoulder as she talked to her husband.

"Actually Bobby's doing really well...he's focusing on exactly what he needs to during class." Linda said.

Yes, exactly what he needs to...getting between mom's legs. She thought.

While she spoke Bobby ran his hands down the smooth of her back and brazenly onto the swell of her ass. He let his fingers sink into the meat of her matronly buttocks. This got no reaction from Linda as she continued chatting.

How awesome is this. Mom's talking with dad while she here at Orgy shores with me. Her soft tits are crushed against my chest and I'm sinking my finger into that plump matronly ass. He thought.

"I agree...we should both be very proud of him." She said.

Bobby got super-ballsy and slipped his fingers into the crack of Linda's ass and across her butt-hole. With his middle finger he circled her pouty anal ring.

"That sounds good sweetie. If you wanna start up the grill Bobby and I should get home before they arrive and we'll throw the burgers on." Linda said, showing little concern by her son's wanderings.

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