Boobs n Boners


Bobby decided to push it one step further as the tip of his finger easily slipped inside her asshole.

Man, if only that were the head of my cock. I would be in absolute heaven tapping that ass. He thought.

"I love you too honey. See you in a bit." She said.

As she hung up Bobby slipped his finger back out. Linda lifted her head and gave him a quirky look.

"What do you think you're doing young man? Was that a finger you just placed inside your mother's butt-hole?" She asked.

"I don't know what your talking about." Bobby said innocently.

"Uh-huh." She said, then gave him a little tickle, making him squirm beneath her.

I haven't had anal sex in soo long. I can't imagine what a large dick like Bobby's would feel like pounding my ass. Linda, stop it...he's your son. No you stop it bitch! Get the fuck out of my head! She thought.

"Does dad ever stick his penis in there?" Bobby asked.

"Not as much as he used to. You're dad is at the age where he's sliding downhill sexually I'm afraid." Linda said.

"If I were him I'd make love to you once a day." Bobby said.

"Only once huh?" Linda asked.

"Okay...twice a day." He smiled.

"How bout three times?" Linda grinned.

"As much as you'd want it." He said.

"Wow, I'd never get anything done." She giggled, slipping her bra back on.

Wow, mom must love to fuck. Does she realize how much I could fuck her. She needs my dick...a dick that never gets tired. Dad doesn't hold a candle next to me. He thought.

As she climbed off her son she notice the mess both his cock and her bare pussy had made on his shorts.

"Oh Bobby, your shorts are soaking. You can't go home like that." She said.

"What should I do." He said, standing to his feet.

"Here...take them off and throw the blanket around you for now." Linda said, still on her knees and grabbing the hem of his shorts.

She pulled them down his legs and his boner sprang free, nearly slapping her on the face. She looked forward, staring down the thick barrel of his 9 inch peter as it still bobbed up and down slightly.

God in heaven...give me strength. It's the biggest cock I've ever seen...and it's absolutely beautiful! She thought.

"You're still as hard as a rock." Linda said, feeling her pussy pucker.

"Yeah, know..." Bobby muttered proudly.

"The vigor of young men." She said, dreamily staring at the long vien encrusted barrel of love with it's large bell-shape helmet.

Surely a cock like that could reach all the way to my heart. She thought.

"Oh Bobby, there's sperm all over you." She said, picking up her panties and whipping his tummy. As she cleaned him off Bobby's dick bumped her chest and gradually bent down until a few inches disappeared into her cleavage.

"Gottcha." Linda said, pressing her tits together and capturing her son's dick between her large bra busters.

"Where does he think he's going?" She said playfully.

"Has a mind of his own I guess." Bobby smiled.

"Well isn't this quite the site." She said as they both looked down at the shaft, which was half-swallowed between her bulging tits.

Oh the hours of fucking it would take for a dick like that to finally go down. The orgasms...oh Linda! Look at this. A young man's big boner tucked right down between his mom's big soft boobs. She thought.

"I think I've figured out the appropriate nicknames for us." Linda said playfully.

"What?" Bobby asked.

"Boobs n Boners." She smiled.

"I like it." Bobby giggled.

"So do I." She said.

As Bobby slipped his dick from between her boobs a long string of cum began to slowly drop towards the floor.

"Bobby, you're dripping." She said, catching it with her finger, then swiping it off the tip of his dick. She stood up and Bobby and her both looked at the small pool of semen on her finger.

"Please." He smiled.

Linda slipped the finger in her mouth and licked it clean.

"Happy?" She asked with a smile.

"Very." He said.

When they arrived at home Linda pulled the car into the garage and shut the engine off.

"Stay put. I'll sneak you out some shorts in a few minutes." She said.

"Thanks mom...for today." Bobby said.

"I let you cross some serious boundaries with me today, slugger. I'm assuming you want things like that to continue?" She asked.

"Hell yeah." He said.

"Then here are the rules...Number one: what we do is between you and I it?" She said sternly.

"Yep." He answered.

"Number two: we only play when and where I decide...period." She said.

"Okay." Bobby nodded.

"And number three...I meant what I said about your school-work. I stuck up for you today because I truly believe that the priority of a boy your age is his penis. If yours wants the kind of attention it got today...then you're gonna need to keep your grades up." She said.

"I will. I promise." Bobby said.

Linda gazed straight into his eyes.

"One more thing. I'm not gonna kid you Bobby...if things keep going like this sooner or later you and I are gonna be making love." She said.

Bobby's heart was pounding in his chest. Was he dreaming?

Oh my God...I'm gonna fuck mom. I'M GONNA FUCK MOM!!! He thought.

"Once we do I might get a little clingy...but that's what we women do. Just be patient with me...okay boners?" She said with a little smile.

"Okay boobs." He grinned.

Normally Bobby would shy away from family gatherings by after the wild events of the day he wanted to be as close to his mom as possible.

While the family hung out and chatted Bobby sort of lingered in the background, taking every opportunity to watch his beautiful mother.

Linda had showered and was now wearing a short pale-pink polyester skirt and thin white cotton tee. Bobby could hear the click of her dainty high-heeled sandals as she moved about the house.

Every once in a while Linda would stare over at him, her eyes looking him up and down like a hot chick at a night club checking out the hunk across the room.

Oh God my baby is so handsome. I just wanna rip off all his clothes and get him inside me where he belongs. She thought, the voice of reason no longer there.

Bobby felt a rush of wicked excitement every time his mom's eyes met his and she gave him that cute little wink.

Their flirty exchanges hadn't gone unnoticed by someone else at the gathering. Linda's mother Beth was keenly aware of the sexual tension growing between her daughter and grandson. A smiled wickedly crossed her face as she watched them tease one another.

There's something naughty going on between those two. I just wonder... Beth thought.

After dinner Bobby retreated to the back deck to keep from getting roped into playing guitar hero with his dad and the other men of the family.

It wasn't long before he heard the familiar clicking of his mom's heels approaching from behind him.

"I wondered where you disappeared to." She said, strolling up behind him.

"Didn't feel much like playing." He said.

"You must have something else on you mind." She said teasingly, hugging him from behind.

"Yeah." Bobby smiled, sighing as he felt his mom's soft tits press against his back and her chin rest on his shoulder.

"So do I." She said, sneaking her hand under the hem of bobby's shorts and combing her nails through his pubes.

Bobby felt two of her fingers part as the thick root of his shaft slipped between them.

Sooo thick. Oh Linda, you're stretching your fingers around the base of your son's cock and you can see your husband right inside the window. Oh how wicked exciting! She thought.

"Wanna go for a walk?" She asked softly.

"Where?" Bobby asked.

"How bout the playground? It's dark and quiet this time of night...perfect for two people who just wanna be alone" She said, giving him a light sensual peck on his neck.

"Get a room you two." Came a female voice behind them.

"Jesus mother, you startled the shit out of me." Linda sighed.

Beth smiled as she walked over and stood beside them.

"Having a mother and son bonding moment are we?" Beth asked.

"As a matter of fact we were. Bobby, why don't you go inside and tell your dad we're going for a walk while I talk to Grandma." Linda said.

"Okay." Bobby said, leaving the two women alone.

Oh my God my mother knows. I can see it in her face. Linda thought.

"Were we being that obvious?" Linda asked with a little smile.

"Only to a mother who's raised three boys." She said, sharing a knowing smile with her daughter.

They watched Bobby though the window as he stopped to chat with a few of his cousins.

"I can understand what you must being going though, sweetheart. He's beautiful." Beth said, taking her daughter's hand.

"I absolutely adore him." Linda said, chewing on her bottom lip as she gazed at her son dreamily.

"And for a mother to adore her son in every way is perfectly natural." Beth said, giving her hand a squeeze.

"So I'm doing the right thing then?" Linda said, turing to face her mother.

"Are you following your heart?" Beth asked.

"YES." Linda answered.

"Then how could it ever be wrong? The love a mother has for her son is like no other...and when it turns to lust there is no force on this earth that can keep you from him...not even the bonds of marriage." Beth said.

Linda glanced through the window at her husband who was playing the game with his brothers as she nodded in agreement.

I love Ron dearly...he makes a good living for Bobby and I and if he ever found out I know it would break his heart. But mom's right...nothing's going to keep me from making love to my son. Nothing. Linda thought.

"Just be careful. What husbands don't know...won't hurt them." Beth said.

"I will." Linda smiled.

Hand in hand Linda and Bobby strolled up the sidewalk, the 4-inch heels of her sandals clicking against the concrete.

"So Grandma knows then?" He asked.

"Yes...Grandma knows and don't's okay." Linda said.

"She doesn't care?" Bobby asked.

"Whatever it is I want, that's what your grandma wants for me. That's the way mother's are." Linda said.

"What is it you want?" Bobby asked.

"That's a silly question... Isn't it obvious...I want you." She said softly.

Bobby's heart was doing somersaults in his chest.

"But're gonna have to catch me." She said, slipping out of her heels and running down a grassy hill into the park.

Bobby followed after her as she made for the playground, giggling like a little girl. Even on the warm summer night the park was very dark and private, surrounded on three sides by a thick wooded area.

Before Bobby could arrive Linda climbed up the metal latter of a huge children's fort.

Bobby walked underneath it, trying to locate where she was on the wooded deck above.

"Booonnneerrrr." He heard her cute little call.

He went to a pole slide that rose up into a circled opening and saw his mom right above him holding the pole as she squatted over the hole. Her long legs spread, resting on the squatted toes of her sexy bare feet. He could see the swell of her thick labial meat through her thin white panties.

"See something you like?" She asked teasingly, smiling down at him.

She reached down with one hand, holding the bar with the other and rubbed her pussy up and down through the thin fabric. She gave it five quick slaps with the tips of her fingers.

"Come and get it." She said.

Holy fuck!!! Bobby thought.

He wasted no time jumping onto the pole and pulling himself up towards her. Linda stood, giggled and darted away.

Bobby climbed up through the hole and onto the deck.

"Boooobby." His mom's sweet voice called teasingly.

He saw her on the other side of the deck bridge. She was leaning against a wall with her back to him and her skirt pulled up around her waist.

She slowly peeled her panties over her shapely ass, stopping just below the cheeks. She stared back at him teasingly as she squeezed the meaty buttocks with her long nails.

Bobby heart was racing, his erection now tenting out obscenely in his shorts. The site of her long tan legs crowned by such a beautiful ass was enough to take his breath away. He intinctively grabbed the rod through his shorts and gave it a few slow stokes.

"How's that long-necked monster? Does he need some butt-hugs?" Linda asked teasingly as she flexed her buttocks, making the soft cheeks ripple.

Like a playful little girl Linda pulled her panties up and hurried into the play-fort tower.

Bobby followed...moving across the bridge deck and into the tower. The little space was dark and his mom suddenly lunged against him...backing him to the wall.

With her tits crushed against his chest Linda dove for his lips giving him a few wet smacks before slipping her tongue inside his mouth. Her long pink snake found his and they began to dance. Twisting and flailing her strong experienced tongue attacked as she brought one of her legs up and curled it around him.

She ran her hands up his shirt..clawing at his hairless chest and thrust her pubis against his upturned rod, trying desperately to get a good position on him.

I want him! Oh my God I want him! So strong! So handsome! Such a big dick! Oh Go help me! Her mind twisted.

She was out of a bitch in heat and Bobby was loving it.

"B-b-bobby." She whined desperately between kisses.

"Ohhhh Bobby!!!" She cried, humping against his erection.

One of Linda's legs was coiled way up around his waist and she use her cute little bare foot to push at his ass, grinding their genitals together.

Holy shit, this is completely surreal. I've never seen mom like this. I never dreamed she could be this horny. Oh man I'm lovin this...but what the hell...why not give her a taste of the teasing. He thought.

"If you want gonna have to catch me now." He said, scurrying away.

"Get back here young man!" Linda playfully ordered,

Bobby rushed for the slide but before he could go down his mom was grabbing at him. Linda sat behind him throwing her legs around him and pulling him back against her chest.

Now laying upside down on top of her, Bobby felt his mom's tongue flailing against his neck. Linda grabbed the iron-hard dong through his shorts and started stroking.

"Thinking you could get away from me." She said playfully.

Bobby thrust his hips, humping at his mom's fist as she jerked. He gazed down at her tiny hand...wrapped tightly around his cloth covered erection. Her wedding ring sparkled in the moonlight as she pulled up and down on a few inches of meat.

Oh yeah...this is fuckin good. Holy shit!!! Bobby thought.

Suddenly the two of them slid unexpectedly down the slide. Linda screamed playfully as they arrived at the bottom, still clinging to her son.

"I wanna swing." She softly giggled.

She stood up, took his hand and pulled him towards the swing set. Linda quickly hopped into a swing and Bobby stood there a few feet in front of her, his big excited pecker tenting straight out under his shorts.

Like a drooling child he watched his mom extend her long tan legs, flexing them together as she began to swing up and back. She swung towards him, stretching her little toes out. Before she could swing back she drug them down the head of his erection, making it bob up and down.

She did it again and her and Bobby giggled as her toes slipped across the tip and his big awkward pole just sort of nodded up and down.

"So big and hard." She bragged.

"You make it that way." He said.

"Makes me feel good to know I give my handsome son such strong erections." She said with a naughty smile.

I'm gonna bury it. I'm gonna bury it inside my own hot MILF of a mother. Bobby thought.

"Grab my feet." Linda whispered.

As she swung towards him Bobby grabbed her little feet, holding her in place.

"Now move forward a little." She smiled.

Bobby walked forward until his pointing peter slid between his mom's feet. He held her by the heels as Linda began to massage his blood engorged phallus. She slid his meat back and forth between the arches of her feet and bumped his scrotum with her toes making his sack wobble between his legs.

That shaft feels so long and sooo thick against my little feet. My toes are bumping his scrotum and it's so heavy with those big sperm filled balls inside. She thought.

"Momma's little feet feel good, don't they sweetheart." Linda said lovingly.

"Y-yeah...this is the best." Bobby muttered.

"Doubt that...there's probably a few other things that would feel a lot better around that big monster." She said with a wink.

Linda spread her feet and her legs began to part.

"Run your hands up my legs." She said

Bobby worked his hands up her calves and as he did Linda pulled him forward with her feet. Gradually her legs parted and Bobby gazed down at her sweet clam through her sheer white panties.

There it is...the gates of paradise. Jesus look at the crotch of her panties...they're fucking soaked. He thought.

His hands slid up the silky-soft backs of her thighs and as her legs curled around him he felt her heels push at his ass, beckoning him further forward.

Bobby stepped forward until his dick turned upward, pressing against her mommy-muffin. They both smiled at the way his shaft seemed to be jutting up from her pubis.

"Wow, you're packing an aweful lot of meat between those legs, kiddo." Linda smiled.

"Is that good?" Bobby asked.

"It certainly is. It's been a long time since I've had someone touch bottom. I don't think you'll have any problems." She said.

Touching bottom! God damn, mom's talking about her pussy. She's talking about me bottoming out inside her pussy! He thought.

Linda leaned back making the swell of her tits balloon and as her shirt rode up Bobby looked down at the sexy contour of her belly with it's cute little belly button.

"Look legs are wrapped around you...just like in your dream." She smiled.

"Well...almost." He blushed.

"Ohhh, that's right. I guess if we wanted it to be like your dream...we'd have to take that long-necked monster out of his cave and let him slide down inside my sweet tunnel of love." Linda said lovingly.

Bobby couldn't say anything his heart was racing so fast.

"It that something you think you're ready for?" Linda asked.

"N-now?" Bobby muttered.

She looked at him with batted eyelashes, biting on her bottom lip as she nodded.

H-here?" Bobby asked.

This is it Linda. Your about to be balled by your own son and the dick of your dreams. Oh what I'd give for my big soft bed right now. Desperate times call for desperate measures...just like at Orgy Shores. She thought.

Linda sat up and wrapped her arms around her son's neck. The swing dropped from under her so that she was now clinging only to Bobby, with her soft shapely legs still wrapped around him.

"Over the grass." She said, motioning towards a dark grassy area near the woods.

Bobby carried her over to the spot his mom had in mind and softly laid her down. Her dreamy brown eyes stared hungrily into his as she reached down and slipped her panties down her legs.

"Take off your shorts." She whispered.

Bobby peeled his shorts off and his big throbbing baby-maker stuck out straight as an arrow.

Linda lay back on the grass, throwing her legs up into the birthing position. Bobby gazed down at her flower. It was in full bloom...her outer and inner labia splayed wide open and glistening with vaginal lubricant. Peeking out from under it's hood, her clit protruded out like a tiny engorged penis. She wasted no time reaching out for her baby.

"Come here." She softly whispered in a cute little mommy tone.

Bobby took a big nervous gulp and crawled down between her strong matronly legs. As his weight rested against her Linda curled her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her waiting lips.

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